RDM (Novel) Chapter 443


C 443

Pyo Wol was able to safely land on the ship, thanks to the Demonic Shadow Exchange technique, which diverted the enemies' attention.


"Damn it!"


"You're dead!"


The warriors of the Galactic Escort Bureau charged at him with fierce momentum.


Sword lights flashed from the swords in their hands.


Pyo Wol dug into the chest of the leader, feeding him the Palm Thunderstrike.




With a dull sound, the warrior flew into the air and fell into the river, never to resurface.


He died instantly.




Seeing his comrade die before his eyes, another warrior cried out and charged.




However, he was also repelled with a dull sound.


A dagger was lodged in his forehead.


It was the dagger that Tang Sochu had forged for Pyo Wol.


Seeing two of their comrades lose their lives in an instant, the other warriors hesitated involuntarily.


At that moment, Pyo Wol launched the threaded serpent qi.


The threaded serpent qi pierced through the warriors all at once.






The warriors screamed and collapsed.


"My... My goodness!"


The captain and crew members' faces turned pale upon witnessing the scene.

The warriors they had brought on board also possessed extraordinary power. However, they were no match for Pyo Wol's incredible martial arts skills, which subdued them effortlessly. They were left speechless.


Pyo Wol looked around the deck but couldn't find any trace of Ma Won-ik or Ma Seo-won.


Pyo Wol asked the captain.


"Where did the leaders go?"


"What do you mean... Aaargh!"


Suddenly, the captain screamed.


The Soul Reaping Thread was embedded in his shoulder.


The puncture wound was tiny, like the eye of a needle, but the pain was unbearable.


Pyo Wol asked again.


"Where did they go?"


"They left when the ship turned around the mountain earlier."


Pyo Wol bit his lip slightly at the captain's answer.


At that time, Pyo Wol had been sprinting through the mountains and couldn't keep an eye on the ship. Ma Won-ik and Ma Seo-won must have abandoned the ship and escaped during that time.


"Please, spare us. We only took the money and..."




The captain couldn't finish his sentence.


Pyo Wol had slit his throat with the Soul Reaping Thread.






The crew members who witnessed this covered their mouths with both hands.


Fear filled their eyes as they looked at Pyo Wol.


One of them even wet himself.


The captain and crew were merely hired by the Galactic Escort Bureau and had no direct connection with them. They honestly thought that Pyo Wol would spare them.


All they had to do was kneel and beg for mercy. But Pyo Wol showed no mercy.




His Soul Reaping Thread danced.


Four of the five crew members lost their lives in an instant.


The remaining crew member froze in place.


To him, with a pale, terrified face, Pyo Wol spoke.


"Make sure you tell everyone what happens when you help these people..."

"Yes, yes!"

The crew member nodded his head frantically.

Pyo Wol's words were a warning to everyone in Sichuan.

The crew member trembled uncontrollably, unable to gather his thoughts in the face of Pyo Wol's declaration that he would never leave those who aid his enemies alone.

Pyo Wol asked one last time.

"Where did they go after getting off the ship?"

"Over, over there."

The crew member pointed to a spot on the opposite side.

There was not a hint of falsehood in his words.

He didn't have the courage to lie with the corpses of the captain and his colleagues right in front of him.

He desperately wished for the inhuman presence before him to disappear as soon as possible.

Fortunately, his wish seemed to come true as Pyo Wol flew in the direction he pointed.


It was only then that the crew member's legs gave out, and he collapsed on the spot.

"I'm alive. I'm alive. Uhuhuhuh!"


Ma Won-ik and Ma Seo-won exerted their utmost efforts in Lightness skill.

Getting off the ship midway was Ma Seo-won's idea.

No matter how much they calculated, it seemed like they would be caught by Pyo Wol in the narrowest part of the river.

Ma Won-ik accepted his daughter's opinion.

In his mind, too, it seemed that they would be narrowly caught. So, after ordering their subordinates to stop Pyo Wol, they took advantage of the moment when Pyo Wol was out of sight and disembarked from the ship.

It was hard to believe the reality of abandoning the cherished Black Heavenly Greatbow and fleeing with a box containing the scripture on their shoulders.


Before entering the city, they had studied Pyo Wol.

They had analyzed Pyo Wol's martial arts level, temperament, and many other things.

As a result, they concluded that they had a good chance of winning.

If they planned properly, they were confident they could shake him off. However, the reality they faced was different.

Pyo Wol possessed abilities beyond what they had imagined.

The sight of Pyo Wol pursuing them without falling for any distractions or traps made them lose their spirits.

Not only Ma Won-ik, but also Ma Seo-won's face turned pale.

She kept looking back.

Fortunately, Pyo Wol was not yet in sight.

Thanks to their early judgment, they still maintained a considerable distance. However, the fact that Pyo Wol could appear at any moment to grab their necks terrified her even more.

She had heard a lot about the Reaper, but she didn't realize how terrifying it was until she faced it firsthand.

Sweat constantly dripped down her spine, and she breathed heavily, mixed with a bitter taste.

"Father, do you think we can shake him off?"

"We just need to go a little further."


"By now, they should have realized that the decoy has been discovered. We just need to hold on until they arrive. So don't give up."


Ma Seo-won nodded and braced herself.

Her father was never one to speak idly.

He had exceptional judgment and always maintained a cool-headed rationality.

His judgment had never been wrong.

So it would be the same this time.

Ma Seo-won gathered her energy and put strength into her legs.

The father and daughter continued to sprint with all their might using their Qigong.

They ran non-stop for nearly three hours.

The sun had already set beyond the western mountains, and darkness was spreading around them.

A city could be seen in the distance.

A glimmer of hope appeared in Ma Won-ik's eyes.

Once they entered the city, they would be able to find a hidden place to rest for a while. No matter how skilled Pyo Wol was at tracking, it would take a considerable amount of time to find them in a city with many people coming and going.

Ma Won-ik planned to find a new escape route in the meantime.

If Pyo Wol was relentless in his pursuit, Ma Won-ik had a way out. His ability to find an escape route in any situation was highly regarded within his group.

"Just a little more strength..."

Ma Won-ik stopped speaking and closed his mouth.

A sense of foreboding had crept into his mind.

He quickly embraced Ma Seo-won and rolled to the ground.


At that moment, a dagger was stabbed into the spot where Ma Seo-won had been.


Startled, Ma Seo-won inadvertently screamed.

Had Ma Won-ik's reaction been just a little slower, the dagger would have been embedded in her back.

"It's him. He's caught up with us."


"Stay calm."

Ma Won-ik tried to calm Ma Seo-won down as he looked at the dagger.

At that moment, the dagger that had been stuck in the ground flew back in the direction it had come from, as if drawn by a magnet.

It had been retrieved by Pyo Wol.


With a yell, Ma Won-ik's hand reached for his waist. In his hand was a small hand ax.

Ma Won-ik threw the hand ax with all his might in the direction the dagger had been retrieved from.

Whirr, whirr, whirr!

The hand ax spun at a terrifying speed, disappearing into the darkness.


As the sound of metal clashing echoed from the darkness, Ma Won-ik grabbed Ma Seo-won's

hand and ran with all his strength.

'Confronting him now would be suicidal.'

The city was not far away.

Once inside the city, Pyo Wol wouldn't be able to act freely.

Ma Won-ik gritted his teeth.

He was scared.

He was terrified.

For the first time in his life, he felt such fear.

He hadn't been this scared when wandering in a battlefield or when encountering countless enemies.

Ma Won-ik admitted it.

It wasn't just his martial arts that made Pyo Wol so terrifying.

It was his persistence that was truly frightening.

Pyo Wol was the only warrior who had the persistence, patience, and stamina to never give up on a target until they were dead.

That was when it happened.


Suddenly, he felt a burning pain in his calf, and his body crumpled.

Pyo Wol had pierced his calf with his dagger.


Ma Seo-won stopped in surprise.

At that moment, Pyo Wol stepped out of the darkness.

His face did not show any signs of fatigue from days of relentless pursuit. That made him even more terrifying.

"This demon-like..."


Ma Seo-won leaped into the air and swung her double swords.


A tremendous force was unleashed.

The force was powerful enough to bend a three-inch-thick iron plate in one go, but unfortunately, it had no effect on Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol used his armored hand to deflect her attack and then drove his fist into her chest.

The moment Ma Seo-won's eyes widened, Pyo Wol's fist struck her abdomen.



An explosion and a scream rang out simultaneously.


Ma Won-ik's eyes rolled back as he swung his fist at Pyo Wol with all his strength. His fist was filled with energy.

At that moment, an invisible noose tightened around his wrist.

It was Pyo Wol's skill.



Ma Won-ik's right hand was severed at the wrist.

In an instant, Ma Won-ik, who had lost his hand, had no time to feel pain. Pyo Wol was approaching.


He looked up at Pyo Wol while clutching his severed wrist.

Saliva dripped from his mouth, but he didn't have the presence of mind to wipe it away.

He felt Pyo Wol's gaze.

If there had been anger or contempt in it, it would have been less frightening. However, the eyes looking down at him and his daughter were devoid of any emotion.

The emotionless gaze, like that of a butcher slaughtering cattle or pigs, terrified Ma Won-ik and his daughter.

Pyo Wol spoke for the first time.

"Is New Moon Manor the heart of Guryongsalmak?"


"What nonsense are you talking about? You lowly assassin..."


Seeing Ma Won-ik yell, Pyo Wol swung his hand.






Ma Seo-won screamed.


A thread was embedded in her shoulder.


Pyo Wol said, "You'd better be careful with your next answer. Your daughter's life may be at stake."


"You bastard!"


At Pyo Wol's threat, Ma Won-ik clenched his teeth.


His eyes were filled with rage.


He knew better than anyone that Pyo Wol wasn't bluffing.


If he lashed out again, his daughter would surely lose her life. But he couldn't tell the truth either.


Pyo Wol asked again, "Is New Moon Manor the heart of Guryongsalmaek?"


"I, I don't know what you're talking about."


His choice was to protect the secret.


He was too afraid to look at his daughter's face. He was afraid of the expression she might be wearing. But it was an unavoidable choice for him.




Pyo Wol swung his hand.


He unleashed a thread.


Ma Won-ik closed his eyes tightly. He couldn't bear to watch his daughter's death.


He expected to hear Ma Seo-won's scream.




But what he heard was the sound of metal, not a scream.




A sharp sound of cutting air followed.


Only then did Ma Won-ik open his eyes wide and try to figure out what had happened.


A secret weapon was stuck in the ground where Pyo Wol had been standing. Pyo Wol had dodged it and retreated.


Ma Won-ik cautiously looked at his daughter.


In front of Ma Seo-won, a man and a woman wearing masks appeared.


The man seemed to have blocked the thread aimed at Ma Seo-won's life with his dagger.




Only then did Ma Won-ik breathe a sigh of relief.


His legs gave out, and he collapsed on the spot.


Pyo Wol didn't even glance at Ma Won-ik.


His gaze was fixed on the newly appeared man and woman.


Although their faces were covered with masks, Pyo Wol recognized them instantly.


It was because their bodies emitted a familiar smell.


A damp, musty smell of darkness, just like his own.


Pyo Wol remembered this smell very well.


"It's been a long time!"


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