TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 319

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C 319


The burly Outlander from the Beast Union, who had been boasting a massive build, fell to the ground, charred black. On the opposite side, Princess Jaina stood, chuckling and tapping her chin.

"The final spot in the Expert Level quarterfinals is claimed by Princess Jaina of the Balkar Kingdom!"

The announcer stepped onto the arena, raising a fist.


"Your Highness!"

"Princess Jaina! I'm in awe!"

"Indeed, the Balkar's dominance continues!"

"To take down that monster so effortlessly, possessing both beauty and skill!"

The audience shouted Jaina's name, cheering as the arena erupted.

"With this, all the slots for the Expert Level quarterfinals are filled! Although one slot remains vacant, the excitement of the matches far surpasses any sense of regret!"

The announcer retrieved the duel between Burren and Runaan, which had showcased spirited combat, and reminded the crowd to look forward to tomorrow.


Raon nodded slowly as he looked at the bracket.

"It ended up like this in the end."

The first slot in the quarterfinals was vacant, the second was claimed by Owen Kingdom's Third Princes' Greer, the third by Martha, and the last one by Jaina.

While Zieghart Swordsmen could have taken the two slots in the quarterfinals, Raon wasn't disappointed. After all, the winner would be Martha.

Raon gazed at Jaina, who was enjoying the cheers in the arena, with a chilly smile.


Sensing Raon's gaze, she shivered and hastily left the arena.


Wrath observed Jaina's departure and licked his lips.

"That uppity one. Looks like she's gotten herself into a bind, hasn't she?"

"Yeah. That's why she's being so cautious."

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that even if she wasn't literally bound, she was restrained due to the special contract that had granted Raon three favors.

-But couldn't you use that to force her to forfeit?

"Possible, but then Martha would kill me, wouldn't she?"

Even when she was brimming with arrogance, Martha wanted a fair and honorable fight. Forcing Princess Jaina to forfeit would cause an uproar.

"Besides, She can win without resorting to that. You know that too."

She would be slightly disadvantaged compared to the third prince, who made it to the finals, but in the end, the winner would be Martha.

-The King merely wanted to have the beef girl fight in slightly better condition.


Raon chuckled. The demon king who cherished his subordinates was certainly intriguing, though he felt that way on various occasions.

"With this, the Expert Level duels for today have concluded. But there's no need to feel disappointed! The Master Level matches will start immediately!"

As the announcer raised his hand towards the sky, the magicians drew lines of mana in the air, creating the Master Level bracket.

Unlike the Expert Level bracket that had 128 participants, the Master Level bracket had only 16.

Well, 16 was still a significant number.

It meant that only 16 young Masters, not older than their forties, had gathered. If it weren't for the massive organization known as the Six Kings, such a number would have been impossible.


"Blue Sword! Blue Sword!"

"Spearblade! Spearblade!"

"At this rate, they might face each other in the finals, right?"

"What nonsense! There's Garona, who tore apart a dragon!"

"Don't you see Matis in the Black Hyun Armor? If you display weak swordsmanship against that man, it'll break instantly!"

The spectators raised their voices, each voicing their predicted winner.

"Doesn't Raon seem okay, Zieghart?"

"Exactly. Seeing the Zieghart group that fought in the Expert Level, it seems like their swordsmanship is no joke."

"Hey! That's not right! Are Expert and Master Levels the same?"

"Yeah. Setting aside the kidnapping, he was rescued like a princess!"

"Putting aside the kidnapping, their skills are below others."

Though a minority of the audience named Raon as a contender for victory, their voices were quickly overshadowed by other names.

Raon paid no attention, flicking his finger as he looked at the bracket.

"First opponent, Matis of the Black Hyun Armor from the Balkar."

Matis was a knight whose armor's reputation matched its name, boasting a special defense list that ensured no mage he guarded had ever died.

"Next is Borini Kitten."

Right after defeating the Black Hyun Armor in the Round of 16, Raon's next opponent would be Borini Kitten from the Owen Kingdom, renowned as a contender for victory.

After overcoming Borini Kitten, he'd face Beast Union Garona in the semifinals and then Blue Sword Cadis Robert in the finals.

"The strong contenders are mostly in the front."

As most of the renowned strong contenders gathered at the front, Cadis Robert, who held a name at the back, faced an easier opponent.

"Did you guys create this scenario too?"

While coincidence was possible, looking at Martio playing the role of a judge, Raon considered the possibility that Robert's group might have influenced it.


Martha frowned as she looked at the bracket.

"Isn't this disadvantageous for you?"

She furrowed her brow at the strong contenders concentrated at the front.

"The back seems a bit lacking."

"I'm actually grateful."

Raon smiled softly as he looked at the bracket again.


"By giving me a chance to choose strong contenders to fight against, it's like you're paying me."

Originally, his motive to participate in the friendly competition was to face formidable opponents, and the scenario of facing strong contenders unfolded naturally, prompting a chuckle.

"Anyway, the last opponent for today is good."

Borini Kitten was an opponent Raon himself couldn't underestimate anymore. He was the perfect adversary to provoke Tacheon's attacks.

"Really, you..."

Martha sighed as if exasperated. After observing the audience for a while, she twisted her lips and turned her head.

"But isn't this a bit strange?"


"Not many people seem to predict your victory. We might have had a low reputation, but why are you being ignored?"

"I was kidnapped by Merlin."

Raon shrugged his shoulders.

"Kidnapped? What the hell? Even Tenth Apostle was outsmarted by Merlin, and you think someone who can withstand them is here? Among those listed on the bracket, there's no one who can escape!"

She pointed at the bracket, voicing her frustration.

"That's not important. What matters is the perception they have: that I was kidnapped and then rescued."

As Martha said, anyone here would likely have been kidnapped in the same way, but in the end, it was only him. Saying such things here wouldn't hold any meaning.

"Still, thanks to you guys, my reputation has risen as well."

Raon looked at the arena with a waning gaze.

"Now it's my turn."


He held the Heavenly Drive sword in his hand and displayed a chilling smile. Martha unknowingly swallowed a dry gulp.

"I'll place Zieghart's name at the highest position."

*  *  *

"Boring! These meetings are so dull!"

Chamber pounded the table in the conference room and pushed out his lips.

"Really. This crowd just never takes a break."

Ogrem glared at Chamber and retorted with annoyance.

"Did you think a strategic meeting like this would be fun?"

"It's been a while, so I forgot. If I had known, I would've sent the king instead."

Chamber chuckled as if he were talking about a child running errands for the King of Balkar.

"I'm curious about the outcome. Shall we see how it turned out?"

She closed her eyes for a moment, then opened them and drew a line of mana in the air.

The Expert Level Top 4 bracket that was displayed on the arena and the upcoming Master Level bracket were illustrated in the air.

"Oh, the old man's granddaughter and our princess made it up there. The three of you are in the semifinals by default? How fortunate!"

Although they appeared uninterested, as the brackets materialized, everyone looked at them with intensified eyes.

"This darn nonsense!"


Ogrem and Derus frowned when they noticed the absence of the Beast Union's name in the Expert Level Top 4 bracket.

"Huh? It seems Ziegharts faced each other in the Round of 8 and both got eliminated?"

Chamber brought up the bracket below and chuckled.

"These fools! Why would they fight each other and create a scenario of mutual defeat? They should've compromised!"


Glenn shook his head. Sporting a content smile, he gazed at the names of Burren and Runaan.

"That'll do."

"Hmph. Those swordsmen with swords stuck in their heads just can't get it."

Chamber rolled his eyes and lifted the Master Level bracket.

"Huh? The old man's grandson and our kid are squaring off here too!"

She chuckled, pointing at Matis' name.

"How's that? Our Matis is in the Black Hyun Armor, isn't he?"

"Black Hyun Armor?"

"Not a sword, but armor. It means it's as hard as armor made of black iron and possesses the strength of extreme hardness."

Chamber looked at Raon's name beside Matis' and smacked his lips.

"Although Matis withstood the swords of the Master Level, can Raon break through his defense?"

"Their next opponents will be Borini Kitten."

King Leckros smiled as he looked at Borini Kitten's name. Thinking his opponent was weaker than others, he seemed to think he had already advanced.

"No matter who advances, it'll be interesting."

"It's all meaningless."

Ogrem slammed the table with his fist, revealing a sharp expression.

"Whoever among the three advances will ultimately get torn apart by Garona tomorrow!"

He grinned confidently and raised his chin.

"Defeating Black Hyun Armor, Spearblade, and even True Dragon to win the championship? While I acknowledge that child might be a genius, this is an impossible task."

He gestured as if it couldn't be done.

"Before you get your sword taken away and face humiliation, you should withdraw from here."

"Ogrem, it seems your absence has made your tongue grow longer."

Glenn smiled leisurely and pushed the True Heavenly Sword on the table even further forward.

"Don't you have any confidence in your son?"

He raised his head with a composed expression.

"I believe in Zieghart's children."

Glenn's calm voice spread a warm atmosphere in the conference room rather than a fiery one.

"I see. Old man! You've become even more impressive in my absence!"

Chamber laughed and approached Glenn.

"It's like there's a touch of gentleness in the coldness. I prefer the current Glenn over the old one."

King Leckros smiled and nodded.

"Indeed, it looks good."

Derus laughed brightly and looked down at the True Heavenly Sword. However, unlike his lips, his eyes didn't show a hint of a smile.

"Well then, let's begin the first match of the Round of 16. Seolhwa frosty Frostfire Sword of Valor Raon Zieghart vs. Black Hyun Armor Matis Kiserum! Please step onto the arena!"

At the announcer's call, Raon headed for the arena. On the opposite side, a knight with a robust build like a dwarf ascended.

"His presence is resolute."

Though he appeared somewhat older than the Twelve Stars of the Continent Masters present, his skill was on par with them. Intermediate Master Level. The sensation of a well-practiced sword was felt.

"Are both of you ready?"

The announcer looked alternately at both of them, his eyes glowing.



Raon and Matis nodded to each other, not to the announcer.

"Then, let the second match begin!"

The announcer returned to the arena and raised her hand.


(The translations of sword techniques by matis are very messy in this chapter)

The match had started, yet neither Raon nor Matis moved. They calmly raised their energy while looking at each other.

'He's strong.'

There were no openings. It felt like he was looking at a well-crafted shield or armor.

"However, it doesn't mean it's impenetrable."

He thought that he could break through that defense if he used the full power of the Focused sword technique of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation or his personally developed swordsmanship.


Even so, it would render his purpose of coming here meaningless.

He had come here to observe the swordsmanship of others and improve the Fangs of insanity sword technique and Frostwind sword technique, which were still underdeveloped. He couldn't waste such a good opportunity.

"There's a taste to breaking through."

The Fangs of insanity swordsmanship created gaps in the enemy's defense, while the Frostwind swordsmanship cut off the enemy's flow and breathing.

Matis in front of him was a perfect opponent to enhance those two sword techniques.

"But he's really glaring."

He felt Martio's blatant gaze from behind. Although it wasn't interfering, that gaze alone annoyed him.

"Indeed, I should deal with that."

He could erase that gaze in his next match against Borini Kitten.

"Preparations seem to be in order…"

Raon refocused on Matis and slammed the ground again.

"Let's begin!"

He lunged to Matis's right and swung the Fangs of insanity, the fangs unleashing the Backswing of the White Tiger. The strike was akin to a beast thrusting its fangs into its prey, descending like lightning.


Without a hint of panic, Matis lifted his sword diagonally. The resolute aura clung to him like a breath.


As the swords clashed, sparks scattered like tiny fireflies filling the air.


Both Raon and Matis resisted the shockwave, pushing back against each other's swords.

"He seems unperturbed."

Despite pulling the Fangs of insanity with its polarized aura, Matis remained steadfast. It felt like striking a massive rock with a sword.

"It's even tougher than it looks."

After parrying the Heavenly Drive Sword that clashed against his, Raon swung the Fangs of insanity technique to execute the Bloodborne Strike. Originally designed for downward slashes, now that he was skilled, he could employ the Bloodborne Strike from any angle.


A fierce blade infused with the heat of flames swept towards Matis's aura. Yet, in an instant, he generated an even denser energy to block the Bloodborne Strike.


The shattered energy scattered to the corner of the arena. Had the arena floor not been shielded by magic, it might have left a hole.

"To be nineteen years old, wielding power surpassing that of the Beast Union, and delivering sharper sword strikes than Owen..."

Matis parted his slightly trembling lips.

"It's impressive."

"I am not such remarkabke person."

Raon smiled faintly and shook his head.

"I wasn't one to judge based on things like kidnappings."

After his sword swing, Matis regained his posture.

"However, it's not over yet. I can't afford to concede victory today."

"That's something you'll have to witness for yourself."

Raon lowered his stance. Stirring up the flames of Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation , he activated the Supreme harmony steps, emanating an aura akin to a demonic fire. He charged directly at Matis.


The successive strikes of the Fangs of insanity Sword created a storm of flames that surged toward Matis, overwhelming him.


Despite the intensifying onslaught of the Fangs of insanity burst, Matis didn't retreat or falter.

He stood his ground, blocking every strike. His armor truly lived up to its name; it was as sturdy as striking a sword against a massive rock.

"Now it's time to switch."

Raon activated Glacier, unfurling the Frostwind swordsmanship. A chilling wind cascaded down like a waterfall.


Despite the alteration in the flow of his sword technique by 180 degrees, Matis's defense remained unwavering.

"So, now it's cold instead of heat? Simple."

"Whether it's simple or not, we'll find out after this."

Raon smiled with a chill as frost on the blade and struck the ground.

Matis continuously blocked Raon's relentless barrage of sword strikes, his gaze narrowed.

"Quite straightforward."

Though he seemed to shift his sword technique due to the failure to penetrate Matis's defense, his execution was much weaker than the fiery swordsmanship he'd initially displayed.

"Still rather inexperienced."

Driven by the urgency of not breaking through the defense, he switched to a weaker sword technique. Although his skills were impressive, the lack of experience was unavoidable.

'No, it's only natural.'

The time he had spent wielding a sword exceeded Raon's age. It was inevitable that there would be a significant difference not only in skill but also in experience. In fact, it was impressive that someone at the age of nineteen could reach this level.

'I should wrap this up reasonably.'

Though his swordsmanship was inexperienced, its power was not to be underestimated. Taking any more shocks at this point could affect his performance in the next battle, so he decided to finish it quickly.

'Now then... Hm?'

He had intended to repel Raon's sword and counterattack after perfectly parrying his swordsmanship. However, oddly enough, there was no opening to be found.

'What is this...'

No, it wasn't just that there was no opening. Raon's swordsmanship was starting to shake his defense.


With a powerful shock, his wrist was pushed back.

'I was... pushed back?'

However, there was no time to be surprised. Raon's sword was still flowing continuously.


Sword clashed against sword in succession, causing his arm to ache, and his legs to waver.

'Has he grown this much?'

It wasn't that his strength had increased. It was the progress in swordsmanship that was evolving at an astonishing rate.

"You, you..."

"Not yet. I'm far from raising my limit."

Raon didn't show amusement or take it lightly. His gaze was solemn. At that moment, he concentrated his entire mind on wielding his sword.


Matis twisted the blade to create the Blood Iron Bow of the Middle Castle, but Raon's swordsmanship infused with coldness cleaved through Owen's flow, creating a strong shock inside.


He tried to endure it, but the pain that reverberated in his bones and the muscles tearing apart made him groan through gritted teeth.

'What in the world is this kid?'

It was definitely clumsy. It was a swordsmanship that would never submit to him, but somehow, it had become a swordsmanship that was difficult to defend against, with the effect of the Seed and Owen meshing like gears.

'If this continues, I'll be pushed back without achieving anything!'

The thought that if he kept enduring like this, he wouldn't be able to do anything and would be defeated sent shivers down his spine.


Matis roared as he stomped on the floor with his footwork. He raised the sword pointing downward, causing Owen to explode completely.


Defense immediately turned into an attack. With a defensive stance, the Chogyeong Sword's Midstream Strike, a formidable wave, poured out. The spiral of intense energy aimed at Raon's abdomen like a flash.


Raon didn't stop in his tracks. On the contrary, he plunged forward even faster, swinging the sword he held in both hands downward. The blue lightning emanating from the blade clashed with the Midstream Strike.


The coldness from the blade he held spread like a light pattern, refracting the Midstream Strike and causing it to bend and dissipate.

'This lunatic!'

He twisted the flow!

Now he understood. Why his defense was so difficult, why it was becoming increasingly challenging to block that guy's sword.

Raon's swordsmanship wasn't just powerful; it also possessed the ability to distort the opponent's flow. It was an uncommon attribute of the superior swordsmanship of the world.

"Damn it!"

Matis retreated and unfolded the defensive Seed of the Middle Castle, but Raon was faster.

In an instant, he intruded and shattered the unfinished defense, then struck his abdomen with his left fist.


The black iron armor crumpled, and a tremendous impact struck his abdomen.


He couldn't even breathe, let alone think.

'What kind of power is this...'

Despite focusing his defense on his abdomen, the pain was enough to make his head throb. The force he felt was even greater than that of a master from the Beast Union, the person known as the Bestial Master.


Raon didn't miss the chance. He used the back of his sword to strike at the back of Matis' neck. He collapsed onto the arena, unable to even scream.

"Well done."

With a relaxed posture that seemed self-evident, Raon bowed to Matis. A little dust had dirtied his uniform. That was the price for defeating the master of the Black Iron Armor.


The audience, the judges, and the announcer all stared at Raon in a daze, unable to say a word.

"What did I just witness?"

"Did Black Iron Armor Matis get defeated so easily?"

"No, it was Black Iron Armor that was overwhelming. Why did it suddenly turn out like this?"

"The, the swordsmanship looked clumsy..."

"He improved his swordsmanship while fighting. I don't even know what's what anymore."

The spectators let out sighs of disbelief, their expressions showing that their minds were blown away.

"It's unbelievable..."

"I've never seen anyone break Matis' defense like that."

"Did his skills really improve? Was he hiding it all along?"

Even the waiting participants narrowed their eyes in disbelief.

"The, the winner of the first match is Raon Zieghart the Swordsman! I don't know whether to say he barely won or to say he defeated him easily!"

The announcer shouted Raon's victory with a trembling voice.

Raon gave a casual greeting and descended from the arena.

"The next match is  Spearblade Borini Kitten vs. Iron Heart Spear Groton Voren!"

As the participants for the second match stepped onto the arena, the audience continued to chatter about Raon's battle.

Raon still savored the atmosphere in the arena that hadn't cooled down yet.

'Tacheon is aiming for the next round.'

His opponent in the quarterfinals would be Borini Kitten, who had just stepped onto the arena. It wouldn't end as easily as the first battle did.

'This is the best chance for that guy.'

A showdown between the strong draws attention not only from the participants themselves but also from those around them. In other words, the best opportunity for an ambush. Tacheon wouldn't miss the moment to blow everyone away here.

'Of course, it won't be that easy.'

With a satisfied smile, Raon watched the start of the second match.

'I'll make the most of your ambush.'


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