TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 306

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C 306

 Roselin narrowed her eyes as she watched Raon, who was deep in thought.

'Seolhwa Sword brotherhood...' (one of raon's nickname, I don't remember the correct nicknames by reperscans)

The character 'hyup' isn't pleasant.

The wanderers bearing the title 'hyup' were merciless towards evildoers but incredibly compassionate towards ordinary people. The term 'justice and compassion' suited them best.

They might appear impressive and grand, but in reality, no one lived as uncomfortably as they did.

'Because they have to care about others' gazes.'

Hyupgaeks, as they were called, had earned their name by being examples for others, so they were naturally conscious of how they were perceived.

They had to be cautious in social gatherings, couldn't indulge in leisure recklessly, and found it difficult to use their strength as they pleased.

Even if they had pressing matters, they sometimes had to address immediate injustices before attending to their own needs.

As much as their noble intent, the title 'hyup' was not easy to bear.

'This child isn't any different.'

As Raon hesitated, Roselin prepared the groundwork for him to speak about his desired request. Paradoxically, he struggled to speak properly as he pondered.

'Of course, he'd feel that way.'

In order to locate the Eden branch, Roselin had used an astronomical amount of money.

Raon, who claimed to oversee the affairs of the The Light Wind squad, would undoubtedly know about it. This made it difficult for him to easily voice his request.

Roselin gave a subtle smile.

'So I'm telling him that I'll grant his request.'

A promise made by the black market leader was no different from the market's oath.

Regardless of the request, she had to fulfill it. However, considering that Raon, at his young age, possessed the esteemed title of 'Seolhwa Sword,' Roselin anticipated that he wouldn't make any demands. Thus, she made this proposal.

'It's a situation with only gains and no losses.'

She would gain the trust of the Destructive King of North, Glenn Zieghart.

It was certain that Glenn Zieghart valued Raon. Once the rumor of her offer to fulfill any of Raon's requests spread, the Destructive King of North would also be satisfied.


As she turned her head in response to the glances around her, Dening Rose sent a look as if to ask if she was going too far.

'This is how I run the market.'

A true master was about adjusting the opponent's psychology, not about conditions. Though she felt a little sorry, it was her proficiency at this lifestyle that allowed her to create the current scale of the market.


Raon's lips slowly began to part.

"Yes, please speak."

After Roselin regained her composure, she smiled before proceeding.

'So, the time has come.'

Raon would undoubtedly decline again, so Roselin planned to commend his modesty and smoothly transition the situation. She was confident, as this was something she had done countless times before.

"If it's difficult now, you can tell me later..."

"For now, I need information about the Five demons leaders."


Raon's eyes, contrary to her expectations, gleamed with directness as he stated his demands.

"Y-You mean the Five demons leaders?"

"Yes. I need detailed information about them. Their numbers, locations, dispositions, and military strength. I don't need anything else, but even the tiniest detail about top experts must not be omitted."

Raon spoke without any hesitation. It seemed he had spent time pondering these words.

"The information should be sent to the Zieghart headquarters, not the main one, but the branch. And..."

Roselin's mouth hung open.

'Another one?'

Information about the Five demons leaders was so expensive that it exceeded a gold coin per line. Especially because Raon mentioned information about experts, it was literally worth more than a thousand gold coins.

No, even if she had money, there was much information she couldn't purchase. She couldn't grasp how to resolve these demands.

"I want to know the location of the Vermilion Phoenix."

"T-The Vermilion Phoenix..."

While the Vermilion Phoenix was undoubtedly an existent monster, it was so rare that it seemed fantastical. Setting aside its strength, dragons were considered more common. She couldn't fathom how she was supposed to find such a rare being. Suddenly, her heart began to race.


Roselin trembled as she looked into Raon's resolute eyes.

'This child is ambitious?'

She had misunderstood. Looking at Raon's eyes now, it seemed he was filled with greed. Instead of being "Seolhwa Sword Brotherhood," he should be called "Seolhwa Sword Greed."

"And lastly..."

'More here?'

With forced composure, Roselin turned her head.


Even Dening Rose seemed surprised by these many demands. Her eyes were shaking with intensity.

"I want to find certain people and items."

"W-What kind of people and items?"

"I'll organize the details and send them to you after returning to my squad."

"Ah, well, okay."

Although she smiled, her voice trembled involuntarily.

'Even this is far from ordinary.'

She couldn't expect this child to entrust simple tasks. Even though it might not be on the level of information about the Five Phoenix Overlords, it would undoubtedly be a challenging task.


Roselin sipped her tea as if her throat were parched. The tea, which had been refreshingly clear until just a moment ago, now tasted unpleasantly bitter.

'I'm going crazy.'

She hadn't accurately calculated how much money would be spent in this short span.

'It's too late to back down now.'

Since someone had seen her and Dening Rose entering Raon's room, Glenn's ears would have caught wind of it as well. If she were to cancel the offer now, the hard-earned trust would shatter.

"I couldn't possibly refuse."

It wasn't at the level of a regional chief; he declared it directly in the name of implied market dominance, so I had to unquestionably comply. The unexpected turn of events left me dumbfounded.

"Very well, then, I'll entrust it to you."

Raon smiled subtly and bowed his head.

"Don't worry."

Roselin awkwardly smiled and pondered how to compensate for the astronomical losses caused by this. Of course, no answer came to her.

"Since I've heard Young Master's request, I suppose I should be on my way."

With a faint smile, she stood up. It seemed like returning to headquarters quickly to calculate would help clear her mind.

"Young Master, take care of yourself."

Dening Rose also nodded while standing up. She seemed to tremble slightly, perhaps still in shock from Raon's demand.

As the two were about to leave the room, Raon's voice echoed.

Roselin and Dening Rose turned slowly.

In the sunlight pouring in from the window, Raon's red eyes emitted a serious glint. When they were staring blankly at those ruby-like irises, his lips parted.

"You won't regret this."


Raon's voice, like a sinking Glenn Zieghart, tightened his their hearts.


Roselin brushed back her disheveled bangs.

"Let's hope so."

She offered a faint smile, slightly lowered her head, and left the room. Dening Rose, her face showing signs of something she felt, followed closely behind.

Until they left the mansion and got into the carriage, the two didn't exchange a single word. It was only after the carriage door closed that Roselin twisted her lips and let out a rueful smile.

"He played us well."

Raon hadn't merely asked out of greed. He had understood their psychology completely and extended an irresistible offer.

'I wonder how long it's been since I've been outsmarted like this.'

Although she had thought she was prepared enough, she hadn't anticipated getting caught by a young boy in such a manner. She had to reconsider his assessment – Raon couldn't be regarded as just a strong brute. He was already a significant danger, but it seemed like Raon needed to be elevated to a higher level of concern.

"What did you see?"

Roselin squinted at Dening Rose.

"He seems to have grown significantly in this short time, not only in terms of combat but also mentally. He exudes a newfound sense of calm and tension."

Dening Rose gazed back at the retreating mansion, furrowing her brows.

"He's grown, yet you sense tension?"


She nodded without hesitation.

"The previous Raon Zieghart we saw was overflowing with confidence. He believed he could handle anything that came his way. But the Raon we saw today was different."

"How so?"

"It's as if he's realized that he can fail and that he can't always handle everything on his own."

"I see."

With a faint smile, Roselin patted Dening Rose's shoulder.

"You should have concealed that plum-like expression and spoken."

*  *  *

"Young Master!"

Raon chuckled as he toyed with the box containing Uvo elixir.

"I never thought I'd end up in this situation."

At first, he had intended to decline out of a sense of conscience, but he changed his mind when he saw Roselin's eyes.

She appeared kind and compassionate, yet her eyes conveyed an understanding that she couldn't make a request in vain. A glint that came from the eyes of a seasoned trader who knew her kindness was also a weapon.

"More gain than I ever imagined."

Acquiring information on the five demons leaders required astronomical costs, and there were secrets that couldn't be bought with money. While he couldn't acquire everything, he could at least gather valuable pieces of information. It was a substantial gain.


Wrath's voice emerged from the ice flower bracelet as he chuckled.

"Even from a devil like you, there seems to be a hint of consideration. You're actually attempting to uphold your promise."

"Compassion? What's with the sudden talk?"

-You're searching for the Phoenix's location for the King, not just to manipulate him. To keep your promise of giving him something delightful.

Where's this coming from?"

-Isn't that why you asked the Phoenix's location? To keep your promise of offering something delightful.

"Sure, sure."

Raon chuckled and rubbed his temples.

'Who would've thought I'd end up like this?'

Ultimately, Raon decided to play along, but the situation turned out much more complex than he had anticipated.

He gazed up at the sky and licked his lips.

"Phoenix meat is both tender and crispy, and it even has the effect of tantalizing your taste buds. It's been a while since I considered taking care of my body, and I'm already looking forward to it."

"Have you ever tasted Phoenix meat?"

"Of course. I didn't have it often, but it was a favorite delicacy of mine. Hya!"

Raon widened his eyes as he looked at Wrath, who was playfully acting around. A dragon meat even Phoenix meat. This ravenous creature seemed to have never left any monster untasted.

"Sorry, but I don't intend to hunt Phoenix."


"I'm not really trying to hunt Phoenix, but rather to find places where Phoenix can be found."

"What do you mean? You're not going to eat Phoenix even when you see it? Isn't it natural to eat when there's food in front of you?"


Wrath was saying crazy things about setting up a table for a monster that exceeded the highest grade.

"I don't eat Phoenix meat."

"Hey, you!"

Raon pushed aside Wrath, who was looking up, and shook his head vigorously. The reason for seeking Phoenix wasn't to hunt it, but to become stronger. Whether he caught Phoenix or not, it didn't matter.


He turned his head at the sound of someone chewing. Rimmer was lying on the bed, taking out a snack from his pocket and eating it. He had been eating those potato-chip-like snacks since his trainee days, and he had no idea when he would finish them.

"Winning against the Black Market leader in a psychological battle, you're truly amazing."

"Aren't you gone yet?"

"You're really something..."

Rimmer dropped the snack he had been holding.

"It's not that I won."

"Haven't you gained everything you wanted?"

"This time, they underestimated me too much."

If He had come with determination and presented a proper request, he wouldn't have even been able to voice his request. What he gained was because she thought of him as much lower and misunderstood his personality.

"Well, aside from that, aren't you going home?"

"Excuse me?"

"You almost died and came back to life. Even if it's just for a short break, shouldn't you take some time off?"

He remembered when Sheryl called him an impressive person as he saw the snack in Rimmer's pocket.

"Well, I don't think I need to go right now..."

Rimmer smiled and quickly got up.

"I'll go later. Well."

He scratched his head and hurriedly left the room.

"Is there something going on?"

He still found it difficult to connect with others. Especially family relationships should be handled carefully and were hard to hold onto.


Raon looked at the Uvo elixir in his hand and licked his lips.

"What should I do with this?"

With the healing ability of the Ring of Fire and the recovery power of the demon lord Sloth, he didn't need to drink this elixir.

"What are you going to do with it? You're so greedy."


Since Wrath appeared, his appetite had increased beyond what he had before. It seemed like he was interested in food.

'Well, that's okay.'

When Wrath said he was so greedy, he felt a little resistant. Since Wrath experienced pain from using his power, his appetite increased. It felt like he was obsessed with eating.

When Wrath said he was so greedy, he felt a bit relieved. He brought the Uvo elixir and went back upstairs, knocking on Glenn's room door.

Knock knock.

This time, the door opened before the sound even finished.

"You're here again."

"I have something to give to the Head of House."

"Come in."

Glenn saw the box in his hand and stepped back with a happy face.

"What are you going to give?"

"Is it something good?"

Sheryl, Rimmer, and Roenn looked at him with eyes full of anticipation.

Raon faced the three of them and moved forward.

"What's this?"

Glenn gave him a look as if asking why he was here again, as if it was a nuisance.

"I understand that your injuries haven't healed yet."

Raon extended the Uvo elixir toward him.

"This is the Uvo elixir that the Black Market leader gave me. I thought it might be better for the Head of House to take it, so I brought it."

Glenn singlehandedly faced the White Blood religion leader and the Sky King Tacheon. He did so to not have any influence behind him. Even if he was strong, it wasn't time to heal his injuries yet. If he received something, he should give something in return. He decided to give him this elixir.

'I have the Ring of Fire and the demon sloth bracelet.'

He could heal using the ring of fire during the day and let the Sloth bracelet recovery effect naturally activate at night. Most likely, he would be fully recovered within a week, so he didn't need Uvo elixir right now.



"Ha ha."

Sheryl, Rimmer, and Roenn grinned and raised their thumbs as if saying 'well done.'


However, Raon could see that Glenn's expression, the one who had given him the potion, was not a pleasant one. With eyes that seemed to be filled with anger, Glenn clenched his lips tightly.


Raon swallowed nervously.

"It feels like there's been a misunderstanding."

When he had visited just a little while ago, the atmosphere didn't seem too bad, so he thought Glenn would accept his actions. It appeared he had been mistaken. The atmosphere had gradually turned cold.

"Didn't I tell you not to be conceited?"


"Arrogant brat. You still don't understand your place. My injuries? It's too soon for you to worry about that."

"That's not it."

Raon replied.

"It's not necessary."

Glenn turned his head with a cold gaze.

"Take the medicine right now before you leave this room. On the day you return to the squad in a week. If your recovery doesn't meet my standards, I'll impose a punishment."


Raon picked up the vial of elixir once again and stood up. After nodding, he left the room.


As soon as Raon's footsteps disappeared, the three people who were standing in front of the door turned around.

"This blockhead! How can he send him away like that!"

"That's right! At least pretend to accept it! Or say thank you!"

"It's so frustrating."

Rimmer, Sheryl, and Roenn scolded Glenn one after another.

"Can't he at least... um?"

The more they complained, the wider their eyes grew as they saw Glenn grabbing his forehead.

"Ugh, is there really such a well-behaved kid...."

Glenn couldn't control his emotions and gritted his teeth. With his energy radiating, objects in the room, or rather the entire building, began to float in the air and vibrate.

"Who's more worried about him than anyone else, even when he's not in the best condition himself? Is not he an angel?"

"No, well, if you know that...."

"It can't be like this."

He raised his finger, and a golden light burst from his fingertips. The room, or rather the building, started to shake.

"Ugh! You shouldn't open the report here!"

Roenn hurriedly ran over and grabbed Glenn's arm.

"The building will collapse! And there might be security issues with the report!"

Sheryl also followed suit and tried to stop Glenn's finger.

"Let go. I'd rather have you open the report soon than...."

"This can't happen here. Don't you know it better, Lord Glenn?"

Zieghart's reports were magical vaults designed to be opened only within the territory. Opening them elsewhere might cause the coordinates to go haywire, leading to security problems.

"It's fine. Once we kill that schemer, it'll be over. But more importantly, about Raon...."

Glenn reached out as if it didn't matter.


Sheryl sighed deeply while looking at him.

"I don't know anymore."

He held his head with a clenched fist and left the room.

"I guess I'll head to the gambling den after a while."

"Hey! Stop him!"

*  *  * 

A week later.

Raon walked out of the mansion.

He met Glenn's gaze, who was standing at the forefront. Glenn looked at him for a moment and then turned his head abruptly.


Thank goodness he passed.

He sighed with relief. Thanks to using Uvo's elixir carefully and using the sloth bracelet ability diligently, he had recovered significantly in a week.

While fighting against higher-level martial artists was still challenging, he was in good enough shape to handle intermediate master level with ease.

"Then I'll head back."

Glenn's gesture prompted the main gate of the mansion to open. As the Zieghart swordsmen stepped outside, a loud cheer erupted from the surroundings.



"Raon! Raon! Raon!"

"Light Wind squad! Light Wind squad!"

"Thank you, Lord Raon, for saving us!"

"We'll support the Light Wind squad for the rest of our lives!"

People gathered around the mansion, shouting their throats out in cheers for Raon and the Light Wind squad.

Raon narrowed his eyes. He thought the merchants waiting in line to offer gifts were here, but that wasn't the case. They were the hostages who had been captured by the White Blood religion inside Granseville and the Eden.

Those who had survived thanks to him and Light Wind squad had come all the way here, shouting their throats out with cheers.


"Well, isn't this something."

"It wasn't a big deal."

The Light Wind squad swordsmen awkwardly shook their heads but couldn't hide their smiles.


Raon also felt a lump in his throat. He didn't realize until now how touching it was to hear words of gratitude. He had only come to understand this in this life.

"Mother was right."

Swordsman (warrior/martial artist) who could touch people's hearts.

Thanks to those words, he existed as he was now. He only felt gratitude towards her for enabling him to make the right choices.

Raon looked up and glanced ahead.


"Demon Slayer! Demon Slayer!"

"Glenn Zieghart!"

Glenn received a louder cheer than anyone else but didn't respond and remained silent.

Raon watched Glenn's back and gripped the hilt of his Heavenly Drive sword tighter.


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