TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 320

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C 320

 Raon narrowed his eyes as he surveyed the bracket, which displayed all the Round of 16 matchups that had concluded.

"Just as I anticipated."

Bladespear Borini Kitten, Chamyongsoo Garona, Blue Sword Kardis, and the Demolisher Mage Ron, who ranked 9th in the Twelve Stars of the Continent Rankings. The Round of 16 matches unfolded precisely according to Raon's initial expectations.

"This promises to be interesting."

Contemplating the prospects of facing Borini Kitten, followed by Garona and Kardis Robert, Raon's grip on his hand tightened instinctively.

"Do you not have other matters to attend to first?"

Wrath inquired, his gaze fixed on the ice flower bracelet around his wrist.


Raon cast a glance at Martio, Derus' direct subordinate, under the bracket as he wet his lips.

"I must simultaneously deal with that individual and thwart the surprise attack on Tacheon."

"How, precisely, do you intend to accomplish that? Enlighten the King."

"Of course."

Wrath gritted his teeth, grinding them together until a sharp scraping sound resonated.

"Those who harbor numerous secrets do not enjoy long lives! The King himself is willing to listen to your plans, so divulge them!"

Inquisitive, and seemingly holding back his anger, he inquired once again.

"Living a short life with an abundance of secrets suits me just fine."

"You impertinent...!"

Wrath finally gave in to his emotions, surging forward with a burst of frigid energy.

"I must prepare for the Round of 8. I will entertain you at a later time."

Raon gently pushed Wrath's face away.

"Ah, Wrath."

While fending off Wrath's advance, Raon once again grasped the back of his neck, aiming to fortify his confidence in his predictions.

"What is it?"

Abruptly turning his head, Wrath displayed an air of irritation.

"Do you recall the purple magic employed by Tacheon during the previous encounter?"

"Of course. One half of it resembled a spell from the gods." (gods or demon kings??)

Wrath nodded slowly.

"A harmonious fusion of light and darkness—a power recognized as chaos."

"As I suspected."

Raon smiled faintly, nodding.

"Are you acquainted with a means to counteract it?"

"Hmph! Given your abilities, even in the scenario of your demise and resurrection, such an endeavor would remain unattainable! Ultimately, you aimed to harness the King's power, did you not? The King has no intention of aiding an arrogant individual like you!"

Wrath jeered, darting his tongue out as though seizing a golden opportunity.

"Indeed. Preventing that chaos-imbued power with my own strength is unfeasible. However, what if I addressed the matter before the two forces intertwine—while they remain mere light and darkness?"

If chaos was an irrepressibly potent force, then intervening prior to its fusion with the other half presented a viable solution.


Wrath stood still, his tongue protruding slightly, his mouth agape.

"Is that so?"

He blinked absently, then halted.

"Oh, no, that would not suffice..."

"Yes, that's the idea."

"You insipid fool! You overlooked a crucial element! What if the other half initiates an onslaught with chaos right from the outset?"

"That will not come to pass."

The power known as chaos is formidable. If I were to release it as is, the Six Kings leaders in the conference room would undoubtedly burst out immediately, so Tacheon will undoubtedly send light and darkness separately before blending them here.

"Thank you. Your help has given me confidence."

Raon lightly tapped Wrath's head, which had risen delicately like cotton candy.

"Yes, you shall receive divine punishment! If the heavens don't deliver, then the King will..."

"The King seems to have a soft spot for the topic of the heavens."

"That statement! It's racial discrimination!"

"But you're not human."

"Then it's species discrimination!"

As Wrath started raising his voice, the announcer stepped onto the arena.

"Now, we will begin the Master-level duel Round of 8!"


"At last, the Round of 8!"

"I thought I was going to die waiting!"

"Start already! I can't breathe anymore!"

Responding to the audience's cheers, the announcer waved his hand and pointed to the first cell of the bracket.

"In the first match of the Round of 8, it's Frostfire Sword of Valor Raon Zieghart versus the 7th-ranked of the Twelve Stars of the Continent Rankings, Spearblade Borini Kitten!"

The cheers erupted so loudly that it felt like the arena might lift off.

"Raon! Raon!"

"Frostfire Sword of Valor!"

"Spearblade Sword! Spearblade Sword! Spearblade Sword!"

"Frostfire Sword of Valor was impressive, but Spearblade might be a challenge."

"Did you not see the Round of 16? He simply overpowered Matis!"

"Is Borini Kitten the same as Matis? Does the 7th-ranked of the Twelve Stars of the Continent Rankings seem like an easy opponent?"

While many still predicted Borini Kitten's victory, Raon's supporters had grown significantly since the Round of 16.


Listening to the cheers of the audience that felt like a gentle push from behind, Raon ascended the arena.

From the opposite side, Borini Kitten approached with firm, determined steps.

His sky-blue hair fluttered, his gaze was as sharp as a blade, and his momentum was intense. He looked like an aged pine tree with an angry disposition, almost human-like.

"Reaching a level higher than Matis."

Unlike the intermediate-level Matis Kiserum, Borini Kitten had clearly ascended to the level of Master Intermediate. Underestimating him could lead to instant defeat.

"This is the first time we're having a personal conversation. Please take care of me."

Approaching, Borini Kitten slightly bowed his head. His low voice was filled with spirit and courtesy.

"While others might view you with a bit of disdain, my perspective is different."

He gradually built up his momentum. An aura that felt like needles pricking the skin emerged from his toes and spread upward.

"I consider you the most dangerous candidate for victory among those present."

Whether his words were genuine or not, Borini Kitten's momentum did not waver. It seemed like he was indicating that he would go all out from the start.

"Thanks for the kind assessment, but I'm not on the same level as Garona or the Blue Sword."

"No, I disagree. I think you're on par with them."

He continued to build up his momentum. The aura that felt like it was pricking the skin with needles began to rise from his toes.

"I don't mean to be presumptuous, but that's quite an expectation."

Raon smiled lightly and met Borini Kitten's intense momentum head-on.

Creak, creak, creak!

Even though the duel hadn't started yet, the clash of their kis caused sand and stone fragments to rise from the arena.

"It's, it's already so intense."

The announcer wiped sweat from his forehead and swallowed his saliva, sounding nervous due to the energy of the two.

"Starting from the Round of 8, two more protective spells will be added to the arena! Please give it your all."

"Then, Round 1 of the quarterfinals begins!"

As the emcee's hand pointed from the sky to the arena, Raon and Borini Kitten's bodies disappeared.


In the blink of an eye, both drew their swords and clashed at the center. A swift strike that transitioned into an immediate counterattack.


Their swords clashed fiercely, revealing sharp and fierce sword techniques.

"Indeed, you react well."

Borini Kitten nodded, acknowledging the expected reaction.

"Since you're expecting it, I must meet your expectations."

Raon nodded and unleashed the fangs of insanity. A moment later, the air split as the powerful strike descended diagonally.


Borini Kitten raised his sword without flinching. The edge of his blade had been sharpened even further to match the swift strike of the fangs of insanity.


Their second clash was just as intense. A clash that neither of them gave ground in.


Raon pushed his Sword forward by exerting force on his left ankle. Although Borini Kitten was superior in technique and sharpness, Raon's physical prowess allowed him to hold his ground.


Borini Kitten realized he was being pushed back and deflected the sword's edge, stepping back.

"Isn't this strength a bit unfair given your build?"

He frowned while swinging his wrist. His expression seemed to imply shock.

"We haven't even started yet."

Raon grinned coldly and moved forward, striking with the fangs of insanity swordsmanship once again.

It was a strike like a snake coiled on the ground, aiming for a descending bird, unveiling its venomous fangs. It was the Venomous Serpent Technique of the fangs of insanity Swordsmanship.


Borini Kitten stepped his left foot back, creating space, then struck at the heart of the descending Venomous Serpent Technique.


Raon narrowed his eyes and suppressed a groan. The intense impact made his arm bones resonate.

"He really knows how to pierce properly."

The Spearblade held its own reputation.

Not only targeting human vulnerabilities but even the tiniest openings in sword techniques – the name of the Spearblade from the Twelve Stars of the Continent was well deserved.


Now it was Borini Kitten's turn to counterattack. He deflected the Venomous Serpent Technique and let his sword rise diagonally before bringing it down with precision and speed.


Raon twisted his ankle. He unleashed both the strength from his core and the fiery energy generated from his palm, creating a formidable strike.


A clash ensued, the explosive heat of Raon's strike colliding with Borini Kitten's lightning-fast blow.


The clash of power and technique created sparks that scattered across the entire arena.

"Amidst all that, he aimed for an opening?"

Borini Kitten neutralized the gap in the descending strike's power by aiming for its weakness. It was an unexpected move filled with sharpness.


Raon clenched his lips with his tongue.

"I need to acquire that."

Raon had decided what he needed to learn from his duel with Borini Kitten. The ability to quickly identify precise openings and the mastery of using the simulated sword and real sword to pierce through those openings. He was determined to acquire those three skills.

"Isn't your ambition a bit excessive?"

"It's better than having no ambition at all."

"If Greed (one of the demon king?) sees you, he'll probably rush to become friends."

"Fools are always welcome."

With the Heavenly Drive sword in hand, Raon smiled.

"The atmosphere has changed."

Borini Kitten opened his eyes slightly and held his sword at the ready.

"Still, there's no room for complacency. I'll go all out."

He pushed off the ground, approaching and unleashing a sword strike. The chilling intent of the blade approaching his throat sent shivers down Raon's spine. It was the ultimate mastery of Borini Kitten's Blood sword Swordsmanship.


Raon resonated the Ring of Fire. The seven rings resonated in succession, causing the world to slow down.


Borini Kitten's sword technique came into view. He was heading straight for the gap he had pinpointed without the slightest hesitation.

"What I can see now is..."

Even through the Ring of Fire, Borini Kitten's openings were not visible. But that didn't matter.

"If they don't exist, I'll create them."

Lowering his center of gravity, Raon applied force to his grip. A surge of coldness erupted from the ground. It was the Frostwind Swordsmanship infused with the energy of Glacier.


The clash of the frostwind Swordsmanship's pure essence and Borini Kitten's Blood sword Swordsmanship resounded as they collided.

As Raon and Borini Kitten passed each other, their eyes met.


Borini Kitten swiftly twisted his ankle, launching a second strike.

Instead of immediately counterattacking, Raon extended his left foot forward.

"Three openings."

The distortions in the Frostwind Swordsmanship had created three openings in Borini Kitten's stance. However, not all of them were genuine. He had to discern the real from the fake.

"Right waist."

The openings at the throat and heart were too straightforward, as if begging to be exploited. Borini Kitten wouldn't leave such vulnerable spots undefended; those were definitely fake.

Quickly making his decision, Raon lunged toward Borini Kitten's waist with the Heavenly Drive Sword. He harmonized the simulated and real swords to ensure they truly struck the opening.


Borini Kitten shifted from an attacking stance to a defensive one, blocking the strike aimed at his waist.


However, that too was a sword technique meant to disrupt the flow. The breath of the Frostwind Swordsmanship, designed to break the rhythm, created another opening in Borini Kitten's defense.

"This time..."

Stepping forward once more, Raon generated a whirlwind with the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and switched to the fangs of insanity. He infused the viciousness of the fangs of insanity fangs with its sharpness and precision.


With the agility of an unleashed beast yet the refinement of a master, Raon's strike targeted Borini Kitten's openings, leaving him unable to counterattack and only able to defend against the openings.


Borini Kitten, pushed back, furrowed his brows and adjusted his stance.

"I've sensed a change in your disposition since a little while ago."

Gripping his sword tightly, he narrowed his eyes.

"It feels like I'm fighting against a mirror."

"I also enjoy targeting openings."

"Then, let's definitively determine who's superior."

Borini Kitten clenched his teeth and charged forward, his sword technique sharp and precise, delving into the rear with blade-like movements.

"Go ahead, as much as you want."

Raon smiled coldly and thrust the Frost Wind Sword Technique. Borini Kitten also unleashed the Blood Sword Technique to its fullest and stood his ground.


The red and blue sword energies clashed, resembling a sinking sun.

*  *  *

Gentle waves lapped against the white sandy beach.

Under the crimson sun sinking towards the horizon, two men wearing masks and helmets sat in front of a wooden table.

"Are you truly going to do it?"

The man wearing a helmet with two horns, gazing at the setting sun, inquired.

"Of course."

Tacheon, wearing the Masked Young Man's mask, which had become more intricate since his fight with Glenn, smiled softly and lightly tapped the map on the table.

The spot on the map was the heart of the Owen Kingdom, and it was also where the arena was located.

"Someday, he might become like Glenn. No, he might even surpass him. We can't just leave a bud like that untouched, can we? Besides, this is an opportunity to erase the future of the other Six Kings as well. Such an opportunity won't come again."

"Raon Zieghart…."

"Oh, speaking of which, the Red-Demon Sage also had an encounter with him."

"It wasn't me."

"Oh, my mistake."

Tacheon smiled faintly. He said it was a mistake, but there was no hint of remorse in his expression.

"And it's a meaningless event."

The Red-Demon Sage lowered his hand slowly.

"That's fortunate."

Tacheon nodded, then turned his gaze. With his feet skimming the shallow water, he looked out at the distant sea.


For a moment, he smiled while gazing at the back of the Ultimate Sword, then raised his index and middle fingers.


White and black light sparkled from his two fingers, rising into the air.

"Even if the Six Kings are in the conference room, there will still be strong individuals in the arena."

"Humans, you see. If you focus on one thing, you won't see the other."

Tacheon smiled, gazing at the black-and-white light rising from his fingers.

"When the battle between those two reaches its pinnacle, the light and darkness descending from the sky won't be visible. Especially when they blend with the sunset."


"Then, let's exchange greetings."

As Tacheon lowered his hand, the two lights that had been on his fingers seeped into the map in the shape of a crescent.

"Today marks the end for both the Twelve Stars of the Continent and Raon Zieghart."

With laughter as clear as that of a child's, a grand light burst forth from within the map.

*  *  *


Amidst the storm of crimson sword energy, a sound reminiscent of metal scraping against blades echoed.

The thunderous clash of sword strikes resounded as Raon and Borini Kitten poured out their sword techniques against each other.

Over their blades, the razor-sharp blade energies glowed like thorns. They had honed and polished their sword techniques to strike each other's openings with precision and keenness.


As the blade energies collided, a powerful shockwave burst forth. However, neither Raon nor Borini Kitten backed down. Despite the expected agony from the intense clash, they focused solely on delivering strikes to cut off their opponent's breath.

Raon's two pupils gleamed with intensity.

"Right shoulder, left knee."

The real one is the knee.

Spotting the opening, the distinction between the real and the fake became clear. Raon swung the Frost Wind Sword Technique towards the left knee.


Borini Kitten, unable to properly counter the icy strike, was pushed back by two steps.


Raon extended his right foot, stepping on a concealed pivot point. The immense force surged from his thigh as he rotated with searing heat.

Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation Hwecheon. The rotating flames cleaved down with sheer force.


Borini Kitten couldn't withstand the power and staggered backward, driven to the edge of the arena. The impact was so tremendous that even within the arena, which was protected by magic, traces were left.


The storm of sword energy abated, revealing the two combatants.

Raon's attire was torn and stained with red, while Borini Kitten's armor was dented and cracked, blood seeping from the wounds. Both didn't seem to be in great condition, but their faces were incredibly bright.


"W-who said it was one-sided! It's neck and neck!"

"No, right now, Raon seems to have the upper hand, doesn't he?"

"Frostfire Sword of Valor's true prowess…."

The audience was left agape, witnessing Borini Kitten's struggle against Raon's fierce onslaught. Many were so astonished that they even dribbled saliva.

"It's been a while since I had such an exciting fight."

Borini Kitten gripped his sword with slightly trembling hands. He emphasized that this wasn't a duel but a fight, implying he was treating it like a real battle.


Raon nodded, smiling.

'It truly was an educational duel.'

During their approach battle, he had learned a lot. Distinguishing between real and fake openings, judging crucial openings within the openings, and mastering both fangs of insanity techniques and Frostwind techniques. It was no different from having a teacher right there, instructing him.

"They say you grow while fighting, but it's eerie to see it right in front of you."

"Thanks to you, I've learned a lot."

Borini Kitten was a knight who was also developed as a person. He didn't mock but genuinely expressed gratitude.

"It's regrettable, but it's time to end."

Borini Kitten smiled, raising his sword upward. He pulled his left leg back. Adopting a stance that seemed to aim at an opponent from a medium distance, he raised his aura.


As the aura around him intensified, the surrounding sword energy began to sink. Literally a single spear that had been endlessly refined. No shield would withstand the overwhelming force with which he swung it down.

Raon smiled, biting his lip.

"We've come a long way."

He simultaneously invoked Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier. Though using both mana flow and circulation placed a significant burden on his mana recovery, he wasn't concerned about hiding it now.


With his right hand, he conjured flames from Ten Thousand flames cultivation, aiming at Borini Kitten. With his left hand, he gripped the hilt of the Blade of Requiem, which was at his lower back.


Their respective powerful auras collided, causing the arena to shake as if there was an earthquake.


Raon inhaled deeply, savoring the moment.

'It's scorching.'

Borini Kitten's intense gaze could be felt. The piercing stares from Martio and the emcee swallowing his dry throat, along with the heightened excitement of the audience, were palpable.

'Now's the time.'

With all eyes and minds in the arena focused on this moment, it was the precise instant that he had been aiming for.


He wielded the Ring of Fire and the sense of Seolhwah simultaneously with extreme precision. Time seemed to slow down even further. With senses so refined that he could feel the weight of dust brushing his fingertips, he probed the air.

'He's here….'

His senses, honed to the limit, captured the hidden light and darkness falling from the distant sky. Just as expected, he noticed that the foe was attempting to separate and then blend the light and darkness.

'Now, I have to go.'

Raon clenched his teeth. He compressed the energy he had been focusing on Borini Kitten even more.


The heat that had been coiling around the Blade of Requiem condensed in an instant as Borini Kitten charged. He seemed to be attacking with the belief that he was fully prepared.

'This can't be stopped.'

Trying to defend here wouldn't prevent him from being hit by the force emanating from Tacheon above. It would mix together and turn into chaos.

'I'll endure it.'

Stepping onto the Sunflower Pattern, he twisted his body. Borini Kitten's eyes flew open. He also sensed that something was amiss and tried to draw his sword, but it was already too late.


His right side was deeply sliced, and blood burst forth.


Borini Kitten's voice trembled. He seemed to be asking why Raon had stopped.

"I'll deal with the interference and come back."

Raon laughed lightly and unleashed the gathered power into the ground.


As they approached the converging aura of light and darkness, Rimmer suddenly appeared from the right audience section.

'Was he also waiting for this?'

He had thought that Rimmer was just gambling addict, but it seemed he had been preparing for unexpected events.

Rimmer smiled and spoke through his eyes. It was as if he was asking if Raon could handle it.

Nodding his head, Raon's smile deepened.

"Then, I'm off!"

Rimmer drew his sword, placing it beneath his foot, and then swung it up. Thanks to that, he could reach the sky faster than if he had propelled himself off the ground.


Amidst the twilight light where day and night intersected, light and darkness were magnetically drawn towards each other. Amidst the exchange between these two forces, sparks of chaotic violet erupted.

Raon's crimson pupils flashed brighter than before. Flames erupted from the Blade of Requiem, while frost emanated from the Heavenly Drive sword, both shooting towards the merging lights.



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