RDM (Novel) Chapter 441

C 441

Jin Pyo-du and Geum Pyo-du swung their swords at the same time.

The black and white swords tore through the air and flew towards Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol dodged their attacks by spreading out his movements.

The two swords missed Pyo Wol by a hair's breadth.

Pyo Wol tried to use the momentum to get past the two men.

His goal was to catch Ma Won-Ik with the boat and the stolen scriptures.

After the bend in the river ahead of him, the river would widen again. If the boat entered the wider part of the river, it would be harder to follow.

He had to catch up at all costs, even if it meant taking risks. That's why Pyo Wol tried to pass Jin Pyo-du and Geum Pyo-du instead of confronting them. However, both Jin Pyo-du and Geum Pyo-du were skilled fighters who exceeded Pyo Wol's expectations.


"No way!"


They spun their bodies like tops and threw their swords at Pyo Wol's back.

The two sword attacks intersected perfectly, making it impossible to ignore or dodge.

Left with no choice, Pyo Wol turned his body and blocked the sword attacks with both hands.


The sword attacks of the two Pyodu's were repelled with a metallic sound.

Seeing Pyo Wol deflect the sword attacks with his bare hands, the two Pyodus widened their eyes in surprise.

"What the...?"

"Damn it!"

They were even more astonished as they hadn't expected him to block the sword attacks with his bare hands.

It was common knowledge in Kangho that it was impossible to block a sword attack with bare hands without special training, but Pyo Wol had completely defied this.

They noticed the armguards on Pyo Wol's wrists and forearms.

"So you wear protective gear."

"Hmph! Resorting to petty tricks."

The two of them were annoyed that Pyo Wol had not defended the sword attacks with his bare hands, but with his armour.


Pyo Wol ran low to the ground, like a swallow gliding over the surface.

The performance of the armguards made for Pyo Wol was confirmed as they deflected the sword attacks.

Even without using any energy, the armguards did not have a single scratch after blocking the sword attacks.

With this level of protection, he had no fear of any of the world's famous swords.

 Jin Pyo-du and Geum Pyo-du unleashed their techniques.

Pop pop pop!

The air around the black and white swords exploded.

Pyo Wol deflected all their attacks with his armour and pushed forward.


A soul reaping thread shot out.


At that moment, Jin Pyo-du and Geum Pyo-du jumped backwards.

They had already been informed that Pyo Wol was using a Soul Reaping Thread technique, so they were well prepared for it.

They waited for the Soul Reaping Thread to pass before counterattacking.


"Damn it!"

At close range, it was common knowledge that swords or short weapons were more advantageous than whips or long weapons like threads.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

The black and white swords sliced through the air chaotically.

The attacks were like the deadly fangs of a ferocious beast.

The two had known each other for a very long time and had practised a lot together.

They could understand each other's thoughts just by looking at each other's eyes and gestures.

Clang clang clang!

The two swords clashed repeatedly with Pyo Wol's armour.

Sparks flew in all directions.

Pyo Wol realised that the sword techniques they were using were very practical for real combat.

Originally, the sword was more practical than the whip (I think it's the soul harvesting thread).

It took a long time to fully master the intricacies of the sword and use it in real combat.

However, the sword was much more intuitive than the whip, making it easier to learn.

Even considering these characteristics, the sword techniques they displayed were very fierce.

The techniques contained the ferocity that only those who had honed their skills in real combat could possess.



They slashed vertically like lightning and horizontally like cutting down a tree.

The black and white sword lights blinded Pyo Wol's eyes.

Pyo Wol defended against their attacks while studying their faces.

Their faces were plain and featureless.

If there were swordsmen with such skills, they would have been famous in Kangho. But Pyo Wol had never heard of swordsmen with such faces.

There was only one possibility left.

"You two have come from Guryongsalmak."



For a moment, Jin Pyo-du and Geum Pyo-du felt their hearts drop in shock.

Despite their vast experience, they could not hide their nervous expressions at that moment.

From their reactions, Pyo Wol was sure that his hunch was correct.

Then the Galactic Escort Bureau, or perhaps New Moon Manor, must be related to Guryongsalmak.

Until now, Guryongsalmak had been as elusive as a floating cloud.

Although its existence was confirmed, the actual entity remained frustratingly out of reach. But now, in this unexpected place, they were getting closer to the true nature of Guryongsalmak.

Pyo Wol asked, "Why is Guryongsalmak targeting the scriptures?"

"Shut up."

"Be quiet!"

Jin Pyo-du and Geum Pyo-du attacked even more angrily.


Their ruthless sword techniques mercilessly targeted Pyo Wol's vital points.

With all unnecessary branches cut off, their fierce attacks, focused only on the main thrust, swept through like a storm.

At first glance, Pyo Wol looked like a leaf blown away by the storm.

It looked as if he was being tossed around by the two attackers. But there was no sense of crisis on Pyo Wol's face.

Rather, it was the two attackers who were worried.

'Damn it!

'Is he a ghost?

Their attacks all missed by a hair's breadth.

It was as if they were fighting a ghost without a physical form.

They had fought countless battles, but this was the first time they had faced such an opponent.

Cold sweat ran down their backs.

They realised that Pyo Wol wasn't attacking because he was cornered, but because he was watching them.

"Don't look down on us!"

"Don't underestimate us!"

With a roar, they each unleashed their strongest sword techniques.


The empty air was filled with sword shadows.

Hundreds of black and white sword shadows rushed towards Pyo Wol.

At that moment, Pyo Wol unleashed Black Lightning.

His body's reaction speed increased several times faster than usual as the lightning energy stimulated his nerves.


A rain of swords fell where Pyo Wol had been, but he was no longer there.

Unbeknownst to them, Pyo Wol had circled around Jin Pyo-du and Geum Pyo-du and landed some distance away.


It was then that Jin Pyo-du noticed the silver thread flowing from Pyo Wol's hand.

Only then did they realise that Pyo Wol had circled around them.

"Could it be?"

"Damn it!"

At that moment, Pyo Wol pulled on the silver thread.

Jin Pyo-du and Geum Pyo-du's eyes widened.

They felt a searing pain in their waists.

When they looked down, they saw a strand of silver thread cutting through their waists like rotten wood.

It was the Threaded Serpent Qi.

Pyo Wol had circled around their bodies and formed a noose with the Threaded Serpent Qi.

The noose immediately cut their waists in half.

The upper bodies of Jin Pyo-du and Geum Pyo-du slipped from their waists and fell to the ground with a thud.

After retrieving the snake Qi, Pyo Wol immediately chased after the boat.

He had wasted a lot of time dealing with them.

With full power, Pyo Wol used his qigong and caught up with the ship.

Meanwhile, the boat with Ma Won-Ik and the others had passed the bend in the river and entered a wider area.

This was the last chance to board the ship.


Pyo Wol kicked the ground and flew through the air.

His body soared like a bird.

It was at that moment.

Suddenly, an arrow flew out of the ship.


Just the sound of the air bursting could tell how powerful it was.

It was too late to dodge it in the air.

Pyo Wol crossed his armoured arms to block the arrow.


With a loud noise, Pyo Wol's body was thrown back.

He fell into the water.

Although he wasn't injured, the wrist where he had worn the armour felt sore.

Pyo Wol got up and looked at the retreating ship.

The one who shot the arrow was Ma Won-Ik.

In his hand was a huge bow the size of a child. He had shot Pyo Wol with the giant bow.

While Pyo Wol had fallen, the ship had moved even further away.

Now it was impossible to fly onto the ship with a single jump.


Pyo Wol exhaled slightly and looked at Ma Won-Ik.

Ma Won-Ik also looked back at Pyo Wol, gasping for breath.

The giant bow he was holding was a powerful artefact called the Black Heavenly Greatbow. Its destructive power was said to be equal to a siege weapon. However, the problem was that it consumed a huge amount of internal energy and mental power.

After shooting an arrow, his entire body would be so exhausted that he would not have the strength to pull the bowstring.


Ma Won-Ik threw the Black Heavenly Greatbow to the ground.

Since he could only shoot one arrow at a time, there was no point in holding it any longer.

There were only two steel arrows left.

There was no guarantee that he could shoot directly at Pyo Wol again. It was uncertain whether Pyo Wol would reveal himself the next time.

Ma Won-Ik told the captain,

"Take the ship at full speed."


All the sails were set.

The ship, filled with wind, raced down the river at a terrifying speed.

Ma Seo-Won approached Ma Won-Ik.

"Father! Are you all right?"

"I don't think I can shoot the Black Heavenly Greatbow again."

Ma Won-Ik replied with a grimace.

"But now that we've put some distance between us, I think we can relax."

"Do you really think so?"


"Look over there."

Ma Won-Ik pointed in the direction of Pyo Wol.

Following his gaze, Ma Seo-Won's eyes widened.

Pyo Wol, who seemed to have been greatly affected by the Black Heavenly Greatbow, could be seen running after the ship.

Although the distance had increased considerably, Pyo Wol was still running after it without giving up.


"I've heard stories of his stubbornness, but I didn't expect it to be so extreme. He seems determined to follow us to the ends of hell."

Ma Won-Ik's beard trembled.

He, too, had been a warrior who had heard stories of such tenacious fighters in his youth.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to build a company as big as the Galactic Escort Bureau.

But even he was at his wits' end against Pyo Wol, who clung to them like a leech.

Both Jin Pyo-du and Geum Pyo-du, who had blocked Pyo Wol, were formidable experts. Yet they were defeated in a matter of seconds.

It was a martial art beyond imagination.

The problem was that Pyo Wol was still after them.

Ma Won-Ik asked the captain.

"Is there a place ahead where the river narrows?"

"It's about 200 ri ahead."

"How narrow does it get?"

"The width of the river shrinks to about 50 jang and the current becomes much faster."

"50 jang?"

Ma Won-Ik gritted his teeth.

It was an uncomfortable distance.

It was too far to jump at once, but if they used floating logs or threw trees as stepping stones, it was within reach.

They had to get out of the narrow part before Pyo Wol caught up. But with Pyo Wol stubbornly following them, it seemed impossible to shake him off.

Ma Won-ik had to make a decision.

After a moment's thought, he looked back.

"Ju Pyo-du!"

"Yes! Your Highness."

The warrior called Ju Pyo-du stepped forward.

"It looks like you'll have to sacrifice yourself."

"I understand."

Ju Pyo-du replied without hesitation.

Ma Won-Ik's face was filled with anguish as he looked at him.

Ju Pyo-du was weaker than Geum Pyo-do or Jin Pyo-du, who had already died.

Asking him to stop Pyo Wol was tantamount to forcing him to commit suicide. But now they had no choice.

Ju Pyo-du had a hidden weapon in addition to his martial arts, and this was the only way to trip up Pyo Wol.

The captain brought the ship to the shore and Ju Pyo-du jumped onto the sandy beach.

The ship left him behind and drifted away.

Ju Pyo-du gritted his teeth and stared ahead.

The devilish figure was approaching at a frightening speed.

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