TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 115


Murim Alliance Leader, Go Sebeom.

He was the adopted son of the previous leader and had a reputation for having a talent that only appeared once every five hundred years.

He had two trusted subordinates.

It could be said that these two individuals were of great help in making Go Sebeom the Leader.

One of them was Jegal Miryeo.

"It's been a long time, Elder Ho."

Jegal Miryeo gracefully descended to the ground, as if a fairy were descending from the sky, and offered an elegant smile. (Note: With this, it is confirmed that Jegal Miryeo is a woman)

-Young Master, this person is currently responsible for all the military operations of the Murim Alliance. It is said that even the Leader must obtain her approval to carry out military operations of a certain size, Wi explained to Cale.

-Jegal Eunso is the chief assistant to Jegal Miryeo. She is her disciple and has been recognized as the future Commander General.

"It's been a long time, Elder Ho."

Jegal Eunso greeted politely with a refreshing smile.

The Commander General, Jegal Miryeo, and her disciple, a little behind her, Jegal Eunso.

-...They are called the Great Demon and the Young Demon, in derogatory terms, Wi spoke while pronouncing the words she had been hesitating to say.

Jegal Miryeo.

She had passed fifty years and gradually emitted the atmosphere of someone who had been through countless battlefields as Go Sebeom's companion since her youth.

And Jegal Eunso.

Apparently in her late twenties, she exuded a youthful atmosphere and sharpness in her eyes.

"It is an honor to meet you, Young Master Kim."

At that moment, Jegal Miryeo bowed to Cale.

'As expected of the Commander General!'

With that single act, Wi was impressed.

It was said that even in the Commander General's small gestures, meaning could be found.

'It hasn't even been an hour since we arrived in Wuhan.'

Cale and his group boldly entered Wuhan along with Elder Ho, the Next Generation Leaders, and members of the Murim Alliance.

And they headed straight for the Murim Alliance.

In other words, in just an hour, the Commander General had come out to greet them, which meant she was aware of their movements.

'Furthermore, the fact that the Commander General has shown herself to the Young Master is excessive for a mere greeting.'

But it was also modest to be considered a greeting to the nobility.

This meant 'I know you are from the Imperial Family, but I am trying to conceal that identity, so I greet you at this level of example.'

"The words and actions of Jegal Miryeo are full of sharpness, so you have to be careful with them."

Wi swallowed hard.

'It won't be easy.'

There were ways to overpower opponents with strength and energy, but an approach like Jegal Miryeo's was just as fierce as the battlefield.

'I guess I'll have to step in.'

Most likely, someone like Young Master Kim Hae-il was not skilled in this kind of verbal combat.

Therefore, it would be better for him, who had fought with a sword called a pen in a place called the imperial palace, to step forward.

"It is an honor to be in your presence."

Even Jegal Eunso showed her respect, and the Commander General spoke to Cale with a friendly smile.

"The Great Lord is waiting for you."

In other words, Murim Alliance Leader was waiting.

When those words flowed from the Commander General's mouth, the warriors guarding the castle gate, as well as everyone around, looked at Cale in astonishment.

Everyone held their breath.

'It's time to step forward.'

Chief Eunuch Wi took a step forward, and in that instant, he and Elder Ho exchanged glances.

-Elder Ho, this is not the time for a battle of momentum, you know, right?

-I know.

While Elder Ho responded to Wi's message, he looked at Young Master Kim.

Young Master Kim just smiled kindly, which made Elder Ho's heart sink even more.

He wanted to tell Jegal Miryeo right away.

"Commander General, now is not the time to engage in a strength battle with Young Master Kim!

From the way he had appeared, using martial arts to climb the city walls, to the way he had brought his disciple with him, to the way he had mentioned the Great Lord of the Murim Alliance, Jegal Miryeo was ready to engage in a reconnaissance battle with Young Master Kim.

'I understand.'

Her thoughts were quite understandable.

'But you don't know anything.'

Being the benefactor of the Namgung Family and of royalty is probably all they know.

'We also don't know much about the Blood Cult or the Great War Between Good and Evil.'

And the true identity of Young Master Kim.

Therefore, using this kind of trick to explore the other party by taking the initiative could be considered clever.

'But only if the opponent is within a certain standard! Young Master Kim is out of this world!'

A Heaven beyond the Heavens.

That was Elder Ho's judgment on Young Master Kim, and also the precautions and warnings found in the letter he sent to the Leader of the Beggar Band.


He coughed in vain and moved forward along with Chief Eunuch Wi.

It was then...

"It's truly heartwarming that you welcome us so graciously."

Cale was the first to open his mouth.

And Jegal Miryeo's smile intensified at those words.

'I heard he is a member of the imperial family as well as the benefactor of the Namgung Family. Yet, he is truly humble.'

Young Master Kim's way of acting was dignified and set an appropriate example.

He also maintained a humble tone.

'Is this acting or is it his inherent nature?'

A sharp look was directed at Cale, hidden behind a warm smile.

"Heartwarming, you say. It's something I must naturally do. So, will you go to see the Great Lord right away?"

Chief Eunuch Wi's eyebrows slightly rose at Jegal Miryeo's words.

She was speaking to Cale and his group.

Even if you are a noble, this is the territory of the Murim Alliance.

So, even if you've traveled a long way, we can't easily provide a place for you within the Murim Alliance.

Therefore, Chief Eunuch Wi's eyes were slightly annoyed.

However, it was natural behavior for Jegal Miryeo.

'From Anhui to Wuhan, how did they arrive so quickly?'

There was information about when Young Master Kim's group arrived at the Namgung Family, but there was no information about when they left.

They probably moved in secret.

But even so, if you calculated the time, their entry into Wuhan at this moment didn't make sense.

'We must be cautious.'

Although he didn't want to, his head was filled with thoughts of the Evil Faction and the Demon Cult these days.

Meanwhile, Young Master Kim's presence, carrying the imperial palace on his back, made his senses shiver.


Cale smiled in a moment of perplexity.

"It would be good to meet the Leader of the Alliance right away, but..."

He stroked his chin as he thought of something.

Then, he looked at Jegal Miryeo and Jegal Eunso.

Jegal Miryeo gently spoke upon seeing that.

"Is there something you would like to say? Or is there something you would like to do beforehand?"

At that moment, Cale spoke suddenly.

"There are a total of 5 people related to the Jegal Family in the Murim Alliance. And all of them are above the rank of mid-level officers."

"...What do you mean by that?"

Unlike Jegal Miryeo's smooth reaction, her mind became complicated once more.

'Is he trying to show that he has information about the Jegal Family in front of me, who is the Commander General?'

Is it an attempt to demonstrate his superiority?

When she thought that...

"Of those, two are right here."

Before she could interpret the meaning of those words.

Young Master Kim spoke indifferently.

"It's a good opportunity."

A good opportunity?

What does he mean by that?

When she thought that...

"Do Daehyup."

Young Master Kim raised his hand and called someone.

"Ah, so that's what he's planning!"

Jegal Miryeo could see that Chief Eunuch Wi suddenly stopped with admiration.

"Yes, Young Master."

And at that moment, Jegal Miryeo saw an elder who responded very courteously.


But the appearance of the elder was strange.

From his nose to his mouth, he was wrapped in white cloth.

The elder removed that cloth.


Jegal Miryeo could see that his nostrils were plugged.

'Who is this strange guy...?'

Before Jegal Miryeo could have that thought...

The elder untied the thin cloth covering his nostrils.

He smiled brightly and opened his mouth.

"Now I can breathe a little more comfortably-"

That was it.


Cale's gaze focused on Durst's pupils as he rolled his eyes, but then he was surprised.


Durst covered his nose with both hands.

He bent forward.


And began to speak as if he wanted to vomit.

"This, this disgusting smell, ugh-!"

He couldn't speak properly but continued talking.

"Cough! Such a filthy smell, bleh-!"

It was so intense.

He was about to vomit immediately.

-Human, Durst is very funny.

Cale, who heard Raon's mutterings, also stood still for a moment due to 
Durst 's strong reaction.

When the two members of the Jegal Family looked at the sudden scene...

Between Cale and Elder Ho, a strange current gradually began to flow.

They also noticed.

One of them was a Living Jiangshi.

"This, this can't be-"

Elder Ho muttered unintentionally, his face paling.

They knew there was a Living Jiangshi in the Jegal Family of the Murim Alliance.

But if it was those two people, it was problematic.

'The current Commander General. And the future Commander General. One of them is the puppet of the Blood Cult!'

Elder Ho was enveloped in a cold as intense as if he were falling into an icy lake.

And Jegal Miryeo, who was watching him, thought.

'Something is not right.'

Jegal Miryeo gestured with her eyes to her disciple Jegal Eunso.

Jegal Eunso quickly understood and stepped forward.

Seeing this, Jegal Miryeo said to Young Master Kim.

"It would be better for you to meet the Great Lord first."

"That's right. Um."

Cale thought for a moment and then spoke indifferently.

"Can I ask your disciple to take care of Do Daehyeop? I need to see the Alliance Leader-nim first."

"Of course."

As Jegal Eunso approached
Durst with a friendly smile at Jegal Miryeo's signal, Cale looked at her with an indifferent expression but a watchful gaze.

"Daehyup, I will guide you inside..."

But as soon as Jegal Eunso approached with a friendly smile.


Durst tried to cover his nose with both hands.

But there was no time for that.


The retching intensified.

Jegal Miryeo and Jegal Eunso were also surprised.

"Cough, coug! This stench! Ugh!"

Durst was surprised as well.

In his entire life, he had never smelled such a disgusting odor.

"Ugh, ugh, ueeeek-!"

The constant sound of retching made Cale inadvertently release him.

"He might die like this! Choi Han."


Choi Han, who was standing next to Cale, moved, taking advantage of the panic in which everyone was stunned by the intensity of Priest 
Durst 's retching, to casually approach him.

Then he lifted
Durst in his arms.

"I will take him inside."

Then, with
Durst by his side, he headed to Jegal Miryeo's side.


Durst 's nausea improved a little.

He fumbled for a cloth and plugged his nostrils again.

"This, this even smells from 100 meters away!"

With intermittent retching, Cale found the answer to the words he had spoken.

Raon also seemed to have understood the answer and conveyed its meaning to Cale.

-Human! That Jegal Eunso must be a Living Jiangshi! 
Durst 's reaction can only be that of a Living Jiangshi. She must be a powerful Living Jiangshi among the Living Jiangshi!

Raon, who was excited, suddenly stopped.

-...A... powerful... Living Jiangshi...?

Though he didn't reveal his transparent body, Cale felt the atmosphere around him chilling for no apparent reason.

-...To purify something so powerful...will the Human...faint again?

Cale deliberately pretended not to hear Raon's mutterings, mutterings that Raon was clearly transmitting to him in his mind.

Instead, he looked sequentially at Chief Eunuch Wi, Fist King, Elder Ho, and Captain Lee Soo-hyuk.

They all nodded in response to his gaze.

Cale let out an exclamation.

"I can already see that they're planning something."

Living Jiangshi.

Until now, they had only been able to find two Blood Cult Living Jiangshi, but now Cale seemed to have a general idea.

Chief Eunuch Wi seemed to think the same and conveyed his meaning through Sound Transmission.

-That damn Blood Cult, after the Great War Between Good and Evil destroys the Murim, it seems they intended to use the Living Jiangshi to control the next Murim.

Namgung Taewi, strong enough to lead the Celestial Guardians, the main force of the Namgung Family.

He would become a central high-ranking member in the next generation of the Namgung Family.

Jegal Eunso, a powerful candidate for one of the top positions in the Murim Alliance, which is one of the key positions in the Murim Alliance.

She would be at the center of military and administrative affairs in the next great Murim Alliance.

Cale looked at Jegal Miryeo.

She was puzzled but not perturbed.

Instead, she gazed at him even more penetratingly.

Cale made a request.

"Let's go talk to the Alliance Leader."

At that moment, Chief Eunuch Wi spoke.

-If we effectively use this situation, the Commander General and the State Council staff will bet everything on annihilating the Blood Cult to erase the sin of bringing a Living Jiangshi into their organization.

A soft smile formed at the corner of Cale's lips.

-Human, you keep laughing like the Crown Prince! I wonder if the Crown Prince is eating well? I'm curious.

Listening to Raon's teasing words, Cale entered the Murim Alliance.

At that moment...

On the walls of Wuhan City. One of the soldiers looking into the distance with a telescope from the watchtower there spoke.

"T-That's the Golden Guard...!"

The Emperor's symbol.

The guards escorting the Emperor, the so-called Emperor's swords, fluttered their red hemlines as they approached Wuhan.

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