IBRV (Novel) Chapter 34


The empire's illiteracy rate was not high, but among the children he cared for, few could write correctly.

In particular, this wasn't enough even if they had received formal education.

The Eirin he had met was a clumsy five-year-old girl.

["I know where the director's daughter's grave is."]

However, a strange girl knows her painful past.

Actually, the past didn't matter much.

It was a common story that the hero's family died during the war.

However, that was a story when the opponent knew he was a hero.

"A spy... doesn't seem likely."

After thinking for a moment, Albion shook his head.

No one would have enough time to send a spy to a small remote orphanage.

Albion had completely cut ties with the world, and now there would be no benefit in bringing it into the world.

The war has ended, and the heroes are gradually disappearing into the backwaters of history.

"Could she be a noble's daughter?"

But were there nobles among the Suin clan?

It's not that they didn't exist, but within the Empire, the number is so small you can count them on three fingers.

Of course, there were no lizard clans among them.

"... But coming from the Southern Continent, she seemed more familiar with the imperial language."

Albion's eyes narrowed.

She had no money or robes. It was prepared for the girl who couldn't contain mana.

"Duke Collin..."

I heard that a child had definitely gone missing in the past.

Is Rich the Duke Collin's son?

It's not entirely impossible, but I hadn't even thought of it.

"... If it's Duke Collin, it'll be fine."

It would be fine to go see the children later.

"The problem is..."

It's about the secret auction that starts at midnight today.

A place that sells things that can't be openly sold.

The most active trade was the human trade.

"Fortunately, I got a VIP ticket."

He got it by asking a friend he had cared for a long time in his work as a mercenary.

If you have a VIP ticket, you have the right to buy products in advance before they are sent to the auction.

He didn't intend to buy, but the purpose of this was to discover the structure in advance and rescue the children.

"Bright Moon is too big to destroy."

If the auction is completely ruined, and they decide to look for him, even the children from the orphanage will be in danger.

So, Albion's sole aim is to rescue the children.

"It's time."

He left a little more money for the children who might return and took the gray wolf mask and white fox mask.

Wearing a mask was the rule in the secret auction because you shouldn't expose your identity.

With a solemn mindset, Albion headed to the splendid castle at night, where the secret auction was taking place.

"... An illusion magic of this scale."

I don't think it's the work of one or two mages.

I couldn't even imagine how much money the underworld king, Bright Moon, had put into this secret auction.

"Welcome, Gray Wolf. Take your numbered ticket and your entry bracelet."

The number "182" was written on a plain white sign, framed.

"Excuse me."

A guide wearing a yellow puppy mask placed a paper bracelet on Albion's left wrist.

"You'll need this bracelet to be able to walk around the auction without getting caught by the guard dogs, so wear it until you leave."


"Would you like to take advantage of the benefits included in the VIP entry? It's time to see the merchandise in advance."

"I will."

As he nodded, another guide who was nearby came over and led him to the back of the underground auction.

And there...



Albion met a girl he shouldn't have known.

Albion's eyes met in mid-air with the girl who was imprisoned behind the bars, and his steps suddenly stopped.

Fluffy hair like cotton candy and transparent eyes with the gleam of well-hardened amber stones.

Albion sighed quietly.


"Yes? Sir. Is there something that interests you?"

"Oh, no. That girl..."

"Oh, she just arrived today. She's a Suin lizard."

Albion's gaze, which had been trembling in silence, reached Eirin once again. Hoping it was a mistake.


The pink-haired girl, who looked into his eyes, rolled her eyes and smiled.

It was really Eirin.

It was the moment his spine tensed.

"... A Suin lizard."

Albion's voice was grim as he recited that. I moved my fingers, avoiding his gaze.

"Yes, it's a rare silver-scaled lizard with a tail. Maybe it's a mutation, but it's rare. If you have it as a pet, obviously..."


The sound of something breaking was heard.

Looking closely, the wooden board he was holding in his hand shattered.

"Tsk, for it to break with just a little grip... Isn't it too weak?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Why did this break...? It should have been made of gold."

"I can't participate in the auction with this."

"I'll get you a new one right away. Would you like to take a look?"

"I will."

At the same time the guide walked away, Albion, with an expressionless face, stepped forward.

I also glanced around furtively and approached Albion, grabbing the barbed wire.

"Eirin, why are you here?"

"... Ah, that."

What should I say?

Should I say that because my head was complicated, I went to buy stationery and got caught on the way to the bank?

I couldn't bear to say this.

"I thought it would be fine if I wore a cloak..."

I never thought that underground auction peddlers would roam the streets in broad daylight.

I never thought there would be a mage among them who could recognize the unique magical powers of the Suin.

"I was disturbed by Duke Collin's words."

I wish I had rejected the adoption offer.

Trying on clothes that don't fit well only makes one feel uncomfortable.

"I was foolish."

To think that at this mental age, I was kidnapped...

I have nothing to say about the feeling of bewilderment.

"Can't you change into your Suin form?"


Whether it was because I was a mutant or because I was still young, I couldn't control it freely.

"...I'll be back in a moment, so can you wait here quietly?"


"It's okay, I'll come back soon. You must never move."

I nodded slightly when I saw the guide rush off with a white banner.

Albion stepped back two steps.

"Sorry for being late, sir. Here's the banner."

"It should work this time."

"Yes, that's right. I checked for cracks and replaced it."

I could see the guide rubbing his hands together with his characteristic flirtatious tone to please Albion.

"So, are you interested?"

At those words, Albion's eyebrows twitched.

"No, let's look a bit more."


The guide, as if familiar with the whims of VIP customers, continued without any suspicion.

"There's no way I can escape on my own..."

The barbed wire, which could have trapped a lion or a beast, looked sturdy.

"Oh? Then, is the female lead somewhere around here? Was she also kidnapped this time?"

"According to the novel, the female lead should be here, but she's not."

Could it be that instead of the female lead, I was kidnapped?

"Ah, no way."

I shrugged.

In fact, the reason I wasn't so nervous after being kidnapped was that I knew Albion would save all the children from this auction.

Still, I'm glad he found me.

I clenched my fists as I touched the cold iron bars with my fingertips.

I'm glad I didn't go to the bank.

If I had reached the bank, I might have lost my money too. All I have is that.

"Idiot! How dare you? Do you know who I am...? You pigs, burying you in the ground and feeding you shit won't be enough!"

I involuntarily turned my head at the vicious comments I heard from somewhere.

From a distance, a tall man and a slim man dressed in black and wearing a fox mask were holding onto the back of a silver-haired child.

"...Damn! It's too noisy. This brat is annoying, can't we give him a few punches?"

"Eh? Your face is more annoying. It's a very low-level face. Rotten, moldy bread thrown in the trash is better than your face. Are you trying to hide your rotten bread appearance with a mask?"

"You, brat...!"

"Hey! Stop it. When he meets his master, he'll know the reality."

"Ah... damn."

They stepped forward, opened the cell door where I was, and threw him in.

The slim man wearing a fox mask hit the cage with the back of his hand insincerely.

"Hey, stop fighting and stay here."

"Hey," I got goosebumps at the typical lines of a third-rate villain. His voice sounded unpleasant.

"I mean, it's the opposite. Where did this nugget of gold fall from?"

The man grabbed my chin violently, looked around, and then turned away.

"Those who have not been properly educated are vulgar even in their behavior. Just get out of here, and I'll throw you all as animal food!"

I looked behind me to see the muddy boy standing shaking out his clothes.

"Girl, what are you looking at? Aren't you going to close your eyes?"


"Are you ignoring my words now? If you act like that, you might end up losing your tongue."

Perhaps he's around twelve?

The arrogant-looking boy crossed his arms and snorted at me.

I couldn't adapt to the moody boy who got angry from the moment he appeared, and I opened my mouth in bewilderment.

The mole under his left eye came into view.


"Tsk, why is the response so slow? What a stupid bun."


A sense of unease ran down my spine.

This was because the silver-haired boy's appearance was unusual, and his eyes were bright red.

"A boy with silver hair and red eyes."

Pale white skin through which veins could be seen, a mole under the eye, an arrogant and unique way of speaking, and an introverted personality.

I've heard all of this somewhere.

"Stupid knights, you still can't find the location of this body. When I come back, you'll all be fired, fired! Since you dared to stain the imperial family's lineage like this, I'll kill you and display it."


He is the youngest prince of the empire, Enosh Shan Oried.

He was an unfortunate supporting character born with the fate of a terminal illness.


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