TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 271

 N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 271


Gelmier couldn't overcome the soaring power of Yeomryonggyeol and was pinned against the wall.

"Huff! Huff!"

He barely managed to extinguish the blazing Yeomryonggyeol, gasping for breath as if he were about to die.

"What, what are you! Who the hell are you!"

Gelmier cursed in frustration, his trembling lips revealing his astonishment.

"How can you follow the Pungsagumgyeol!" (the Wind and Rain Sword Style) 

Raon approached Gelmier, lowering the Heavenly Drive Sword.

"I mean it. Since the day I started wielding a sword until now, I have never skipped basic training."

Basic sword techniques include horizontal slashes, vertical slashes, diagonal slashes, and thrusts. 

Most people neglect basic training after mastering proper sword techniques, but Raon had been diligently practicing the fundamentals every single day.

"I was quite confident in my thrusts, but when I saw your swordplay, I was genuinely amazed. I thought to myself, 'Wow, with just one thrust, you can unleash such diverse and powerful sword techniques.' But then..."

Raon glared at Gelmier, scolding him.

"What was that shoddy slashing at the end?"

During their final clash, Gelmier created hundreds of powerful strikes with just one thrust, targeting vital spots.

It was a remarkably mysterious swordplay, but it was just an empty shell.

Gelmier's real trick was the hidden power behind the Wind and Rain Sword Stylel.

"I was disappointed by your pathetic display."

Raon's crimson eyes flared with a chilling intensity.


Wrath tilted his head as if he couldn't understand.

So, are you angry because the enemy didn't swing the sword the way you wanted?

This was unbelievable. 

Raon seemed to be a lunatic, not caring if his opponent used the sword techniques he desired.

This guy is absolutely insane!

Having lived for many years and witnessed numerous individuals, Wrath had never encountered someone as mentally unstable as Raon.

How on earth did he turn into this monster?

Is the environment for growth that important?

At first, Wrath thought of Raon as a calm, composed, and patient youngster, but now, he seemed completely insane.

Perhaps the influences of Geuldkaegi, Dungson Gyehjib, and Gajoo Yeonggam had combined to shape him this way. (what the hell are those words mean, lol) 

Even among demons, there's no one like this…

Wrath was determined once again that he would take this crazy guy to the demon realm, even if it was for the revival of the demons.

"Shut up!"

Gelmier rose to his feet, radiating a fierce aura.

"Do you think I'll end like this!"

He poured his anger into his sword and launched an attack. 

The explosive power of Mauijeonggeom soared above the three swords.

"It's useless."

Raon stepped on Taehwaeibo, swiftly unraveling the power of Gwangagum from above the blade of the Heavenly Drive Sword.


The ferocious, roaring silver-white blade shattered Gelmier's sword strike in a single blow and impaled his waist.


Clutching his waist, Gelmier staggered backward.

"What, what...?"

He couldn't believe that his powerful Mauijeonggeom had been shattered so easily, and his lips trembled in disbelief.


Raon stomped on the ground as if to declare that he wouldn't give any room to breathe.

"Get lost!"

Gelmier desperately swung his sword. 

It was a thrust that maximized penetration and explosiveness, but it was meaningless now.


Raon dodged to the left and intercepted the attack. 

Infused with the exquisite maneuver of the Heavenly Drive Sword, the Heavenly Drive Sword pushed away the three swords, and the Blade of Requiem struck Gelmier's upper body.


Gelmier's clothes tore, and blood gushed from his chest.


He shivered, his complexion turning pale from the overwhelming fear of being dominated by powerlessness.

"It can't be... How can a master-level...?"

"I told you. Once the fight starts, such things don't matter."

Raon narrowed his eyes slightly, his gaze becoming sharper.

"Come at me properly. Your neck might be gone next time."

"You, you'll kill me? In this duel?"

"What reason is there not to?"

From the start of the battle, Gelmier had aimed for Raon's neck and heart. 

Since the other side showed their hostility first, there was no reason for him to hold back.


Gelmier tightly grasped the three swords. 

He had drawn on his full power to the point where blood trickled from his lips.


A tremendous shockwave spread from him, shaking the underground space as if it were about to collapse. 

Debris from the walls and ceiling floated in the air like dust.

"Absolutely, absolutely! It won't end here!"

Gelmier yelled, slamming the ground. 

He rushed forward like a fierce tiger and swung the three swords.


One sword strike expanded into hundreds, covering the entire field of view. 

It looked as if rain made of strong energy was pouring down.


Although it was a sword technique he had only pretended to use before, this time it was real. 

A perfect thrust left no room to evade.

"Now it's too late."

Raon spoke with a chilling tone as he took a stance. 

He let the red light, like a meandering stream of magma, flow down his sword blade.

Red Sphere, White Sphere.

The flash containing the light of the sun melted the strong energy and distorted the space.


In the gap between the torn Wind Path Sword Style's sword moves, Gelmier's right arm flew off.

 Amazement and fear flowed from his distorted green eyes.


Amidst excruciating pain, Gelmier's right arm fell to the ground with a thud. (Finally!!) 

"Kkeeu! My, my arm...."

"I let you off lightly."

Raon approached Gelmier with a cold gaze.

"I could have killed you."

Since this matter was related to their families and direct lineage, the end of this incident had to be in the Head of House decisions.

Unfortunately, he couldn't kill him.

"My, my father will never spare you! Never...."

"Your father's chance is over now?"

Raon smirked and looked down at Gelmier.

"You're too pathetic. I have nothing to say to you. You need more lessons."


"If you don't want to lose your tongue, shut up."

"Th-the words.... Kuh!"

Raon punched Gelmier's jaw with all his strength.



As soon as Theron, the leader of the Judicial Division squad 2, heard the news that the Light Wind squad was carrying out forced execution, he immediately gathered all the remaining members of the Judicial Division.

'The Thundersword/Light Strike Squad is dangerous!'

They are was strong. 

They were not people that the newly appointed swordsmen of the Light Wind squad could deal with solely on willpower.

Especially Gelmier, despite his mild appearance, was an extremely cold and ruthless person. 

Even with Raon present, there was still a possibility of casualties.

'The gate is broken....'

As he saw the shattered main gate of the Central Martial Palace, a sense of unease swelled up like a balloon.

"Please, let no one die."

Hoping that there would be no casualties, Theron crossed the gate into the Central Martial Palace.

"Everyone, stop the fight! From now on, we, the Judicial Bureau, will... huh?"

Theron, who was shouting to stop the fight, was left dumbfounded.

"What, what is this...?"

The fight had already ended. 

He had some expectations, but the result was beyond his imagination.

'Why is the Light Wind squad standing, and the Lightning Strike squad lying down?'

The green-clad Judicial Bureau members were lying with their mouths agape, while the black-clad Light Wind squad members, though looking exhausted, were still standing on both feet.

"Am, am I dreaming?"

The Judicial Bureau was made up of veteran swordsmen like Gelmier Zieghart, who had completed numerous missions. 

It was hard for him to believe that the newly formed Light Wind squad had defeated them.

"What, what happened?"

"The Light Wind Squad won?"


"Can this even happen?"

The other Judicial Bureau swordsmen swallowed dry saliva, seeming unable to believe the situation.


To regain his composure, Theron took a deep breath and looked around.

'Raon and Gelmier are not here!'

If one of them died, it could lead to a catastrophic event, and his heart pounded heavily.

"Lord Gambling Monster!"

Theron rushed to Gambling Monster, who was on his knees.

"Where is Raon Zigheart?"

"He's down below."

He pointed his finger towards the ground.

When he strained his ears, he could faintly hear a thumping sound.

"D-Don't tell me Gelmier Zieghart and..."

"That's right. They must be fighting fiercely."

"But why are you just standing around like this? We have to stop them!"

"Stop them? Who?"

"Of course, Gelmier! He might kill Raon!"


Gambling Monster burst into laughter, holding his forehead, an inappropriate reaction for the situation.

"L-Lord Gambling Monster?"

"Someone like Gelmier killing that monster? 

"The leader of Judicial Division squad 2 has comedic potential."

"Excuse me?"

"If it were the other way around, I wouldn't know, but that won't happen."


Theron sighed, shaking his head. 

Even when he was in the Council, he was someone who didn't listen.

"I'll go find both of them. Squad 2, clean up here..."

"No need to go."

Gambling Monster casually waved his hand. 

He pointed to the floor again and chuckled.

"They'll be out soon."

"We don't have time for jokes! If anyone dies, it will be chaos..."

When Theron ignored Gambling Monster and tried to go to secret chamber. 


The entire Judicial Division shook, and a huge hole burst open where Gambling Monster pointed, and someone shot up like a fountain.


Wasn't it Lightning Strike leader?

It was Gelmier. 

His right arm was severed, but he was flying through the air with his eyes rolled back.

"Why is he there?"

He couldn't understand the situation, and his head felt foggy. 

It was as if his brain was filled with rust.

"This is not right!"

Now was not the time to think about such things. 

If Gelmier fell like that, he would be killed instantly.


When he tried to run to Gelmier, someone caught him and caught Gelmier as he came down from the hole in the floor.

Golden eyes.

 It was Raon Zieghart, the one who was said to have fought Gelmier.

"Sorry. I'm a bit slow."

Raon put Gelmier down on the floor and gave a faint smile.

"I have things to learn."

"You're learning? You make me gasp in surprise again."

Gambling Monster snickered, giving Raon an unimpressed look.



Theron still couldn't grasp the situation and stood there dumbfounded, his mouth agape.

"What, what's going on here?"

Raon, a lower-level master, seemed unharmed, while Gelmier, an intermediate-level master, was lying unconscious with his arm severed.

"So, this is..."

The answer was actually simple, but Theron couldn't accept it in his mind.

"Raon defeated Gelmier?"

Was that even possible?

As one becomes more skilled, the gap between ranks becomes as vast as the difference between heaven and earth. 

Even if Raon's level was slightly higher than Master Intermediate and Gelmier was just an Intermediate, there should have been a clear difference in their abilities. 

Yet, he couldn't understand the reason for such an outcome.

"Ah, you're from the Judicial Division, right?"

While he was forcing his head to turn, Raon approached him first.

"I'm Theron, the leader of the Judicial Division Squad 2."

Theron straightened himself and introduced himself. 

"I heard that Light Wind squad was planning to execute an enforced arrest on Burren Zieghart, who was hiding in the Central Martial Palace. What's the situation now? If you don't give me a proper explanation, you might have to pay with your life."

Theron looked at Raon with a cold gaze.

"Gelmier and the entire Lightning Strike squad abducted Burren and confined him below. They planned to brainwash him and control him."


"The reason for brainwashing was to make him kill me."

Raon smiled calmly as if he were talking about someone else's affairs.


Theron's mouth fell open. 

He had vowed not to be surprised anymore, but his determination crumbled in just ten seconds.

"Is, is that true?"

"He will come out from under there. You can check the secret chamber down there."

Raon pointed to the hole in the floor. 

Theron kneeled down and examined it, seeing several layers of walls made of a peculiar material.

"The culprit is coming out too."

Raon pointed to the back, and Burren emerged. 

He was dragging Allan, looking disheveled with torn clothes and injuries.


Did they really kidnap him?

While he couldn't be sure about the brainwashing, looking at Burren's condition, it seemed highly likely that he had indeed been kidnapped. 

To kidnap a brother from within the Judicial Division, it was an outrageous and insane act.

"All right, let me gather my thoughts for a moment."

Theron slapped his cheeks lightly and closed his eyes.

Raon chuckled, understanding how overwhelmed Theron must feel.

"He must be feeling disoriented."

The news of Light Wind squad attacking the Central Martial Palace probably led him to expect something else, but the reality turned out to be a kidnapping and brainwashing attempt on his brother. 

It was understandable for him to react that way.


Raon let Theron sort through his thoughts and observed Burren approaching from behind.

"I told you to trust me, didn't I?"

Burren smiled and raised his fist. 

It seemed he had gained something from his battle with Allan and looked satisfied with himself. 

It was a rewarding feeling.

"Yeah, you did. Well done..."


"It's Burren!"

"Burren is back!"

"Burren ! Burren! Burren!"

As Raon nodded, the Light Wind swordsmen cheered for Burren.

"You, guys..."

Feeling touched, Burren covered his mouth with his hand.

"I'm back!"

"Burren! Burren! Burren!"

Light Wind squad called out his name repeatedly, and some even kneeled down, showing their admiration and respect for their deputy leader.

"Thank you. Thank you all. I'm sorry for worrying you..."

Tears welled up in Burren's eyes. 

While his older brother tried to kidnap and brainwash him, his comrades risked their lives to rescue him, and feeling moved was only natural.

"Where would we put him... Ah, here, hop in!"

Dorian took out a large kettle from his bag and placed Burren on top of it. 

Each member of Light Wind squad grabbed a leg of the kettle and lifted Burren up.

"Burren! Burren! Burren!"

Light Wind squad continued to cheer and carry Burren, heading towards the main gate of the Central Martial Palace.


"This, this is..."

The members of the Judicial Division stood still, unable to stop them. 

The situation was so unbelievable that they couldn't react.

"That's enough now. I understand all of your feelings."

After wiping his eyes with the back of his hand, Burren nodded with deep emotion in his gaze.

"I'll live for Light Wind squad from now on. I'll dedicate everything..."

"Burren! Burren! Burren!"

Light Wind squad didn't stop, continuing to chant Burren's name as they headed towards Bukmang Mountain. (LMAO) 

"Wait, wait! This isn't the direction of the headquarters! Why are we going to the mountain...?"

"Burren! Burren! Burren!"

The pupils of Light Wind members turned red as they looked at Bukmang Mountain. 

The madness they had displayed against the enemies before resurfaced.

"Hoo, training, you say? Huh? Why are your eyes like that! Red! Hey!"


"Put me down, you bastards!"

Burren finally realized that something was off and tried to get off the kettle, but the Light Wind squad members pushed him back, not giving him any room to escape.

Raon nodded in satisfaction as he watched the enthusiastic Light Wind squad and Burren.

"That's right. It's all going according to plan."

"Don't you think it's going a bit too far? These crazy people!"

Wrath trembled as he watched Vuren in distress.

"People don't die that easily."

Raon reassured him with a wave of his hand.


Wrath let out a heavy sigh, holding his forehead. 

It felt like everyone's minds had gone completely haywire. 

Nothing made sense anymore. 

The place they were in seemed like a reverse world, where their true selves were turned inside out.

"They've all gone crazy! They've lost their minds!"

As the Demon King himself worried about humans, the humans were displaying chaotic and evil behaviors.

"Is this place really the Demon Realm?"

The place where I used to live was the human world.

Wrath scratched his head, seriously contemplating his own identity.

"Everyone, stop!"

As Light Wind squad was about to take Burren and head towards Bukmang Mountain, Theron rushed in, shouting to halt their actions.

"This goes beyond my authority to decide. We should all head to the Lord Palace together!"

He clenched his lips, as if feeling helpless.

Raon smiled knowingly and nodded.

"Of course."


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