TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 110


The Celestial Comet Palace was shrouded in absolute silence, owing to the sudden and astonishing information they had just received, even more shocking than a bombshell.


Except for the faint whisper of the Sword Saint's breath, silence reigned.


Nevertheless, it was Namgung Mahyuk who spoke first.

"What is a Living Jiangshi, and could you tell us more about the Taewi case?"

At that moment, the Sword Saint's gaze quickly swept through the interior of the Celestial Comet Palace.


In response to that gaze, the leaders immediately got up and closed all the windows and doors.

They knew that no one else was near the Celestial Comet Palace, but they had no choice but to react to the unusual request of the Sword Saint.


The Sword Saint sighed briefly.

He looked at the Family Head. Although he was the former Family Head and his father, the current Family Head was Namgung Mahyuk.

"Family Head."

The Sword Saint brought up the main topic of the general assembly.

"I request that the extermination of the Blood Cult be considered."

The leader of the Five Great Families, the most prestigious in the Justice Faction, had found an enemy for his sword.


-Human! Toonka fights better than I thought!

Cale unknowingly nodded at Raon's words.


Although his body couldn't control mana or aura, it had a body with magic resistance.

Among the tribe members with bodies that couldn't handle mana or aura, Toonka had an even more special body.

"When I see that person, I have this thought."

Lee Su Hyuk spoke while playing with a stick.

"The innate strength of the human body is more powerful than anything else."

At that moment, the shout of Sima Jung, the son of Sima Pyeong of the Evil Alliance, rang in Cale's ears.

"This guy is crazy...! How can he have such a resilient body!"


A mysterious light was shining in Sima Jung's hands.

It was energy created by his Inner Energy.

Bang! Boom!

Sima Jung struck Toonka.

Yes, he kept hitting him.

Toonka was big enough to find plenty of places to hit.

And he was too slow compared to Sima Jung, who used Footwork, so he couldn't defend himself.

Bam! Pong!

"Kahaha! How pathetic!"

Despite being hit, Toonka smiled.

"Hey, hey."

Cale frowned at the poke on his arm.

"What's up?"


Cale's nonchalant tone startled Choi Jung Soo. Currently, he was covering everything except his eyes with cotton thread.

And his attire looked more like that of a scholar than a warrior.

"It doesn't seem like Toonka has done anything to his skin. How can he be unscathed after that?"

At Choi Jung Soo's question, Wi and the Fist King raised their eyebrows.

In fact, they had been quite curious about the strength of Cale's group from before.

Although they didn't seem to use their Inner Energy, they all appeared to be quite strong compared to their youthful appearance.

In particular, Mok Hee leaned toward Cale while pretending not to be involved.

Boom! Paf!

"Curse! Why won't this idiot die?"

"Haha! It tickles!"

Meanwhile, Sima Jung and Toonka continued to exchange blows one after another.

There were hardly any broken objects on the third floor.

Except for the furniture broken due to the initial clash between Namgung Jihyuk and Sima Jung, the restaurant was in perfect condition.

It was inevitable.

Toonka stood unharmed and only moved slightly as he received the blows. Of course, Toonka was also attempting to strike back.

"Do you think I'll be hit by these slow punches?!"

All those attempts failed as Sima Jung immediately evaded them.

"Hmm. Why does Toonka have such tough skin?"

Cale opened his mouth.

Namgung Jihyuk, the Captain of the Celestial Guard, also focused on him after regaining his composure.

"Darn it, why?"

And Sima Jung, the worst enemy of the Evil Faction, also paid attention to that direction.

Truly, Sima Jung, who couldn't understand the current situation, was bewildered.

Cale spoke nonchalantly.

"As far as I understand, at some point, he fought against volcanoes, deserts, and seas."


Eunuch Chief Wi asked in confusion, not realizing what he had fought against.

Fought against what?

"Ah, yes. He fought fearlessly against typhoons and storms. To try to defeat them."

According to what was found in the Hero's Birth book before he met Toonka...

"He simply confronted nature. With the pure strength of the human body alone."

There was no one crazier.

That's what Cale thought.

It was at that moment...


The Fist King let out an amazed sigh.


Cale shifted his gaze toward the voice that wasn't a sad or frustrated sigh but one filled with astonishment.


The Fist King showed a deeply moved expression, and Wi also looked at Toonka with a different gaze.

"Facing nature is no easy task, but he has challenged all that. I think I now understand why he's with the Young Master."

Cale looked around with a strange feeling.

The granddaughter of the mighty Fist King, Mok Hee, looked at him with deep concern as she lowered her gaze to her own hands, while Namgung Jihyuk continuously nodded in admiration.

And finally...

"...A Master of External Martial Arts."

Sima Jung stepped back a few steps in front of Toonka and spoke with a serious tone.

On his face, which was now awake after getting drunk, there was a deep and penetrating look.

"...You've followed a single path."

Murim could be classified by various criteria.

It was divided into internal and external.

The internal, in a nutshell, involved accumulating energy in the body and using it to unleash explosive force.

The external involved training the skin, bones, muscles, and pushing them to the limit.

Generally, it was considered that the external had a limit, so it was common to focus on the internal.

And by observing the Murim Experts, one could say that this was the correct answer.

External Experts were rare in Murim history.

"...You have the qualifications to stop my martial arts."

Despite being trash, Sima Jung, who was an outcast in Murim, stared at Toonka intently.

"...It's a pity that the old Sword Saint isn't here, but I'll give it a proper try."

His violet energy erupted from Sima Jung's hands.

When his inner energy firmly enveloped his hands...

"Haha, yes, let's fight!"

Toonka lunged forward, and Sima Jung's technique moved accordingly.


At that moment, Raon's voice resonated in Cale's ear.

-The waiters can't come up to take our orders. I'm hungry!

Cale spoke to Choi Han.

"First, let's make them both faint."

If Toonka was left unconscious, it wouldn't be five minutes before he woke up, and since Sima Jung was someone he was going to take along anyway, it would be easier if he was unconscious.

"...Make them faint?"

Eunuch Chief Wi rarely questioned Cale's orders, but he responded calmly to this one.

"The waiters should have come up to take our orders, but they can't because of this."


Eunuch Chief Wi lamented.

'He's worried about the waiters and the restaurant.'

Truly, a kind-hearted person.

At the moment a smile formed at the corner of Eunuch Chief Wi's lips.


Toonka fainted.

"T-This can't be..."

The weakened Sima Jung of the Evil Faction shivered and fainted.

Cale spoke with a proud expression on his face as he observed the looks that were directed at him, not Choi Han.

"Choi Han is an expert at making people faint."

He looked at Blood Cult's Number 7.

Now, just looking at Choi Han's hands sent shivers down your spine.
-Human, I'm so proud of Choi Han!


The voices of Raon and Choi Jung Soo chimed in.


"We'll be arriving at the Namgung Family in about 30 minutes."

After Ron's words, Cale nodded and looked out the carriage window.

Most Families and Sects were built in mountains or rugged terrain. Or they were established in the city center or inside a castle.

The Namgung Family, in the Central Plains of this world, had a massive mansion situated a certain distance from the castle. And around that Namgung Family, there was a village.

It was quite commercially developed to be called a village.


Raon asked curiously.

"Does all of this land belong to the Namgung Family?"


Vast fields of green rice growing endlessly.

There was no end.

"They really are rich in land."


Duke Henituse had a stone courtyard, and the Dark Forest was full of trees.

Unfortunately, Cale didn't have farmland. Although he had Zone 1 Jungle as coastline, it wasn't suitable for farming.

'I need to cultivate a garden.'

Cale looked outside without looking at Choi Jung Soo or Lee Soo Hyuk.

"Oh, Great Purifier."

At that moment, he was startled by Priest Durst's voice.

Somehow, when this Priest called him more and more, he felt something imposing.


When Cale silently looked at him, Priest Durst spoke.

"It's nothing special, I'd just like to say something because it seems you're going to the Namgung Family and talking about the Living Jiangshi."

Priest Durst spoke hesitantly as he shook his head.

"When the Living Jiangshi was purified, the Dead Mana was different from what I knew."

"Ah, right!"

Raon chimed in on the conversation.

"Human, Human, it seemed like something else got mixed into the Living Jiangshi's Dead Mana."

"Yes. It was different from the Dead Mana that normally rises from a Jiangshi. It seemed to have something more evil and thick. The smell was also extremely unpleasant."

Priest Durst snorted. Cale averted his gaze from this and met the Team Leader's eyes.

Team Leader Sui Khan spoke up.

"Since it wasn't just a Jiangshi but a Living Jiangshi. It seems there's some sort of secret technique created by the Blue Blood Family."

"I agree," Choi Han added.

"Because something was added to the dead mana, I guess that's what made the purification so difficult."

When Choi Han finished speaking, Ron muttered softly.

"So I'm trying to investigate through Blood Cult's Number 7, but it won't be easy."

Ron told Cale with a soft smile.

"Don't worry, Young Master. If we know in advance, there will be no need to vomit blood in the future."

Cale swallowed.

With a trembling voice, the Vitality's Heart spoke.

-... Even if you know in advance, I'm sure you'll... shed more blood... I need to gather more strength...!

Cale simply closed his eyes slightly.

At that moment...

"Human, what's that?"

Cale's skin crawled at the rather perplexed voice, and he quickly opened his eyes and looked to where Raon's short, chubby front fingers were pointing.

"...What is that...?"

Cale was genuinely surprised.

A village that wouldn't be an exaggeration to say was built around the Namgung Family.

A place also called the Namgung Family City, comparable to the capital of Anhui Province, where Anhui Castle was located.

The sun was setting between the rice fields, dyeing the sky red.

Beneath that, the lights of the village houses should have been visible.

But today was a bit different.

From the entrance of that place...


Sui Khan spoke.

"Aren't those people from the Namgung Family?"

From the village entrance to the heart of the village, where the Namgung Family was located.

A path had been created.

At both ends of the path, many people were peeking outside and observing.

No, to be precise, they were watching the approaching golden carriage, surrounded by the Celestial Guard.

However, they couldn't rush out onto the road.


Martial Artists from the Namgung Family, carrying banners with the character "Namgung," stood on both sides of the path.

"... Young Master."

Wi Chul Myeong spoke cautiously.

"The people standing at the entrance there."

The only people standing at the village entrance.

About ten individuals.

Among them, Cale could see the Sword Saint.

"That's the Sword Saint, the Family Head, and the Elders."

The key leaders of the Namgung Family, known for their heavy butts, all came out together to welcome Cale, from the village entrance.

At that moment...


Suddenly, a vibration came from the rear of the carriage.

The sound of horse hooves could be heard.

Wi opened the carriage window and looked outside.

"Oh, Young Master!"

He was surprised and went straight to Cale.

"The Lord of Anhui Province is here!"


Why is the Lord of the Province here?

In terms of the Roan Kingdom's hierarchy, the Lord of the Province could be seen as a Duke-level official.

He was leading dozens of mounted soldiers.

In their midst, a person jumped up and shouted as they approached the golden carriage.

It seemed to be a messenger.

"We've come to escort the
Imperial Family..."

A golden carriage with Cale inside it.

In front of it was the people from the Namgung Family, who had come to serve a benefactor after hundreds of years,

Behind them were the residents of Anhui Province, who, surprised by the Imperial Family's order to send a golden advisor to the man with the golden plate, came out to greet the supposed royalty.
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