TOTCF 2 (Novel) Chapter 107

Book 2 - C107

However, despite Cale's throbbing neck, preparations to join the Murim Alliance proceeded swiftly.

"If preparations are ready, let's depart immediately."

"That's right..."

Cale looked at Chief Eunuch Wi with curiosity, and Wi, who hesitated, spoke up.

"Is it safe to leave right now?"

"...Are you talking about that?"

Cale's health.

After vomiting blood and having some meals, Cale felt refreshed and in perfect condition.

It was as if fresh blood flowed throughout his body.

"I'm fine, of course."


Although Wi doubted despite Cale's words, Cale thought he should hurry and tell them to depart.

'We need to finish quickly and get back home.'

However, in the end, Cale ended up staying a day and a half under the inn on Mount Huang.

It was because of what Ron said.

"Young master, wouldn't it be dangerous to take Lord Namgung Taewi to the Namgung Family if he hasn't awakened yet?"

Cale asked Wi.

"Is that the reason?"

"Eh? Ah, yes, yes."

Wi looked past Cale's shoulder and nodded quickly.

Cale calmly responded without noticing that.

"Very well, then we will stay a little longer at the inn before departing."

In fact, it would be enough for Cale and the others to leave first and let Namgung Taewi stay here to recover.

'But I need to confirm that Namgung Taewi has properly recovered and returned to being human.'

He had to make sure he had truly been purified and had no side effects.

Cale could only plan to face the Living Jiangshi in the future if he confirmed several things.

And there was one more reason.

'We also need to make sure the Sword Saint sees that Namgung Taewi has awakened so that they are more willing to help us.'

If that happened, the Sword Saint could assist Cale without worries.


Suddenly, Wi let out a sigh.

"Is something wrong?"

"Oh, it's nothing."

Wi shook his head slightly and left the room.

"Very well, I will share the decision with the others."

"Yes, please. And..."

Cale pointed to his side.

"This guy is a secret for now."


Choi Jung Soo grinned maliciously at Wi. Wi slightly tilted his head and left the room.

"Well, how about we rest a bit?"

Cale sat quietly in his chair. Then, he told Choi Jung Soo as if tossing something to him.

"I will keep the fact that I found you a secret, even from the Dokgo Family."


"But why do they treat you like a benefactor?"

Cale asked, as if it were a passing curiosity.

Choi responded as if it weren't a big deal.

"Within the Dokgo Family, there's a younger brother who has some physical difficulties. I saved him from being killed by thugs from the Evil Faction."

"You are a benefactor."

"Yes. I also stole some of their treasure chests, and there was more money than I thought, so I gave it to that kid since there was no need to take it all, just what he needed."

"...That's generous."

"Yes. That was when the Dokgo Family was in a bit of financial trouble. Oh, and while leaving that kid, we ran into the Dokgo Family Head just as they were being attacked. So I defeated them, as a kind of warm-up."

"...Alright. Good job."

Cale took the candies Raon gave him and looked away from Choi Jung Soo. Since things had come this far, he thought it would be better to properly rest.

Crunch, crunch.

Wi walked down the wooden hallway of the mansion lost in deep thoughts.

There was a lot of work to be done, but he couldn't stop thinking at all.

'...How can he be so calm?'

Could it be because Young Master Kim is a Messenger and not afraid of death?

Despite spitting blood and struggling, he keeps going.

However, it would be ridiculous to say he's not afraid, as he values life and the existence of others.

He also tries to understand and care about the feelings of others.

He carried the heavy burden of protecting the Central Plains.

"...There's a lot to say."

An affiliated informant waiting in a corner of the hallway came into his view.

"Send it to the palace."


A letter for the Dowager Empress. And later, it would reach the Emperor.

Wi wrote a letter in which he included only what he had seen and heard, without revealing a hint of his thoughts or concerns.

However, those who read it would surely understand his feelings naturally.

Wi murmured as he looked at the hallway ceiling.

"This expedition to Murim will have a significant impact on history."

He stopped his thoughts and continued walking.


And the next day...

"Young Master."

Ron's voice opened his eyes.

Cale naturally received the warm cup of water Ron offered and slowly woke up.

"They say Namgung Taewi has awakened."


Cale woke up.

"Yes. And the Celestial Guard arrived at dawn." (Note: Previously referred to as the Blue Sky Guard)

If he thought about the connection with the Demonic Cult, and if the best swordsman to capture the Sword Demon was the Sword Saint of the Namgung Family, then...

The ultimate force was the Celestial Guards.

They were the army tasked with protecting the Heavens, led by the Namgung Family, the Martial World King.

Cale handed the cup back to Ron.

"We need to verify Namgung Taewi first."

"That's right, Young Master."

Cale got up from his seat and suddenly had a thought.

'...This is strange.'

Ron suddenly became very kind. And after a while of not doing so, he acts familiarly.

"'Did I do something wrong?'"

Cale had felt uncomfortable since the morning.

And that feeling grew when he visited the room where Namgung Taewi was.

"Namgung Daehyup, there's no need."

"Oh, no, there is. Young Master."

Namgung Taewi's face was pale.

"No, even without this..."

"No, Young Master."


Cale stopped him.

But Namgung Taewi was trembling and, somehow, bowed to Cale with shaky arms and legs.

Yes, he bowed.

"Namgung Daehyup—"

"I'm far from being called Daehyup."


"Thank you, Young Master."

It wasn't necessary to go this far...

Cale quickly looked at the people in the room.

The Sword Saint, Namgung Yuhak, Chief Eunuch Wi.

Each had different expressions, but none said anything as if Namgung Taewi's behavior was natural.

Even the Sword Saint looked at him with a proud expression, as if it was appropriate.

"Please, get up."

When Cale extended his hand and touched his shoulder, Taewi finally stood up.

"Older brother."

Namgung Yuhak quickly approached and supported Taewi.

"I apologize for showing such a pathetic image in front of the Young Master."

"Oh, no, it's not necessary."

Cale stuttered after a long time.

Taewi's behavior was excessively respectful to the point of being chilling.

"...Older brother."

Namgung Yuhak, known as the trash of the Namgung Family, looked at his older brother, Namgung Taewi, with pity. He seemed to have stayed up all night, and his expression wasn't good.

"Yes, even if you're trash, you still have to take care of your family."

Cale nodded slightly at Namgung Yuhak's appearance, and their eyes met. Namgung Yuhak briefly paused, avoiding his gaze, and then lowered his head.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Young Master."


Cale didn't understand the sudden apology.

"A while ago, I was rude to you at the inn. Please forgive me."


Namgung Yuhak's explanation continued, and Cale inadvertently let out his true feelings.

"I completely forgot."

He had completely forgotten.

It wasn't a big deal and had faded into the background due to his encounter with Raon and Choi Jung Soo. Frankly, the figure of the trash in front of him had almost disappeared from his memory.

"...As I thought."


Cale felt something odd in Namgung Taewi's voice as he muttered. However, when he looked at Namgung Yuhak, he forgot about that sensation.

'Why is he acting like this?'

Namgung Yuhak rubbed his nose.

His eyes were moist.

"I will never forget someone like you, Young Master, who shines as bright as the sun!"

Namgung Yuhak felt embarrassed but also deeply impressed by Cale's attitude, who overlooked his clumsy actions and treated him with understanding.

'This is how one should be to be a good person.'

Namgung Yuhak had gained a great revelation.

The Sword Saint, who had been looking at him happily, wondering if his trashy grandson had finally come to his senses, got excited when he found out, but nobody noticed.


It was due to the words Cale spoke as he coughed.

"Namgung Daehyup, are you okay?"

Although Namgung Taewi had said he wasn't worthy of being called Daehyup, Cale still referred to him as such, which moved his heart.

"Yes. Thanks to you, I'm fine."

He raised his hand over his left chest. Heat was emanating from beneath the fabric.

A red cape.

A power that protected him.

"I heard that you were hurt a lot because of me."

"No, I'm perfectly fine."

Cale spoke the truth.

Namgung Taewi nodded his head at his words. Cale was a bit surprised to see that he believed what he was saying.

Then, Cale focused on the words that followed.

"As you heard, I can't remember fully."

"Yes, I heard it from Chief Eunuch Wi."

"It feels like I'm walking through fog."

Namgung Taewi's memories were fragmented.

"I don't remember when I was kidnapped by the Blood Cult, how I became a Jiangshi, all of that is uncertain. And I also don't remember well the things I did as a Jiangshi."

So Namgung Taewi apologized to Young Master Kim in front of him.

Despite having been saved with so much effort, he had no more information to provide.

At that moment, Cale spoke indifferently.

"Perhaps it's advantageous not to remember."

"... What?"

"If they are unpleasant memories, it's better to simply forget them. That would be best."

Unforgettable memories.

Cale, who knew how horrible they were, expressed his true feelings.

'After all, if we know the location of the Blood Cult, we'll get more information when we investigate.'

It was a pity that he couldn't hear Namgung Taewi's information, but that was all. It wasn't a significant problem.

Cale had heard on the way here that Namgung Taewi was distressed about the fragmentary memories that occasionally surfaced from Chief Eunuch Wi.

"Namgung Daehyup, just forget the fragmentary memories that occasionally appear. There's no need to remember something you don't have to remember."

Namgung Taewi opened and closed his mouth several times, struggling to speak freely.

Then he asked the man in front of him, who had a much smaller build than his.

"... Is it okay to do that?"

"Yes, is there something wrong with that?"

"...I see."


A weak laugh came from Namgung Taewi's lips. Cale didn't know why he was looking at him curiously, but the Sword Saint also had a smile on his face.

"It seems favors are piling up."

The Fist King, who heard those words, shot a quick glance at the Sword Saint.

At that moment, Cale's voice reached the two elderly men.

"Go home and rest well. It's not worth doing something reckless for revenge and damaging your body. Your health is the most important thing."

The two elderly men looked at Choi Han, whose face hardened as Cale's words continued, and then at Ron, who turned cold, but pretended not to know.

However, the expressions of the two elderly men changed upon hearing Cale's following words.

"Just wait, and you'll hear the news. Everything will be resolved."

Cale wanted to return home as quickly as possible.

"It won't be long before you hear that news."

"...Young Master."

Namgung Taewi called Cale with a trembling voice.

The time lost by himself.

Memories that don't surface.

The fear of not knowing what he did, not only to himself but also to his family and clan.

And then there are the fragments that return to him in faint memories. Also, the act of trying to kill his great-grandfather, the Sword Saint.

Through all of it, he felt a surge of anger against the Blood Cult that had turned him into that.

Although he tried to suppress it, it was a feeling he couldn't contain.

With a trembling voice, he asked:

"Is that really true?"

Cale responded without hesitation.


The Royal Power and the Royal Family on one side. The Murim Alliance on the other.

And if they also involved the Evil Faction and the Demon Cult?

Cale was able to speak as he remembered his valuable allies.

"I really will."

The Blood Cult will be destroyed soon.


Namgung Taewei clenched his fists tightly.

"This is what someone who has reached the Nature Realm has said."

It was also a statement from an important Elder in the Royal Family.

It was also what someone who had saved him while harming their own body had said.

'This Taewei will trust you.'

If it's this person, he will resolve everything.

So, let's trust and wait.

"Daehyup, calm down and recover."

Yes, let's regain our body according to the Young Master's words.

Even though his body can no longer live as a Martial Artist, let's keep living.

Namgung Taewei lowered his head.

"Yes. I will do as you say, Young Master."

He added:

"I will never forget this grace in my entire life."

When he raised his head, he could see Young Master Kim avoiding his gaze with a slightly tense expression.

"You don't have to remember it."

The softly muttered words made Namgung Taewei finally smile.

Because he could feel the personality of Young Master Kim that seemed uncomfortable.

But he didn't know.

Cale's expression wasn't uncomfortable, but apprehensive.

And that he genuinely wished for him to forget it.

"Young Master Kim."

At that moment, the Sword Saint spoke.

"We can depart now."

"Then, let's go."


Cale suddenly stopped.

In his field of vision, he saw the members of the Murim, including those who came to retrieve the Sword Demon on Mount Huang, standing in astonishment.

At that moment, a resonant voice was heard.

"Greetings to Young Master Kim!"


The Celestial Guard, considered the core among the many units supporting the Namgung Family. The approximately 300 members of the Celestial Guard knelt with one knee on the ground.


"My goodness."

The members of Murim once again let out a surprised gasp.

"It's an honor to have you as a benefactor."

The Sword Saint, famous for his lofty ego, bowed to Cale in front of everyone.

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