TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 304

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 304


Raon trembled as he looked at Martha, whose eyes were bloodshot.

"Your mother was on the battlefield?"

Martha had never spoken about her own story before. 

Hey had only speculated that the Tenth Apostle had attacked her village.

He pitied those who were captured, as she would become prey for the vampires, but he never expected to hear that her mother was among them.


Martha nodded her head. 

Her distant eyes shook intensely.

"Your mother was there."

"Who was it?"


Martha didn't answer and looked up at the magical lights hanging from the ceiling.

"Younger and prettier, but it was definitely my mother. I can't be mistaken..."

She bit her lip, emphasizing her certainty.


When he called her name, her gaze lowered.

Her eyes seemed to be filled with despair and emptiness.

"The... White Blood religion leader."


Raon groaned. 

The unexpected name left his mind blank; he couldn't think of anything.


Runaan also jumped back in surprise, knocking over a water bottle on the floor with a dull sound.

"The White Blood religion looked like my mother."

Martha said firmly. 

Her eyes, filled with a dying light, seemed to scream.

"She looked similar?"

"Not just similar. The White Blood religion leader was my mother."

"What's that supposed to mean..."

Raon gestured with his head, noticing the old water droplet necklace in Martha's hand.


During their training days, the necklace had often popped out from her neck during rigorous exercises in the summer. 

He had seen her treasure it, hastily tucking it back into her clothes as soon as it slipped out.

"I'm sure I saw that. Ah!"

Raon's legs trembled, and he collapsed to the floor.

"The White Blood religion leader. She had it..."

When the White Blood religion leader summoned her familiars (Blood deity) and clashed with Glenn using all her power, a necklace had popped out from her dress and swung.

Though the colors were different, the shape was exactly the same as the necklace in Martha's hand.

"Come to think of it..."

Their appearances were also similar.

The White Blood religion had black hair and black eyes, just like Martha. 

Now he remembered. 

When he saw the White Blood religion leader, he had thought she resembled someone, and that someone was Martha.

Martha's appearance gave off a refined vibe, quite different from her personality, but if she aged a bit more and revealed more charm, she could indeed look similar to the White Blood religion leader.

"So, is the White Blood religion leader really Martha's mother?"

The words wouldn't come out. 

Her conviction shook his mind violently, affirming that it was true.

Raon swallowed a dry gulp.

"What is this..."

He had offered to help with her worries, but he had no idea what to say to Martha now.

Not having lived a normal life in his previous existence was now holding him back.

"Wrath. What should I do? Don't you have anything to say?"

-Should I feed her, bathe her, or something?


Even Wrath, who hadn't lived a normal life either, couldn't be of any help.

"Martha. The White Blood religion leader..."

"She's not your mother."

Martha suddenly made an incomprehensible sound, bowing her head deeply again.

"The face and body are undoubtedly your mother's, but what's inside is a different person."

She clenched her fist, scraping the floor with her nails.

"Your mother doesn't smile so wickedly. She wouldn't even curse, let alone kill others. There's no way your mother became a puppet for those vampires!"


Runaan approached and firmly held Martha's trembling hand. 

Normally, Martha might have pushed her away, but this time she quietly accepted the warmth from Runaan's touch.

Raon massaged his throat and furrowed his brows.

'Could it be that the White Blood religion leader's soul entered Martha's mother's body?'

Having experienced Eden's helmet firsthand, he didn't think such a thing was impossible. 

Be it sorcery, blood magic, or dark magic, creatures of that level would have found a way to transfer souls no matter what.

-Right. It's not that difficult.

Wrath seemed to taunt him, sticking out his tongue.

-There are quite a few parasites even in the demon realm. They're demons that seek healthy bodies with corrupted souls.

'You tried to take my body too, didn't you?'

Raon clicked his tongue. 

If he thought about it, Wrath wasn't much different.

-Well, that's because the Great King came to fulfill your wish! Because you wanted it!

'I didn't want that.'

-Yes, you did! You damn demon child!

'Well, whatever.'


Wrath grabbed his head and screamed.

'Move aside.'

Raon pushed aside the struggling Wrath and clasped his fingers together.

"So, does the White Blood religion leader take people for that purpose too?"

After attacking villages or towns, the White Blood religion leader would kill half of the inhabitants and take the other half to her headquarters.

Until now, he had thought of it as doctrine, but hearing Martha's story made him consider that perhaps it was to find suitable bodies for the White Blood religion leader's soul.

"Is there any way to reverse it?"

-Well, generally, it's impossible. But it depends on the situation.

'Situation? What's that supposed to mean?'

Since it wasn't entirely impossible, Raon held on to Wrath's explanation.

-It depends on whether the Leader's soul was devoured or trapped.

Wrath protested, trying to free himself.

-You experienced it this time, didn't you? Since you absorbed only half of the dragon's soul, it's irreversible. However, if the Leader's soul is imprisoned in the mental (spiritual) realm, there might be a chance of revival.

'Hmm, so there's no chance that Martha's mother is still alive...'

Raon frowned. 

The White Blood religion leader, who regarded humans as insects, wouldn't spare their souls.

-But that's not necessarily the case.

'What do you mean?'

-Remember when I talked about causality before?

'Yeah, cause and effect.'

-Strong power always comes with a strong backlash. It's not guaranteed that an evil power will simply kill the soul within a body. There might be some contracts or conditions in place.

Wrath shook his head while looking at Martha, whose throat was trembling.


Raon bit his lips lightly. 

He couldn't relay Wrath's words to Martha; he couldn't give her false hope.

'If only there was something to give her conviction...'

When he sighed inwardly, he noticed the necklace in Martha's hand.

'Wait a moment…'

This is a bit strange.

If Martha's mother had lost everything to the White Blood religion leader, she wouldn't have had a reason to wear that necklace. 

It wasn't beautiful, expensive, or endowed with any special abilities – just an old, worn-out necklace.

Seeing her wear an old necklace that had nothing to do with her made Raon consider that Martha's mother might have been overwhelmed by the White Blood religion leader and trapped in her mental (spiritual) realm, just as Wrath had said.


The Balde of Requiem strapped to his waist suddenly vibrated. As if affirming those words.


Raon clenched his fist and stood up.

"It doesn't mean there's no way to save her."

"What nonsense are you talking about..."

"That necklace."

Raon pointed to the droplet necklace in Martha's hand.

"The White Blood religion leader was wearing that necklace too."

At that, Martha slowly raised her head. 

A faint glimmer appeared in her dying eyes.

"If the White Blood religion leader truly devoured your mother's soul, there would be no reason for her to wear that necklace. It's highly unlikely, but there's still hope."

As he relayed the conversation with Wrath, Martha's eyes brightened slightly.

'Ah, wait a moment.'

Avoiding Martha's gaze, Raon furrowed his brows.

'We don't even know if the White Blood religion leader is alive...' 

-She's alive.

Wrath lightly replied as if it were no big deal.

-That vampire, and even the half-baked pride (Tacheon), are still alive.

*  *  *

Outskirts of the commercial city Cameloon.

A large crowd had gathered in front of a luxurious and splendid mansion.

A passing merchant observed the people standing around the mansion and raised an eyebrow curiously. 

Unable to contain his curiosity, he approached an old man standing nearby.

"Wasn't this place supposed to be vacant? Why is everyone gathered here?"

"The Destructive king of North is staying here."

The old man exhaled shortly as he gazed up at the top floor of the annex.

"The Destructive king of North, Glenn Zieghart?"

Following the old man's gaze, the merchant recoiled in shock.

"Tsk! You dare call his name so carelessly? Be careful!"

"Ah, I'm sorry."

"People are flocking here, hoping to serve him in any way possible since the Destructive King of North is staying here."

The old man chuckled, dismissing their futile efforts.

"But why would the Destructive King of North come to Cameloon?"

"You don't know that either? Just what have you been up to?"

"I came up from south today."

The merchant showed spices he had brought from the south.

"Well, that explains it."

The old man nodded and pointed west.

"Eden's demon has established a base to the west of Cameloon. From there..."

The old man relayed the rumors circulating throughout Cameloon.

"He single-handedly faced off against the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon? The Destructive King of North? Impossible..."

The merchant's mouth hung agape. 

While many used to consider Glenn Zieghart the strongest on the continent, his activities had ceased, allowing other absolute figures to rise.

Recently, many even regarded the Destructive King of North as an old man in the background.

Never could they have imagined that he had become strong enough to face the leaders of the Five Demons, one against two.

"That's not all."

The old man twirled his finger.

"Glenn Zieghart's grandson, Raon Zieghart, achieved remarkable feats comparable to the Destructive King of North. He defeated the fifth Apostles to rescue hostages while being held captive, and even slew the master level warrior. All of this was done in front of the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon."

He chuckled, praising the young swordsman's courage.

"To be honest, I think that friend is even more remarkable. Such deeds aren't something a young lad of not even twenty can accomplish."

"Well, that's true."

The merchant nodded absentmindedly.

'Zieghart, huh...'

Recently, Zieghart hadn't been making big moves. 

Since they hadn't been involved in major events at the center, many people in the martial world considered them to be at an intermediate level even in the Six Kings.

However, after this incident, rumors would spread that the northern ruler  had grown colder and stronger. 

They wouldn't underestimate Zieghart's name anymore.

The merchant set down his backpack behind himself and sat down.

"Wasn't there a place you had to go?"

The old man raised an eyebrow, gesturing toward the merchant's backpack.

"Listening to your words, it seems like now isn't the time for business."

The merchant chuckled and sat down, a puzzled expression on his face.

"If the current strongest and the future strongest are here, then we should at least see their faces."

*  *  *

In the top floor of the mansion, an old woman turned around, her smile bright.

"It seems everyone is eager to see Lord Glenn."

She looked at Glenn, who was seated at the center, and chuckled with her eyes.

"Wouldn't it be nice to at least greet them? Everyone would like it."

"They're individuals who can spread their wings anytime they want, like birds. It's meaningless."

Glenn raised his head without getting up from his chair. 

He could have met with Zieghart to discuss a deal whenever he wanted. 

However, now that people were attempting to pry into their dealings, there was no reason to meet with them.

Even if it wasn't them, there were countless others who wanted to strike a deal.

"That's true."

The old woman nodded with a faint smile.

"So, why did you come? Black Market Leader."

Glenn squinted at her. 

The person in front of him was the Leader of the influential information organization, Black Market. 

She had expanded the organization from a local group in Central to its current scale.

He couldn't let his guard down since she was the one who had achieved that.

"Our deal is over."

"The deal is over, but the debt remains."

The Black Market Leader approached Glenn and slightly bowed her waist. 

Though her voice trembled slightly, she bowed her head in respect.


"Yes. Granseville was an area we invested quite a bit in to operate. Like the commercial Cameloon or the pleasurable Granseville we wanted to create."


"To achieve that, we sent many of Black Market's talents to Granseville. We even sent one of the candidates to be my successor."

"You mean the girl in the mask?" (Dening Rose)

Glenn squinted. 

The one who had shown the most initiative in this matter was the local director of Black Market, who was an unassuming old woman.

Since she had expanded the Black Market to its current size, there was no reason to take her lightly.


The Black Market nodded gently.

"Thanks to the gale-transmitting Lord, we managed to survive the ordeal with the Seventh Apostles. That child was the only survivor. She clung to me, begging me to save him."

She smiled tenderly and lowered her head to Glenn.

"I must thank you once again for saving my child. The Destructive King of North."

"The child's gratitude was genuine enough to move me. However…"

Glenn scrutinized the Black Market Leader and tapped his fingers against his bracelet.

"Receiving gratitude from the Leader of the Black Market is difficult. I can't discern your intentions."

"You're quite cautious. This time, I'm just expressing gratitude. Please don't make things difficult for the girl."

"The girl, huh."

Glenn smirked and nodded.

"I get it. But don't you and that girl owe your gratitude to him?"

"I'm aware of that. Since that child is on her way here, I will convey our greetings to the Light Wind squad vice-leader."

The Black Market Leader raised her gaze, flashing a light smile at Glenn.

'Glenn values the the Light Wind squad vice-leader more than I expected.'

Considering Glenn's status, he would just accept greetings from others. 

Seeing him naturally give way indicated that he valued the child named Raon.

'But if it weren't for that, they wouldn't have come to rescue him.'

Though he used the excuse of ignoring Zieghart's name, Glenn had clearly shown interest in the child, treating him like a potential successor.

'It's understandable.'

Raon Zieghart had risen to Master Intermediate level at 19, defeating three Apostles and five Master-ranked eden's.

Though he was young, his potential to become a successor was more than enough.

"I have something to discuss with you."

The Black Market Leader raised her waist and looked at Glenn.

"What is it?"

"Through this incident, the Black Market will likely face constraints from both Eden and the White Blood religion."


"We'd like to propose a temporary alliance to deal with Eden and the White Blood religion."

"Are you asking for military aid in exchange for information?"

"Yes. We'll handle what we can, but it seems there might be considerable sacrifice when dealing with the higher-ranked Apostles..."

"I understand."

Glenn closed his eyes briefly and nodded.

"Thank you."

The Black Market Leader bowed her head.

'Is this also because of  Raon?'

Glenn's original personality was distinctive. 

He wouldn't easily accept such an alliance proposal.

He probably still hadn't quelled his anger toward the White Blood religion leader and the Eden for kidnapping Raon.

'I should prepare a gift for Raon.'

It wouldn't hurt to extend an olive branch in advance, and he thought that preparing a gift that could improve Raon's condition would be wise.

"Then I'll prepare the documents and meet you again."

The Black Market Leader bowed her head and left the room.

"Not bad."

Sheryl, who had been waiting outside, approached with a faint smile.

"Our information is mostly limited to the north and central regions. With the Black Market's help, we can gain substantial benefits."

"My thoughts align with yours. The war has already begun, and if we can't avoid it, we must bring about destruction."

Roenn adjusted the three swords at his waist.

Sinister intent arose in his eyes that had previously appeared gentle.

"Please calm down."

Sheryl smirked and raised her hand.

"Well, excuse me."

Roenn scratched the back of his head awkwardly. 

But the intense energy that had gathered in his eyes hadn't disappeared.

"Still, I can't just let those who harmed young master Raon go unpunished. I should probably loosen up my stiff body a bit."

He grasped his sword hilt, indicating he was going to restore his prime abilities.

"I understand. If something had happened to Raon, I would have turned the continent upside down searching."

Sheryl also clenched her fist with a fierce gaze.


Glenn nodded in agreement.

"There's no reason to spare those pests. Erase them as soon as the reports come in."



The three of them exchanged eerie glances.


Rimmer let out a sigh, feeling exasperated as he looked at Roenn, Sheryl, and Glenn.

"They used to tease me endlessly, and now they're even more zealous."

People who had previously mocked him for being overly cautious were now ready to upheave the continent for Raon's sake. 

He couldn't understand how things had come to this.

"It's really strange."

Sheryl neither had a fondness for children, nor did Roenn outwardly display affection, yet they both seemed smitten with Raon. 

It was truly intriguing.


Rimmer was about to address Glenn when a knock was heard at the door.

"Light Wind Squad vice-leader. Raon Zieghart. I've come to see the Head of House."

After the knock, a slightly tense voice, presumably Raon's, reached their ears.



The aggressive energies emanating from Roenn and Sheryl vanished like candles snuffed out.

"I'll open the door."


As Roenn moved toward the door, Rimmer swiftly intervened and stopped him.

"Light Wind squad leader."

Rimmer looked at Glenn, narrowing his eyes.

"Are you planning to act aloof again?"


"Considering what happened this time, you should know. Trouble always finds those who live in solitude. You might not be able to convey your true feelings."

Unusually serious, Rimmer stared at Glenn.

"Now it's time to open up a bit. No one will scold you for cherishing a grandchild."


For the first time, Glenn's shoulders twitched as he looked at Rimmer.

"Well, I want to counter every word of that stubborn old man's, but this time, he's right."

Sheryl nodded firmly.

"I'm of the same opinion."

Roenn smiled as he stood by the door.

"I also know what kind of person the Lord is. You don't need much. Just acknowledge the presence."

Rimmer sighed and raised his index finger.

"Worry! You must at least say that you were worried!"

He clenched his fist, as if pleading, and walked toward the door.


Glenn raised his hand. 

Rimmer, Sheryl, and Roenn simultaneously turned to look at him.


With a tensed voice, he cleared his throat.

"I, is my voice okay now? It's not weird or anything, right?"


All three of them stared blankly, wondering what he was talking about.


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