TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 302

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 302

Glenn's sword field creation was not like Rimmer or Gambling Monster, creating a windless space or pulling into a dark space.

He stood there unchanged except for one thing. 

The True Heavenly Sword had transformed into a radiant sword ablaze with energy.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Glenn's back.

"What's this?"

I can't sense any special energy?

Although he had clearly used the sword field creation, he couldn't discern what had changed about him.

"Maybe it's because my cultivation level is too low."

He slowly raised his head and looked at the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon. 

The two monsters that had overwhelmed the world were staring at Glenn with wide-open eyes.

"It's certain, something has changed."

-Yes. He has changed indeed. Incredibly so...

Wrath's chin trembled slightly.

-He was a greater monster than the King's expectations.

He couldn't take his eyes off Glenn, marveling.

"As expected."

Glenn couldn't have made a mistake. 

He must have brought about some change through the sword field.


Raon activated the Ring of Fire. 

His condition was so bad that just resonating the ring threatened to make his lose consciousness, but he bit his tongue and endured it.

The ring began to spin, revealing the flow of mana.


Behind Glenn, there was a single sword reflecting light. 

He was at peace with the sword.

"What is that sword...?"

It wasn't about the fusion of swordsman and sword. 

He had become the sword itself.

Swift, light, powerful, flexible, diverse, exquisite, slow, heavy, straight, sharp, and resolute.

Not only did he possess the intricacies of swordsmanship he had learned and mastered until now, but there were also entirely unfamiliar sword techniques within Glenn.

"Is this the Lord's sword field creation?"

Glenn had become a sword that had reached perfection.


As Tacheon raised his hand, a young sun flashed behind his back, emitting a brilliant light. 

Countless flashes of light converged in an instant before Glenn's heart—a light that could pierce anything and everything with its extreme speed and penetrating power.

When the beam of light, capable of unimaginable speed and power to pierce through anything, was about to reach Glenn, he unsheathed the Radiant Sword.


The arrow of light disintegrated before the simple descent of the sword. 

It didn't collide or split; it simply melted away.


The White Blood religion leader pressed her lips and clasped her hands. 

As she chanted high-speed magic, weapons made of blood energy materialized in her hands.


Sword, knife, spear, polearm, bow, axe, hammer, halberd, whip, shield, mace, and various other weapons, their names unrecognizable, manifested in her hands, exuding tremendous blood energy.

As the White Blood religion leader cast her second spell, her three pupils flickered in different colors as she released the weapons in her hands.


44 arms descended simultaneously. 

Their movements encapsulated the ultimate essence of mastery of a single weapon, each movement reaching the extreme.

Before the fearsome onslaught of the White Blood religion leader's attack that could bury the entire land, Glenn raised the Radiant Sword.


The blade of the sword, rising from the ground, erased the shockwave created by the White Blood religion leader's attack. 

With a single swing, both the blood energy and physical attacks disappeared completely.

Raon bit his lips as he looked at Glenn's sword.

"So this is the complete form of a Swordsman..."

If either the White Blood religion leader's attack or Tacheon's attack had landed here, all humans would have perished.

With a single sword, Glenn had quashed the energy that could erase this area itself. 

A sword technique that seemed to erase the phenomena created by the enemy. 

Literally, he was a Sword God.

Nothing seemed impossible for him now.

"Is that all?"

Glenn tilted his head and formed a cold smile.

"I told you, you could come at full strength."



His mocking laughter caused Tacheon and White Blood religion leader's expressions to crumple like paper.

"Seems the old man practiced a bit while I wasn't looking."

White Blood religion leader muttered, rapidly memorizing a different type of magic than before. 

As she raised her power, a worn droplet necklace inside her red dress jumped out and swayed.


She erased the weapon held by the blood god and folded her hands like White Blood religion leader. 

The 44 hands merged, staining the entire world with bloodlust.

"It should have been him who came today, not me. The losses will be immense."

Tacheon briefly licked his tongue and spread his arms wide. 

The glow of the sun radiated a brilliant light, while the moon's glow submerged into deep darkness.


Light and darkness whirled. 

White and black endlessly mixed, creating a purple chaos.

No sound, no waves. 

The chaos set in motion by Tacheon had already engulfed the world.


Raon's eyes snapped open.

"This is... from the past life..."

The scent of death that he felt just before Derus Robert's blade touched his neck emerged. 

In one second, or rather, in less than half of that, the breath of everyone present would be extinguished.


The moment they were about to fall into death without any resistance, Glenn's Sword flashed.

"True Heavenly Sword."

Along with Glen's composed voice, his sword strike spread diagonally. 

The dispersed sword energy, like the soaring wings of a hawk, erased all the chaos Tacheon had unleashed.


When White Blood religion leader lowered her joined hands, the tremendous blood energy that the blood god had wielded descended and amplified.


The blood energy, with the intent to erase this region itself, swelled endlessly, engulfing the sky and earth.


As Glenn's extended Sword raced along the horizon, the pillar of blood energy that had threatened to devour the land split in half.


The pillar of blood energy, which could have melted even the trading city of Cameloon, turned to dust and melted away in an instant.


A trickle of red blood flowed down from Glenn's lips as he swung the sword down.

"He's tired too! Finish it!"

"I understand!"

White Blood religion leader and Tacheon summoned all the power they had. 

The brilliance of blood energy and the chaos surged from their grasps towards Glenn.


Being a mere concentration of strength, it was more powerful than ever. 

The blood energy and chaos intertwined diagonally, creating a bizarre light.


Glenn wiped the blood from his lips with his backhand and gripped the sword with both hands, raising it upwards.

"Heaven's Sword."

The heavens descended in the form of a sword. 

Accompanied by a thunderous roar that could cleave the continent, the world once again was bathed in a crimson light.


When the red light that illuminated the entire world subsided, there was nothing left before their eyes. 

The White Blood religion leader, Tacheon, Eden, and everything related to the White Blood religion vanished.

All that remained was the trace of a grand sword strike, as if a deity had swung down a sword.

Glenn slowly turns his head. 

His crimson eyes, emitting a peculiar radiance, seem to question whether Raon can keep up.


Raon couldn't provide an answer to that question and lowered his eyes. 

He was too exhausted to maintain his composure any longer.

In his darkening field of vision, he vividly recalled the three strikes Glenn unleashed.

'This is something I won't be able to forget even if I die.'

With a satisfied smile, Raon sinks into a deep sleep.

Glenn suddenly approaches and catches the falling Raon by the shoulders. 

He swallows back the regressing blood while checking his condition.

"This doesn't look good."

"Yes. When I checked earlier, his blood vessels were torn, and his energy center was ruptured."

Rimmer nods while looking at Raon.

"He couldn't defend himself properly due to Lord Glenn's battle."


Glenn retrieves a vial from his pocket and feeds Raon a potion. 

Gradually, color returns to his pale face.

"are you alright my Lord?"

Roenn approaches with a worried expression.

His attire is torn in various places, indicating he was engaged in battle as well.

"I'm fine."

Glenn replies calmly, as usual, and nods his head.

"I see."

Rimmer smiles faintly as he looks at Glenn and Raon.

'They look alike.'

Both Raon, who claims he's fine despite his torn blood vessels and ruptured energy center, and Glenn, who insists he's fine after facing the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon alone despite his severe injuries, are similar in a way that brings a smile to Rimmer's face.

While it might not be obvious to others, in terms of appearance and personality, they're undeniably like grandfather and grandson.

'I hope they can become closer through this opportunity.'

There are too many people around for Rimmer to say more, but he hopes that Glenn and Raon will open up their hearts to each other after this incident.


Glenn clicks his tongue as he lowers the spectacle he created. 

His expression indicates that something doesn't sit well with him.

"Did you miss something?"

Sheryl approaches, putting her dual swords back into their sheaths.

"I don't know. They were certainly cut, but those things possessed such peculiar powers."

Glenn narrows his eyes. 

If it was a one-on-one situation, he would've undoubtedly severed the connection, but in this two-on-one scenario, he couldn't be entirely sure.

After briefly gazing at the sky, he turns his back. 

Facing the passionate gazes of the Zieghart swordsmen, he nods his head.

"Everyone did well."


"We won!"

"Hail Zieghart!"

The voices of the Zieghart swprdsmen resound so loudly that they could reach the sky.

Having witnessed Glenn erasing the leaders of Eden and the White Blood religion before their eyes, it's only natural for them to be brimming with pride.


"Hail Zieghart!"

The knights revel in the throbbing beat of their hearts as they thrust their swords into the sky.


Rimmer lifted Raon and stopped, noticing that Martha was still on her knees and hadn't risen.

'Has she been moved by something?'

Knowing her interest in power more than anyone else, she seemed to have been impressed by Glenn's sword.

"Someday, you'll also reach such a level... Huh?"

She stopped herself from encouraging Martha further. 

Her expression wasn't filled with the moved emotions he expected. 

Instead, it was one of astonishment. 

It looked like she was almost screaming.

"Martha, what on earth..."

*  *  *

After Zieghart departed, two figures appeared on a hill to the north of Cameloon.

One of them was an evil-looking creature with a helmet resembling Baphomet's, while the other wore a dragon helmet similar to the one Raon had worn.

"Hey. So you've become an old man in the back, huh? That was just nonsense."

The evil-looking creature whistled as he gazed at the space erased by Glenn's sword.

"The Destructive King of the North is still the Destructive King of the North. Isn't he stronger than the rumors said?"

"That's correct."

A rough voice, as if scratching his throat, emanated from the dragon helmet.

"He has become much stronger compared to before."


The evil-looking creature turned around with wide eyes.

The dragon helmet nodded slowly.

"After the continental war, he hadn't clashed with anyone, but he reached such a level all by himself. It's unbelievable."

He said it was incomprehensible and narrowed his eyes.

"So, who do you think would win if you fought against him?"

The evil-looking creature sat on the ground and sent a mischievous gaze towards the dragon helmet.


The dragon helmet remained silent, looking at the space cut by Glenn's sword.

"At least it means he won't be defeated easily."

The evil-looking creature smirked and nodded his head.

"Indeed, there are many monsters in this world."

He sighed deeply while crossing his arms.

"Those humans probably aren't dead either, and they're in high positions, so it must be tough for the juniors."

"If you only look up, you'll get caught from below."

"Excuse me?"

"That child from Zieghart who became the demonstration of this incident."

The man in the dragon helmet turned his back.

His reptilian-like, split pupils exuded an arrogant air as he observed everything.

"He will get stronger in the future. No, he has no choice but to get stronger."

*  *  *

Raon woke up with a frown, his eyes blinking open. 

He saw a pristine white ceiling.

'A hospital room?'

Seeing the unfamiliar ceiling for some time now, he had become used to any kind of ceiling.


His whole body ached. 

He felt pain in his skin, muscles, even his bones. 

There wasn't a single spot that didn't hurt.

"Darn it."

Even attempting to move his fingers caused intense pain. 

I used to pain, he was fortunate. 

If he were an ordinary person, he might have fainted again due to the agony.


Wrath, who had sprung out of the Frost Flower Bracelet, scrunched up his nose. 

Seeing the slightly larger cotton candy, it seemed like he had recovered some strength.

You, without permission, utilized the power of the King. Even though it ended in failure, you used power that transcended your own limits. It's only natural that the repercussions are coming back to you.


Raon nodded his head. 

He thought he would explode when he wielded the anger and coldness that Wrath had provided. 

Wrath's power was still at a level he couldn't fully handle.

-Pathetic. When will you actually grow?

Wrath crossed his arms and clicked his tongue.

'Someday, I'll get stronger.'

Raon smirked. 

It hurt to smile, but he felt good.

-You're laughing?

'I have to. There's no other choice.'

Even now, when he closed his eyes, he could see it. 

The majestic sight of Glenn breaking the barrier and descending, and the Zieghart swordsmen appearing by opening dimensions.

'They came all the way here to save me. How can I not laugh? That's something I'll remember for a lifetime.'

Gratitude toward them for coming all this way to save him made him feel like he could smile even if he was were to die now.

-Originally, humans have such feelings. And you, being blood-related, should have even more.

'I didn't know.'

Because those words were discarded in his past life.

He might have been the leader of the Shadows, but in reality, he was just a slightly larger and more skilled hunting dog.

Even though Raon Zieghart became a reality because of memories from his past life, he achieved what he could achieve and obtained what he could get, planning to leave.

However, his thoughts changed after yesterday's events.

Zieghart was his home, and the Zieghart swordsmen were his comrades.

When he truly realized that, the world opened up before him, and the world became brighter.

-You're a strange one.

'And so are you.'

Raon looked at Wrath with a faint smile.

-Hmm? Did the King do something?

Wrath cocked his head in response to that question.

'You used your power to save me and Dorian, remember?'

Normally, Wrath would have sent both his power and anger simultaneously, but this time, he sent only his power without any compensation.

'You saw him again too.'

Wrath's thoughts of his subordinate were genuine. 

Although he had thought of him as the Demon Lord of Gluttony, an idiot, and a lavish giver, he was compelled to see him again through this incident.

-Hmph! As if I'd be pleased to receive praise from a human like you!

Wrath turned his head with his lips trembling.

'Thank you, Wrath.'

-The King merely wanted to save his subordinate. He had no interest in someone like you!

'As soon as I recover, I'll buy you all the food you want.'


When Raon spoke with sincerity, Wrath's pupils rolled in surprise.


-Hrmph! Well, the truth is, the King was quite decent this time.

Wrath cleared his throat and nodded his head vigorously. 

His expression was brightened considerably.

-For a human, you're not that bad. So, if I watch you, it might be somewhat entertaining...

As Wrath blabbered in an excited voice, a message appeared before Raon's eyes.

[You have witnessed a sword that transcends the extraordinary.]

[All stats...]

[Mental realm...]



It seemed that due to maintaining focus even in extreme situations, there were many messages of praise for Glenn's swordsmanship.


The contents of the messages were so engaging that it felt like the physical pain disappeared.

"...There's really no fun in this!"

Wrath, who had been speaking calmly, suddenly shouted in frustration. 

He glanced at the messages.

The power was used by the king, so why are you the one reaping the rewards!


You damn child of a thief!

There's no other way.

Although I don't know about other things, the title of the generous fool who gives generously should be retained.


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