TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 318

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C 318

 A moment of silence settled in the royal council chamber. The leaders of the Six Kings, as well as their attendants standing behind them, stared at Glenn without uttering a word.


After about ten seconds, Chamber was the first to break the silence.

"Did I hear correctly? Did those words really come out of your mouth, sir? Saying that something is cute?"

He blinked his eyes as if he couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"Heh, I never expected to hear such words from the Supreme Commander of the Northern ruler."

King Leckros let out an awkward laugh, chuckling with a hint of discomfort.

"Hahaha! Inspiration. Did I perhaps lose my mind in the meantime? Cute things hold no meaning in the world of warriors! You should know that better than anyone!"

Ogrem pressed his forehead and burst into laughter, his voice booming to the extent that the conference room seemed to shake, as if his pride had been wounded by Glenn's remark or the weight of the meeting.

"Well, maybe…"

Derus didn't respond immediately; he remained silent for a moment before speaking up.

"Are you saying that you find the recent developments within the Light Wind squad cute because they are immature? Especially the members who are still inexperienced?"

He narrowed his eyes, recalling the words Ya Wang (who?) had spoken before Glenn could gather momentum.


Chamber clapped her hands and nodded.

"That's right. That muscle-bound pig did say something like that."

She smirked and glanced at Ogrem.

"To be honest, the Light Wind squad youngsters are cuter than those guys who've just bulked up like balloons."

"You were supposed to keep that quiet, weren't you?"

Ogrem glared at Chamber and playfully scolded her.

"Why are you blabbering when I told you to keep your mouth shut?"

Chamber didn't back down and met Ogrem's gaze head-on.

"Hehe, so that's what you meant. Indeed, the Light Wind squad members have a certain charm. Especially that young man, Raon. He's one of the most handsome individuals I've ever seen."

King Leckross smiled and intervened between Ogrem and Chamber, his words bringing a soothing tone to the conversation.

"He definitely stood out at the banquet. Handsome humans who surpass elves are quite rare; it's impressive."

Chamber agreed with King Leckross's statement, nodding in agreement.


Glenn suppressed his enthusiasm that had been filling the conference room, covering his mouth as he coughed dryly.

"Appearance? Like I've said before, what matters to humans isn't appearance but power. And not just any power, but overwhelmingly straightforward violence."

Ogrem clenched his fist on the table, causing even a slight exertion of strength to make the palace tremble as though in an earthquake.

"You've been quite loud since earlier."

Glenn looked at Ogrem, smiling coldly.

"The power you're shouting about is stronger than the 'fashion muscles' your kids have grown."

He was confident that the Light Wind squad would surpass the Beast Union's warriors.


Chamber pounded the table with amusement, laughing heartily.

"'Fashion muscles,' huh? 'Fashion muscles'! You got it right. They're just growing in size, nothing more! Why has it become so entertaining all of a sudden?"


King Leckross, attempting to calm Chamber, couldn't hold back his laughter and covered his mouth.


Sheryl, standing behind Glenn, breathed a sigh of relief as she looked at the spinning disc on the table.

'Who would believe that these individuals are the leaders of the Six Kings?'

They were teasing and mocking each other without reservation. If an outsider were present in this gathering, they would probably think it was just a meeting of ordinary people, not transcendent beings—a group of regular folks engaging in lighthearted banter.

"Indeed, His Majesty seems to resemble Raon."

There was a time when Raon had used the phrase "fashion muscles" with Ekan, the  of the Heavenly Blade Division, known for his strength. There seems to be a connection among the descendants.


Ogrem glared at Glenn, his eyes blazing with anger. An overwhelming aura of power surged as if to engulf everything.

"If you're so confident, how about we make a personal bet?" (here we go again)

"A bet?"

"Sure. Since you said you believe in either the Light Wind squad or the Galehound squad, let's make a bet on the winner of the duel."

As he spoke, he placed a small wooden box on the table.

"This is a potion made using the secret techniques of our tribe, the Soundhound Elixir. It not only enhances your strength but also boosts your physique. In terms of your level, it's a top-tier elixir."


Glenn immediately unfastened the True Heavenly Sword strapped to his waist and placed it on the table without hesitation.

"The sword?"

"That's the True Heavenly Sword!"

"Are you crazy...?"


King Leckros, Chamber, Derus, and Ogrem all stared in shock at the True Heavenly Sword now resting on the table.


"A sword..."

The attendants of each faction, who had stood like wooden dolls, also blinked in surprise, suddenly alert.


Sheryl and Roenn, fully trusting Glenn, remained unresponsive, pretending to be unaware.

"Ah, sir. Are you really going to do this? The value of that sword is immeasurable."

Even though Chamber advised against it, Glenn shook his head.

"If you're confident, you should wager something like this. An elixir? Boasting about something that's merely a vessel for yourself is rather pathetic."

Glenn sneered at the perplexed Ogrem, his eyes holding the conviction that believed in Raon and the Light Wind squad's victory.


Ogrem clenched his lips and slammed the table.


He placed the coat that had been draped over his upper body on the table, hesitating between agreement and disagreement.

"To match that sword, it would be impossible with just an elixir. If your grandson wins the duel, then along with this coat, I'll provide elixirs that match the number of kids you have."

"Though it's far from sufficient, I accept."

Glenn nodded calmly.

"Wow, can I join in too? Can I participate? I really want to!"

"Get lost!"

Though Chamber threw her staff onto the table, they didn't accept her request. (lol)

"Now, let's get back to the meeting. Let's remind ourselves why we gathered here."

King Leckros lightly tapped the table and passed around some documents.


Derus didn't say a word until the wager was settled. He fixed his eyes on Glenn with an intense gaze.

 *  *  *


A rough clash of swords echoed as Runaan and Owen Kingdom two knights, took five steps back from the center of the training ground.


The knight who identified himself as Jena charged like a whirlwind, thrusting his sword toward Runaan's left hip. The sharp blade pierced like a beacon.

'His hip.'

Runaan blinked as she saw the sword technique aimed at her shoulder and abdomen.

'Slower than Raon.'

During their training sessions, Raon had targeted vulnerabilities with speed and power that was astonishingly fierce. Rather than feeling like a mere strike to a weak point, it felt like he was breaking something.

Compared to that fearsome attack, Jena's moves seemed as effective as tapping a twig.


Runaan slightly lowered her stance and swung her sword. The blade, infused with a touch of blue frost, deftly parried Jena's attack.

"Not bad, but from now on, it's for real!"

With a chilly smile, Jena charged forward once more and swung her sword. The fluid motion of her strike flowed like a river.

"Me too."

Runaan nodded calmly and raised her sword, a composed expression on her face.

"Me too."

With a light kick to the ground, she dashed towards Jena. Moving faster than the incoming thrust, she swung her sword downward.


The two women exchanged a flurry of sword strikes with intense momentum, aiming for each other's openings. At first, Jena seemed overwhelming, but as Runaan displayed a sword technique resembling moonlight, she gradually began to be pushed back.

"Not yet... huh?"

Jena, who had been parried by Runaan's sword strike, rushed forward again like a bull but suddenly came to a halt.


Her armor and boots were completely frozen, sticking to the ground. It wasn't just her armor and boots; her hands and feet couldn't move properly either.

"When did...?"

"From the beginning."

Runaan blinked after dispelling the frost emanating from her sword.


Despite her efforts, Jena struggled to move, as the cold had permeated not only her armor and body but also her internals.

"I lost."

She raised her only moving hand to declare her defeat.

"Good job."

Runaan nodded and approached Jena, dispelling the cold that had bound her.


"Runaan! Runaan! Runaan!"

"Cheongwol Sword!"

"She won again!"

"Is Zieghart crazy? If they're not fighting each other, they won't stop."

"Are they fighters or just dogs? Crazy dogs."

"Not Light Wind, but Galehounds..." (one of Light wind squad translations name is Gale wind)

"I prefer that; it's straightforward."

Beyond Rimmer's concerns, the Light Wind squad's transformation into Galehounds quickly spread among the audience. However, since everyone enjoyed sparring, they liked it even more.

"Good job."

Raon nodded at Runaan as she descended from victory.

"Yeah, but Raon..."

Runaan hesitated and approached, lowering her gaze.

"Do we still need to do concentration-enhancing training?"


Raon shook his head firmly.

"The opponents you've faced so far are weaker than you. I'm not sure yet."

As he mentioned that they still had a long way to go, Raon's impression of Runaan seemed to be slightly crumpled.

"It's really ugly..."

"Yeah, I know."

Runaan often talks about looks, probably due to Encia, but her comments mean nothing to Raon, who has little interest in appearances.


Runaan wrinkled her nose and walked towards where the Light Wind squad was.

Raon watched Runaan's back and then turned her head towards the spectator seats.

"Now it's the quarterfinals..."

What is that person doing?

Unlike Sheryl and Roenn, who are supporting Glenn, Rimmer is nowhere to be seen. It's truly incomprehensible what he is doing, leaving the arena like this.

"Hey! I won!"

As he was pointing excitedly, cheers from a familiar voice came from the audience seats.

There he is…

'There he is.'

Knowing that Rimmer is in the spectator seats, Wrath frowned.

This guy needs some education. As the king's... ah.

He raised his fist but stopped.

Yes, you might do better…

Wrath recalled the Light Wind squad, who had trained without their human disguises, and clenched his hand, considering the guy even more sinister than a demon king.

'Don't worry. When I surpass that human, I'll kill... no, educate him.'

He gave a chilling smile and glared at Rimmer in the spectator seats.


Raon turned her gaze to the floating bracket in the air.

'Everyone is doing well.'

Unless they're facing a fellow warior with a clear skill gap, the Light Wind squad hasn't lost. Already in the quarterfinals are Burren, Runaan, and Krein, and soon Martha will also advance.

'Four out of the eight in the quarterfinals...'

Two will make it to the semifinals.

Unfortunately, Runaan and Burren are paired against each other, and Krein will face the Third Prince and likely be eliminated. In the end, only one of Runaan and Burren, and Martha, will make it to the semifinals.

'Should I withdraw one of them?'

In order to secure a clear victory, Raon considered removing one of them. Burren and Runaan are focusing on each other to prepare for their match.

'No need to do that.'

This sparring competition isn't just about winning. It's also important to improve the warriors skills. Orders to deliberately hold back aren't necessary.

'Now I should prepare as well.'

Today's competition goes up to the quarterfinals. The semifinals, from the final four, will be held tomorrow, so Raon needs to prepare for the master-level duels.

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the man in a judge's attire standing beneath the bracket.


Derus has decided to observe him more closely, sending Martio as a judge. He seems to be scrutinizing not just the arena, but also himself.

'It's not just him who's dangerous.'

Tacheon. Just like Merlin had told him, Tacheon was targeting him. The moment when he would strike would be today, when the quarterfinals and finals will be held tomorrow, attended by the leaders of the Six Kings.

It wasn't just him here; there were other future leaders of the Six Kings, so he would undoubtedly be targeted today.

'Ah, wait a moment.'

Raon lowered his gaze from the sky to observe Martio, who had become a judge.

'I can decide when Tacheon will attack.'

Tachen would definitely aim for openings. There's a way to deliberately create openings and lure his attacks.

Raon tightened his grip on the Heavenly Drive sword and let out an excited smile.

"I can get rid of these bothersome ones all at once."

*  *  *

After a short break, a new announcer stepped onto the arena.

"Thank you for your patience! We will now proceed with the quarterfinals of the Expert level!"

Perhaps to lighten the subdued atmosphere, the new announcer shouted with a slightly brighter voice than the previous one.

"Unfortunately, due to Balkarr's Ricky Laron withdrawing, Martha Zieghart  advances directly to the semifinals."

With Balkar's knight, who was Martha's opponent, stepping back due to injury, she automatically advanced to the semifinals.

"Running away, huh!"

Martha was upset about not being able to fight and advancing to the semifinals.

"If you're a coward, you should die here!"

She cursed Ricky Laron, who was unconscious in the infirmary, while kicking him. 

"Now, let's start the first match. Oh, it's overlapping! Burren, the Zieghart Swordsman, and Runaan, the Zieghart Swordsman!"

At the announcer's call, Burren and Runaan ascended to the arena from the left and right sides respectively.

"Who do you think will win?"

Martha approached Raon and narrowed her eyes.


Raon exhaled softly, looking at Burren's intense gaze and Runaan's calm pupils.

"I wouldn't be surprised whoever wins."

Except for Rimmer and himself, if there's anyone strongest in the Light Wind squad, it's undoubtedly Martha.

However, the outcome between Burren and Runaan below him is not clearly decided. From their days as trainees until now, there has never been a clear upper hand.

"This time it won't be fun. Even if they're Galehounds, our colleagues will recognize them."

"That's right. Even though it's Crazy Zieghart, the semifinals are right in front of us. One side will make concessions."

"Will Burren move on? He was unbelievably fast."

"Runaan is just as formidable. Blocking movement with frost is already the mastery of a master!"

The audience was convinced that the battle between the Ziegharts wouldn't be a full-out fight since the semifinals were near.

"Foolish people."

Martha snorted as she looked at the spectators.

"Those idiots who don't give their all in front of a fight don't deserve to bear the name of Zieghart and the Light Wind squad! Isn't that right?"

"Of course!"


The Light Wind squad members agreed with Martha's words, nodding their heads.


Raon turned back and looked at the eyes of the Light Wind squad members. Their gaze expressed a clear conviction that they should fight with all their might.

"They've grown well."

Though they are still inexperienced, their spirits have advanced one step as warriors. A satisfied smile formed on his face.

"Now, let's start the first match of the quarterfinals!"

The announcer descended from the arena and raised his hand.


Before that hand could point to the sky, Burren and Runaan moved simultaneously.


A powerful clash of swords resonated in the center of the arena, and a cold wind swept through the air as their strikes collided. Blue frost poured down around the arena.


The two of them exchanged close-range sword strikes once more. The blades of wind and the blades of frost clashed and created a spectacular display of brilliant light.



Burren and Runaan unleashed their accumulated strength as if they were facing archenemies rather than fellow Ziegharts.


Wind and frost clashed endlessly, and an unending storm spread across the arena.

"What, what is this..."

"They're on the same side!"

"Why are they going all out! The semifinals are tomorrow!"

"Instead of going all out, it looks like they're trying to kill each other!"

"They're ripping each other apart just because they have an opponent?"

"They're really acting like mad Galehounds..."

The audience stared in disbelief as Burren and Runaan struck at each other's vital points without holding back. With the crucial semifinal battle looming, no one had expected them to fight with such intense determination.


Ignoring the comments around them, Runaan and Burren continued to wield their swords. Their strikes aimed at each other's vulnerable spots, with the sound of their breathing carrying in the air.


The frost-covered blade that controlled the space was sliced through by a sharp gust of wind, and the howling wind blade that tore through the air was met with a chilling cold.

Their strikes held the determination for victory, without considering advantages or disadvantages. Both were fighting with all their might, ascending to a higher level of skill.


After clashing for a while, Burren and Runaan simultaneously rebounded and stood at the edge of the arena.



Although visibly tired, neither of them displayed any sign of wavering in their eyes.

"I've wanted to defeat you since our days as trainees."

Burren clenched his teeth and raised his sword. A sharp breeze dominated the silver blade.

"Let's settle it here."

"I'm going to win."

Runaan nodded confidently, gripping her sword with both hands and pulling it back as if drawing a bow. The blue frost dissipated like moonlight, creating a grand aura.


As their auras intensified, the audience fell into silence. The tension was so palpable that even their breaths seemed to be held. Just as the hush deepened, a tense spectator dropped their beer mug, shattering it.


In that instant, Burren and Runaan both struck the ground.


Burren's sword emitted a cutting breeze that cleaved through the northern sea, while the moonlight on Runaan's blade, akin to freezing entire continents, vanished in an instant.


The collision of their powerful strikes tore through the arena, and a potent wave of energy surged into the sky.


After the storm of frost and wind subsided, the state of the arena was revealed. Burren and Runaan lay fallen in the center of the arena, their eyes closed. Despite enduring the impact of such tremendous force, they had continued to swing their swords until the end.


Using the ring of fire, Raon checked their conditions and let out a sigh of relief.

"No major injuries."

Both had pushed themselves to their limits, leaving them exhausted. However, there were no serious or significant injuries.

"Bu-Burren, Runaan. Unable to continue the match! Th-The match has no winner!"

The announcer swallowed audibly at the unbelievable situation and proceeded to disqualify both of them.

"Hurry up! Come up here immediately!"

The waiting healers led the two of them towards the medical station.



"They're insane! Seriously!"

"Are they even on the same side? Why are they so consumed by fighting each other like this?"

"Zieghart! Zieghart!"

"Galehound! Galehound!"

The spectators who had initially ignored and belittled the Ziegharts erupted into cheers until their throats were sore, witnessing the immense strength of the Light Wind squad swordsmen and their unwavering fighting spirit.

From the Sweet 16 matches onwards, the loudest cheers from the audience undoubtedly belonged to the Ziegharts.

"Cheongwol Sword! Cheongwol Sword!"

"Sunwind Sword! Sunwind Sword!"

The audience bestowed the names "Cheongwol" and "Sunwind" upon Runaan and Burren, respectively, as they cheered with enough fervor to reach the fallen duo.


"Are they out of their minds?"

"Why are they fighting each other so fiercely..."

"They're truly like wild Galehounds..."

Even members of other factions couldn't help but shake their heads in disbelief as they watched the Zieghart swordsmen.

'Even he seems taken aback.'

Seeing the awkward expression on Martio's face, Raon smiled.

'It would be better for you to enjoy this moment while you can.'

Since today would be the last time you get to observe as a judge. 

"Clear that mess? Here?"

Wrath narrowed his eyes as if asking what nonsense Raon was talking about.

'Yeah, I can't kill him, but I can get rid of him.'

"How in the world?"

'With an antidote.'

Raon looked at the blue sky and gave a chilly smile.

Poison should be countered with poison.


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