TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 331

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 331

 The Announcer, who had been cautious, ascended the platform and bowed his head.

"The Six Kings Assembly Duel Tournament has concluded."

He cleared his throat with a strained voice and then pointed towards the sky with his finger.

"At the pinnacle of the fiercely contested Master level duels, the unbeatable participant stands triumphant – Raon Zieghart the Frostfire Sword of Valor, renowned for his legendary swordsmanship, claims victory!"

As the Announcer shouted with all his might, the entire arena buzzed with excitement.


"Raon! Raon! Raon!"

"He shattered the Twelve stars of the continent...”

"Don't forget Matis and Garona."

"Come to think of it, he's the youngest participant. A twenty-year-old boy just took down the famed masters!"

"This is truly unbelievable. I'll remember it forever."

The audience roared Raon's name so loudly that it seemed like a thunderous chant.

"And the winner of the Expert level division is also a Zieghart – Martha Zieghart!"

"It's all about the Ziegharts that are rising."

"Indeed. From the Tempest Sword to the Verdant Moon Sword."

"Are all the talents flocking only to Zieghart?"

"I thought it was only the Destructive King of North, but it wasn't. The foundation is stronger!"

The spectators not only cheered for Raon but also chanted the names of Martha, Runaan, and Burren who had displayed remarkable performances in the Expert level competition.

Listening to the resounding cheers, Raon surveyed the audience seats, feeling the grandeur of the moment.

"Things have changed."

When he first arrived here, there had been no audience cheering for Ziegharts. In the Expert level, Princess Jaina and Prince Greer were considered contenders, while in the Master level, Borini Kitten, Garona, and Cardis were the favorites. People who believed Ziegharts would win could be counted on one hand.



However, as all the duels concluded in the arena, only Zieghart's name echoed and spread.

"It's fun."

He felt a surge of emotion at the fact that he had moved and captivated people who once ignored or remained indifferent. It was a different feeling from rescuing others and receiving praise; it was distinct.

"Raon, are you alright?"

Suddenly, Runaan approached, furrowing his brows. He was more concerned than congratulatory – that was typical of Runaan.

"I'm perfectly fine."

Just moments ago, he had been on the brink of death, but looking at Derus Robert's distorted expression and hearing the cheers of the audience, his physical and mental pain had dramatically lessened. It had felt like an awakened state, but now it was enough.

"Are you, are you sure?"

Martha grimaced as she looked at the shoulder wound.

"Yeah, I can hold out until the award ceremony."

He couldn't faint in such an entertaining situation.

The winner would receive their prizes directly from the Six Kings leaders during the award ceremony. He couldn't miss the chance to taunt Derus Robert again.

"Lord Raon, we need to proceed with the award ceremony. Can you manage it?"

The Announcer approached, whispering quietly.

"If it's too difficult, we can postpone the ceremony without the audience..."


Raon gently shook his head.

"It's okay to do it now. They're chanting my name like that; I can't delay it."

He pointed faintly to the crowd that was still shouting his name.


The Announcer's eyes seemed to shimmer slightly.

"T-Thank you!"

This time, it wasn't an act – he honestly spoke, yet the Announcer's expression was one of deep gratitude as he trembled with his hand.

"Raon! You're truly something else!"

Burren approached, biting his lip, and hugged him tightly. He seemed moved as well, his nose twitching slightly.

"But where is this guy again?"

Martha frowned, looking around.

"There were two winners from Light Wind squad, but where's the squad leader?"



The Light Wind squad looked around, their expressions puzzled, as they searched for Rimmer.

"I'm rich! Seriously, insanely rich!"

When Raon turned his gaze with them, a man's hoarse voice echoed from the right side of the audience seats.

"There he is."

He chuckled dryly, thinking that some things never changed. Because of that guy, the image of elves had been deteriorating gradually.

"Young master Raon."

Dorian came closer and gestured.

"It's a bit questionable to go on stage in that state. Let's change into some clothes first."


Raon checked his condition. His formal attire was completely torn, and he and Cardis were drenched in blood. They looked more like zombies than people.

"That might be better."

There would be some time until the award ceremony, so changing clothes seemed reasonable.

Raon went down with Dorian and entered the waiting room.

"What would you like to wear?"

Dorian put his hand in his pocket and took out various types of clothes one after another. The table was soon covered with various kinds of ceremonial and formal wear.

"Why is there a dress?"

Raon frowned as he saw a dress in the middle.

"Uh, this side isn't sorted yet."

Dorian chuckled awkwardly and put the dress back into his pocket.

Ask that guy if he has mint chocolate ice cream. 


He didn't ask, but somehow he felt like it might actually be there.

"I'll go with this."

Raon chose the least flashy black suit among the formal wear.

"Thanks for thinking of me."

"Not at all."

Dorian quickly shook his head.

"Both the young master and the 1st team leader won, and you've made Zigheart's name known. I've done nothing in comparison. At least I should do this."

He awkwardly smiled as he started putting the clothes back into his pocket.

"No, that's not true."

As Raon took off his torn attire and closed his eyes briefly before opening them again.

"We did it."


"It wasn't just me or Martha. We did it together."

He pointed upwards towards the ceiling of the waiting room. The room itself was shaking due to the crowd chanting Zigheart's name.

"Because all of Light Wind squad fought with all their might, that's why our name is being chanted like that. If I were alone, it would've only been Raon."

After changing into his new clothes, Raon patted Dorian's shoulder.

"Take pride. You and all of Light Wind squad did your best."


Dorian nodded with his gaze downcast, not putting the clothes into his pocket but just looking at the floor.

"Let's go."

Raon laughed and walked out of the waiting room.



"Sword Sage!"

"White Sword Dragon!"

"White Sword Dragon! We'll be looking forward to more from you!"

Some even called him White Sword Dragon instead of Sword Sage. It seemed that White Void sword technique display at the end had left a deep impression on them.

'White Dragon...'

Attaching "dragon" to a title was the highest honor given to a young martial artist. Even among the Twelve stars of the continent members, only two out of the top four had "dragon" attached to their names.

"The name is becoming more and more excessive."

Following Sword Sage, becoming a Sword Dragon was a mix of delight and slight burden.

"Then let's start the award ceremony!"

The Announcer climbed onto the stage and raised his hand.

"Expert level winner, Martha Zieghart, please step onto the stage."

Martha nodded and ascended to the stage where the Six Kings leaders were. Glenn was the one standing at the forefront.

"It was a great determination. However, you need to learn to treasure yourself more."

Glenn placed a platinum medal around Martha's neck and patted her shoulder.

"I'll keep that in mind."

"Good job."


Martha nodded deeply and moved to the side.

"Thank you for enlightening that stubborn Greer."

King Leckros shook hands with Martha and handed her a sword.

"I can't fix the broken sword, but since it's part of a famous sword, it should be useful until you get a new one."

"Thank you!"

Martha bent slightly at the waist and held the sword with both hands.

"You won't have scars on your face. Luckily."

Chamber examined Martha's face and grinned mischievously.

"Can I exchange the gift to erase your facial wounds?"

"Yes. It's fine."

Martha nodded as if she was truly fine.

"Oh, cute!"

Chamber chuckled and shook a staff over Martha's hand. A gray bracelet fell onto her hand, emitting a blue light.

"Abilities are a secret!"

She covered her mouth with her fingers and playfully retreated.

"Thank you."

Martha stared at the bracelet for a moment and then lowered her head.

"You're still young, but your spirit matches our children's."

Ogram stood in front of Martha. Despite being tall for a woman, she looked like a child compared to Ogram.

"It's a superior potion from the Union. It will help your body keep up with your spirit."

He handed Martha a potion-filled vial and offered her a refreshing smile.

"Thank you."

Martha bowed her head to Ogram before finally approaching Derus.

"It was a great match."

With a genuine smile, Derus handed her a book.

"It's the Purple Radiant technique. It will allow you to use your powerful swordsmanship more efficiently."

"Thank you!"

Martha thanked the five individuals and then nodded to the audience.


"Martha! Martha!"

"Demon Sword! Demon Sword!" (Martha's nickname from the Basher's Blade to Demon Sword)

The audience clapped for Martha, but her forehead was twitching with tension.

"I told them not to call me the Demon Sword! You little brats!"

Martha held tightly onto the rewards given by the leaders while muttering.


"It really is the Demon Sword!"

"Let's call her Demon Lady again! The sword can't capture that ferocity!"

"Demon Lady! Demon Lady!"

"Demon Sword! Demon Sword!"

The audience laughed teasingly, mocking Martha. Regardless of sword or lady, the image of "Demon" had stuck to her.

"These rotten idiots!"

Martha's eyes blazed as she leaped into the audience.

"Hey! Calm down!"



Thanks to the swift entrance of the Light Wind squad members below, they managed to pull Martha out with a muzzle on her mouth.

"Ah, well, excuse us for a moment for the inconvenience."

The Announcer wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and sighed.

"Now, for the Master level winner, Raon Zieghart. Please step onto the stage!"


Raon ascended to the stage amidst shouts that seemed to reach the heavens.


Glenn's face was as expressionless as usual when he returned. He cleared his throat and then placed a platinum medal around Raon's neck.

"It's a splendid counterattack technique that erases the enemy's assault itself, but it's not fully completed yet. You probably couldn't erase the technique of a Master level top swordsman."


Perhaps due to the presence of others, he spoke more about swordsmanship than praise. Honestly, that made him smile more comfortably.

"The more sword techniques you see and the more experience you gain, the stronger you'll become. Refine it well."

"Thank you."

Raon nodded to Glenn and then moved to the side.

'It feels like I've opened up after a long time. It was a great duel.'

Satisfaction emanated from King Leckros' broad smile.

"You have a sword, so you'd probably like something different."

He handed Raon a pair of gloves inscribed with three swords each. Just holding the gloves conveyed their uniqueness. They didn't seem like ordinary objects.

"I hope your reputation reaches even higher places."

"Thank you."

King Leckros had been friendly since their first meeting. After expressing his sincere gratitude, Raon stood in front of Chamber.

"Do you want to come with me?"

Chamber winked and smiled.

"That crazy one!"

The Kings of Leckros and Ogram on either side of her frowned.

"Not a joke... I'm really intrigued."


"You don't have any plans to learn magic, right? I'll teach you myself. Come be my disciple."

"Just wielding a sword is already heavy enough for me."

Talent in magic or not, it doesn't matter. He's planning to finish with just his sword. Besides, one eccentric magician like Merlin was enough.

"Not really, but I think you could."

Chamber muttered, "If it's you, it's possible," and looked through Raon. The glint of desire shone in her eyes.


"Ah, fine."

Glenn's low voice made Chamber nod, and he extended his staff.

"When I see you next time, you better be more handsome."

A sparkling light fell from her staff, turning into a blue light ring.

'An artifact, perhaps.'

Like the bracelet she gave to Martha, this ring also seemed to be an artifact from Balkar, the kingdom known for producing artifacts rivaling the house Yonaan.

"You too, keep the abilities secret!"

"Thank you."

Raon nodded her head and stood in front of Ogram.

"When I first saw you, I didn't like your scrawniness, but your mental strength is the real deal. You, kid, are a true Unin recognized by Ogram."

With a refreshing touch, he patted his back and extended a necklace.

"This is an elixir. It'll not only restore your damaged body, but also strengthen your mana circulation and resilience."

"Thank you."

"I have something else to tell you later. You'll see when the time comes."


Ogram smirked at Glenn. Not understanding his words, he bowed his head and stood in front of Derus for the last time.


"I'm sorry! Even though I said it wasn't intentional, I cut off young master Cardis' arm! I have no words to offer! Whatever punishment, I will accept it!"

Deliberately cutting off Derus' words and bowing deeply, he held his waist tightly.

'He really hates having his words cut off.'

Regardless of the situation, Derus really hated having his words interrupted. By purposely cutting off his words, he managed to annoy him even more.

"...It's alright."

Derus' voice was gentle, but his lips trembled slightly. It meant that the suppressed anger was rising again.

"Young master Raon too..."

"Still, cutting off an arm is not something you can just overlook, right? I will accept any punishment!"

Again, Raon deliberately interrupted Derus' words and bowed his head.


"Accept any punishment..."

"Truly an incredible person."

"That's right. While Cardis had already shown signs of living, it was you who..."

"Impressive. Now I understand why Zieghart is known as the ruler in the North."

Even during the award ceremony, the audience was moved by Raon's apology and sent their applause.


Raon raised his head again. Derus' smile had faded to the point where it felt somewhat forced. Others might see it as a friendly smile, but it's anything but that. It was a facial expression where anger had risen all the way to his throat.

"It's only natural."

The plan was foiled, the son's arm was severed, and in the current situation, there's no room for arguing or demanding compensation. Though he couldn't say it aloud, he might want to strangle someone right now.

'I should stop here for today.'

He managed to hold back the laughter that was about to burst out as he chewed on his cheeks. He wanted to tease him more, but he wanted to save it for later.

"It's really okay. This was a duel, and that kid will accept it."

Derus nodded and handed him a book.

"Raon's dagger technique seemed unstructured. This dagger technique will be helpful."

The book had the name "Bi Ryeong Do" written on it. (Sword of Light)

"Thank you."

Raon bowed his head to Derus and took a few steps back. He bowed again to the leaders of the Six Kings and turned around to stand in front of the podium.


"Raon! Raon! Raon!"

"Frostfire Sword of Valor! Frostfire Sword of Valor!"

"White Dragon! White Dragon!"

The cheers were even louder than during Marta's time. It felt like the arena was shaking just from the voices of the people.

"Thank you."

Raon conveyed his gratitude to the audience, feeling his heart racing. He had thanked them for their support up until now and was about to stand up, but his body didn't respond.

With no strength left even to snap his fingers, he leaned forward and fell.

"Of all places..."

The energy he had gained from teasing Derus seemed to have completely run out now. As he fell, the ground drew near.

As his eyes were about to close, he felt someone catch him.


This sensation was...

Accompanied by a warmth that felt oddly familiar, Raon's eyes closed.

*   *   *

Looking at the bright white ceiling, Raon furrowed his brows.

"Did I faint?"

He had no memory after greeting the audience. The last scene he remembered was the ground getting closer.

Getting this strong and still fainting, how pathetic.

He managed to suppress the laughter that was about to burst out and sat up.

"No, it's only natural, right?"

White Void was an extreme sword technique that consumed both mental power and aura to the utmost. Using such a demanding technique one after the other. Moreover, she had used it while in a severely wounded state, so it wasn't strange that she had fainted.


He was about to ask Wrath how much time had passed when the door to the infirmary opened.

"Are you feeling better now?"

Rimmer, who came in first, smiled widely and waved his hand.

"You're saying that to someone who just woke up?"

Sheryl swatted Rimmer's backside.

"Young master. Are you alright inside?"

Roenn smiled gently and checked various parts of his body.

"Oh, I'm fine."

When Raon smiled faintly, Glenn entered behind the three of them. He approached the bedside and emitted a sharp gaze.

'Is he going to scold me?'

Raon wondered if he was going to be scolded for fainting right at the crucial moment when she was greeting the audience and descending from the stage.

"Raon Zieghart"

As Glenn's mouth opened, his gaze narrowed simultaneously.

"More than anyone else, you must know yourself better. What I can do, how much I can endure, how far I can go. The true stance of a Raon is to always introspect."

A chilling coldness emanated from his voice.

"You surpassed your limits today. Your body and mind were overloaded and spread out, causing you to lose consciousness. If there was no one around, you might have died."

"I apologize."

It was indeed a scolding. But because his words were true, Raon lowered his head.

"Your family's name and reputation are good, but you need to think of yourself first."

Glenn stepped closer and placed his hand on Raon's shoulder. His touch was warm, yet strangely trembling.

"Still, you've worked..."

His tone wavered slightly, as if he was starting with praise and ending with 'well done.'

Glenn was not someone who spoke empty words, so whenever he praised, it made Raon feel good.

"Eat... lots of meat."


The office fell into silence at the unexpected words.


Raon gaped in astonishment.

'What did I just hear?'

His disbelief made his mouth hang open.

"Ahem, I'll take my leave."

Glenn turned around and left the office immediately.

"Your... Your Highness."

"Young master Raon. See you later."

Sheryl and Roenn gave a glance and followed Glenn out.


Rimmer pretended to spit on the floor and made an annoyed face.

"That inspirational guy!"

With a squawk, he chased after the three.

"What's going on...?"

Maybe because he was still weak. Eat meat and become stronger?

He couldn't comprehend the situation and his head felt foggy.

You fool.

Wrath snorted, releasing a puff of air and floating into the air.

Because you're so pathetic! It means to eat meat and grow stronger!

He grabbed his shoulders tightly. An uncontrollable smile played on his lips.

There's a party today, so you must participate no matter what! If you just eat what the King says, even you can become as strong as a demon lord!


Is that really true?

*   *   *


Rimmer let out a long sigh.

"Tell you to eat a lot of meat! So pathetic!"

He looked at Glenn, who was walking ahead, and taunted him.

'Is it so hard to say 'Well done, I love you' to your grandson?'

Glenn was about to add not only 'well done' but also 'I love you,' but his language malfunctioned.

He couldn't even muster a laugh due to his annoyance.

"Just close your eyes for a moment and say it, and the future will unfold in an instant!"

Glenn didn't turn around, even while hearing the scolding, and his back gradually hunched over.

"I'm really frustrated to the point of bursting!"

Rimmer's voice, fueled by his momentum, grew louder and louder.

"You won't even hug your grandson? Won't apologize to your daughter? Are you just going to keep this up until you're buried in the ground?"



Glenn's steps abruptly halted.

"There's a problem."

His voice lowered softly.

"What kind of problem are you causing again? Should I resolve it for you? I wouldn't know what would have happened if I wasn't here."

Glenn turned his head slowly. His gaze, as cold as ice, wrapped around Rimmer.


"I said that you're the one who should be scolded. Why am I the one getting scolded?"

"Yes? No, that's..."

Rimmer's cheeks trembled. He finally realized he had talked too much.

"I, I was just trying to... for His Majesty..."



As Rimmer tried to step back, Sheryl and Roenn caught his arms.


A spark of red began to flicker at Glenn's fingertips.


"I understand, but you were too sassy."

"Just wait a moment!"

Rimmer struggled with magic words while waving his hands.

"It's not the right time! I still have unconverted gambling rights..."

His sentence was cut off. A massive lightning bolt descended along Glenn's fingertips.

Crackle, crackle, BOOM!


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