RDM (Novel) Chapter 442


C 442

"I'm shaking."

Ju Pyo-du muttered as he looked at Pyo Wol's face.

He was wearing the hat of the Pifung band, but he could feel Pyo Wol's cold, sunken eyes.

Even with his blood-red hat pressed down, he could still feel the coldness in Pyo Wol's eyes.

Although he was now working as a General at the Galactic Escort Bureau, he was a seasoned warrior with a strong backbone from the battlefield.

He had experienced countless dangerous situations and fought through numerous fierce battles. However, he could confidently say that there had never been a moment when his heart pounded as intensely as it did now.

As Pyo Wol got closer, his face became more visible.

A face that seemed otherworldly, yet strangely enchanting.

If they had met somewhere else, he might have mistaken him for a woman, such was the beauty of his face. However, to Ju Pyo-du's eyes, it appeared more terrifying than any vicious killer.

That beautiful face had killed countless people.

Among those who died by his hands, there were only a few who were weaker than Ju Pyo-du himself.

He was a man who truly deserved the nickname "Reaper."


A silver thread shot out from his hand.

It was such a fine thread that it was almost indistinguishable to the naked eye.

'Is that the Reaper's secret technique?'

He knew that Pyo Wol used the soul reaping threads as his primary weapon. Many of his comrades had already lost their lives to Pyo Wol's soul reaping threads.

A unique technique exclusive to Pyo Wol, which condensed sword or blade energy into a thin thread. He didn't know how it was possible, but Pyo Wol wielded this unimaginable skill effortlessly.


The silver thread wrapped around his body.

Nevertheless, Ju Pyo-du didn't resist.

As Pyo Wol snapped his fingers, Ju Pyo-du's body floated into the air and was dragged along.


His body rolled roughly in front of Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol lifted his foot and stepped on Ju Pyo-du's chest.

In an instant, his breath was caught in his throat, and his mouth gaped open.

With his foot still on Ju Pyo-du, Pyo Wol opened his mouth.


"Where are you moving the sacred text? Are you really moving it to the New Moon Manor?"


"Heh, what are you going to do about it?"


Ju Pyo-du sneered and tightly grabbed Pyo Wol's foot, which was pressing down on his chest.


At the moment when Pyo Wol furrowed his brow, something burst from Ju Pyo-du's chest.




A cloud of black smoke quickly dispersed, covering both Pyo Wol and Ju Pyo-du at the same time.




The moment the smoke touched his body, Ju Pyo-du let out a terrible scream.


The black smoke that enveloped them was none other than poisonous smoke.


It was an extremely potent poison Ju Pyo-du had acquired from the indigenous people while he was active in the Western Region. When the poisonous smoke touched the body, flesh melted away, and bones crumbled in an instant.


It was a pain so unbearable that humans could hardly endure it, feeling it vividly throughout their entire body as they died.


Ju Pyo-du had used the poison on his enemies several times, so he knew just how powerful it was.


After returning to Kangho, he had hidden it as a trump card.


He had carried it with the purpose of dying together with his enemy in the worst-case scenario that he couldn't handle.


Even amidst the agony of his flesh and bones melting, JuPyo-du shouted.


"We're going together, Reaper!"


In an instant, the flesh on his face disintegrated, exposing the muscle beneath. Despite this, he kept his eyes wide open and tightly held onto Pyo Wol's ankle.


The more he endured and held on, the more poisonous smoke would infiltrate Pyo Wol's body.


It was then.


Suddenly, a snake with horns on its head emerged from Pyo Wol's arms.


Ju Pyo-du thought he was seeing things due to the pain.


The snake flicked its tongue, seemingly tasting the poisonous smoke, then opened its mouth wide. And it sucked in the poisonous smoke.




The suction power exerted by the small snake was unbelievably strong, as the poisonous smoke was frighteningly drawn into its mouth.


The poisonous smoke that had enveloped Pyo Wol disappeared into the snake's mouth in an instant.


Ju Pyo-du's eyes widened as his body trembled violently.


"Cr-crazy... how could a mere creature..."


The small snake flicked its tongue contentedly and returned to Pyo Wol's arms.


The snake was Gwia.


For Gwia, poison was a delicacy.


The rarer the poison, the more it tasted like a special treat.


"How... on... earth..."


That was the last thing Ju Pyo-du said in this world.


His body melted away in an instant, turning into a handful of blood and fluid.


Pyo Wol turned his gaze from Ju Pyo-du to the river.


In the brief moment his ankle was caught by Ju Pyo-du, the boat had moved further away.


An ordinary person would have given up at this point, but Pyo Wol was different.


He had no intention of giving up on the chase.


Even if he had to pursue for more than a thousand miles.


Pyo Wol's pursuit continued.


Gwi An was standing in the middle of the destroyed Snow Cloud Manor.

The desolate landscape of the ruined Snow Cloud Manor was utterly miserable.

It had been raining heavily, and the ruins were even worse.

Gwi An collected all the bodies of the people who lived there.

He took special care in burying the bodies of Yoo Gi-cheon and Woo Jang-rak.

Gwi An muttered to himself as he stood in the middle of the Snow Cloud Manor.

"Why did they take such a risk? All for a mere Buddhist sutra..."

To Gwi An's common sense, it was incomprehensible.

No matter how valuable the Buddhist sutra from the western region was, it was still just a single sutra.

It was not a martial arts manual containing hidden martial arts techniques, so unless it was a Shaolin temple, it wasn't worth much.

"Did they really do this to donate it to the temple?"

Gwi An shook his head.

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn't accept it.

There must have been another hidden reason.

Gwi An carefully searched inside Snow Cloud Manor.

Although everything was burnt and there was nothing left, Gwi An did not give up.

As he sifted through the charred debris, his body became covered in soot. Nevertheless, Gwi An persistently searched through the ruins.


Gwi An's eyes lit up as he was clearing the debris.

An underground space hidden beneath the debris was revealed.

Without a moment's hesitation, Gwi An entered the underground area.

Unlike the charred ground above, the underground chamber was only blackened at the entrance, but the inside was still intact.

"So, this is it

Gwi An recognised that this was the place where the Buddhist scriptures were stored.

There were papers taped to the walls with interpretations of the scriptures.

The empty shelves on one side of the room must have held the original sutras.

Whenever Yoo Gi-cheon had time, he would open the sutra here and interpret it in his own way.

Like many successful people, he too wanted to leave a meaningful legacy. The interpretation of the original sutra was that legacy.

So, whenever he had time, he would come down here and interpret the sutra little by little.

Fortunately, Shaolin Temple was late in coming to get the sutra, so he had plenty of time to interpret it at his leisure.

Gwi An carefully examined the content that Yoo Gi-cheon had interpreted.

A glint appeared in his eyes as he looked over it for a while.

It was not an interpretation of the sutra but a personal reflection written by Yoo Gi-cheon.

[While reading the sutra, I felt the depths of my mind calming down. No matter how full of madness one may be, reading this sutra will naturally purify their mind.]

'Purification of madness?'

Gwi An muttered as he rubbed his chin with his hand.

He could have just let it go, but it strangely bothered him.

"Could it be that the sutra was needed to control someone's madness?"

It was still just a guess.

Gwi An felt the need to look into it more closely. He went outside to clear his cluttered thoughts.

It was then.


With a vigorous flutter, a bird flew into his forearms.

It was the messenger bird he had sent to Pyo Wol.

In the bird's leg was a letter sent by Pyo Wol.

After reading the entire letter, Gwi An muttered to himself.

"It's highly likely that the person Hyung is chasing has the original sutra. In that case, it would be better to send Eun-Yo and Do Yeonsan to where Hyung is."

Gwi An immediately returned to the courier station and began writing a letter to send to Eun-Yo and Do Yeonsan.

After attaching the note to the bird's leg, he whispered to the bird.

"You know Eun-Yo, right? You're going to her."

The bird seemed to understand his words and nodded its head up and down.

Gwi An sent the bird flying.

After briefly circling the courier station, the bird soon soared into the southern sky at a frightening speed.

Left alone, Gwi An didn't have time to rest.

"I'll have to cooperate with Hao Clan for this matter."

Once out of Sichuan Province, Gwi An's intelligence network loses its power.

Now was the time when the Hao Clan's strength was needed.


Pyo Wol raced through the nameless mountains.

Rivers do not flow straight. They bend around mountains and meander across vast plains.

The mountain that Pyo Wol was running through was one such place.

The boat carrying the martial artists of Galactic Escort Bureau was sailing around the mountain where Pyo Wol was racing.

It was an environment where he couldn't run along the riverbank as he had before. That's why Pyo Wol chose to cut across the mountain.

He had been running nonstop for a day already.

There was no time to rest.

If he stopped for a moment, the boat would disappear from sight.

Rivers never flow in a single stream.

There are tributaries and connections to smaller rivers.

If the boat vanished into another tributary when out of sight, finding it again would be a difficult task.

That's why Pyo Wol had no choice but to keep running without rest.

No matter how strong Pyo Wol's martial arts skills were, running nonstop for an entire day was not easy. However, Pyo Wol continued to run without a change in his expression.


As he burst through the bushes, a vast open area appeared as if by magic.

The boat carrying the martial artists of the Galactic Escort Bureau was entering a river crossing the open area.

For a moment, a sparkle appeared in Pyo Wol's eyes.

He saw a section where the river narrowed in the distance.

"The last chance."

No matter how good his stamina was, he couldn't chase the ship for days on end. As a human, he was bound to reach his limit eventually.

He had to catch up before reaching that limit.

The narrowing section of the river in the distance was his only chance to board the ship.

Pyo Wol gathered his internal energy and used his Qigong.

The sandy beach ended, and a field of reeds blocked his way.

Pyo Wol stepped on the reed leaves and ran.

It was the Flying on Grass technique.

Pyo Wol had never learned any special lightness skills before. However, as he sprinted after the ship with all his might, he naturally mastered it.

Swish, swish!

The reeds bent wildly, but none of them broke, thanks to Pyo Wol's exquisite control of his strength.

People on the ship's deck seemed to have seen Pyo Wol's Flying on Grass technique and were bustling about.

Pyo Wol sped up even more.

Now, the ship was approaching the narrowing section of the river.

He had to catch up before they passed through it.


Pyo Wol let out a shout, kicked off the last reed leaf, and soared into the air.

When he reached the peak, Pyo Wol did a flip.

His waist bent like a bow, then using the elasticity, he shot forward like an arrow. However, there was still quite a distance between him and the ship.

At that moment, Pyo Wol released his Soul Reaping Thread.


The Soul Reaping Thread wrapped around the mast.

As Pyo Wol grabbed his arm, his body flew towards the ship.

"Damn it!"

"Block him!"

The warriors, seeing Pyo Wol flying towards them, drew their swords in surprise.

They unfolded their sword techniques towards Pyo Wol, who was falling onto the deck.

The deck was completely covered with sword shadows.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Dozens of sword shadows attacked Pyo Wol.

"We got him."

"We caught him."

The warriors who had attacked Pyo Wol showed expressions of triumph.

It appeared as if Pyo Wol had been torn into dozens of pieces by their swords.

However, the next moment, their faces were filled with shock.

The supposedly torn-apart body of Pyo Wol vanished before their eyes.

"What, what is this?"

"An illusion?"

In that instant, Pyo Wol quietly landed behind them.


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