TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 105

Book 2 - C105 - Unbelievable (4)

'Anyway... Let's leave the issue of the Living Jiangshi for later!'

Cale's expression naturally hardened.

'What if I vomit blood again? Should I always bring an apple pie or something to snack on at all times?'

He couldn't release his tense expression as he turned to the Carnage Demon to hear her response.

Anyway, he had to hear her response.

"Carnage Demon, will you join us?"

When the Carnage Demon saw his tense expression, her mind quickly turned and found an answer.

"Hehe, of course, I will pave the way for Young Master Kim to the Evil Faction! Hahaha!"

...This person is also weird.

Although Cale felt uneasy with the Carnage Demon's different response, he smiled. After all, a golden egg rolled toward them.

"It's good that we can communicate."

"It's good for me too, Young Master Kim~"

At that moment, the Carnage Demon's mind heard the Sword Saint's warning.

-If you interfere with Young Master Kim's work, your head will be cut off.

Hmph. That old fox!

The Carnage Demon easily ignored the Sword Saint's words. And then, she tried to show her most elegant ladylike smile to Young Master Kim.

'Yes, let's change the course!'

In hindsight, this was an opportunity for the Carnage Demon.

'Anyway, my position in the Sect of Carnage has declined a lot because of the Sword Demon.'

The Sect of Carnage was one of the top three assassination organizations in the Evil Faction, but its position within the Evil Faction was undeniably number one.

In fact, even though it had taken a hit from the Sword Demon, it hadn't been enough to shake its number one position.

'It's all that bastard, Alliance Leader's fault!'

The Alliance Leader was one of the Evil Alliance Leaders. Currently, he was locked in a power struggle with the Nokrim (Green Forest) Leader, and although the Sect of Carnage had tried to remain neutral, its position was becoming a bit precarious under the Alliance Leader's pressure to move.

'It was because of the Alliance Leader's pressure that we were tasked with capturing the Sword Demon.'

Because of that, even the Carnage Demon had to step forward to deal with the Sword Demon.

But now the situation had changed.

"Young Master Kim will be going to the Evil Faction. There's most likely a Living Jiangshi within the Evil Alliance."

What if she was with him in that process?

And she gained a connection not only with the grandmaster in the Nature Realm but also with the imperial family?

The Carnage Demon raised the corner of her lips.

'How fun it is just to imagine it!'

The more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea of being with Young Master Kim.

The Sword Saint, who had been observing the Carnage Demon out of the corner of his eye, snorted at her thoughts.

'Your thoughts are obvious. But you'll soon realize.'

Young Master Kim's determination and his heart as vast as the ocean.

The Carnage Demon might be brazen and humble in her behavior, but her martial arts skill was genuine. She couldn't underestimate the true value of Young Master Kim.

"Well, why don't we leave this place now?"

At that moment, the Fist spoke.

"Very well."

Cale agreed with that.


The old abandoned house was in such a precarious state that it would collapse at any moment due to the wind blowing on one side of the roof.

Cale wanted to leave there as soon as possible.

"Carnage Demon-nim and Choi Jung Soo will move separately."

"Okay, Young Master Kim. Can we meet at the guesthouse?"


After responding to the Carnage Demon's friendly inquiry, Cale looked at Choi Jung Soo.

"I'll give you the coordinates, go there on your own."


Choi Jung Soo nodded meekly. Then Sui Khan opened his mouth: "I'll take you there."

Upon those words, Choi Jung Soo immediately spoke: "If you tell me the location, I can go there on my own."

"It would be better like that."

Choi Jung Soo looked at Cale who had spoken at the same time. However, Cale completely ignored Choi Jung Soo's gaze and asked the team leader, "Please go unnoticed. It will be troublesome if the promising talents find out."

"Well. Follow me."

"Eh? EH?"

Sui Khan grabbed Choi Jung Soo by the nape and they escaped from the abandoned house through the back door that led to the forest.

"I'm leaving then, see you~"

The Carnage Demon lived up to her name and disappeared into the darkness.


Then she stopped and spoke.

"By the way, Young Master Kim. Can I ask you a question?"

"Yes. Go ahead."

As Cale nodded, the Carnage Demon looked to the side, where Raon was crouched in a corner, his back and wings visible, uncertain of what he was doing.


Swallowing hard, the Carnage Demon hesitated, unable to find the words.

Indeed, the Sword Saint and Elder Ho were also looking at Raon, but they pretended not to notice.

What is that creature?

It's not an animal.

Even to be called a spiritual creature, it seemed unusual.

At least it looked divine.

A young spirit.


Cale recognized the question in her gaze.

'She's wondering about Raon.'

He hesitated, then decided that since they had seen him, he might as well say it before they got the wrong idea.

'Well, we're the ones who will leave sooner or later anyway.'

As long as he wasn't bothersome during their stay here, it was fine.

Cale said bluntly, "He's a Dragon. A young Dragon."

"What, human, are you talking about me?"

"No, no. You don't have to worry about that."

"Okay, Human, I'm a bit busy right now!"

"Yeah, yeah," Cale vaguely responded to Raon and looked at the Murim members.

"Anything else?"

But the Sword Saint, Elder Ho, and even the Carnage Demon remained tight-lipped, unable to say anything. In fact, there were so many things they wanted to ask but didn't dare, so they kept their mouths shut.

"...See you."

The Carnage Demon awkwardly smiled and disappeared.

Now only Cale and the Namgung Family remained.

Cale noticed Namgung Taewi, still asleep, in his field of vision.

'Mmm. I'll have to leave the task of moving this person to Choi Han and Beacrox.'

As strong as the old ones were, strong young ones would be better.

'No. Isn't Choi Han the oldest person here?'

For a moment, Cale was confused trying to calculate the ages, but he quickly let it go.

"Please carry me," Cale said.


A broad back appeared before his eyes.

"Yes, Human, get on!"

Raon descended rapidly, and Cale climbed onto Choi Han's back.

'How comfortable.'

It took him a few tries, but Choi Han was really good at carrying people.

'Is it okay though?'

Cale felt embarrassed to be piggybacked, so he said a word, but no one pretended to hear. Instead, everyone did their own thing.

"I'll help you."

"Thank you."

Wi and Elder Ho approached Namgung Taewi and each took one of his hands.

"Young Master Kim."

Before the Sword Saint left the house, he approached Cale and spoke.

"We'll go first. Do you mind if we leave Taewi at the guesthouse where you're staying?"

"No problem, there are plenty of empty rooms."

"Thank you."

Unlike before, the Sword Saint was good at saying thank you. He soon left the house. Slowly, due to Namgung Taewi's condition.

"Shall we go too?"

Only Cale, the
Fist King, and Mok Hee remained.

Cale was about to answer Raon's question with a yes when his gaze met Raon's. His eyes were the same as always, but Cale couldn't help but stare.

"Ahem. We'll go first."

Fist King and Mok Hee left.

Cale was now alone.

Of course, only Toonka was still alone in the guest room, keeping an eye on No. 7.

"Umm," murmured Cale as he looked at Ron and Beacrox over Ron's shoulder. Then he opened his mouth.

"Well, we need to talk, right?"

His tone was unusually cautious and reserved.

In response, Beacrox silently took off his white gloves, and Ron stared directly into Cale's eyes before averting his gaze and saying.

"We need to talk, but we don't need to do it now."

Cale's expression was beyond words.

His complexion improved a little, but it was still a mess.

"After everything is over, we can talk later."

Ah. Are you saying it's okay to discuss that when we return to our world after finishing the work in the Central Plains?

As soon as Cale heard Ron's words, he inadvertently voiced the thought that came to his mind.

"It would be nice to go back to our house and talk there."

At that moment, he saw Ron smiling maliciously. It was the smile of a very vicious killer.

"Why is he smiling like that?"

His heart trembled a little. Because he was scared.

Then Ron spoke. The vicious smile disappeared, and a kinder smile than usual appeared.

"That would be great, young master. Let's talk once we're back home."

Then, he walked toward the door leading out of the abandoned house without much hesitation.


Cale was bewildered.

At that moment, Beacrox, who had stayed still, stepped forward and casually asked, "Aren't you hungry now?"

Cale's hunger, which had reached the point of pain, had subsided, but he was still hungry.

So he spoke honestly, "I want to eat steak."

If Cale had to be honest, the food in the Central Plains wasn't to his liking.

It was very different from Korean food that didn't suit his taste. He preferred to eat the steak he had grown accustomed to over the years.

But since this was the Central Plains, making steak would be difficult.

I'll ask for it when we're back home later.

Just as Cale was about to say that.

"Let's try making it. Because I more or less figured out the seasonings."

Beacrox responded as if it was nothing and quickly moved ahead.


Something felt odd.

The moment Cale thought about it.

The owner of the back he was being carried on.

He heard Choi Han's gentle voice.

"As expected, our home is the best."


Cale was confused but replied, "Isn't that a given?"

Beacrox, who was walking ahead, stopped for a moment and looked at Cale.

Cale, who was about to ask why he was looking with that gaze, saw Beacrox turn around and leave the abandoned house before he could speak.


Cale couldn't fathom the thoughts of the vicious father and son.

Still, he was somewhat relieved to see that the two of them seemingly understood him, even if he didn't explain it right away.

"...Hitting and destroying is much easier."

He sighed.

"That's right. Human, let's just destroy the Central Plains."

Cale frowned.

"Human, the next time you cough up blood, I'll destroy the Central Plains."

He looked at Raon's rosy and smiling cheeks sympathetically.

'... Let me tell you, it's most likely that I'll cough up blood next time too.'

Every time he faces a Living Jiangshi, as well.

Unable to say anything, Cale swallowed it in silence.

Tap, tap.

In its place, he patted Choi Han's back and said, "Let's go."


Cale exited the abandoned house on Choi Han's back.

"Oh, Great Fire of Purification."

Priest Dust followed, muttering something to himself, and Raon disappeared from sight by becoming invisible.

As Cale stepped out of the house, he slightly frowned at the sunlight hitting him.


At that moment, he heard a voice and looked up.

Dokgo Ryeong opened his mouth but was then stopped by Dokgo Chang.

"No, there's no need."

Seeing Dokgo Chang shake his head, Cale realized that people, including the Dokgo Family and the promising talents, had come quite close to the abandoned house.

'However, they don't know what happened inside.'

They probably approached due to the sound of the collapsing house.

"Until next time."

Cale and Choi Han nodded in response to Dokgo Chang's greeting as they politely stepped back.

Dokgo Chang silently watched them as they moved away.


"Ryeong, you must learn to be patient even if you have questions."


Dokgo Ryeong remembered the people he had seen earlier, the Namgung Family, who were no different from their enemies.

The Sword Saint seemed exhausted, Namgung Taewi was being carried dazed. Furthermore, he was bundled up in bundles of clothing.

Namgung Yuhak was stunned by the scene and approached the Sword Saint, but he walked away without a word.

'So Young Master Kim and the Namgung Family were fighting?'

However, Dokgo Ryeong couldn't say anything when he saw Young Master Kim's face. With his incredible unmatched power, he was carried out of the house looking pale and powerless.

What the hell had happened?

No one could easily answer.

"...That was a lot of power."

The words of the Shaolin Monk Jeong Hye were met with silent agreement.

The calm and warm power that emanated from the abandoned house before the roof collapsed. Even though it was a short period of time, those who learned martial arts were naturally drawn to it.

It wasn't an aura that could harm anyone, but a refreshing aura that enveloped them warmly, and they followed it willingly.

"This must be Young Master Kim's power, right?"

Un Seon, a disciple of the Kunlun Sect, asked Dokgo Chang, who was looking at Cale's now faintly visible back and muttered.

"I suppose so."


Un Seon clenched her fists without saying a word.

A person with such a small, weak back emitting such pure and powerful energy was something the Kunlun Sect had never seen before.

'If he can help us-!'

Even the Demon Worshipers would flee from that beautiful and pure energy.

But in the moment she saw Young Master Kim's bloodied face, Un Seon couldn't easily say she would take that thought into action.

"We should leave as well."

They simply followed the Young Band Leader who led the way and headed toward the guest house.


"Don't you have anything to say?"

Choi Jung Soo looked up when Cale spoke with a stern face.

His mouth was full of somen noodles.

Slurp, slurp. Choi Jung Soo swallowed the noodles, lowered his eyes, and said.

"I haven't eaten properly for a few days, can we talk after I eat first?"

Hah. Cale sighed.

"...Yeah, you should eat first."

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