RDM (Novel) Chapter 430

C 430

While the Great Pearl Traders were staying at the inn, Ji Moo-hyeong, the chief escort, was busy and had no time to spare.

He turned the thieves over to the authorities and collected the reward money. He also sold the gang's horses at the horse market and took the injured to the doctor for treatment.

It took him two days to complete all these tasks.

Meanwhile, Seo Gun-hwi and his party said their goodbyes.

Seo Gun-hwi's first destination was Kangho, which was in turmoil.

They had joined the Great Pearl Traders out of convenience.

Now that they had a rough idea of the situation in Kangho, they bid farewell to the group of merchants. But everyone knew the real reason for their departure.

It was clear that they wanted to part earlier than planned. This was because of the awkward situation between Pyo Wol and Do Yeonsan.

"Well, I'll see you next time."

Seo Gun-hwi took Pyo Wol's hand in a handshake and said goodbye.


"I hope we can meet on better terms next time."

"I also hope that you make the right choice. A wrong choice will bring misfortune not only to you but also to your younger sibling."

"Thank you for your advice. I will keep it in mind."

Although it was unclear what had happened overnight, Seo Gun-hwi's eyes seemed to have deepened a bit.
He said goodbye to Ji Moo-hyeong, the chief escort of the Great Pearl Merchants, and left the inn.

Seo Yul-hee looked back at Do Yeonsan several times with a feeling of regret. But cruelly, Do Yeonsan only wished her well and did not stop her.

It was only a brief encounter, lasting only a few days.

He knew better than anyone else that he and Seo Yul-hee were not a good match. And his feelings for her were not that strong either.

After Seo Gun-hwi and the martial artists of the Ghost Sword Manor had left, the Great Pearl Merchants prepared to leave as well.

They had wasted two days because of the thief gang, so their schedule was significantly delayed. 

They had to hurry to reach Chengdu on time.

Arriving in Chengdu was not the end of it.

They had to hand over the goods they had brought with them and choose which ones to take to Yunnan Province.

There was no choice but to hurry, as their schedule was tight.

An hour after the Ghost Sword Manor martial artists left, the Great Pearl Merchants also left the inn.

They decided to pick up the injured escort warriors entrusted to the doctor when they returned later.

The reason why Ji Moo-hyeong was not worried even though many of the warriors were missing was because of Pyo Wol.

As long as Pyo Wol was with them, there was nothing to worry about.

Ji Moo-hyeong treated Pyo Wol and Do Yeonsan very well.

He offered them the best food and tried to give them special treatment, but Pyo Wol refused all privileges, saying that he was fine as he was.

"Please accept this at least.

Ji Moo-hyeong handed Pyo Wol a bundle of promissory notes.

"What is this?"

"It is the reward money we received from the authorities for handing over the thieves and the proceeds from the sale of their horses. I have exchanged it for promissory notes from the most trustworthy moneylender. Please accept them. If it weren't for Grandmaster Pyo, we would have lost not only our goods but also our lives.

It was not a reward from the Great Pearl Merchants, but promissory notes from the sale of the thieves' goods. So much seemed acceptable.

"I'll put it to good use."

Pyo Wol took the notes and put them in his pocket.

The more money he had, the better, was one of the lessons he had learned while wandering the Kangho.
No matter how strong one's martial arts skills may be, if one lacks money, one is forced to rely on others in the Kangho.

The reason why martial artists would willingly work for powerful families or wealthy households was to earn money. So there was no reason to refuse a token of gratitude.

When Pyo Wol accepted the note, Ji Moo-hyeong breathed a sigh of relief.

With this, I can maintain a connection with him.

While the connection with the head of the family was important, the connection with a prominent figure like Pyo Wol was even more crucial.

Just by having a connection with him, there might be a situation where one's life could be saved.

Ji Moo-hyeong was satisfied with his choice and led the group.

The rest of the journey went smoothly, perhaps because they had made arrangements beforehand.

Apart from a few nights on the road, there were no problems.

As a result, the Great Pearl Merchants were able to arrive in Chengdu within the allotted time.


A look of joy appeared on the faces of Ji Moo-hyeong and his subordinates.

Seeing the high walls of the city made them feel more secure. However, it was too early to rest and relax.

First they had to enter the city gates.

There was a long line of people waiting to enter the city. They had to wait for their turn to get into the city.

The process of entering Chengdu was very strict.

So the speed of entry was inevitably slow.

Ji Moo-hyeong led the group to the back of the line.

It was an inevitable choice if they wanted to enter Chengdu.

He had tried to bribe the city guards, but there was no way.

Then it happened.

Suddenly, the face of a guard looking at the Great Pearl Merchants turned pale.


"What is it?"

When his colleague asked, the guard pointed to the end of the Great Pearl Merchants' row.

"Th-the Reaper?"


"He's returned."
"What do you mean?"

"The Reaper has returned. Open the gate quickly!"

The guard shouted at his colleague.

But when his colleague hesitated and stuttered, the guard shouted again.

"Open the gate if you don't want to die, you idiots!"


"All right, I got it."

Only then did the guards sense the urgency and open the gate.

The guard who had given the order approached Pyo Wol and bowed his head.

"Master Pyo!"

"Do you know me?"

"Who among Chengdu's martial artists and guards doesn't know Master Pyo?"

The guard's face showed clear fear as he replied.

Pyo Wol's massacre still haunted the martial artists of Chengdu.

They still talked about how the Quincheng Sect and the Emei Sect had both been defeated by a single individual.

The martial artists and guards of Chengdu who witnessed the subjugation of the Quincheng Sect and the Emei Sect were extremely afraid of Pyo Wol.

Knowing that any disrespect for him would be fatal, they tried desperately to memorise his features.

It was not difficult to recognise Pyo Wol's face.

There was no other man who had a face that was more beautiful than that of a woman.

Fortunately, the guard had seen Pyo Wol from a distance before.

He recognised him at once.

The guard asked carefully.

"Are you going to stay here for good?"

"I will stay here for a while."

"Understood. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please come in."

"These people are with me."

"The Great Pearl Traders, you mean? I'll remember that."

The guard replied with a determined expression.

Even the smallest detail concerning Pyo Wol had to be remembered.

The guard turned to Ji Moo-hyeong.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were with Master Pyo?"

"Well, that's..."

"Please come in. Let us know if there are any problems during your stay in Chengdu. We'll take care of everything for you..."

"Ah, yes! Thank you."

Ji Moo-hyeong was surprised by the sudden kindness of the guard.

He couldn't have imagined that Pyo Wol's status in Chengdu was so high.

Thanks to Pyo Wol, the Great Pearl Merchants were able to pass through the city gates with ease.

As soon as Pyo Wol passed through the gate, he said.

"We must part now."

"Thank you, Grandmaster Pyo!"

"We will meet again if fate allows it."
"I hope you achieve everything you want. Goodbye."

Ji Moo-hyeong said goodbye to Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol and Do Yeonsan moved on, leaving Ji Moo-hyeong behind.


Do Yeonsan exclaimed in amazement at the new sights of Chengdu. Pyo Wol also looked around slowly.

It had been years since he had last visited Chengdu.

Much had changed in that time.

Most importantly, the streets that had been destroyed during the conflict between Pyo Wol and the Emei and Quincheng sects had been perfectly rebuilt.

The faces of the people on the streets were full of vitality, so the situation didn't seem too bad.

Pyo Wol walked along Xintian Road with Do Yeonsan.

Originally a slum, Xintian Road had been completely transformed into an upscale residential area. Tall walls with magnificent pavilions jutting out from the top and imposing gates that were overwhelming just to look at.

All of Chengdu's powerful figures lived here. Many soldiers patrolled around Xintian Road to protect them.

Xintian Road was the safest street in Chengdu.

Finally, Pyo Wol arrived at his destination.

A large mansion with a unique red pine wall towering above it.

It was the Red Pine Manor.

Pyo Wol knocked hard on the closed door of the Red Pine Manor.

A middle-aged man opened the door slightly. He carefully poked his head out.

The man's eyes widened as he recognised Pyo Wol's face.

"It's been a long time, Chief Go!"

At Pyo Wol's greeting, the middle-aged man hastily bowed his head.

He was Chief Go, the man who ran all the affairs of Red Pine Manor.

Although his tongue had been cut and he couldn't speak, his face showed a look of happiness.

Chief Go quickly rang a small bell that hung by the door.

Ding, ding, ding!

Two people rushed out of Red Pine Manor not long after the bell rang.

A young boy and a young girl, both a little older than Do Yeonsan.

The boy's eyes were completely black, giving him an eerie look, while the girl was beautiful, though her eyes lacked focus.

They were Gwi An and Eun-Yo.


"Older brother!"

Gwi An and Eun-Yo hugged Pyo Wol at the same time.

Their faces were filled with excitement.

After Pyo Wol and Soma left, the two of them guarded the Red Pine Manor and established their own domain.

Gwi An set up his own intelligence network and Eun-Yo completely dominated Chengdu's underworld.

No event in Chengdu escaped their attention. They had become the true masters of the underworld.

Yet they always felt a sense of emptiness.

Now they seemed to understand the reason.

It was because Pyo Wol was not there.

Although they were figures of fear to the people of Chengdu, Pyo Wol's absence was hard to bear.

With his return, the two realised what they had been missing.

Pyo Wol was the only person they could rely on for mental support.

Just the fact that he was in the same room filled their hearts.

Pyo Wol hugged them both tightly.

"Have you been well?"

"Of course."


The two hugged Pyo Wol as well.

After comforting them for a moment, Pyo Wol stepped back and introduced Do Yeonsan.

"This is Do Yeonsan. He'll be joining us from today."

"Nice to meet you! I'm Gwi An."

"I'm Eun-Yo. Let's be good friends."

The two greeted Do Yeonsan happily.

There was no wariness towards a stranger.

This was because the person who introduced Do Yeonsan was none other than Pyo Wol.

They unquestionably trusted the person introduced by Pyo Wol.

The same was true of Do Yeonsan.
"Nice to meet you. Brother, sister!"

Gwi An and Eun-Yo were actually older than Do Yeonsan.

Eun-Yo smiled and said,

"It's nice to have a good younger sibling. Things are going well."

"Right! Since a brother and a sibling came together today, we should have a banquet."

Gwi An joked in a way he usually didn't.

He was so happy.

Feeling like she had received an unexpected gift, Eun-Yo urged them on.

"Let's go inside quickly, brother."


Pyo Wol entered the Red Pine Manor.

The scenery inside the manor was so beautiful that one could feel how much effort Chief Steward Go had put into it. But it was the feeling of stability that pleased him more than the appearance.

The deep sense of stability and comfort he felt the moment he entered Red Pine Manor.

It was a feeling he could never experience anywhere else.

He felt like he was returning home.

Do Yeonsan also liked the Red Pine Manor.

Although it was the first time he had seen it, the genuine hospitality of Gwi An and Eun-Yo made him open his heart naturally.

It is a nice place.


At the same time, news of Pyo Wol's return spread throughout the city.

All the officials and martial artists in the city held their breath at the news of his return.

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