TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 287

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 287

Not long after becoming an apprentice, there was a time when Dorian chattered about rumors and events floating around the continent.

He was such a talkative fellow that he would listen to various rumors and stories with one ear and let them pass through the other, but on one occasion, he brought up an interesting story.

The tale was about a new monster in Eden. 

A monstrous figure wearing the Death Knight's helmet with flaming golden eyes had supposedly annihilated an entire Owen Kingdom's knight order.

If it were an Eden ghost, it was a plausible story, so when I nodded my head in agreement, he added another surprising piece of news.

The name of that knight order was the Azure Horse Knight Order.

The Azure Horse Knight Order was one of Owen Kingdom's traditional knight orders, and its leader was Baron Faelon, who had risen to the position of Grandmaster.

The King of Owen Kingdom had drawn his sword and attempted to find the ghost with the Death Knight's helmet, but the entity vanished without a trace.

People began to associate fear and dread with the figure who wore the Death Knight's helmet of the annihilated Azure Horse Knight Order and gave it the epithet "Sword of Judgement."

Raon squinted his eyes as he looked at the figure who had blocked the Sword of Judgement while wearing the Death Knight's helmet.

"Is this guy the Sword of Judgement?"

The eyes within the helmet emitted a vivid golden flame, the armor was composed of pure white bones, and the figure was tall and imposing. 

It was the same appearance that Dorian's rumors perfectly matched.


Initially, he hadn't realized it, but upon revealing his appearance, he exuded a terrifying aura of fierceness and spirit. 

This man was also a master who had risen to the position of Grandmaster.


Raon exerted more strength into his sword as he inspected the eyes of the Sword of Judgement, which was blocked by his blade.

Despite aiming his sword at him, there was no emotion in his eyes. 

There was no anger, doubt, surprise, joy—no emotion whatsoever. 

His eyes were empty, as if all feelings had been burned away and only ashes remained.

"Since when have you been here?"


Even when he asked, there was no response. He simply continued to gaze in her direction with his emotionless eyes.

"Are you the Sword of Judgement?"


Once again, there was no answer. 

Since breaking the Sword of Judgement was an impossibility, he decided to bite him instead.


With a sound that signaled the Sword of Judgement's anticipation, he sheathed his sword into its scabbard.

"Since when have you been here?"

"The whole time, before you woke up."

"A watcher, it seems."

Raon let out a light sigh. 

It appeared that Merlin had attached the Sword of Judgement as a watcher, probably to ensure that weapons and artifacts weren't taken away.

"Well, fine."

Raon donned his formal attire with a wry smile.

Since Eden's objective was to place the helmet on him, he decided that he would go boldly until then.

Even though he was dressed and had his sword equipped, the Sword of Judgement remained motionless, fixating solely on his face.

"Is that girl-like figure of yours the same as that woman?"

"That woman?"

"There's a foolish face right there."


It seemed that the person Wrath was referring to was Encia. 

The figure of the Sword of Judgement, which simply stared at his face, seemed to resemble Encia.

"That seems more like a watcher."

"Hmm, there's something a little different about it though..."

Wrath seemed to ponder, as if he had sensed something unusual.

"Well, whatever."

Raon chuckled dryly and put on his uniform. 

As long as they were after putting the helmet on him, he decided he would confidently proceed until then.

Although he was dressed, equipped with a sword, the Sword of Judgement remained still, fixing its gaze solely on his face.

"You've been here since before I woke up?"

"Yes, I have."

"Then why did you react so angrily when I put on those dirty clothes again?"

Merlin's warm voice turned cold the moment she saw the Sword of Judgement.


Without responding to Merlin's words, the Sword of Judgement continued to fixate solely on Raon.

"I see."

Merlin snorted and patted the Sword of Judgement's shoulder.

"Leave. This isn't a place for you to be."


With a slow nod of its head, the Sword of Judgement walked out without a word.

"I brought new clothes, but you put on those dirty ones again?"

Merlin extended the clothes she was holding.

In an instant, the bloodstains that covered the attire disappeared, and the torn parts seemed to be neatly mended.

"No need."

"Really? Okay then."

When Merlin flicked her finger, the bloodstains on the uniform completely vanished. 

With a slight smile, she gazed at the Sword of Judgement and the helmeted figure with horns next to him.

"If you plan to run away, they won't stay quiet either."

It wouldn't only be them.

Apart from those two monsters, he felt the presence of three more masters. 

Escaping using brute force was impossible.

"For now, you can't escape."

"Your willingness to give up is quicker than I thought. Well, that's also... something."

"You're mistaken."

Raon looked at Merlin's delighted eyes and offered her a cold smile.

"There was never any intention to escape from the start."

Just as he thought, the Sword of Judgement and the others would eventually consume all of Eden's power in this place.


Merlin exhaled as if she had made a mistake and let out an excited breath.

"I guess you want to stay with me, right? Sure, I'll always be with you. Forever."

"Don't talk nonsense."

Raon scowled at Merlin's sweet words and swatted her hand away.

"Get to the point. What's the purpose of the mask you put on me?"

"Just wait a moment."

Merlin lifted the mask slightly beneath the helmet. 

Raon pointed at the man and the figure with the snake helmet, her lips tinged with red, and asked her question.

"I prepared a treasure different from those two."

"Tell me more."

"Wait and see."

As Merlin gestured to the side, the Sword of Judgement and the helmeted figure with the snake motif reappeared.

*  *  *

On the round table, there were potions of chilling aura, their names alone enough to recognize them, arranged in a row.

In the center was a rectangular box, adorned with the carved forms of angel wings and devil horns, an elegant and antiquated design.

Merlin sang a little tune as she poured vibrant vitality into each potion within the box. 

After adding the last potion, she picked up a glass vial placed at the edge of the table.


Opening the vial, she sprinkled the translucent liquid inside onto the potions. 

As the liquid touched the potions, a subtle yet palpable aura of coolness emanated, carrying with it a scent so pungent that it could be detected.

Merlin indulged in the oppressive scent, even to the point of appreciating it as it subdued the vitality of the potions. 

Finally, she closed the box.


A sound akin to a storm surged within the box as the potions and the liquid blended together.


Merlin chuckled, her eyes gleaming with amusement as she watched the concoctions inside the box whirl and mix.

'Raon Zieghart.'

Indeed, such an endearing child.

Despite being trapped in an inescapable quagmire, Raon did not appear flustered or desperate. 

Instead, he seemed to be contemplating what he needed to gain from this situation and preparing for the future.

While there had been objections to using the Netherworld Stone on a mere Master, the moment Merlin saw Raon's composure even after being abducted, she knew her choice was right. 

It had been the best decision, as expected.

Merlin looked at the box, which was slowly coming to a halt.

'Of course, that doesn't mean it's always a good thing.'

Raon, a Master-grade while being only a Master-level, or even transcending into the highest grade. 

If his mind was already this firm, the completed helmet's soul would be sufficient to awaken him even from such mental strength. 

However, there was still an unsettling feeling, which prompted her to prepare this potion as well.


Although primarily a combination of exceptional cold-related potions that would greatly enhance the physical and aura levels of the consumer, it harbored something more profound: a trace of the Infernal Soul that had permeated it.

The Infernal Soul was the embodiment of the malevolent spells that shattered one's control over their spirit. 

As the malevolent aura seeped into the Hanokdan's power, it would absorb it and unleash a more potent force.

Even with Raon's formidable mental strength, it was bound to crumble under the onslaught.


The sound of the storm inside the box ceased, and the lid opened on its own. 

A round, smoothly polished pellet lay inside the box, hidden beneath the gray wrappings.


Merlin smiled satisfactorily as she sensed the Infernal Soul's aura infused deep within the pellet.

"You'll become an even more endearing child."

*  *  *

Raon looked around the entire chamber and then returned to his room.

"Is it night here again?"

Interestingly, this room flowed in the opposite direction of the outside time. 

When it was night outside, it was daytime here, and when it was daytime outside, it was night here.

"It's a place where even laughter doesn't come easily."

Perhaps due to Merlin's firm orders, no one from Eden's members blocked his path. 

He didn't pay much attention to the Excalibur or the Snake Helm isle; they merely watched from a distance.

As long as he didn't attempt to escape, it seemed he could do whatever he pleased.

"The king seems to like this place."

Wrath looked at the cookie placed in the center of the table and indulged his appetite.

"The food and snacks are delicious. They're almost on par with the palace."


This demon lord would wag his tail anywhere as long as he got a lot of food. 

His image, which had somewhat improved, had plummeted once again.

"Who the hell said he was curios..."

Just as he was about to ask what he had been curious about, the door opened, and Merlin entered. 

She naturally sat on the edge of the bed and leaned her shoulder against it.

"How is it? Is it bearable?"

"Except for the boredom."

Raon looked at Merlin with a calm gaze. 

It wasn't that he was trying to appear weak, but he revealed his honest feelings without hesitation.

"Don't worry. If you stay a little longer, you'll be able to leave."

"After using the helmet you mentioned, right?"

"Of course."

Merlin nodded her head slowly and leaned in closer. 

She extended a small vial, emitting a sweet smell, toward him.

"This is..."

"It's a potion."

He opened the vial. 

Inside was a blue potion emitting a clean aura.


Raon furrowed his brow as he looked not at the potion's exterior, but at its contents.

'Something is mixed in.'

Though it appeared to be a cold-related potion, there was an indeterminate essence permeating it.

'Something that affects the mind.'

The Tenth Apostle had mentioned that the soul within the helmet suppressed a human's spirit, taking away control over the body. 

Thinking about it, it was clear that this potion would likely have a negative impact on his mind.

"And if I refuse?"

"I enjoy feeding people. Shall I do it orally?"

Merlin lifted her mask slightly and traced her lips with her finger.

"No need."

Refusing was impossible from the beginning, especially in the presence of Grandmaster duo and the Masters who were murmuring amongst themselves.


Raon let out a short breath and swallowed the potion.

'I have no choice but to believe in the Rings of Fire.'

Believing in the seven rings that had neatly erased the curse of extreme cold, which even saints couldn't cure, he bit into the potion.

As soon as it entered, the liquid transformed into an ethereal substance and moved into his throat on its own.


The Rings of Fire rotated fiercely, controlling the flow of the potion.

Advanced potions like Yeonghanch'o, De'rum's Inner Pill, Blood Red Blossom, and Ojihyeopmok converged within the highly pure cold, giving rise to a mysterious aura.


A subtle energy, more elusive than cold, spread from the potion. 

Not towards his head, but upward. 

Not his brain. 

The Crown. 

It delved into the space where the soul resided.

'As expected, it's targeting the mind.'

As he had predicted, their aim was clear.

Before wearing the helmet, they sought to break down his mental strength. 

The subtle energy sharpened itself and pounded against the protective barrier of his soul in the Crown.


Feeling that impact, Raon furrowed his brow slightly.

'What the...'

Why it's so weak?


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