TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 108

Book 2 - C108 - Our Young Master Kim! (1~)

Who is the Sword Saint?

He is one of the Five Saints of the
Justice Faction and a prominent member of the Namgung Family.

Furthermore, he was known for his great pride and self-esteem.

No matter if he was the Leader of the Murim Alliance or if he was in front of someone older, he never lowered his head.


So, when the Sword Saint bowed his head to Cale, someone gasped.

But that person quickly covered their mouth in surprise.

They were startled by the Sword Saint's cold gaze.

'Who is he?'

'Young Master Kim? Who is that?'

Everyone was stealing glances or looking directly, trying to figure out who he was.

'I don't know.'

'...He doesn't seem strong, does he?'

However, in their eyes, Cale seemed to have a pale complexion, a small physique, and little skill in martial arts.


However, among the spectators, there were some people emitting sharp light.

'Is the Sword Saint bowing his head? This isn't something we can easily see.'

A benefactor? A benefactor of the Namgung Family, after so long?'

'This should be reported to the boss! Now, in addition to investigating the Sword Demon, we must also examine this.'

The crowd secretly dispersed in different directions.

Wi Chul Myeong, who was standing quietly at the side, gestured with his eyes to his former companion.

-Watch the behavior of those moving now. Whether they are from the Evil Faction, the
Justice Faction, the Demon Cult, or the Blood Cult.

He added:

-If they are from the Blood Cult. They will surely transmit everything they have seen and heard.


The man moved quietly. With those under his command also moving, soon the information about those who were moving would reach Chief Eunuch Wi.

'I'll have to inform Young Master Kim.'

And this information would reach Cale through Wi Chul Myeong.

He directed his gaze towards Cale.

'...As I thought.'

Cale seemed a bit uncomfortable as he furrowed his brows.

'From the Young Master's expression, it seems he doesn't like receiving this kind of ostentatious attention.'

Wi Chul Myeong turned his gaze back to Cale.

'However, even though the Sword Saint knows this, he still treats Young Master Kim this way, sincerely.'

It was obvious why he did so.

'He probably wants to openly spread the rumor that he is the Benefactor of the Namgung Family.'

Bothering Young Master Kim is the same as bothering the Namgung Family and me, the Sword Saint.

If they have the confidence to receive our sword, I challenge them to do so.

That's what it should mean.

'If you look at the records of how the Namgung Family treats its benefactors, you'll see that it's not common.'

They were a family that couldn't stand seeing their benefactor humiliated as much as their grand pride.

'But the reason the Sword Saint shows so much devotion to Young Master Kim is not just for that reason.'

The Sword Saint was a more calculated person and valued the benefits for the Family above what met the eye.


Wi's gaze turned to Elder Ho.

The Great Elder of the Beggar's Band. He was looking with a surprised expression, observing the situation.

'Young Master Kim will go to the Murim Alliance.'

The Sword Saint is standing next to Young Master Kim representing the
Justice Faction, but he's not a member of the Nine Great Sects, rather a member of the Namgung Family of the Five Great Families. It must be because he wants to reveal his connection with his family.

'Probably, it's also a plan to elevate the power of the Namgung Family within the Murim Alliance by leveraging this situation where he appears as a victim of the Blood Cult.'

Anyway, the Murim should be cautious of the old monsters.

'Perhaps, even the Carnage Demon might also agree to bring Young Master Kim to the side of the Evil Faction with that same thought.'

Wi took another glance at Cale.

'And Young Master Kim is willing to let them be at his side even though he knows all of this.'

Furthermore, he considered such superficial scheming and ambitions were not significant in the path he was taking, but rather, he was moving in the most efficient direction.

'He displayed that tremendous power even in front of the Emperor.'

The old monsters and their foolishness seemed ridiculous.

Wi smiled faintly as he watched Cale, who was still silent. He thought it would be a great achievement in his life to have him by his side.

-Hey, human. Did you see that?

At that moment, Cale heard Raon's confused voice in one ear and let it pass through the other.

Instead, he discreetly swallowed saliva.

-It's a golden carriage! It doesn't look painted!

This time, he didn't hear.

'Right. Can a carriage be built from solid gold?'

Behind the more than 300 members of the Celestial Guard, the golden carriage was shining brightly.

"Please, get on."

Cale nodded as he approached the Sword Saint.

'Namgung is really rich, richer than I imagined.'

To think that they would even take a golden carriage to transport Cale to his destination.

-Human, let's rob the Namgung Family!

Seriously, that's what needs to be done.

The moment Cale had that thought unknowingly, he heard a Sound Transmission.

-It seems your body hasn't fully recovered. I have already prepared the carriage. Since Taewi's carriage is different, you can comfortably go with your group.

The Sword Saint calmly said.

-When we arrive at the Family, I will give you a good elixir to restore your body. Since you are in this situation because of saving Taewi, it is Namgung's responsibility to take care of the health of their benefactor, isn't it?

An elixir qualified as good by a person like the Sword Saint.

-Young Master Kim uses a force infused with the energy of fire, so this elixir should be suitable for you.

Cale simply nodded his head.

He couldn't use Sound Transmission.

He thought.

'...Even if I don't rob them, they'll just give me everything they have.'

He had a feeling that the Sword Saint was like that.

'As I thought.'

And the Sword Saint, even after mentioning the golden carriage and the elixir, admired Cale, who just casually nodded his head.

'It seems he has nothing to be surprised about, even though he should be.'

He also admitted.

'He's someone from the Royal Palace, so he shouldn't be amazed by gold or money.'

Of course, the Sword Saint didn't know that Cale didn't know how to use Sound Transmission, so he couldn't bear to talk about the elixir in front of many people, so he just nodded.

'Mmm. Still, this hurts my pride a little.'

The Sword Saint was someone whose pride for the Namgung Family had reached its peak.

As such, he wanted to do something amazing for the man in front of him, who was his Senior and had reached the pinnacle of martial arts and was of royal blood.

'It's also an investment.'

Anhui, a fertile land.

There, the Namgung Family was famous for being rich in land.

Although possessing fertile land, accumulating great wealth was difficult if the harvest season was unfavorable.

The Sword Saint had studied not only martial arts but also economics.

'You must invest heavily in people like Young Master Kim. The small things don't matter much.'

He slightly clenched his fist.

'I'll have to prepare that elixir,' thought the Sword Saint, whose eyes gleamed with determination. He observed Cale, who avoided his gaze while pretending ignorance, and lifted the corner of his mouth.

'Why is he acting like that?' Cale wondered, and unintentionally, he avoided the relentless gaze of the Sword Saint. Then, as naturally as possible, he headed towards the golden carriage.

Inside the open door of the carriage...

-Wow! Human, there are delicious sweets here too!

Raon's excited voice, which turned transparent, resonated.

The Celestial Guardians suddenly stood up from their seats and pushed back the surrounding spectators.

At that moment...

The Captain of the Celestial Guardians, Namgung Jihyuk, closely observed Cale.

'Who is this sudden strange benefactor?'

He couldn't hear all the details of the conversation with the Sword Saint.

"Captain, we'll talk about the details when we meet with the Family Head, so send the fastest guy among the Celestial Guardians to meet him."

"...What should I say?"

"That we're going to organize an Assembly."

"...Is it such an important matter?!"

An Assembly.

This was a gathering where not only the head and the elders were present but also those who held positions of at least the level of Captain in the Namgung Family.

The last Assembly was held when the current Family Head officially received his position from the Sword Saint. It was a meeting that only took place when there were important matters related to the future of the Namgung Family.

"Yes, this is a matter of that magnitude. But tell it to the Family Head. Tell him that it won't be dangerous."

Namgung Jihyuk, the Captain of the Celestial Guardians, who recalled the conversation with the Sword Saint, noticed Cale getting on the carriage.

"As long as Young Master Kim is with us, maybe the Namgung Family will become more famous in the Murim."

Young Master Kim

Who is this person?



Namgung Jihyuk, feeling like his examining eyes on Cale had been discovered, quickly lowered his head in response to the Sword Saint's call.

"That's fine."

Tok tok. In response to the Sword Saint's shoulder tap, Namgung Jihyuk immediately opened his mouth.

"I'm sorry. Curiosity got the best of me. From now on, I will do my best to protect Young Master Kim without any incidents."



"...Protect Young Master Kim?"

"...Yes. It's important to quickly go to the Namgung Family. But wasn't it also our job to protect Young Master Kim along with Taewi?"

Although the Sword Saint didn't give any special instructions, it seemed obvious that they should protect Young Master Kim, who looked fragile.


-Yes, sir.

At that moment, the Sword Saint's voice was heard.

-Young Master Kim is stronger than me.


What did I just hear?

Namgung Jihyuk, who had reached middle age, doubted his ears for the first time.

-Young Master Kim is an existence in the Nature Realm.


For the first time, Namgung Jihyuk didn't believe the Sword Saint's words.

-I see a look questioning if I'm senile.

The Sword Saint added with a mocking smile. 

-It's true. Even if I had a hundred people, I couldn't beat Young Master Kim."


Namgung Jihyuk let out a sigh at the incredible truth and bit his lips.

-Divine Sword? Ultimate Martial Art? What does that matter? Jihyuk-ah, you can scrutinize Young Master Kim if you want. He's not someone who cares about those things. Instead, learn as you watch him. Are you stuck at a wall? If you see it, you'll be able to take one more step forward also


When Namgung Jihyuk paused at those words, the Sword Saint walked past him.

-I've already taken one step forward.


An admiring sigh escaped from Namgung Jihyuk's mouth.

And he looked at Young Master Kim.

'Young Master Kim.'

Meanwhile, Cale opened his mouth when he saw someone approaching before closing the carriage door.

"Dokgo Daehyup."

Dokgo Chang approached him.

Cale looked at him and asked.

"Aren't you coming with us?"

"No. We plan to return to the Family soon."

They still didn't know that Choi Jung-soo, the Sword Demon, had joined Cale.

The same applied to the disciples following him.

-I heard from Elder Ho. I heard from Elder Ho that the Sword Demon Daehyup has moved to a different location on Mount Huang.

The Dokgo Family and the disciples didn't know the details about the Blood Cult.

As it was still sensitive information, it couldn't be revealed to many people.

Of course, when the time comes, the rumor 'Choi Jung Soo is a Blood Cultist!' will spread.

-Since we'll be provided information from the Beggar's Guild, we'll return to our family and wait for that moment.

Dokgo Chang, who had spoken wholeheartedly up to this point, spoke to Cale.

"So I came to say goodbye before leaving."

Behind him, people from the Dokgo Family, including Young Master Dokgo Ryeong, sent their regards to Cale.

"I understand. It would have been nice if you came with us."

Although people from the Dokgo Family were stubborn, they had loyalty and decent martial skills, so they seemed to be helpful if they joined as allies.

"...That'll be a bit difficult."

Dokgo Chang spoke as he looked toward the Sword Saint's side.

Cale understood his intention.

'Well, from the Dokgo Family's point of view, the Namgung Family is their enemy. They won't want to move together with their enemy.'

Cale could fully understand how uneasy the Dokgo Family would be.

'But that's not my concern.'

What Cale had to do here was to take down the Blood Cult, the Blue Blood Family, and return home without injuries. And in the process, if possible, avoid causing too much damage to the Central Plains.

"This, Young Master."

"Yes, please tell me."

"When you have the time, could you visit our family?"

Dokgo Daehyup's words were unexpected.

"...The Dokgo Family?"


Looking at Young Master Kim, who seemed surprised, Dokgo Chang struggled to hide his tension.

'Those despicable men from the Namgung Family! Do they want to use Young Master Kim for their benefit? Are they trying to appropriate Young Master Kim as their patron?'

It was obvious that Young Master Kim would soon have a great reputation.

Since he had incredible abilities.

'I can't let that happen.'

Dokgo Chang needed to establish a connection between Young Master Kim and the Dokgo Family.

'Since he's friends with the Sword Demon Daehyeop, there's no doubt about his character.'

With great joy, Dokgo Chang waited for Young Master Kim's response with great anticipation.

"Well... that's fine."

And surprisingly, Cale's response was simple. Furthermore, it was an affirmative response.


Dokgo Chang was very happy that someone from the Imperial Family would come to their declining Dokgo Family, and even more so that he was willing to drop by, even though they didn't truly know each other.

"Yes. Really."

Cale had a reason to nod.

'The Dokgo Family is located next to Sichuan, right?'

The Dokgo Family was in the next neighborhood over from Sichuan.

We have to go to Sichuan, where the Blood Cultists are, and it would be useful to have someone who knows the area along the way.

'I'll travel with Namgung in the Murim Alliance and with Dokgo in Sichuan.'

It will be much easier.

A soft smile formed on Cale's lips.

'I should also introduce Choi Jung Soo in the meantime.'

For now, due to rumors, they couldn't show Choi Jung Soo to Dokgo, but later on, when the rumors spread and the situation stabilizes, there would be no issue in showing him to those loyal in the Dokgo Family.

"Anyway, since I also have to go in that direction, I'll make a stop there."

"T-Thank you, Young Master!"

Cale was surprised to hear Dokgo Chang's words of gratitude, but he nodded his head.

"We'll see each other soon."

"Yes, I'll look forward to that day!"

Dokgo Chang left without any hesitation.

"Uncle, this is great."

He headed to his dear nephew, Dokgo Ryeong, and whispered as he moved away from the Namgung group.

"I need to speak with the Family Head."

"Yes," Dokgo Ryeong responded.

After Dokgo Chang's group left, Cale had to receive another person in their place.

"...Monk Un Seon?"

The Monk from the Kunlun Sect, with clenched fists, stood in front of Cale.

'Are they leaving already?'

Cale wanted to leave for the Murim Alliance quickly.

'...Since he easily agreed to Dokgo Chang's visit, should I ask him to come to our Kunlun Sect as well?

The Kunlun Sect was in a state of high alert against their enemy, the Demonic Cult.

'No, that's not necessary.'

The request to visit Dokgo and the request to visit the Kunlun Sect carried a different weight.

Surely, the Young Master in front of his eyes knew that.

She couldn't make such a difficult request.

"Ah, it's nothing."

Rarely, she stammered and tried to turn around.

But Cale's voice stopped her steps.

"I would also like to visit the Kunlun Sect."


Cale thought as he looked at the surprised monk.

'Yes, since I'm going to visit the Demonic Cult as part of the Murim Alliance delegation, but before we reach the Demonic Cult, wouldn't it be good to make a stop at the Kunlun Sect and see how we can use them as allies?'

The more allies he had, the better, right?

Moreover, it seems Monk Un Seon has overheard my conversation with Dokgo Chang, so it doesn't matter if we drop a few words as we pass by.

Cale casually said.

"Since I have something to do there. I would like to go up to Mount Kunlun."


'Now that I've planted the seed, I should discreetly tell her that we'll stop by there next time we go to the Demonic Cult.'

Cale closed the carriage door as he observed Monk Un Seon, who was sighing in admiration.

"Did you hear?"

She nodded her head at her Sajae's surprised voice. (Note: Sajae is a Junior Martial Brother)

Slightly and without much thought, those words resonated in her ears.


Coming to the Kunlun Sect in the current situation.

The Young Master Kim in front of her eyes would surely understand its meaning. But to say that without hesitation, as if it were something trivial, to her, a person of the Kunlun Sect?

She realized.

'I shouldn't speculate lightly.'

He was undoubtedly a wandering human with great wisdom and cooperation.

Someone like him would surely represent the righteousness of the
Justice Faction.

"Let's go then."


The carriage started moving.

Soon, Cale's group, the Namgung Family's group, the Beggar's Guild, and the leaders of the next generation quickly left Mount Hwang and headed toward Anhui Province.


At that moment...

The Emperor laughed as he looked at the paper in his hands.

"Purify the Living Jiangshi and send it back as a human? Is that what they're saying?"


His laughter filled the room he was in.

"Is the Golden Order (Golder Guard) ready?"

"Yes, Your Majesty."

The Emperor nodded his head and spoke as if he were humming.

"Yes, we can't just sit idly by. Since things are like this, have them leave immediately."


After receiving Cale's permission, Wi Chul Myeong informed the Emperor about the content related to the Living Jiangshi, and the Emperor offered some of his hands and feet without hesitation.

The Emperor was not just the King of Anhui, but the King of the Central Plains.

"...Young Master Kim. We can't let our members of the Royal Family leave for the Murim Alliance in such an insignificant manner."

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