RDM (Novel) Chapter 451

C 451

After a series of events, the way the martial artists of the Zigong merchant group looked at Pyo Wol changed.

Previously, they looked at them with a mix of curiosity and questioning, like "What are these people?" Now, they looked at them with fear.

Do Yeonsan, the youngest among them, had shown frightening martial arts skills, but they couldn't even begin to imagine how incredible Pyo Wol's skills would be.

Only then did they understand why Lee Sin-pil, the owner of Zigong merchant group, treated Pyo Wol with such great respect.

"We should not even glance in their direction."

"Pretending they don't exist is the secret to a long life."

The martial artist of the Zigong merchant group didn't even look in the direction where Pyo Wol was.

Pyo Wol, Do Yeonsan, and Eun-yo  sat at a table by the window, watching the martial artists and workers of Zigong merchant group move about.

They hitched horses to the carriages and loaded them up with luggage.

They were preparing to leave.

They loaded the carriage that Pyo Wol and others were riding in as well, making sure to tie it down carefully so that it wouldn't sway or fall off.

When Do Yeonsan asked if there was anything he could help with, they said that resting quietly was helpful enough.

Do Yeonsan licked his lips and asked,

"Did I go too far yesterday?"

It was still awkward for him to receive such cautious looks from people.

On the other hand, Pyo Wol and Eun-yo  appeared calm.

They had been through too many hardships to be bothered by such a small matter. Their hearts had become worn, and they were less emotionally affected than ordinary people.

Finally, when everything was ready, Lee Sin-pil approached and said,

"Let's get on the carriage now."


As Pyo Wol nodded and stood up, Do Yeonsan and Eun-yo followed suit.

Naturally, Do Yeonsan sat in the driver's seat, and Eun-yo sat next to him. Pyo Wol lay down on top of the luggage in the carriage.

"Let's go."

At Lee Sin-pil's command,the Zigong merchant group left the guesthouse.

As the carriage moved, Pyo Wol's body shook on top of the luggage. However, he didn't care, and he lay down with his arm as a pillow, looking up at the sky.

Suddenly, he felt a piercing gaze.

Turning his head, he saw a group of people standing on the second floor of a nearby building.

One man stared intently at Pyo Wol, but when their eyes met, he quickly lowered his head.

Pyo Wol looked at the man's face and then returned his gaze to the sky.

Clop! Clop!


The carriage carrying him slowly passed the building and moved further away. As Pyo Wol disappeared from sight, the man cautiously raised his head. His face was full of fear.

His shoulders were still trembling, and his mind couldn't easily calm down.

"Huff! Huff!"

He unknowingly took heavy breaths.

At that moment, one of his subordinates, who had been beside him without his knowledge, spoke up.

"But is it okay to let them go like this? Young master was humiliated; we must take revenge."


The man turned around, and the subordinate continued, burning with anger.

"If we let those guys go, people will look down on us."

The subordinate was Kang Shin-yeol, one of the key figures in Red Water.

Kang Shin-yeol was famous for his fierce martial arts.

The man's gaze became cold as he looked at Kang Shin-yeol.

The man's name was Kwak Ho-cheol.

He was the leader of Red Water.

As Kwak Ho-cheol's gaze turned serious, Kang Shin-yeol's expression shrank slightly.

"Why, why are you doing this, leader?"

"You want to kill me?"


"Do you covet the position of Red Water's leader that much?"

"Leader! Absolutely not. I just thought that taking revenge for young master would save your dignity and reputation..."


At that moment, Kwak Ho-cheol kicked Kang Shin-yeol in the stomach.

Kang Shin-yeol fell backward without even screaming.

Kwak Ho-cheol snapped his fingers at Kang Shin-yeol.

"Come here!"


Kang Shin-yeol staggered towards Kwak Ho-cheol.



Kwak Ho-cheol's fist struck Kang Shin-yeol's face.

As Kang Shin-yeol's head snapped back, several teeth flew out.

"Leader! Why are you..."

"You bastard! If you want to die, die alone. Why are you dragging me into it? Do you want to kill me and become the leader? Huh! Is that why?"

"No, leader! I never had such thoughts."

"Damn it! Then keep your head down. Don't provoke me unnecessarily."

"Yes! I'm... sorry."

In the end, Kang Shin-yeol had to bow his head and apologize.

Kwak Ho-cheol didn't want to avoid taking revenge on Do Yeonsan who had humiliated his son.

He had the intention to take revenge when his child had come back terrified just the night before. But his vengeance vanished without a trace the moment he saw the man who had quietly visited him at dawn.

Kwak Ho-cheol gently touched his neck. A red line had appeared on his neck hidden beneath the collar of his clothes.

'Damn it!'

It was a trace left by that man.

If the man had used just a bit more strength, Kwak Ho-cheol's head would have been separated from his body.

"Forget it! The incident with your son, and the fact that I visited."

"Yes, yes, I'll forget all that."

"If word gets out that I stopped by, I'll come back to haunt you, you know what I mean?"

"Of course,I'll keep my mouth shut."

The man didn't reveal his identity. But Kwak Ho-cheol recognized the man's identity at once.

The inhuman appearance, shining brightly white in the darkness.

There couldn't be many men with such an appearance in the world.

'Pyo Wol!'

It felt like he had received a visit from the reaper.

He couldn't believe he was still alive.

Kwak Ho-cheol knew.

To avoid the Reaper's visit a second time, he had to keep his mouth shut.

Kwak Ho-cheol issued an order to the Red Water members.

"Cover up the fact that the ZIgong merchant group visited us. If the fact that they were here leaks out, you'll all die by my hand. Got it?"


"We understand."

The subordinates replied loudly, having seen Kang Shin-yeol beaten mercilessly.



The journey of the Zigong merchant group after leaving Red Water went smoothly.

They stopped by several cities, and each time, they bought items made by the locals.

They didn't sell the goods they had brought with them, only buying new ones, so the wagons were soon overloaded.

Lee Sin-pil bought several new carts and filled them with goods.

As the number of carts increased, the speed was bound to drop, but no one complained.

This was the nature of a trading group.

During the journey, if there were goods that could be sold at a high price at their destination, they had to buy and sell them.

Maximizing profits through a single trip was the essence of a trading group.

Pyo Wol knew this fact, so he didn't say anything even when their schedule was delayed.

Eun-yo was the one who took an interest in this.

She had managed numerous businesses and made a lot of money in Chengdu, but she had never seen trading conducted like this at the center of a trading group.

Although she was blind, she learned the basics of trading by listening to Lee Sin-pil's voice as he dealt with the locals.

She learned how to buy goods as cheaply as possible and how to sell them at the highest possible price.

As she watched each transaction, Lee Sin-pil eventually included her in the negotiation process.

Thanks to this, Eun-yo 's trading skills grew rapidly.

'I can use this later.'

For her, this was more useful than any other time.

Of course, where Eun-yo  was, Do Yeonsan was also present. However, unlike Eun-yo , Do Yeonsan wasn't particularly interested in trading.

His only concern was Eun-yo .

This meant that he had to trade with one more person, but Lee Shin-pil didn't feel overwhelmed.

Instead, he felt reassured.

He knew how great Do Yeonsan's martial arts skills were.

Suddenly, Lee Sin-pil looked ahead.

The sun was now slowly setting in the west, but there was no sign of even a village, let alone a city.

Lee Sin-pil spoke to Goo Sang-hak.

"It looks like we'll have to sleep outside tonight, so hurry up and find a place to stay."

"Yes, leader!"

As Goo Sang-hak responded, he rushed forward with his men.

Finding a place for this many people to sleep outdoors was never an easy task.

It had to be a place where water was easily accessible and where potential enemy attacks could be easily detected.

If they were in a familiar area, they would know suitable camping locations, but this was an unfamiliar place for them. So they had to search for it themselves.

Lee Sin-pil and his subordinates drove their horses slowly, waiting for Goo Sang-hak and his subordinates to return. But no matter how long they waited, Goo Sang-hak and his subordinates did not come back.

A deep furrow formed between Lee Sin-pil's eyebrows.

"Did they run into some kind of trouble?"


Otherwise, they wouldn't be taking this long to come back.


On the other hand, it seemed strange.


Goo Sang-hak was a skilled fighter.


Moreover, he was a skilled fighter that Lee Sin-pil trusted and relied on.


It was hard to imagine that such a skilled fighter would have an accident.


'What if they really had an accident?'


Lee Sin-pil turned his head and looked at Pyo Wol.


At this moment, the only person he could trust was Pyo Wol.


Thump, thump, thump!


At that moment, the sound of hoofbeats could be heard. Fortunately, it was Goo Sang-hak returning with his subordinates.


"Why did it take you so long?"


"I apologize for causing you to worry. We found a place to camp."


"Was there any trouble?"


"Well, that's..."


"Why are you hesitating?"


"You'll have to see for yourself. And if possible, Grandmaster Pyo Wol as well..."


Goo Sang-hak glanced at Pyo Wol.


Reading an unusual atmosphere from his expression, Lee Sin-pil looked at Pyo Wol.


"He's not one to make nonsense. Can you please come with us?"


"Let's go."


"Thank you."


Lee Sin-pil was relieved when Pyo Wol didn't refuse.


Lee Sin-pil followed Goo Sang-hak and pointed to his subordinates, giving orders to the Zigong merchant group warriors.


"You guys follow them and prepare for camping."




As the subordinates left with their response, Lee Sin-pil, Pyo Wol, and their party followed Goo Sang-hak.


The place Goo Sang-hak took them to was a remote area far from the main road.


"Here we are."




Upon arriving at their destination, Lee Sin-pil sighed.


This was because dozens of corpses were scattered in the area where Goo Sang-hak had brought them.


The brutally murdered corpses were all in a terrible state.


"What is this?"


Lee Sin-pil's body trembled.


He had led the trading group and traveled all over the world. He had seen many dangerous situations, but this was undoubtedly the most horrifying scene he had ever encountered.


The corpses were cut into several pieces, like chopped up fish.


Arms and legs were scattered everywhere, and some corpses had their intestines spilling out.


Crows and vultures were already circling in the sky, perhaps sensing the smell of the corpses.




Unable to withstand the nausea, Lee Sin-pil turned his head away.

Pyo Wol approached the scattered corpses without changing his expression.


After carefully examining the corpses, Pyo Wol reached a conclusion.


"It seems they were bandits."


"You mean they were looters? How can you tell?"


"They added leather to the insides of their pants to prevent wear. Those who live on horseback usually do this. Look at their upper clothes. The generous fit allows them to easily wield weapons while riding. The calluses on their left palms are also unique. These marks typically appear on those who hold horse reins a lot."




"It seems that they ambushed someone but were instead wiped out."


"Someone? Do you mean that there was only one person who fought them?"


"Actually, there were two. They both used the same technique, but one was much more powerful, while the other couldn't quite match up. The probability of them being a master and disciple is high."


"A master and disciple, huh..."

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