RDM (Novel) Chapter 432


C 432

Manhwa Roo was a brothel in the southern part of Chengdu.

It was said to have a very high standard of prostitutes, as it had recently made a name for itself. 

Perhaps because of this, it attracted a particularly large number of troublemakers.

Normally there were no problems.

This was because the chief guard and the warriors who protected Manhwa Roo possessed considerable martial power.

They were all martial artists who had studied martial arts and could easily suppress common ruffians and drunken guests with a flick of their fingers.

The prostitutes could comfortably sell their smiles, trusting these guards and warriors.

However, the head guards and warriors who had been protecting the prostitutes were now lying on the ground.

"Kah! Ptui!"

A burly man spat mucus as he looked at the chief guard and warriors.

He was the culprit behind this situation.

Iron Mountain Hunter, Geum Busan.

Geum Busan was a martial artist in the western part of Sichuan province.

As the word 'Hunter' in his nickname suggests, he was of hunter origin.

However, during his childhood, a master who recognised his talent took him under his wing and gave him immense strength and incredible martial arts skills.

As a result, he gained a reputation in the western part of Sichuan Province, and followers began to gather around him.

The burly men surrounding him now were all his followers.

"Heh! Brother, please take it easy."

"Brother, you're mad as a hornet's nest."



Even though they saw Geum Busan getting angry and acting out, they had no intention of stopping him.


Instead, they laughed and chattered away as if it was entertaining.


In their arms were slender women. They were the courtesans of Manhwa Roo.


Geum Busan's younger brothers roughly touched the courtesans' fragile bodies.


The courtesans turned pale with fear, unable to react.


"You bastards think you can look down on us because we're from the countryside? Huh! What, we can't come to Manhwa Roo? Say it again. Say it again, you sons of bitches!


Geum Busan was still angry, snorting as he looked at the fallen chief and his guards on the ground.


It was his first time in Chengdu.


He had been full of anticipation since he entered the city.


"I'm finally going to see the pleasure districts of Chengdu that I've heard so much about."


He came to Manhwa Roo with a heart full of excitement, but the manager turned him down. The reason was that they were not up to Manhwa Roo's standards.


Geum Busan and his brothers' clothes were too shabby.


Their behaviour was also rough, which made many people around them afraid. It was a natural thing for a chief to do.


The problem was that Geum Busan had no intention of listening to the boss.


"Haha! Our elder brother is the best."


"Anyway, we have to teach a lesson to those bastards who looked down on us for being country bumpkins."


Geum Busan's younger brothers chugged their drinks and chatted.


All the customers in the room wore anxious expressions because of the atmosphere they created.


Geum Busan's brothers enjoyed such an atmosphere.


They felt like they owned the world.


"Chengdu is nothing special."


"Exactly, our elder brother is the best."


That was then.




One of the customers, who had come outside because of the noise, clicked his tongue.


"What's that? Who is it?"


Geum Busan didn't miss the small sound and narrowed his eyes.


He scanned the customers with his pearly eyes.


"What's that? Who's looking down on us again?"


Then one of the customers stepped forward. He was the one who had clucked his tongue.


"Enough is enough."


"Do you want to die, you bastard?"

Geum Busan raised a fist as big as a pot lid.

It was clear that if he hit the customer with his steel-hardened fist, the customer would be crushed like a fish.

Despite Geum Busan's threat, the customer didn't even blink.

"So you're really a bumpkin from the West. You can't even understand the atmosphere here."


"Isn't it strange? The streets of Chendu are so quiet."

"Huh! It's obvious. Everyone must be afraid of my abilities."

"What did you say?"

"I'm Geum Busan. Don't you know Geum Busan? I've defeated dozens of warriors."

"Quite impressive. But you're not powerful enough to cause trouble in Chengdu."

"What the hell are you talking about? Can't you speak more clearly?"

"Fine! I'll tell you why the red light district of Chengdu is so quiet and why no one is rushing to stop the commotion you're causing."

"All right, tell me. If the reason isn't convincing, you'll die at my hands today."

Geum Busan shook his huge fist in front of the customer. But the customer didn't flinch and continued talking.

"Do you know who the reaper is?"

"The Reaper? What kind of nickname is that? It's ridiculous. Who would use such an outdated nickname?"


You don't seem to know. That's why you're peasants. If you knew anything about the nickname, you wouldn't be laughing and making such noise."

"The Reaper? There's someone with that nickname? And we're supposed to be careful? That's hilarious! Ridiculous!"

Geum Busan snorted.

He thought he might have heard it somewhere before. But at that time he thought it was ridiculous and his thoughts hadn't changed.

"Whether it's the Reaper or whatever, if he shows up before me, I'll smash him with my Six Harmonies Great Scattering Fist."

"May you rest in peace."

"You little bastard..."

With his anger at the forefront of his mind, Geum Busan struck the customer with his fist, using all of his strength.


At that moment, a sharp cutting sound echoed.


Geum Busan blinked his eyes.

It was because an unrealistic scene was unfolding in front of him.

His arm was cut off at the elbow and flew far away.

"My arm?"

He suddenly felt a burning pain in his elbow.


Geum Busan let out a belated cry.


"Aaargh! My arm!"


"Uh, brother?"


"What's going on?"


Geum Busan's siblings, who had just seen his arm fly away, let out an exclamation.


Someone was standing behind him.


It was as if he had been there from the beginning.


The moment they saw the person, an unknown sense of crisis invaded their minds.


"Brother! Behind you..."


"Be careful!"


They warned Geum Busan.


Clutching his severed elbow, Geum Busan turned around. Then he saw the man standing behind him.


An inconspicuous figure with a pale white face.


Seeing the face, which was even more beautiful than a woman's, Geum Busan froze for a moment.


"You, who are you?"


"The one with the outdated nickname!"


"So you're the Re...aper?"


Only then did Geum Busan realise the man's identity.


The owner of the outdated nickname that Geum Busan had mocked a few moments ago.


It was Pyo Wol.


"That bastard... cut off my arm..."


Geum Busan shook off his fear and swung his remaining fist at Pyo Wol's jaw. But his fist never touched Pyo Wol's body.






Geum Busan screamed.


It was because the fist he had swung at Pyo Wol had been cut off at the elbow.


Once again, a catastrophic scene unfolded.


"Aaah! My arm! My arm..."


Geum Busan fell to his knees and screamed. But his screams didn't last long.


Pyo Wol sliced his throat lightly with his hand.

A line of blood was drawn where his hand passed.




Geum Busan's throat was half severed as he let out a dying wail.






Geum Busan's siblings were horrified.


Geum Busan was the strongest expert they knew. But even such an expert could not resist and met his end at the hands of Pyo Wol.


Only then did they realise that the man with the mysterious face was the Reaper, as the man had mentioned earlier.


They scattered like locusts in all directions.


They thought that if they scattered, Pyo Wol wouldn't be able to kill them all. But it was their mistake to underestimate Pyo Wol.






The piercing sounds echoed everywhere.


The bodies of the fleeing men were cut to pieces.


There were no screams.


There was no pain.


It was because they were killed instantly.


Pyo Wol had spread the Spider Silver Net around the men.


Without knowing this, they rushed towards Pyo Wol, so it was only natural that their bodies were torn apart.


"Good heavens!"


"It really is the Reaper."


The guests who witnessed the scene covered their mouths with both hands.


It was a brutal scene they had never seen before.


In comparison, the violence that Geum Busan had inflicted on the guards of the brotherel was like child's play.


The firm and ruthless hand they had only heard of in rumours.


No, the cruelty beyond that sent shivers down their spines.


"The Reaper has really returned."


To see it with their own eyes made it seem real.


The return of the Reaper who had terrorised not only Chengdu, but the entire Kangho.




 News of Pyo Wol's punishment of Geum Busan and his younger siblings spread quickly throughout the city.

People shuddered at Pyo Wol's brutality.

Although he had been away for a long time, his cruel nature remained unchanged.

He returned stronger and more terrifying than before.

During Pyo Wol's absence, there were those who wanted to seize power in the city.

The power of the city had traditionally been held by the Tang Clan, the Emei Sect and the Qincheng Sect, who took turns to rule. No one dared to challenge their authority when they were in power.

All three factions had the power to prevent others from following them. However, the Tang Clan had long since been exterminated, and the Emei Sect and the Qincheng Sect were sealed by Pyo Wol. Then Pyo Wol left the city.

Any ambitious person would have coveted the power of the city.

The city was not a small place.

It was a huge city that had once been Chengdu of a country.

The power that emanated from this city was anything but small. In fact, it was enormous, easily equal to the annual budget of an average faction.

Naturally, many people wanted to become the master of the city. But not knowing when Pyo Wol would return, they suppressed their ambitions.

But time dulls the senses, and the people's patience reached its limit.

It was then that Pyo Wol returned.

The moment when people's patience reached its limit.

The very moment they were quietly preparing for a war to take over the city. 

However, those who heard what Pyo Wol had done in Manhwa Roo

abandoned their ambitions as if they had made a promise.

No matter how great their ambition, they acknowledged and accepted that it was impossible to realise it as long as Pyo Wol was present.

The power of the city might be desirable, but it was not more important than their lives.

The death of Geum Busan reminded them of how terrifying Pyo Wol was.

After dealing with Geum Busan and his siblings, Pyo Wol settled in Manhwa Roo.

Manhwa Roo closed its doors and received no guests.

Not a single courtesan came out.

One could tell what was happening inside Manhwa Roo without seeing it with one's own eyes.

One day, as time passed, a group of people entered the city.

They entered the city with a flag bearing the four characters of the Galactic Escort Bureau.

With fifty members, including the chief escort, escorts and warriors, they were a large group.

Their arrival attracted the attention of the people in the city.

The escort agency was a group that profited from transporting valuable goods. The more valuable the goods, the more profit they made.

From this perspective, it was clear that the Galactic Escort Bureau would make a huge profit from this escort mission.

They brought ten carriages.

The ten carriages were filled with rare items that could not be easily obtained in Sichuan Province.

The Galactic Escort Bureau moved towards their destination, the ten carriages closely guarded.

Suddenly, they noticed the locked door of a building.

"Manhwa Roo?"

"Is that where the Reaper is living right now?"

"Be careful not to attract his attention."

Secret conversations were held between them.

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