TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 305

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C 305

 Raon stood in front of Glenn's door, narrowing his eyes.

"Did they share a secret story?"

The internal noise had disappeared a little while ago. It seemed like someone had set up something to block the sound.

"Was it because of that person a little while ago?"

As Raon had come up to this place, he had locked eyes with a woman who seemed like a high-ranking figure in the black market. It seemed like they had blocked the internal sounds to conceal their conversation.


Remembering the face of that woman distinctly, Raon straightened his head as the door opened and Roennn came out. He was wearing his usual genial smile.

"He's quite different from before."

The assassin who had taken down tenth apostle with just three swords had disappeared, leaving behind an elderly man wandering the village.

"Are you feeling better?"

"Thanks to you."

Raon clenched and then unclenched his fist before nodding his head.

"Good to hear. Please come in."

Roenn stepped aside, clearing the way for him.

"Thank you."

Raon nodded his head and walked inside.

Rimmer was leaning against the wall, frowning, while Sheryl had a faint smile on her face.

"Greetings, Your Highness."

Walking toward the center, Raon stood in front of Glenn. His expression was as stoic as it had been during their meeting in the ancestral hall.

No, had the conversation with the woman gone awry? His expression seemed even more hardened than usual.

"What's the matter?"

His voice sounded slightly rough, indicating he hadn't fully recovered from his injuries.

"I've come to express my gratitude."


"Yes. Thank you for saving our lives."

Raon knelt and bowed his head. Because he hadn't anticipated this outcome, his gratitude was far greater. Upon seeing Glenn, memories of facing death rushed back, making his heart tremble even now.

"It wasn't for your sake."

Glenn's gaze seemed to turn even colder, like his eyes were filled with winter.

"Just paying the price for disregarding Zieghart authority to those wretches."


For some reason, as soon as Glenn finished speaking, Rimmer suddenly slapped his own forehead.

"Even so, my being alive thanks to you remains unchanged. Thank you for saving me and my comrades."

Expecting a somewhat predictable response, Raon offered a faint smile and bowed his head again.

"Raon Zieghart. You're getting conceited."

Glenn's pupils narrowed sharply. His words carried a sharpness akin to a blade that cut into her chest.

"Great strength at that age. Certainly not a bad accomplishment. But there are countless strong individuals above you. They won't cut you slack just because you're young or overflowing with talent."

Those were valid words. Overconfident in his own growth, Raon had charged forward without considering the aftermath.

"You rushed in too naively."

He had believed he could handle the Seventh Apostle and had indeed defeated the Seventh Apostle. But the appearance of the Tenth apostle and Merlin afterward had completely defied his expectations.

Such monsters could shatter even the most carefully laid plans, so he should have identified potential loopholes and acted accordingly right from the start.

"I apologize."

Raon accepted Glenn's reprimand and lowered his head.


Sheryl sighed unlike her usual self, turning her back and looking out the window.

"There won't be miracles like this again."

Glenn's chin rested in his hand, and he furrowed his brows. His gaze turned even colder.

"Do not act beyond your role. Interference that doesn't come with power is nothing but pointless sacrifice."


Roenn clamped his mouth shut, his gaze lowered. It was a sight Raon had never seen before in him, someone who regarded Glenn like the sky itself.

"He's right."

I don't know why the three of them suddenly acted like that, but Glenn's words were correct. Trying to save others with inadequate power would only result in joint suicide. There was nothing that could be achieved with just one's heart.

"I will engrave Your Highness's words in my bones."

Raon sincerely accepted Glenn's advice and lowered his gaze.

"Come to think of it, is Your Highness alright?"

Having seen him injured and his current expression not being the best, he felt a little worried.

"Your Highness, are your injuries alright?"

"Cough, don't worry about it."

Glenn's face tightened like a withered leaf. It seemed his injuries hadn't completely healed yet.

"...Are you alright?"

"I'm not bad. I should be able to return in about a week."

"Did you forget what I said earlier?"

His voice carried a heavy authority. Under the pressure, his shoulders trembled slightly.

"Don't get conceited, don't exceed your role. You faced death and survived. Rest properly until your body fully recovers!"

"Uh, I understand."


Glenn's tone quivered slightly.

"It's a relief you're safe."


He raised his head abruptly. He hadn't expected such words to come out of Glenn's mouth, so he was caught off guard.

However, Glenn's expression remained as cold as before. It might have been just a passing expression of concern, but it was the first time he had heard such concern from him.

"Thank you."

Raon bowed his head deeply.


Glenn cleared his throat and settled back into his chair.




Rimmer, Sheryl, and Roenn simultaneously turned their heads and let out low gasps.

"If there's nothing more to say, take your leave..."

"I have something to tell. It might be a misunderstanding, but it seems the White Blood religion leader and Tacheon managed to escape."

Since Wrath wouldn't lie about such matters, it was indeed true that both were alive. He needed to inform Glenn about it as soon as possible.

"I know."

Glenn nodded, utterly unfazed.

"I made a mistake in trying to eliminate both of them at once. I should have targeted Tacheon only, but my greed got the better of me."

He admitted his mistake contrary to expectations and frowned. It seemed like he was directing his irritation not at others but at himself.

"He's really something."

Normally, those in high positions would never admit their mistakes and would try to shift the blame onto their subordinates.

Derus Robert, even though he was in a high position, was a master of shifting blame for his mistakes onto others. But Glenn, despite being in a higher position than anyone else, naturally acknowledged his own mistakes.

That was as surprising as his power.

"Did you bring up this topic for that reason?"

"No. There's one more thing. Perhaps it's a misconception, but I've heard from Martha..."

Raon recounted everything he had heard from Martha about the White Blood religion leader and his own thoughts.


"Damn it..."


It seemed everyone was shocked. Rimmer looked as though he was about to faint, Sheryl trembled, and Roenn shut his eyes tightly.


Glenn also made a sound of discomfort, his cold expression breaking slightly.

"How is Martha?"

"She ate and fell asleep."

Martha had believed in hope and eaten before going to sleep.


Glenn let out a slow sigh and gazed outside where sunlight was filtering in.

"The first time I met the White Blood religion leader, she was a young girl with blue eyes. The second time, she was a woman in her twenties with blond hair and purple eyes. It seems the White Blood religion leader can use a form of divorce magic that transfers her consciousness to a new body."

"Of course..."

"However, it's slightly different from ordinary divorce magic."

"What do you mean?"

"Divorce magic involves transferring one's consciousness into another body, but it results in losing most of the power and not being able to utilize the body's capabilities fully. However, that monster's divorce magic doesn't have those limitations."

Glenn's eyebrows twitched. It seemed his anger towards the White Blood religion leader was reaching its peak.

"After using divorce magic, the White Blood religion leader can use her original power and spells as soon as she settles into a new body. She isn't constrained by any limitations."


"Just that, thanks to you, some of that secret has been revealed."


"A law that can't produce results without a cause. It probably means there's some secret hidden in the fact that she wears a necklace like Martha's."

Like Wrath, Glenn narrowed his eyes as he talked about cause and effect. It seemed that those powerful individuals were all well aware of that principle.

"Then, is there a way to rescue Martha's mother?"

"It's originally an impossible task. However..."

Glenn calmly lowered his gaze.

"If you possess not only strength but also mental power that can overwhelm the White Blood religion leader, the possibility doesn't seem entirely out of reach."

"I see."

Raon clenched his fist tightly. Glenn wouldn't speak like that unless it meant the task wasn't entirely impossible. Of course, the probability of subduing the White Blood religion leader was very slim, considering what had to be done.

"Raon Zieghart."


"Well done."

Glenn suddenly praised him and nodded approvingly.

"If the secrets of the White Blood religion leader are unveiled, more than half of that accomplishment will be credited to you. You've done well."

"Oh, no. I was just wondering if there might be a way to help..."

He had simply tried to comfort Martha and understand the situation. Receiving such praise felt excessive.

"Thinking about your comrades is always a good thing. Don't forget that."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"When Martha wakes up, take good care of her. And when she returns to her family, call her."


Raon nodded his head.

"Thank goodness."

He had been worried that perhaps Glenn might hold negative feelings towards her as the daughter of the White Blood religion leader, but Glenn was only concerned about her. He was cold, yet humane.

"Now, go."

As usual, Glenn waved his hand as if shooing away a fly.


Raon nodded and left the room as if escaping.

"Oh my! 'Live long'? Is that something you say here? I think that brat is also a problem!"

Rimmer sighed as he looked at the door Raon had left through.

"It's frustrating, but I suppose we're connecting a bit today. Ah, it's so stifling."

Sheryl exhaled a sigh.

"Perhaps we'll get better bit by bit."

Roen patted Sheryl and Rimmer's trying to offer reassurance.


The three of them lifted their heads at the sound of a groan from the front.

Glenn was clutching his left chest and biting his lips tightly.

"Gah, Your, Your Highness?"

"Is, is it possible that my injuries..."

Rimmer, Sheryl, and Roen were startled and approached Glenn, who suddenly raised his head. His lips were trembling.

"Live long..."

Glenn gazed at the door with a touched expression.

"Your concern for Martha and your pure and kind heart. Impressive."


The gazes of the three individuals stiffened again.

*  *  *

Raon returned to his quarters and activated the Ring of Fire. As the ring resonated, the excruciating pain that had been coursing through his entire body subsided, and his physical recovery accelerated.

"It's clearly different."

While the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier had exceptional healing methods, the Ring of Fire was something special among them. He could feel it regenerating his torn blood vessels and damaged skin little by little.


Engrossed in meditation, he forgot the passage of time. When he finished restoring the four strands of his mana circuits, he heard footsteps approaching the door and a knocking sound.

Knock knock.

Behind the sound of footsteps, Dorian's voice followed.

"Young Master Raon. A guest has come to see you!"

At the word "guest," Raon opened his eyes. He could sense two people standing behind Dorian.

"Is there an unexpected guest?"

Raon stood up and opened the door.

"Your complexion seems to have improved."

Behind a smiling Dorian, two women approached. The one in front was the servant who had come out of Glenn's room earlier, and the person beside her was Dening Rose, the head of the Black Market branch Granseville.


Dening Rose bit her lip and leaned against the wall, unable to maintain her balance, causing her shoulder to hit the wall.

"Fortunately. Really..."

She pressed her chest and bit her lip, holding back tears.


"Please don't worry. She's just drained after seeing that Master Raon is alive."

The servant patted Dening Rose's back and gave her a gentle smile.


As Dening Rose exhaled softly, her eyes closed, Raon nodded slightly in response.

'I did say she went through a lot.'

When he had heard stories from the Light Wind squad, Dening Rose's story had been mentioned. It seemed that her tension from orchestrating activities in Eden's branch of the Black Market had finally eased.

"Thank you. Thanks to you, I could survive."

Raon inclined his head in a respectful gesture toward Dening Rose.

"Oh no, it's not much."

Dening Rose shook her head. Her quick recovery and the composed look in her eyes indicated that she wasn't an ordinary information merchant.

"If it weren't for Young Master Raon, I might have been ravaged by the Seventh Apostle."

She smiled faintly, expressing gratitude.

"But this person..."

Raon looked at the servant who was holding onto Dening Rose's shoulder. Judging by how she was treating the head, it was clear that the servant was an important figure in the Black Market.

"Nice to meet you for the first time. I am Roselin, who operates the Black Market."

The servant introduced herself with a humble demeanor, similar to that of a noble.

"Black Market Leader?"

Not just a branch of the Black Market, but someone who operated the entirety of it. In other words, this servant named Roselin was the master of the expansive Black Market spread across the continent.

"Yes, fortunately, I oversee the Black Market."

She smiled, as if it was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Oh, I'm sorry for the late introduction. I am the Light Wind squad Raon Zieghart."

Raon bowed his head towards Roselin.

'Calling this excessive... There's no way.'

To have expanded the Black Market to its current scale and to stand before her, this was surely Roselin, the mastermind behind the market. Her words about it being excessive were just modesty.

"Please, come in."

They couldn't stay standing at the door, so Raon invited them inside and seated them at the table.

"Dorian, I'm sorry, but can you bring some tea..."


Dorian replied and didn't leave immediately.

"Oh, here it is."

He took out three cups and a teapot from his pocket. As he placed the red tea leaves into the teapot, suddenly the teapot started to boil, emitting steam.


The aroma of the tea, rich and clean, flowed out as the teapot hissed, warming up the room.


Raon chuckled. The wondrous pocket and tools never ceased to amaze him. He was filled with admiration after a long while.

"It's Benjar Green Tea. It's been dried well, so the fragrance should be good."

Dorian poured tea into three cups, smiling like a butler, and handed them over.

"The other person isn't an ordinary family either."

Looking at Dorian's pocket, Roselin smiled faintly. She sipped her tea and then set down a small vial from her lap.

"This is..."

"Uvo's Elixir."

"Why would you give this to me..."

"We bear responsibility for your abduction. We've only received help instead of providing it. So, it's only fitting to show this much sincerity."

She extended the vial containing the elixir.


Raon looked not at the elixir, but at Roselin. A tranquil gaze, clear eyes without a hint of ulterior motives. She had an honest demeanor, yet he couldn't completely believe it.

He glanced slightly at Dening Rose. She showed no reaction as she looked at the elixir, as if it was something expected.

'Their reactions are slightly different.'

When Roselin handed the elixir to him instead of to Glenn, it seemed natural. However, when Dening Rose received it, it felt like she was genuinely worried and giving him medicine.

It seemed both of them thought that such a gesture was necessary.

"Thank you."

After bowing his head in gratitude, Raon took the vial from her. It was light, yet he could feel a solid warmth.

"It's only natural to do this much."

Roselin gestured lightly with her hand and sipped her tea again.

"The tea is delicious."

"Thank you!"

Dorian grinned as he held the teapot.

Is that supposed to mean it's good? Try it for yourself!

Wrath cut in, not grasping the atmosphere, and pointed at the teacup.

'It doesn't suit my taste.'

The king's taste decides such things!


He sighed and took a sip of the tea.

-Tsk! Acting all high and mighty...

Wrath stuck his tongue out and vanished into the Ice Flower Bracelet. What a thing. It's not like he's raising a child, after all, it's ridiculous.

"Let's move on to the next topic."

As Roselin placed her teacup down, she smiled faintly.

"For the next matter..."

"You mentioned that you didn't specify the reward for this child upon completing the mission. Or rather, there wasn't a chance to do so. You said you would do anything, so you should keep that promise."


He had said those words and had actually considered making a request. However, he couldn't bring himself to voice that request.

"It's fine."

Raon nodded slowly.

"I heard that the entire Black Market worked together for my rescue. You helped and were helped in return, so anything more than that would be excessive."

Indeed, excessive greed could become poison. Since everyone had survived, there was nothing more to wish for now.

"Accepting that would be conscienceless."

If it had ended with dealing with the Seventh Apostle in Granseville, he would have received the promised reward and information. But the situation had gotten messier, and he ended up receiving the Black Market's assistance in return. It wouldn't have been honorable to demand additional compensation, especially when the original reward was unknown.

"This child is both the director (head) of the Black Market and one of my successors."

Roselin patted Dening Rose's head gently.

"Even if we aren't an organization as fundamental as the Zieghart, our successors cannot break their word."

She gazed at Raon and smiled faintly.

"Please tell us what you desire."


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