TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 303

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 303

 Even the king is merciful, I can't just let this slide!

"Mercy, my foot."

Raon sighed. 

When he saw Wrath's half-turned gaze, he thought another tantrum might erupt. 

Ignoring that, he focused on the messages that appeared.

[You have witnessed the transcendent sword.]

[All your stats increase by 10 points.]

[Three sword marks are engraved in the mental realm.]

[Proficiency in swordsmanship attribute rises.]

[Title <Survivor> is created.]

Seeing the messages, he couldn't help but exclaim with excitement.

"To give rewards like this..."

No, it's only natural, isn't it?

After engaging in fierce battles, wielding Wrath's power, and witnessing the fights of transcendent beings, considering everything he had done, receiving such rewards wasn't overly surprising.

"Damn it! This is incredible!"

Of course, one generous fool couldn't accept it and shouted in frustration.


As all stats increased by 10 points, the pain subsided as if all wounds were healed.

"This is good anytime."

While actual wounds weren't healing, the exhilaration accompanying the rise in attributes lessened the intensity of pain. 

It felt like his mind was finally clearing.

"What does it mean that three sword marks are engraved in the spiritual (mental) realm?"

"That's exactly what it means."

Wrath's eyes widened. 

He seemed annoyed, but Raon didn't find it relatable at all.

"It means not only in the spiritual realm, but directly in your mind, three sword marks are engraved."

"Sword marks? Could it be..."

"Yes, that's right. Those three sword techniques your family used to open the Sword Field are now imprinted in your mind."

"Are you kidding me?"

Raon found himself trembling without realizing it.

He might not know what kind of swordsmanship Glenn displayed, but he knew it was a transcendent technique on the continent. 

To hear that such great swordsmanship was engraved in his mind, his heart pounded like crazy.

"Then I can use those techniques too..."

"You can't."

Wrath shook his head firmly.

"Your current level is like that of a fairy at best."

He raised his hand just as much as a pillow on the bed.

"In fact, considering your growth, I've been quite generous."

"What about my grandfather?"

"That vessel of inspiration..."

Wrath scrunched his eyebrows and pointed towards the ceiling.

"The ceiling?"

"It extends beyond this ceiling and reaches the sky. The likes of you can't even touch a finger of that inspiration."

He warned Raon not to even dream of reaching Glenn.

"I thought so."

Raon chuckled and nodded. 

Raon smirked and nodded. 

Glenn was the one who Wrath said would need to fight thousands of battles to defeat, and by now, he was probably even more formidable.

To look at those transcendent beings, Raon's current level was far too low.

"If my level increases, will I be able to understand those sword techniques?"

"Yes, that's right. Although I can't tell you when."

Wrath said, teasingly implying that such a day might never come in his lifetime.

"That's fine then."

That much would satisfy him. 

If he could someday understand what Glenn's swordsmanship was all about, that would be enough.

"But I have no intention of using it the same way."

It's not about following Glenn's sword, but by referring to his swordsmanship, you have to open your own path in the realm of swordsmanship. You can't rise by merely imitating others.

"I'II eventually reach it as your stats are being sucked dry."


When Raon smirked and pointed his finger, Wrath's pupils squinted. 

He didn't understand why Raon kept challenging him when he couldn't win with words anyway.

Raon lightly brushed aside Wrath and looked at the next message.

"Rise in all swordsmanship proficiency."

By witnessing Glenn's fiery swordsmanship through the Ring of Fire, the proficiency in the intricacies of swordsmanship he was learning had all risen.

Not just one, but all the proficiency in the sword techniques he had learned were increasing. 

It was unbelievable even as he saw it.

"Both are incredible..."

Raon didn't know whether to praise the ring of fire or to be grateful to Glenn.


Raon looked at the message at the bottom and immediately checked the content of the title.


A title given to those who remain calm even in moments of crisis and find ways to survive.

Abilities: All stats +5, a cooling sensation in the head during crises.

Reading the content, it seemed like a title earned because he managed to secure the enemy's treasures even after being kidnapped by Eden.

"It's not bad."

Even if he had lived as an assassin, there were moments in crisis when his body and mind froze. 

It was a title that could help in such unfavorable situations.


After confirming all the message content, Raon smiled satisfactorily.

"These rewards are amazing."

Among them, he particularly liked the fact that his swordsmanship level had increased and that Glenn's swordsmanship was imprinted in the spiritual world.

"I'm getting closer to mastering the Sword Realm."

Since his spiritual world had grown, it wasn't an exaggeration to say that he was getting closer to mastering the Sword Realm.

"I really want to move my body now."

His arms and legs were itching. 

He wanted to swing a sword right away.


"Are you still complaining? Just stop now..."

"It's not about that!"

When Raon sighed, Wrath pushed his face closer.

"I have a question for you."


Raon squinted. 

Surprisingly, Wrath's expression was calm, not what he expected.

"You. You were the one who said that there were two leaders of Eden, right?"

"One of them is Tacheon"

"You told me that both of them can face The White Blood religion leader, right?"

"That's what I said."

"And the other one, who are they and where are they?"

Rarely, Wrath's expression became serious.

"The other one? I don't know."

"You don't know?"

"In Eden, it's the two of them who can face the White Blood religion leader, it was mentioned that only one of them is active."

"If he's not active, does that mean he's injured?"

"I don't know that either."

Raon shook his head.

"What on earth…"

"Decades ago, there was a renowned house known as their mastery of enchantment magic  called the Lumen house." (or spears House or polearm, I think enchantment magic  is the correct one, I might be wrong)


"Yeah. They were not at the level of the Six Kings, but they were considered to be just below that tier. However, that house… was annihilated overnight."

"The Lumen family's enchantment magic was so exceptional that it was highly regarded throughout the entire continent."

"If they had continued to accumulate strength for a few more decades, they might have become the seventh kings, but they vanished in the blink of an eye."

"And the one who caused that was the second leader of Eden. However, he's only spoken of within Eden, and there are no survivors or witnesses, so no one really knows whether he actually exists or if he's a fictional character."

The shock of the Lumen house's overnight destruction had spread countless rumors about the second leader of Eden, but after that, there were no appearances or activities.

"But why are you asking about that… Do you think that guy is also a Demon Lord?"

"That's right." 

Wrath nodded. 

It seemed that Wrath felt the power of the Demon of Pride from Tacheon and believed that the other one also had some connection with the Demon Lords.

"What's his name?"


Though they didn't know what kind of helmet he wore, whether he was a man or woman, or even if he actually existed, the spirits of Eden referred to him as Cheonma.

"The fallen heaven and the corrupted sky…"

Wrath frowned as if sensing something.

"Could it be…"

Before he could continue, the door to the sickroom opened.

"Huh? Raon?"

Runaan's eyes widened as she entered with a towel and bandages. 

As her surprised voice echoed, screams-like noises erupted from the surroundings.


"Young master!"

"Vice leader!"

"You're awake?"

The members of Light Wind squad rushed into the room, blocking the doorway as they squeezed in from both sides.


"You little rascal!"

"You finally woke up!"



Starting with Runaan and followed by Burren, Dorian, the members of the Light Wind squad flooded into the room.


Raon tried to shield himself with his hands, but the Light Wind squad rushed at him like a pack of excited puppies and overwhelmed him on the bed.

"I'm waking up just now…"

"Seems like there's not a big problem."

"Urgh! Thankfully!"

Runaan grabbed Raon's hand and stuck her tongue out, while Burren let out a relieved sigh and Dorian wiped away tears.

"You woke up so late!"

Unbeknownst to the suddenly appearing Rimmer, who was laughing while gasping for breath, Raon frowned. 

That human was of no help, after all.

"These kids... I'm a patient..."

With strained eyes, Raon managed to flick his finger.

"Step back, all of you!"

Only after a while did Burren come to his senses and pushed everyone back. 

Dorian and Runaan were the last to step away.


He wiped the cold sweat off her brow, exhaling rough breaths.

"I almost died."

If he had been a little later, he could have survived against Eden and the White Blood religion, only to die of suffocation, leaving his name in the history of the continent.

"But still..."

He didn't feel bad. 

He knew that they all genuinely cared for him.

Through this incident, not only Zieghart, but the Light Wind squad had grown closer to his heart.


Raon chuckled lightly, scanning the Light Wind squad members with a smile before tilting his head.

"Where's Martha? Did she get injured or something?"

"Not that. She didn't get injured, but she seemed to be in shock."

Burren, standing at the door, shook his head.

"Come to think of it..."

Raon remembered how Martha dropped her sword upon seeing the White Blood religion Leader and the Eden Leader. 

It was odd, considering her usual personality, no matter how strong the enemy was.

"Indeed... Ever since she saw those two, the Beef Girl has been quiet."

Wrath nodded, rubbing his chin. 

"It's a rare occurrence."

"Tacheon and the White Blood religion leader."

Raon narrowed his eyes as he recalled their images.

"I should go check it out."

After the Light Wind squad had settled down and left, Raon sat up. 

His body still hurt in various places, but it was bearable now.

He intended to visit Martha to see if he was alright, but Runaan didn't leave his side. 

It seemed like the shock from his kidnapping was significant, and Runaan wanted to provide protection.

"I'm alright here"

"Just in case."

Runaan nodded, her vigilant gaze sweeping around.

"Still, it's good that your spirit is back."

Runaan's eye, which was once sharp and eerie with a deep crimson hue, had returned to its intense violet color. 

Seeing the slight relief in her gaze, Raon felt a bit reassured.

"Alright then, could you guide me to Martha's room?"


With a nod, Runaan turned and led the way towards Martha's room, which was located at the innermost part of the lodging.

-What's gotten into you? You would've usually left her alone to practice.

Wrath materialized in the air, floating towards him.

-What scheme are you plotting now?

"A scheme, you say..."

Raon let out a wry smile. 

It seemed that, to Wrath, everything he did was seen as part of a plan.

"I just want to see how she's doing."

As the exchange unfolded, Raon followed Runaan to Martha's room.

-You, who didn't care if there was nothing to gain?

"That might have been true before, but it won't be the same in the future."

If it were before his kidnapping, Raon would have thought as Wrath said, that it wasn't a big deal and left it at that.

However, other people came to rescue him, including Martha, and he wanted to see her condition and help if needed.

"Here it is."

Runaan pointed to a tightly closed door inside the corridor. 

Underneath the door, there was a tray with untouched food. 

It seemed like she hadn't eaten anything for the past two days.

Tap, tap.

Raon lightly knocked on the door. 

Although he sensed someone inside the room upon calling Martha's name, there was no response.


Upon directly addressing her by name, he felt a small movement inside the room. 

However, the door didn't open.

"I'm going in. If you don't want me to, say so."

Carrying the tray of food, Raon approached the door.

"I don't..."

"You didn't answer. So I'm going in."

Before Martha could say she didn't want him to, Raon opened the door and entered.

Since the curtains were drawn, the inside of the room was pitch black. 

Neither the bed nor the chair showed any sign of Martha.

"Why did you come in?"

A dry voice came from a corner of the room.

Martha was sitting hunched over in a corner, the sheets of her bed flipped over her.

-Is that the Beef Girl?


Seeing Martha's slumped shoulders, Raon narrowed his eyes. 

It seemed to be a more serious situation than he had thought.

"You didn't say you didn't want me to."

"You, brat, are seriously..."

"Turn on the lights."

Although Martha was visible even without magic light, Raon decided to turn on the light for better visibility.


Perhaps because it had been a while since she'd seen light, Martha let out a short groan.

Raon placed the tray of food on the table and took a seat.

-Not bad food. Are you going to eat it?

"You, seriously..."

Ignoring Wrath's nonsense, Raon looked towards Martha.

"What's wrong?"

"...Nothing's wrong. I just want to be alone. Leave."

Martha weakly raised her hand before Raon could even call her name.


Seeing Martha's feeble gesture, Raon let out a short sigh.

"Just like me. I thought I was alone."


"Even when I was kidnapped by Eden, I didn't think anyone would come to rescue me. I was determined to survive on my own."

And it was true. 

He had been prepared to survive on her own, to seize the opportunity when it came, and he had gathered potions, fought against the snake helmet, and absorbed the helmet's soul.

He never imagined his family would come to rescue him.

"But seeing everyone come to help, including you and Runaan, changed my mindset."

Raon tapped the table with his finger. 

The pleasant sound resonated in the silent room.

"Thanks to everyone, including you and Runaan, I feel like I've gained a true sense of belonging."

He nodded towards Martha and then to Runaan, who stood behind him.

Up until now, his dealings with them felt like paying a bit of debt and loyalty. 

But now, that sense of transactional relationship had disappeared from his mind.

"There are many things in this world that can't be solved alone. Actually, things you can handle on your own are even rarer. We're not gods, after all."

Raon smiled faintly and stood up from the chair.

"I've also realized this time that I'm not alone, so I might not have the authority to give you advice, but if you have worries, feel free to tell me. I'll think about it as if it were my own problem and help you out."

Raon intended to give Martha some time to think and was about to leave when he heard the sound of a blanket falling onto the floor.


A voice choked with tears filled the room. 

When she turned around, Martha tightly held a worn droplet-shaped necklace that emitted a dim light.

"Mother was there." (yoooo wtf….)


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