TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 270

 N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 270


A satisfied exclamation burst out from the table where Rimmer, alone in the 5th Training Ground, was indulging himself.

"Great! Wonderful! This is the taste of living!"

Rimmer, surrounded by empty liquor bottles on the table, slurred his words.

"This glass is for Raon! And the second one is for Burren!"

He lifted his glass towards the moon and downed the drink in one gulp.

"Neither of them are dead yet!"

Tias, who was under the table, shook his head.

"Oh, I don't mean that they should die, just that they should come back victorious," 

Rimmer replied, laughing playfully as he tore into a roasted pig obtained from the restaurant.

"Kyaah! This is the life!"

He quickly flexed his muscles and patted his belly.

"Lately, that cursed Raon made me stick to a controlled diet, and I couldn't eat properly. He's such a stubborn guy."

Rimmer sighed as he realized he needed to recover his strength as soon as possible.

"Aren't you worried about the Light Wind squad?"

Tias looked towards the direction of the ongoing battle, biting his lip.

"Jungmadan (Thundersword/Lightning Strike squad) is strong. It may not compare to the Dae or Bi, but among the family, it's one of the top three in terms of power."

Even if there were Jungmadan against Light Wind, it didn't seem like a winning scenario. 

Rimmer was worried that instead of rescuing Buren, they might end up getting caught.

"Phew, my heart is pounding so much I feel like I might die."

If Raon hadn't given the order to stay here, Rimmer would have rushed into the battle immediately.

"You know, it's not just fiction that you feel a special power when rescuing a comrade."

Rimmer twirled his raised finger.

"That's not mere fiction. You've seen the determined eyes of our squad when they head to battle, right?"

"Hmm, those eyes..."

Tias gulped dryly. 

The eyes of the Light Wind members were not filled with confidence but rather a fierce and ferocious feeling. 

It felt like they were not rescuing a comrade, but rather kidnapping someone.

"Anyway, if you just relax and wait, the guys will bring Burren back on their own."

"Well, that's good to hear..."

As long as Light Wind squad and Burren were safe, there was nothing else to wish for.

"Do you have any other worries?"

Rimmer turned his head as if he was in his own room, lying on the table like a grand master.

"Gelmier has reached Master Intermediate as a swordsman. He's an incredibly cold-blooded person, so I'm worried about how Raon will defeat him..."

More than half of Jungmadan squad's strength came from Gelmier's prowess. 

Rimmer was concerned about how Raon would face him.

"Ahaha! No need to worry about that monster guy. Raon will definitely win."

Rimmer confidently predicted Raon's victory as he looked at the moon in the sky.

"But Gelmyer) Gelmier is Master Intermediate..."

"He's just at the intermediate level. Raon can handle him."

He chuckled while throwing a peanut into his mouth.

"Let's just wonder what that monstrous brat will come back with."



In a fleeting moment, the swords of Raon and Gelmier clashed more than ten times, sending sparks flying through the air like a fountain.


Amidst the small sparks, Gelmier's thrust came soaring forward.

Narrowing his gaze, Raon pushed his sword forward.

The speed, precision, and power of Gelmier's swordsmanship were harmoniously balanced, almost perfect. 

His flawless swordsmanship left no room for error.

"Take this as well."

Gelmier lightly lowered his elbow and thrust his sword. 

The starting point of the thrust was slightly lower, and the blade trembled with an unreadable aura.

"Bring it on."

Raon raised his Heavenly Drive sword upward and used the sharp strike of the Blade of Requiem to attack the center of Gelmier's three swords.


The impact was so powerful that it resonated through the bones, piercing through Raon's entire body. 

Despite being a despicable person who kidnapped and brainwashed his brother, Gelmier's skill was truly formidable.

"That won't be enough."

Gelmier sneered and shifted his shoulder back, then shot his three swords forward. 

Despite starting the thrust slightly lower, the blade trembled with an indescribable aura.


Raon let out a hollow laugh.

"How amusing."

Even when he pushed the speed of the thrust to its limit, the power and precision didn't waver. 

It was a pure and sincere swordsmanship.

"So he compresses the wind to explode it. Interesting."

Gelmier had a high affinity for the wind attribute, just like Burren. 

At the moment of the thrust, he compressed the energy of the wind and exploded it to maximize power and speed. 

It lived up to its name as a top-tier swordsmanship, "Hurricane Sword."

"Are you out of your mind? You'll regret this. We've only just begun!"

Gelmier's voice was chilling as he delved into the space. 

From his hand, the same thrust that Raon had seen a while ago unfolded once again.


There was no escape route to be found. 

His entire field of vision was filled with the silvery sword.

"Don't get too arrogant like before!"

As if thinking he had already won, Gelmier revealed his triumphant expression and laughed as he released his three swords. 

In the moment when the hundreds of blades engulfed him with a whirlwind of energy, Raon raised his Heavenly Drive Sword to block them.


The wall of frost followed the trajectory of the swords, completely intercepting the energy Gelmier had thrust.


Although the icy wall melted like spring snow, it did not let out even a tiny bit of sword energy.

"It's still useful."

Using the knowledge he gained through Lohengreen, Raon tried creating a wall using Glacier manipulation technique. 

Seeing that he blocked Gelmier's Master-level swordplay, it seemed that his defense was superior with Ten thousand flames cultivation arts.

"Arrogant? I don't recall being arrogant."

Raon raised the corner of his mouth, looking at Gelmier's trembling eyes.

"But it's a fact that you kidnapped and brainwashed your own younger brother because you were afraid of me."

"Shut up!"

Gelmier forcefully hid his surprise and extended his three swords. 

Instead of releasing the energy, he concentrated an immense force within the entire blade and thrust it directly. 

The speed and power were much stronger than before.


Raon resonated the Ring of Fire with his polarity, increasing his concentration.

"It's quite fascinating."

He used the maximal piercing force of the energy combined with the explosive and swift thrusts of Wind. 

Although the strength and speed had increased significantly, the technique remained the same.


The intense force emanating from the three swords felt as though it tore through his skin, even without touching it.


After observing Gelmier's thrust to the end, Raon stepped back.


Strands of his hair flew as it was cut above Gelmier's three swords. 

He laughed at the thrust that continued to pursue.

"He's undoubtedly powerful, but..."

Winning wouldn't be too difficult.

Gelmier was undoubtedly much stronger than Tyler, but Raon had already grasped his swordsmanship finesse. 

If he raised his full strength and fought, he could easily win.


He wanted to learn.

Putting personality aside, Gelmier's thrust was close to perfection. 

Though he couldn't mimic it exactly due to the different attributes, he still wanted to make that level of mastery his own.

Raon looked at Gelmier's eyes filled with confidence in victory and savored the taste.

"Eat well, your swordsmanship."

Raon conveyed this thought to Gelmier.

"I'll savor your swordplay." 

Gelmier let out a cold laugh as he watched Raon retreat.

"I made a mistake."

There was no need to fear such a guy.

In martial arts, just by clashing swords, one could sense the opponent's emotions and thoughts.

At the moment, Raon Zieghart was only thinking about running away, frightened by my power.

"How pathetic. Is that all you can do, mock me while running away!"

"Don't you know that one step back is for two steps forward? Ignorant fool."

Raon gave a smug smile and shrugged his shoulders.


Rather than being taunted, Gelmier was more irritated by the fact that Raon was solely focused on avoiding his thrusts. 

He found it more annoying to see Raon dodging by observing the sword until the very end before stepping back.

"Do you think I don't know your intentions?"

In high-level battles, concentration was crucial.

Raon was undoubtedly trying to shake his mind and create an opening.

He had experienced countless battles like this.

Gelmier chewed on the inside of his cheek, concentrating his mind to maintain cold rationality as he swung his sword.

"I won't fall for such tricks!"

He took a deep breath and unleashed the power of his sword. 

The sharpness and speed of his sword strike were maximized as it was aimed at Raon's shoulder.


Raon slightly tilted the hand holding the sword and then thrust it forward. 

It was a thrust similar to the Wind and Rain Sword Style.


The powerful impact from the clash shook the entire underground space as if the ground was trembling.


Pushed back by the tremendous collision, Raon was naturally the one who was forced to retreat.

"You little brat."

Gelmier looked at Raon, who was stepping back five paces, and twisted his lips.

"Did you think you could follow the Wind and Rain Sword Style?"

the Wind and Rain Sword Style was not only about a large number of aura particles but also required essential manipulation of the wind's energy.

He couldn't even handle the compression, let alone control the wind itself, yet he thought he could follow the Wind and Rain Sword Style. Gelmier couldn't help but sneer at that thought.

"Just try it until the end."

Raon adjusted his stance again and flicked his finger. 

Despite having been injured, he still displayed a relaxed demeanor that infuriated Gelmier.

"Come at me again."


He was a guy who wouldn't die even if his mouth was full of water. 

Gelmier wanted to rip off the never-ending chatter.


Gelmier gritted his teeth and unfolded one of the forms of the Wind and Rain Sword Style called Manpung Hwijung. 

The compressed wind's energy exploded all at once, aiming for Raon's heart.


The terrifying power and speed were so great that it seemed like the air was tearing apart.

Raon, as if trying to imitate Manpung Hwijung, slightly lowered his shoulder and released a surge of aura while shooting it forward.


The clash of the two swords created a resounding noise as if a mountain was collapsing.



Although Gelmier stood still in place, Raon let out a faint groan and stepped back four steps.

"I told you it's no good!"

Gelmier gritted his teeth and lunged towards Raon's left side. 

He swung the raised sword downward, unleashing the Wind and Rain Sword Style's Choweok Noou. 

It was an ultra-fast sword technique that sent a hundred thrusts in an instant.


Raon seemed to have no intention of retreating as he slightly turned his wrist and followed Choweok Noou's movement exactly.


The swords clashed endlessly, and a wave of energy surged in the air. 

Everything around them collapsed under the crimson tsunami.

Gelmier swallowed nervously as he looked at Raon's sword.

'What's going on?'

While continuously executing the Wind and Rain Sword Style, Raon's thrust was gradually changing.

Faster, stronger, more accurate.

It evolved from a mediocre thrust to a highly skilled one.

Raon was imitating his own swordsmanship, just like a child walking in their mother's footsteps.

'This can't be true.'

To increase the skill level of a thrust in the midst of such a tense battle is impossible. Gelmier's jaw trembled.


Gelmier stopped the Wind and Rain Sword Style and rotated his body in mid-air. 

He kicked off a collapsed pillar and swung his sword downward. 

It was the Wind and Rain Sword Style's move, Eungcheollangi.


It was a sword strike like a wolf's fangs descending on its prey, targeting Raon's head.

Raon lowered his stance, slightly raising his elbow while thrusting his sword toward the air, just as he did when unleashing Eungcheollangi.

'I can never follow this!'

Eungcheollangi was a crucial move of the Wind and Rain Sword Style that maximized the use of wind's energy. 

It was impossible for Raon, who only possessed heat and cold, to follow Eungcheollangi.

'Strike through his head!'

When attempting to shatter Raon's head with Eungcheollangi, Gelmir saw a sinister glint in Raon's eyes. 

Wind's energy emanated from his thrusting wrist, and fiery sparks, similar to those in Geomgyeok, erupted from his sword.

'What is this!'

The technique was almost identical to Eungcheollangi in form, but the power and speed were even stronger. 

It was an unbelievable sword strike.


A massive pillar of flames shook the ground as Raon and Gelmier retreated two steps each.

"What, what are you!"

Gelmier's eyes trembled like a sailing ship hit by a wave.

"How can you possess wind's energy!" 

Raon smirked as he looked at Gelmier, whose eyes had grown even larger than when he came to rescue Burren.

"It must be the power of the wind...."

I was also surprised.

I felt it when I tried to learn Gelmier's stabbing technique. 

As a swordsman with the power of fire, I couldn't replicate it perfectly.

But just being satisfied with improving my stabbing skill, a clear energy surged in the mana core.

It was the wind aura that Rimmer had handed over.

Merging with the flames but originally not a fire-based power, the wind's energy flowed along the ring of fire, allowing him to perfectly replicate the Wind Sword Technique.

"There is satisfaction in staying true to the basics."

With daily training in swordsmanship, the wind's energy from Rimmer, and reaching the 6th stage of the Ring of Fire, he was able to achieve his current level.

"Impossible! This can't be!"

Gelmier shouted in anger as he charged forward.

He used his aura and physical strength to execute his stabbing technique. 

The speed and power increased, and it twisted the aura.


Raon took a deep breath and firmly grasped the Heavenly Drive sword.

"I can go further from here."

A smile appeared on his face, knowing that he could further improve the completeness of his swordsmanship.


Reading the flow of Gelmier's stabbing through the Ring of Fire, Raon struck back with his Heavenly Drive sword.


Although Raon's sword came out a little later, Gelmier's stabbing didn't budge an inch.


As the two swords collided, red sparks flew, and the air distorted.

"What, what are you!"

"Raon Zieghart."

"How on earth did you follow my technique!"



Gelmier lost his composure, his pupils filled with rage, as he unleashed his swordsmanship.

Even in his anger, there was no opening in his stabbing technique.

"This is all about practice."

Raon didn't miss this opportunity and absorbed all the subtleties of Gelmier's stabbing.

The movements of the wrist and shoulder according to the direction of the stabbing, the way to use the aura in the sword strike, and even the ability to change the stance at a moment's notice.

He absorbed the advantages of Gelmier's accumulated stabbing techniques and discarded the disadvantages.


After catching his breath, Raon swung the heaven Drive sword, incorporating the subtleties of the stabbing he had learned in this battle. 

The Heavenly Drive sword, now infused with completely different speed and power, collided with Gelmier's Wind Sword.


With a menacing sound, the clash of swords pushed Gelmier back.


He shook his head in disbelief.


"This can't be the end, right?"

Raon flicked his finger.

"Come at me properly."

"You bastard!"

Gelmier unleashed a chilling aura and attacked. 

He performed a series of Wind and Fire Sword techniques one after another, but Raon had already read the flow and easily deflected them.

"Just a little more."

Raon parried all of Gelmier's attacks and perfected his stabbing technique until the end. (Poor Gelmier, lmao) 

Despite the trembling and bone-chilling power contained in Gelmier's Aura, Raon could endure it with the joy of growth.


Gelmier's grip on the sword faltered.

"I can't lose like this!"

He knew that he had to defeat that monstrous creature and Burren to create a chance to survive. 

If he lost here, he would be condemned to a life worse than death.

"I can't rely on thrusts anymore."

Considering the situation so far, the Ring of Wind Technique wouldn't work against him. He needed to change his swordsmanship.

"I'll use it as bait."

There was only one option left. 

He had to throw the Ring of Wind Technique as bait and then attack from behind with his newly learned swordsmanship.


Gelmier took a deep breath, drawing out an Aura intense enough to make his fingers ache before slamming it into the ground.


The final move of the Ring of Wind Technique descended from the ceiling, riding the wind. 

It was one attack, yet it appeared like thousands of stabs. 

The overwhelming sword energy rendered the opponent's defenses useless, unfolding without end.

"This one is fake."

Changryongpoongdo didn't contain as much Aura. 

The real deal was the Demon's Fury Sword hidden behind its dazzling appearance. 

It aimed at Raon's neck with an immensely powerful and dark aura.

"This is..."

Raon furrowed his brow as he saw the surging waves of powerful energy emanating from Changryongpoongdo.


Gelmier clenched his fist. 

Behind Changryongpoongdo was the Demon's Fury Sword that no one could stop. 

It was a perfect offense that would even force that monster to surrender his neck.

"You didn't believe in yourself."

As Gelmier was about to claim victory, Raon's cold voice echoed through the air.

Sizzling flames spread out and ripped apart the illusion of Changryongpoongdo, which had been used as a deception.

"You should not have given up on stabbing."

Emerging from behind him was a dragon. The Red Dragon seemed to pop out of Raon's eyes as it opened its mouth wide and devoured the Demon's Fury Sword.


The powerful clash resounded in the air.


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