TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 272

 N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 272

"Before that."

Raon signaled and called the Light Wind Squad, who were about to climb the mountain.

"Darn it..."

"It was a chance to eliminate him."

"We're not trying to eliminate him. We're just making him suffer to the brink of death."

"Ah, right. My mistake."

"Lucky for him."

The Light Wind Squad members returned, frowning and disgruntled.

"Hey, why are you all acting like this?"

Burren was taken aback at how drastically their temperaments had changed in just a week. 

No, they had turned into beasts, and he swallowed hard.

"First, let's take care of the wounded."

Raon pointed to the injured members of Light Wind squad and the unconscious bodies scattered around the training ground.

"If we have the four of us - myself, Burren, Gelmier, and Allan - it should be enough to go see the lord."

That should be enough to explain the situation, given the circumstances of the recent events.

"What about Gambling Monster and Gorman?"

Therond felt the powerful gaze of the Gambling Monster hovering around this place.

"Our Administrator won't bother with such troublesome matters. Kneeling down to report to him would be quite awkward."

"That's right."

Gambling Monster feigned a cough as if he liked Raon's words, nodding his head.

"Instead, Sir Administrator will be in charge of taking care of the wounded."


"You'll do it, won't you?"


Gambling Monster's face froze instantly, looking at Raon's smile. 

In front of Glenn, he was forced to decide whether he wanted to manage the children or not.

"How far will you take advantage of this old man! You rascal!"

He replied by cursing.

"Indeed, Sir Administrator the one who cares the most about the members."

"Stop making a fuss!"

He waved his hand to make them disappear quickly.


Theron smiled as he watched Raon's face.

"Was Sir Gambling Monster really such an easy person to handle?"

Gambling Monster was famous for being eccentric. 

Even when he was in the Council, he was difficult to handle, but after becoming a free man, he was considered a disaster that could not be controlled.

Seeing that such a monster couldn't even move against the young swordsman, Theron couldn't help but let out a hollow laugh.

"I shouldn't just rely on his power alone."

Raon's true strength wasn't his talent and power as the youngest master, but his decisiveness to recognize Gelmier's intentions and move quickly to control the situation as he desired.

"He is truly respectable."

To make a decision to save a comrade and move resolutely, it was an understatement to say that he was impressive.

He never expected to feel this way about someone much younger than him.

"Well then, let's go."

Raon dragged the unconscious Gelmier and Allan.

"A-Are you going to carry them like that?"

Theron swallowed his saliva as he pointed to the almost lifeless Gelmier and Allan.

"We don't need to treat criminals with care."

"Well, that's true, but still..."

"Ah, there's one more person we need."


Raon smiled cunningly and raised his finger.

"There's someone really important; please call him for me."


Rimmer looked around with wide eyes, and he saw Raon, Burren, Gelmier missing an arm, and Allan unconscious.

Slowly, he raised his head. 

On the red staircase, there were Glenn's cold pupils, looking down at the world from the golden platform.

"Why... Why am I here?"

I was enjoying a drink in the training ground, but I don't know why I was dragged here.

Honestly, I don't remember. 

When I came to my senses, I was at the Lord Manor, and when I opened my eyes, I was in the audience chamber.

Raon chuckled while looking at Rimmer, who seemed still dazed. 

Despite being brought here by Theron himself, he still didn't seem to have regained his senses.

"You don't need to greet me."

Just as he was about to greet, Glenn raised his hand, and for the first time since he was five years old, Rimmer saw Glenn's eyes with such a cold gaze.

"Explain what's going on."

"I... I'll tell you."

Before Raon could open his mouth, Burren stepped forward. 

He was the one involved in this incident, so he wanted to speak for himself.

"Burre ..."

Gelmier gestured to Burren.


He muttered with a trembling voice, as if he couldn't afford to miss this last chance.


Burren didn't turn around. 

He took a deep breath and fixed his gaze solely on Glenn.

"On the day I returned from the mission, my brother visited me. It was a long time since we last met, so we have a chat. During our conversation, he suddenly brought up Raon's name."


"Yes. He said he wanted to kill Raon and asked for his weakness."

"To kill him..."

Glenn's red pupils turned to the right. 

A chilling aura shot out from him and crushed Gelmier as if it were freezing.


Gelmier clutched his chest with his left hand and collapsed, blood seeping from his right shoulder, which had been bandaged.

"Please, spare... spare me..."

Gelmier begged, but Glenn's momentum didn't wane.

Under Glenn's powerful aura, Burren's words were abruptly cut off. The icy energy, as cold as ice, pierced Gelmier and Allan, crushing their throats.



Both criminals groaned, feeling as if their hearts were about to stop.

"Raon Zieghart."

Glenn's gaze shifted to the center, where Raon stood.

"How did you know that Burren was kidnapped?"

"I wasn't sure."

"You weren't sure?"

"Yes. It started as a suspicion."

Raon nodded.

"I know Burren better than anyone. He has a strong sense of responsibility. If he can't participate in training, he will personally come and apologize to everyone. So, when he didn't show up and only the butler came, I found it suspicious."

Burren's shoulders trembled slightly, and Glenn's imposing aura lessened.


"As I thought."

Sheryl and Roenn nodded slightly, as if to say 'Well done.'

Burren clenched his fists, looking at Gelmier and Allan.



Glenn's energy was still crushing Gelmier and Allan. 

The two criminals were sweating profusely and biting their lips until they bled.

"I also went to see the butler secretly to find out the truth. After that..."

Raon explained all the events that had happened up until now to Glenn.

"No, it's not true! Lord! I...!"

"Keep your mouth shut."

Glenn silenced Gelmier with just a glare. 

Blood trickled down onto the marble floor.

"I didn't give you permission to speak."


Gelmier gritted his teeth until they made a cracking sound.


"Yes, yes…"

Gelmier's eyes were wide open as he answered with difficulty.

"It... it's not true…"

It seemed that Glen was considering giving Gelmier a chance, as he slightly turned his head, but he didn't release the pressure on him.

"It wasn't sincere. I just wanted to see my long-lost brother's achievements and played a little prank. It's true that I detained him, but I never laid a hand on Burren!"

Gelmier seemed desperate not to miss the opportunity and continued to speak, vomiting blood as he tried to argue with an earnest gaze.

"When I was about to finish the prank and give Burren a gift, Raon appeared, and everything got tangled up. It's true! Please believe me!"

"How strange."

Raon interrupted Gelmier's words with a wry smile. 

No one seemed to believe what he said, but it was better to conclude things decisively.

"You played this prank for a whole week? And on top of that, you only had thoughts of killing me when you saw me. Even when you swung your sword, you aimed for my neck and heart"

As he spoke, blood refluxed due to the injuries that hadn't been properly treated, and it flowed out of Raon's mouth.


As Raon's red blood dropped to the floor, Glenn's body, sitting on the throne, shook significantly.

Sheryl and Roenn tightened their fists and raised their pressure again.


As if they had made an appointment, the terrifying energy erupted simultaneously from the three, shaking the whole Room, no, the entire manor.



Gelmier and Allan collapsed to the ground like crushed tomatoes, gasping for breath and making choking sounds. 


Glenn gestured to Theron, who was standing on the right side.


Theron stepped forward and bowed.

"I am not sure yet, as the time for investigation was limited, but based on the situation in the underground secret room, the testimonies of the members of Jungmadan and the central martial palace swrodsmen, and the confirmation of Allan's brainwashing ability, I believe Raon's words are more than 95% accurate."

"Good work."

Glenn nodded, and Theron returned to his original position.


Glenn's imposing aura suddenly disappeared like a candle being extinguished. 

However, his gaze sank deeply, like a bottomless pit.

"You've squandered the last chance given to you."


"Jungmadan (Thundersword/Lightning Strike) will be disbanded as of today. The swordsmen of Jungmadan will not be able to return to the training ground, and the training ground itself will share the responsibility and suspend activities for two years."

With emotionless eyes, he gazed down at Gelmier.

"Your right arm cannot be restored, and from this moment on, you will be sentenced to 20 years of solitary confinement."

"20 years?"

Gelmier's trembling voice raised his head.

"You, you can't keep me locked up for 20 years without my arm! Are you telling me to die?"

"It was you who kidnapped your younger brother and attempted to kill Raon. You're the one who did it."

"I did the same like the others!"

"Like the others who climbed to the top of the family, I merely tried to eliminate the obstacles! Didn't my father and the Lord  walk the same path?"

"Yes, they did. I also walked that path. I have no intention of denying it."

Glenn nodded slightly, his jaw slightly tense.

"I just executed the job perfectly. No one knew, and I made sure of that by checking multiple times. After that, I became stronger. Even if someone knows my flaws, they cannot hold it against me. I made sure that no one could challenge me." (baddass grandpa) 

The chilling energy emanating from him penetrated Gelmier's soul.

"You didn't even notice your younger brother's personality and created an opening for him."


Gelmier's pupils dilated like rotten eggs. 

He looked as if he had lost his mind, his mouth agape as he gazed vacantly into the air.

"Second-in-command Allan, he didn't just try to stop an unruly superior but actually participated in the wrongdoing and attempted to brainwash Burren. He deserves the death penalty."


Allan laughed as if he had gone mad, drooling as he did so.

"And Raon Zieghart."


"You also made a mistake."

Raon didn't retort and lowered his head.

"Internal affairs within the family shouldn't have been handled by you first. You should have gone through the Judicial Department. The result was good, but the start wasn't."

"I apologize."

It was expected, so he bowed his head.

"I thought that if I went through the Judicial Department, Gelmier would be given time."


"Yes. I thought the Judicial Department might have connections with the head butler, Tias. In fact, Gelmier was babbling about how the Judicial Department wouldn't let Burren into the training ground."


Theron gave Gelmier a stern gaze. It seemed his pride had been severely wounded.

"It's fine even if you punish me and the Squad Leader. We are satisfied with rescuing our comrades."

Raon smiled faintly at Rimmer and then at Glenn.

"Huh? Me? Why?"

Rimmer pointed to himself with wide-open eyes, looking puzzled

"Squad Leader, you even allowed my forced plan and sent a letter to the Judicial Department. If it weren't for you, it would have been difficult for me to make the decision to raid the training ground."


What is this madman saying now!

It's unbelievable. 

He planned everything and just shifted the blame, it felt like irresponsible pleasure-seeking.

[Hey, you little brat! What the heck is this!]

Rimmer immediately sent a message to Raon.

"You know that the Light Wind squad members are highly motivated in their training now, right?"

"I know that, but..."

"Now, if they receive punishment, they will miss the opportunity to grow. So, I'm asking you as the Squad Leader and me to take responsibility."


Rimmer bit his lip. He couldn't say anything after betting everything on his comrades.

"Leader is close with the Lord, right? Please go a bit easy on them because of that."

"Well, I am close...."

Out of pride, he couldn't bring himself to say that he would survive by getting hit.

"This time, the fault lies with me and the Leader the most. Please issue the punishment."


Raon lowered his head calmly, and Rimmer hunched over in tears.

"I see."

Glenn looked at Raon and Rimmer with a chilly gaze.

"Although there were problems in the process, considering that no one died, that Burren Zieghart was indeed kidnapped and almost brainwashed, I'll order Raon Zieghart to have a week of probation."

"My Lord! Raon did that because of me...."

"That's enough."

As Burren tried to step forward, Raon grabbed his sleeve and pulled him back.

"Thank you for your consideration."

"I suppose both of you can leave now."

Raon stood up and looked at Rimmer. 

He seemed to be saying that he was okay, so Burren lowered his head with Rimmer and left the audience room.

"Theron, handle it according to the regulations."

"As you command."

Theron also took Gelmier and Allan, who were half-conscious, and left the audience room.

"Hah, these days the kids are so energetic, it's good to see."

Rimmer awkwardly smiled and scratched the back of his head.

"I heard you were drinking alcohol while the Light Wind squad went to fight?"

Glenn's gaze became as dry as when he looked at Rimmer.


Limer swallowed dry saliva.


Rimmer trembled. 

He had completely erased the alcohol's effect.

How did it come out?

"I can smell it."

Sheryl sighed and shook her head.

"When you erase the effects of alcohol, you release the smell all over your clothes!"

"Ah, it's not...?"

"You're the one who drank the alcohol, so of course not! You idiot!"


Rimmer trembled. 

It was true. 

He didn't even have time to erase the alcohol's effect and came straight to the audience chamber Room, so it seemed like he was caught drinking from the start.

"You... know the Lord will be aware of this. The most important thing for children to grow is the trust of their guardians. I trust our kids, so..."

Before he could raise his head, Rimmer stopped himself. 

Glenn, Sheryl, and Roenn's gaze was directed towards the blood that had dripped from Raon's mouth a while ago.

"I... well, let me explain...."



"I understand."

As Glenn nodded, the three of them descended from the throne with angry eyes.

"You guys? I-I'm still recovering! And..."

"You don't have to worry."

"Yeah. Do you think I'd hit you so you'd be left with after-effects?"

Glenn and Sheryl clenched their fists, emitting their own aura.

"Now, there are three of us, right?"

As soon as those words left his mouth, terrifyingly, red lightning and blue aura fell from the ceiling.



Raon narrowed his eyes as he observed the Light Wind squad. 

He thought he heard someone screaming, but the sound quickly faded away, whether it was just an illusion or not. (R.I.P Rimmer) 

With a curious expression on his face, Raon stepped outside, where the members of the Light Wind Squad, who had completed their treatment, were waiting.


"How did it go?"

Runaan and Martha rushed forward to meet him.

"We won't have to deal with Gelmier and Allan anymore."

Considering that he would be under solitary confinement for the next 20 years, it was a punishment even harsher than death. 

There would be no more encounters with Gelmier.

"That's a relief... Um."

Martha's voice trailed off when she saw Burren.

"Are you alright?"

Burren gave a faint smile.

"I've let go of everything that happened. I won't be going to there again."

He had no lingering attachment to central martial palace since after he joined the Light Wind Squad. 

That little yearning seemed to have completely disappeared with this incident.

"I'll bury myself in the Light Wind Squad, so don't worry."



"Let's go together!"

With his firm declaration, the eyes of the Light Wind squad members gleamed red.

"That means..."

"Now we can start, right?"

At Martha's gesture, Dorian took out the cauldron from his bag.

"Just wait a moment!"

"Burren! Burren! Burren!"

The Light Wind Squad members rekindled the fire under Burren in the cauldron and started to climb the Bukmang Mountain.

"Burren! Burren! Burren!"

"Even you should experience some hardship!"


"It only gets harder as we face challenges together!"


The Light Wind Squad roared with a beast-like fierceness.

"Raon! Help me out here! Why did these guys turn into animals!"

Burren shivered, resembling a wet puppy.



As Raon raised his hand, the Light Wind squad, who were climbing the mountain like wild boars, came to a halt.


Wrath and Burren were dumbfounded, their mouths hanging open.

-Has your heart finally regained its humanity?

'I should explain the situation.'

Raon smiled lightly as he approached Burren.

"Burren, can you see how strong the Light Wind squad has become?"

"I-I can see it, but...."

Burren muttered, clearly displeased with the turn of events.

"They achieved that accomplishment through concentration training. Since you're a member of the Light Wind squad, it's only natural for you to do the same."

"But I was held captive for a week! I can't even stand properly!"

Burren raised his trembling hand.

"Buren. What happens if you reverse a crisis?"

"W-What? It doesn't mean anything."

"That's right. It means nothing. Just do it."


-You crazy bastard!

Buren and Wrath looked at Raon with incredulous expressions.

"Join them."

Raon smiled softly.

"I'll be on a week-long strict regimen starting tomorrow. Before that, I'll get you all prepared for the training you need to do."

He didn't want to delay the Light Wind squad's training even a bit. 

He would only have a short time left, so he wanted to train them as much as possible.

After that, he could leave it to Gambling Monster.

"It's too much for me now...."

"That's how it should be."

The Light Wind Squad held onto their weapons, full of murderous intent.

"Let's kill him!"

"Right. That's how we'll survive."

The Light Wind Squad put down the cauldron and clenched their teeth. 

With their swords drawn, their energy overflowed.

"Kill them all!"


Starting with Martha's shout, the Light Wind squad charged forward, creating a Grand Wind Formation. 

They looked like they meant to tear Burren apart with their powerful energy.

Their eyes glinted with genuine madness, and their swords exuded a savage power.


Wrath sighed.

-"Others were fakes. The true madness lies only within him."

It seemed like the poor Light Wind squad charging at him was pitiable in his eyes.

"This is more comfortable for me."

Raon smirked, raising the Heavenly Drive sword in its sheath.

"The night will be a bit longer today."


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