TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 310

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C 310

 "It's annoying. I'm bored."

Rimmer walked back to the lodging, shaking his head in frustration.

"Why can't he just speak?"

He understood Glenn's conviction that he couldn't hug Raon with regretful hands. However, he couldn't understand why Glenn maintained such a cold facade.

"He likes him so much..."

Glenn eventually instructed Roenn to write down everything Raon had said in a notebook. It was absurd that a person who was trying to create proverbs for his grandson couldn't say the words "I love you" even once.


Rimmer sighed deeply and closed his eyes.

"He won't listen even if I talk to him."

He had advised Glenn to at least reveal his true feelings if he thought he couldn't approach Raon directly, but stubborn Glenn refused to take the advice and only scowled at Raon with a cold expression.

"I don't know anymore."

The headache was worse than when he was gambling recklessly. He just wanted to drink sweet alcohol, sleep, and forget about everything.


As they arrived below the mountain and were about to head into the city, Rimmer sensed movements in the bushes.

"Come out."

Rimmer squinted his eyes and snapped his fingers.

With a rustling sound from the bushes on the right, Martha emerged, her black hair cascading over her shoulders like the night sky.

"If you knew, you should've spoken sooner."

"It's not something the one hiding has to say..."

Rimmer waved his hand in frustration.

"Why are you here?"

"I was going to see the head of house, but he suddenly went out of the city, so I waited here."

Martha seemed to have seen Glenn climbing up the mountain.

"I was waiting at the lodging."

"There was something I wanted to say personally."

"Go ahead and say it."

Rimmer spread his hands as if he were exasperated and leaned against a tree.

"I want to learn the sword field creation techniques."

A strong determination emanated from Martha's black eyes as she looked towards this direction.

"Sword field, huh..."

Rimmer mused, glancing at the bushes on the opposite side where Martha had come from.

"Come out."

Upon his command, Runaan stealthily crawled out from the left bushes, and Burren descended from a tree behind them.

"What, what's this? You two were here too?"

Martha gaped at Runaan and Burren.

Rimmer chuckled at Martha's surprise. Apparently, she hadn't noticed Runaan and Burren following them as she was focused on tracking him.

"I want to learn the sword field creation too."

Runaan raised his hand slightly. It seemed like he wanted to be taught sword field techniques as well.

"I want to learn too!"

Burren raised his head defiantly and shouted.

"Why are you suddenly like this? You're so annoying."

Rimmer stretched out his hand lazily as he looked at the three of them.

"I've said it before, but finding talent at your level is rare even in Yookhwang. No, it's almost nonexistent."

It wasn't a lie. The power of the Light Wind squad, which had survived several life-threatening situations with Raon, was formidable to say the least. Raon's overwhelming strength overshadowed everything else, but wherever they went, these three could be treated as rising stars.

"It's not enough."

Martha stepped forward, biting her lip.

"The brats I need to deal with are up there in the sky. As long as I have my feet on the ground, I can't face them!"


That statement wasn't entirely wrong. Martha's enemies included the Tenth Apostle and the White Blood religion leader. Especially the White Blood religion leader, even if his strength returned, she would still be an unbeatable monster.

"You guys?"

"Raon and Martha are comrades. I don't want to see them getting kidnapped or suffering anymore."

Burren clenched his fist, saying that his comrade's enemies were his enemies too.

"Yeah, that's right."

Runaan looked like he was about to say something, but she seemed bothered and simply nodded.

"Hey, shut up! This is my business! You guys..."

"As long as you're part of the Light Wind squad, your personal matters are not yours alone."

Martha was about to raise her hand in protest, but before she could, Raon dropped down from the tree he had been on.



"What, what's this? Why are you coming out of there? There was clearly no one there!"

Martha exclaimed in shock, Runaan's eyes gleamed, and Burren took a step back as if he'd seen a ghost.

"I saw you guys moving in a line, and it looked entertaining."

Raon shrugged nonchalantly.

"You've all changed quite a bit too."

Rimmer chuckled as he looked at the four of them.

"Martha, Raon is right."

He turned his gaze towards Martha, who was squinting her eyes, and nodded.

"No one in the Light Wind squad sees the situation of the members as separate anymore. Especially after Raon was kidnapped. You know that better than anyone, don't you?"


"As it's your situation, if you intend to handle it alone, then I will fight against the White Blood religion as I see fit."

Standing next to Martha, Raon lifted his chin.

"Me too."

Runaan approached from the opposite side and playfully bumped his shoulder against Martha's. There was a slightly mischievous look in his eyes, as if she disagreed with Martha's stubborn expression.

"Of course, I'm going too. No, as the squad vice-leader leader said, the entire Light Wind squad is going. Even if we have to fight until we're all dead!"

Burren huffed with his arms crossed, his expression one of unwavering determination.


Martha bit her lip hard, but she didn't say anything more and closed her mouth.


Rimmer slightly bent his waist to meet Martha's eyes.

"While I haven't been much of a mentor lately, it's a bit embarrassing to offer advice, but sharing the pain can make it feel like half the burden. Once your resolve becomes a bit stronger, consider discussing your situation with your comrades. It might help ease your mind, even just a bit."


Martha didn't respond, but her expression wasn't as averse as before.


Rimmer clapped his hands loudly, drawing everyone's attention.

"Let's get to the main point then. All of you want to learn sword field creation techniques, right?"


"That's correct!"

"Well, it's kind of a hassle, but I managed to find my way here."

Rimmer confidently nodded his head.

"I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into developing my Zieghart house' sword field creation techniques."

He wiped his nose, as if wiping away non-existent tears.

"During this recovery, I managed to create a method that minimizes the side effects."

"Well, then..."

"But I can't just give away the secret that embodies my tremendous efforts."

He was going to teach them anyway, but he figured he could at least make some quick money off Raon this time.

Rimmer curled his thumb and index finger into a circle, drawing a circle in the air—a gesture representing coins.

"Once you give me 50 coins, I'll explain everything. First..."

Before he could finish speaking, there was a heavy thud beneath his foot. It was the bag of gold coins that Raon had thrown.

"Let's get started."

Raon flicked his fingers as if urging him to hurry.

"That little...!"

Normally, in these kinds of negotiations, you started a bit heavy and then bargained to increase the number of coins. But that rich guy had thrown 50 gold coins from the very beginning, and it was all over.


He should have asked for 100 coins from the start!

"Seems like you're in a hurry after getting the money. Well, let's get started then."

Raon chuckled as if he knew it all.

"I really can't let this go, can I?"

Rimmer sighed deeply and pushed the fallen bag of coins to the side. The bag seemed to have more than just 50 coins in it, given its weight.

"For now, all four of you can use the Sword field. Raon and Burren can use the original sword field creation techniques, while Runaan and Martha will have to follow my method."

"What's the difference between the two?"

Martha swallowed dryly and stepped forward.

"Raon and Burren's techniques are versatile. They can incorporate attributes or not, it doesn't have to be sword techniques, and they can use different methods. They can pioneer their own direction. But for me, Runaan, and Martha, we have to rely on the attributes we possess."

"Ah, so..."

"Right. Runaan is associated with the Water attribute, and Martha is connected to the Earth attribute. This can't be changed. It's about utilizing the power within their blood as extreme attribute energy. To put it properly, it's not Sword field creation techniques, but Attribute Techniques."

Rimmer flashed a faint smile and pointed at Runaan and Martha .

"This is possible due to your high affinity with your attributes, almost on the level of elves. Be thankful for the blessed talent you were born with."

He turned his gaze back to all four of them.

"Because sword field creation and Attribute Techniques have their differences, the way to access them is also different. Starting today, Martha  and Runaan will undergo training to enhance their attribute power and visualization. This is separate from basic training, and it's an additional effort."

"Of course!"


Both of them nodded without hesitation this time.

"Raon and Burren, focus on visualization. Cultivate your imagination while meditating. You two also need additional training."

"Is visualization during sword practice different?"

Burren raised an eyebrow.

"That's a good question. Simplistically, sword field creation techniques are about barriers and formations. In other words, pulling enemies into a space that you're comfortable with. What do you need for that?"

"I need to know what I'm good at and what benefits me. It's also important to know how I appear to my enemies."

Raon replied without hesitation.


Rimmer narrowed his eyes.

'As expected, he's diving right in.'

Seeing him say that, it was clear that unlike others, Raon had already stepped into the realm of sword field creation techniques. He barely held back the urge to say he'd gone mad.

'Well, it's going to be quite a challenge.'

Now that they were beginning, it would take at least three years for them to open even half of the sword field creation techniques. It would be perfect if they could create the sword field creation techniques before the duel with grandmaster Roman.

"Raon is right. Continue to imagine what you excel at and how you'll appear to your enemies. Consider how you can become stronger and overcome them. Break through the limits in your minds and go deeper, farther."

The most important elements of sword field creation techniques were the experiences accumulated and the imagination used to wield them. With these two elements in place, these four had sufficient potential to use the sword field creation techniques.

Now it seemed like the final advice was all that was left.

"What's that?"

Rimmer raised his finger and pointed at the moon.

"The moon, isn't it?"

"The red moon."

"The moon?"

"No, I was pointing to the sky."

Rimmer laughed, spinning around as if teasing them.


"But in the end, the moon is just in the sky."

Burren and Martha tried to argue, while Raon and Runaan remained quiet.

"There's a saying called 'pointing at the moon with one's finger but only looking at the finger.' Even when you point at the moon with your finger, it means you're foolishly fixating on the finger."


"What you should be focusing on right now is swordsmanship and aura. Even if you complete the sword field creation techniques, the destructive power you expect won't come out if your mastery of martial skills and aura hasn't improved."

Rimmer's eyes flickered with a serious light.

"Don't commit the mistake of focusing on the finger while pointing at the moon. Concentrate on martial skills and aura. After that, if you have time, practice the sword field creation techniques. I'm sure you understand what I mean."


"Thank you!"

Raon, Burren, Martha, and Runaan all nodded respectfully.

"Alright, then go. You need to invoke the attribute enhancement formulas. Martha and Runaan, stay by my side tomorrow."



Burren, Martha, and Runaan bowed to Rimmer and then headed back to their lodging.

"Master Rimmer."

Raon stood in front of Rimmer, not following the others.

"Today was quite informative."

"I couldn't fool around when I saw your expressions."

"I had a feeling you'd think that way, so I added a little more. Thank you."

He bowed politely and then walked back to the lodging.


Rimmer raised the bag of coins on the floor with a satisfied smile.

"It's definitely heavy."

Even when he pushed it aside earlier, he could tell the bag contained more than just 50 coins. Roughly estimating, it seemed like there were around 100 coins.

"But I guess carrying around 50 at a time wouldn't be practical."

Rimmer muttered to himself and opened the bag.


And then he froze.

"W-Well, there's a lot. It's a lot..."

There was certainly a lot of money inside the bag. However, the color wasn't the brilliant gold, but a subdued silver.

"These are silver coins!"

Rimmer exclaimed and rushed towards Raon.

"Hey, you scamming brat! Where did you get silver coins...?"

"Scamming? But I gave you 108, didn't I?"

Raon widened his mouth, looking more puzzled than anything.

"108, my foot! These aren't gold coins, they're silver coins!"

"I never said I was giving gold coins."

"But I clearly said gold coins..."

"Master Rimmer didn't mention gold coins either."


Rimmer's pupils swiveled around.

"Ah, he didn't... right."

Rimmer realized that he hadn't mentioned gold coins to avoid appearing materialistic due to the recent camaraderie among the members. But in this situation, who would think of silver coins? It was implicitly understood that it was gold coins.

"I'm sharing these secret techniques, so it's only natural to assume they're gold coins! Who would think of silver coins..."

"In this situation, you're teaching even this kind of lesson. I haven't had much experience in deals like this, so I didn't know."

Raon smiled and scratched his head.

"I'll be more careful from now on."

He said that and left, raising his hand in farewell.


Rimmer dropped the bag of coins he was holding.

"You devilish kid..."

This was going to be a big mess. A really, really messy one.

*  *  *

Raon trailed behind the group like a zombie, absentmindedly sticking out his tongue.

"It's not easy."

Thanks to Rimmer and Wrath's advice, he had been practicing sword techniques within his mind, but forming the sword field techniques was a different matter.

Considering the most advanced sword techniques he could achieve, the ones he was most confident in using currently, and the ones most efficient for facing different opponents, it was difficult to make progress.

"There's no end to it."

Raon seemed to understand why Rimmer emphasized practicing basic training thoroughly and leaving the sword field techniques for later.

"But if I keep at it, I should improve."

He had lived lives that were far from giving up, in both his previous and current lives. Even if it took another ten years to be able to use the sword field techniques, he would continue to improve and achieve the sword field he desired.


When Raon tried to resume practicing sword techniques within his mind, Wrath's head popped out from the ice flower bracelet.

-He seems to be trying to die.

Wrath pointed to Rimmer, who was sprawled out on the ground, apparently trying to lie down.


Raon glanced at Rimmer's dazed eyes.

'He's still in that state'

Even after a day had passed since the shock of discovering silver coins in the bag of gold coins, Rimmer remained mentally absent.

'guess I need to take care of him.'

Raon didn't intentionally trick Rimmer by putting silver coins in the bag; it was just to show off his fortune. After all, who would think of silver coins in this situation? However, he planned to make sure Rimmer was compensated fairly for the training he was providing.

-While you're at it, take care of the king too.


-A set of ice cream with bead candy, mint-chocolate flavor, should be enough.

Wrath was audaciously shameless, and Raon couldn't believe what he was hearing. He had no idea where Wrath came up with such ideas.

'You're really…'

As Raon tried to push Wrath away, the footsteps at the front of the group suddenly stopped after crossing a hill. Following the freshly made footprints, Raon looked ahead and saw a massive silver palace below.


The palace was emitting a majestic aura as if it were inhabited.

"Quite different from Zieghart."

If Zieghart was rugged and ferocious, Owen Kingdom's palace exuded a dignified yet sharp energy.


Wrath, his face partly squished against his hand, marveled at the palace as he looked at it.

-There are some impressive folks over there too. The energy is reaching this far.

"That's true."

Raon clenched his fists, looking at the center of the palace.

"Because he's over there too."

The third transcendent being of the Six Kings.

It was the moment Raon met the man known as the "Silent Swordmaster." (Muk geomjon/Muk swordmaster)


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