RDM (Novel) Chapter 431

C 431

If Pyo Wol's daily life at Red Pine Manor had to be described in one word, it would be 'idleness'.

He did nothing.

He didn't pay attention to the outside world and didn't do anything.

He didn't even go out of the manor.

He spent the whole day resting at Red Pine Manor.

Gwi An and Eun-Yo understood Pyo Wol's behaviour.

Considering his known activities in Kangho, it was understandable that he was exhausted.

Even if his physical condition was fine after such a strenuous journey, his mental fatigue must have been at its peak.

At times like this, the best thing to do was to rest without thinking about anything.

Knowing this, the two of them didn't bother Pyo Wol after the first day.

The one who was excited was Do Yeonsan.

Gwi An and Eun-Yo really cared for Do Yeonsan and he followed them, calling them brother and sister.

Perhaps because they were of a similar age and had similar thoughts, they got along well.

They quickly became close, like real siblings, and often went out together.

Today, Do Yeonsan and Eun-Yo went into town.

Pyo Wol sat alone in the quiet courtyard of Red Pine Manor. He gazed into the distance.

The manor house was located in the best part of the Xintian Road.

While the interior of the Red Pine Manor could not be seen from the outside, the courtyard offered a panoramic view of the entire city, including the Xintian Road.

At that moment, Chief Steward Go cautiously approached with a tray in his hands.

On the tray was a teapot and teacups. Chief Steward Go had carefully brewed tea in the teapot.

Chief Steward Go bowed to Pyo Wol and placed the teapot and cups on the table.

When Pyo Wol nodded slightly, Chief Steward Go bowed again and stepped back. 

Pyo Wol filled a teacup with tea and raised it to his lips.

The fragrant aroma of the tea delighted his nose.

He had travelled the Kangho for a long time, but he had never seen anyone brew tea as deliciously as Chief Steward Go.

A refreshing energy swirled in his mouth as he took a sip.

Pyo Wol closed his eyes and savoured the taste of the tea.

The wind blew and caressed his whole body.

At that moment, Gwia crawled out of Pyo Wol's embrace.

Stretched out on the table, Gwia and Pyo Wol basked in the sunlight and the wind.

They didn't think or do anything.

They simply enjoyed the moment with all their hearts.

Such moments were precious to Pyo Wol.

He had never spent a single day at rest after being raised as an assassin.

He always had to be on guard and thinking frantically.

He was like a tight bowstring.

The moment the string was released, he was always ready to shoot.

But a string that is tightly drawn will eventually break or lose its tension and become loose.

A proper rest must be taken to maintain tension and sharpness.

Pyo Wol had recently realised this fact.

When he rests without thinking, his senses become sharper and his inner strength increases.

His tired muscles, exhausted by his daily battles, regained their vitality.

Pyo Wol leaned back in his chair and enjoyed the moment.

As the sun began to set behind the western mountains, he began to move.

When Pyo Wol stretched out his hand, Gwia quickly slipped into his sleeve.

Then it happened.


A sudden loud voice echoed through the courtyard.

Pyo Wol turned to see a familiar face grinning at him.

For a moment, the corners of Pyo Wol's mouth curved into a smile.

The man snorting like an angry boar was one of the people he had missed.

"So Chu!"


The man who hugged Pyo Wol with a roar was none other than Tang Sochu.

Pyo Wol pushed Tang Sochu away and asked,

"Have you been well?"

"I'm always fine. And you?"

"As you can see!"

At Pyo Wol's reply, Tang Sochu looked him up and down.

A look of relief appeared on his face as he confirmed that there was nothing wrong with Pyo Wol's body.

"Thank God."

"I heard that you have regained your independence. Is that true?"


Tang Sochu nodded.

He had been staying at Red Pine Manor for a while to avoid threats. However, the space was so limited that it was difficult for him to do his work properly.

Eventually, he took a risk and opened a new workshop in an alley behind the Xintian Road.

The only consolation was that the Red Pine Manor was nearby, so he could get help quickly in case of an emergency.

Tang Sochu looked at Pyo Wol and said,

"Shall I move back to the Red Pine Manor?"

"There is no need. Everything has been settled."


"Yes! There will be no one to threaten you anymore."

Tang Sochu widened his eyes.

He knew better than anyone that Pyo Wol was not a person to lie or talk nonsense.

"That's a relief."

A bright smile appeared on his face.

Now that all threats were gone, he could truly concentrate on his work.

That alone was a great gift to Tang Sochu.

"Wait a minute!"

As if Pyo Wol had just remembered something, he went into the room.

A moment later he came out with a dark stone in his hand. It was a meteorite he had found on his way here.

He handed the meteorite to Tang Sochu and said,

"I found this by chance, and it is quite sensitive to qi.

"Let me see? It seems to be meteorite iron."

"That's right! You can tell just by looking at it."

"This is very hard to come by..."

Tang Sochu admired the meteorite and stroked it gently.

As a master craftsman who had reached the pinnacle of his art, he knew the value of the meteorite better than anyone else.

As he touched the meteorite, he felt an overwhelming urge to refine it immediately.

Pyo Wol asked,

"Can you make me a complete set of armour with it?"

"Are you kidding? Brother, I'm Tang Sochu. Of course I can."

"Then please do it. If there's any meteorite left, use it as you wish."

"Thank you, brother!"

His inspiration soared as he acquired the rare material.

Tang Sochu hugged the meteorite and said,

"Brother, let's postpone our meeting."

He didn't need to say the rest.

When Pyo Wol nodded, Tang Sochu took off like the wind.

Now alone, Pyo Wol looked around briefly before entering the underground of the Red Pine Manor.

As he stepped into the underground entrance, the Night Pearl lit his way.


He heard the sound of machines moving from inside the wall.

Pyo Wol knew it was the sound of the mechanism being deactivated.

After following the corridor for a while, he finally reached his destination.

It was a secret chamber blocked by a heavy iron door.

As Pyo Wol approached, the iron door opened automatically.

"Welcome, brother!"

The one who greeted Pyo Wol inside the chamber was none other than Gwi An.

"I knew you'd be here."

"You know I don't like to go out."

"That's right! You especially like this place."

"Even when I'm here, I can know what's happening in Chengdu as if I were seeing it with my own eyes."

"It seems you've built up an information network to the extent you want."

"I'm proud to have an information network that is far superior to the Hao clan's, at least in Chengdu."

"That's impressive."

Gwi An smiled broadly at Pyo Wol's compliment.

In reality, Gwi An had built a dense and intricate information network throughout Chengdu, like a web. And the network was expanding to nearby cities.

As a result, he knew what was happening in Chengdu and the surrounding area as if he were there with his own eyes.

"Don't you feel suffocated?"

"You know me, right? I'm comfortable here. The outside world is too burdensome. Countless pieces of information torment me."

After the treatment at Xiaoleiyin Temple, the limitations of Gwi An's brain had disappeared. Even at rest, there was too much information coming at him in real time, making his brain feel tired.

That's why he could only rest comfortably in a room like this, where all sides were tightly closed.

"What about Yeonsan and Eun-Yo?"

"Let's see, I received information that they were seen on the north road of Chengdu about half an hour ago."

"They seem to be getting along well."

"Yeonsan likes Eun-Yo."

"Really? And Eun-Yo?"

"Eun-Yo doesn't seem to dislike him either."

"And you're okay with that?"

"Me? I have no feelings for Eun-Yo."

Gwi An chuckled.

Not only Eun-Yo, but also no other woman could arouse any special feelings in him. It was due to the influence of the treatment he had received at Xiaoleiyin Temple.

The great treatment had removed the limitations of his brain, but on the other hand, it had caused him to lose essential human emotions. As a result, even when he saw beautiful women, he didn't feel much excitement.

At that moment.


A tightly rolled note fell through a small tube connected to the outside.

Reading the note, Gwi An chuckled and handed it to Pyo Wol.

"Read this, brother!"

"What is it?"

"You'll see when you read it."

The note contained information about the current trend of the Great Pearl Traders.

"It seems that they're excitedly gathering things on your behalf."

"Why is that?"

"Isn't it strange? You've only been with them for a few days since you came here. To be treated like this with such a connection shows how much the influential people in Chengdu fear you."

Since arriving in Chengdu, Pyo Wol had not engaged in any outside activities. Nevertheless, the influential and powerful people in Chengdu were watching Pyo Wol's every move.

Some of them were determined to establish a relationship with Pyo Wol.

Some of them tried to establish a relationship with Pyo Wol by offering favours to the Great Pearl Merchants.

Gwi An thought their efforts were in vain.

Pyo Wol wasn't the type of person to pay attention to those who approached him in this way. Gwi An couldn't understand why they didn't know that they couldn't move Pyo Wol with such false connections.

With a whoosh, Pyo Wol burned the note with a flame.

There was no need to read it.

Before Pyo Wol left, he asked one last question.

"By the way, is there any news about Soma?"

"None at all!"

"Was there no letter?"

"No! It's probably because the Wudang Sect has the door tightly locked, so it's not easy to get any news."

It would have been easier to find out the internal situation if it had been the Emei Sect or the Qincheng Sect. The Wudang Sect was too far away from Chengdu for Gwi An's intelligence network to reach.

Although they could get some inside information on the Wudang Clan through the Hao Clan, it would expose the intelligence network Gwi An had painstakingly built up in Chengdu.

Neither Pyo Wol nor Gwi An wanted that to happen.

An intelligence network is most powerful when it is hidden. Once exposed, many people will naturally try to counter it.

The Hao Clan was such a case.

That's why the Hao Clan had to go deeper into the shadows. Still, many people wanted to find out their movements.

Although they were still able to gather information without much difficulty with their extensive human resources, they couldn't guarantee the quality of the information they gathered.

"If there's a trade delegation or courier coming from Hubei Province, where the Wudang Clan is located, I'll check it out."


Pyo Wol nodded his head.


Another tightly rolled note came through the tube.

"Wait a moment!"

Gwi An asked for Pyo Wol's understanding and unrolled the note to read it.

His face grew more serious as he read.

Pyo Wol sensed the unusual atmosphere and asked.

"What's going on?"

"Ah, it seems there's a problem in Manhwa Roo."

"Manhwa Roo?"

"It's one of the places that Eun-Yo runs."


Eun-Yo secretly ran many places in Chengdu.

Brothels were the best places to get information from men, so she deliberately ran them.

All information received from the brothels was sent to Gwi An without exception. By comparing the countless pieces of information that came in, Gwi An was able to deduce the truth.

Even if it seemed like a small brothel, it was very valuable to him.

"What about Eun-Yo?"

"She's on the north road, so she probably doesn't know about the problem in Manhwa Roo."

"Then I'll go."

"You personally? Shouldn't you be resting?"

"I was thinking of getting some exercise. That works well. I'll go. Let me know the place."


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