TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 262

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)


The next morning, before dawn.

Raon checked on the Light Wind members who were preparing to depart. Everyone had completed their mission without losing a single member, so a faint smile appeared on their faces. However, Rimmer and Runaan couldn't hold back their drowsiness and were leaning against the wall, dozing off.

"Squad Leader."

Raon approached Rimmer and extended his hand.

"Do you want money? Are you really a gangster now...?"

Rimmer, who had just woken up, shook his shoulders as if he was still groggy.

"Why are you saying such things? Give me your wrist."

"Why do you need my wrist?"

"I want to check your condition."

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"I can't trust your words when you say you're okay."

"Sigh, really..."

Despite grumbling, Rimer extended his wrist lazily.

"I'll be done quickly."

Raon used his aura to examine Rimmer's mana circuit.

"It has definitely improved."

The mana circuit was connected. While the injury to the mana core was still present, the condition of the mana circuit, which had been blocked and torn, had improved significantly. Although he still needed to recover a lot to return to his previous state, there seemed to be no problem with his daily life.

"It has indeed improved."

Nodding, Raon let go of Rimmer's wrist.

"See? I told you it's okay."

"You gambler, you always tell lies like breathing. Check properly."

Looking at Rimmer, who was grumbling, Martha wrinkled her nose.

"But I'm the Leader, isn't it too harsh to say that?"

"You've told lies more than once, Leader."

Burren came up next to Martha and nodded his head.

"There were times during our training days when you lied all day long."

"It was so obvious it wasn't a lie."

Other Light Wind members also sighed as they looked at Rimmer.

"I feel so sorry for you..."

Rimmer frowned at the Light Wind members.


Meanwhile, Runaan, who was sleeping with a child-like breathing sound, suddenly woke up with a scream.

"Before we depart, I want to ask something."

After finishing all the preparations for departure, Raon turned around and met the eyes of the Light Wind members.

"A week ago, you all said you sincerely wanted to become stronger, right?"

"Of course!"


"We will train risking our lives from now on!"

"We'll do anything to become stronger!"

Having completed their mission and with Rimmer's recovery, all the Light Wind members nodded sincerely.

"I'm glad to hear that."

Raon grinned and looked at Burren.



"Were you having a hard time when you kept using aura all the way to Zieghart?"

"It was tough. Using Aura as my main energy for a long time was really difficult. No, it was not just difficult, it was painful."

"Did you feel any growth afterward?"

"Oh, well, my total Aura capacity has slightly increased..."

Burren felt a sense of unease and his pupils trembled.

"You see? Just like how you proved it, using Aura as your main energy and running with it enhances your total Aura capacity, durability, and physical abilities. Such practical training is not common."


"In that case..."

The Light Wind members trembled as they looked at Raon.

"Right. From here, we will run all the way to Zieghart using our full power."

Raon nodded vigorously.


"You crazy bastard!"


Burren was terrified, Martha cursed for the first time in a long while, and Runaan screamed as he woke up from his sleep.

"It's impossible! Just going to Zieghart was almost suffocating enough to kill us!"

"I... I'm scared..."

"We'll all die if we do that! We'll die for sure!"

The members of Team 3, who had run with Burren, shook their heads like tops.

"Huff, we'll do the training."

"Yeah. Let's go back and rest for a bit..."

"What are you talking about?"

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Light Wind Squad.

"Just a while ago, you all said you would train risking your lives. You said you would do anything to become stronger."


"That's right..."

"That's true..."

The Light Wind members trembled as they looked into Raon's calm eyes.

"Ugh, we're doomed..."

"That demon-like guy!"

"We knew this would happen when he asked us. It's a trap!"

The Light Wind Squad were already caught in Raon's trap and had no escape route, so they just bit their lips.

"Loosen up your body. If you're going to run with your full power..."

"Squad Leader!"

"Stop him!"

"How can you bother them after completing the mission and returning!"

The Light Wind members all turned to Rimmer, their last hope.

"Raon, I am ill, and we've completed the mission. Can't we take it easy this time?" Rimmer asked.

"Squad Leader, the orders have already been prepared," Raon responded.

The steed Morin appeared, jet black and elegantly shaped, with a triangular face and sparkling fur.

"It's a horse of good bloodline, and it can hold on until the next village," Raon said.

"Huh!" Rimmer scoffed.

"Anyway, you humans are weak! No matter how much you train, it's not enough! I'll lead you, so hurry up and follow!" Rimmer declared.

Unwillingly, Burren, Martha, and Runaan followed, and the rest of the Light Wind members ran after them.

Wrath sighed as he watched Rimmer's back.

"He's as annoying as ever. He's really despicable!"

"Don't worry," Raon smiled lightly and extended his hand.

"Back at the village, he will be the one dealing with the most feces," he said. 


A strange space with a crimson pillar rising from the pure white marble, as if it was covered in first snow.

The Tenth Apostle looked at the altar standing on the transparent stairs, motionless like a statue.


The Tenth Apostle slowly closed his eyes and then opened them again, revealing a shadow that depicted the curves of a woman behind the red feet covering the altar.

"I greet the Leader."

The Tenth Apostle kneeled. The only existence that made the Tenth Apostle bow his heads was the appearance of the White Blood Lord. 

The White Blood Lord exuded an air as gentle as the spring breeze, but her presence was unparalleled. Even the powerful presence of the Tenth Apostle was overshadowed by her mysterious aura.

"Have you looked into the fourth one's death?"

A sweet voice that sounded as if souls were melting away flowed down from the altar.


The Tenth Apostle replied with his head bowed.

"The Fourth Apostle fell at Raon Zigheart's hands."

"Raon? Not Morell, but Raon Zigheart?"

Surprise tinged the White Blood Lord's voice, even though she remained calm upon hearing the death of one of the Apostles.

"That's correct."

"If it's Raon, wasn't he the one who defeated Lutkin?"

Lutkin was the name of the Seventh Apostle. Within the White Blood Sect domain, only she could call the Apostles by their names.

"I heard rumors that he rose to become a Master, but already strong enough to kill an Apostle?"

"I couldn't believe it either, but it was true."

The Tenth Apostle lifted his head slightly and let out a low breath.

"It's been a long time since I've seen you surprised, Lord."

Even upon learning of the Fourth Apostle death, the Lord showed no signs of astonishment. She had accepted his death, thinking that he had fallen to the hands of another powerful opponent in the dungeon of Lohengreen.

Even the composed Lord was astonished by the fact that it was Raon Zieghart who defeated the Fourth Apostle.

"No, is it natural?"

For the one who killed the Fourth Apostle was not an already matured expert, but the recently risen Raon Zieghart. It was still hard to believe that a newcomer who had just become a Master a year ago managed to defeat the Fourth Apostle.

"In this world, all kinds of things can happen. It's not impossible for the newly risen Raon Zigheart to defeat the Fourth Apostle."

The Lord quickly regained her composure. She lifted her chin in her usual voice.

"You must know how it happened, right?"

"Yes. It was not a direct confrontation; it was an ambush."


"While the Fourth Apostle was engaged in a battle with Morell, he was stabbed from behind. The Fourth Apostle pretended to be dead and waited for an opportunity, but Raon saw through it and turned the situation around..."

The Tenth Apostle recited the testimony of the survivors from the Lohengreen dungeon.

"To manipulate someone's emotions at that age and seize the chance... he's a clever one."

The White Blood Lord let out a laugh filled with excitement, as if she found it amusing.

"The dagger he used was probably the one he used to pierce Lutkin's heart, right?"

"That's correct."

"For a genius with the highest talent on the continent to possess a weapon that becomes our enemy... interesting."

The White Blood Lord placed her hands on her knees and revealed an excited smile.

"What about Lutkin?"

"Thanks to the Blood of Haza, he recovered all his wounds and crossed the barrier."

"That can't be all, right?"

"Yes. By devouring the blood and flesh of powerful beings, he further enhanced his strength."

The Tenth Apostle reported on the whereabouts of the Seventh Apostle as if they were being watched.

"It's a perfect time to put him to the test."

The White Blood Sect Lord flicked her long fingers.

"Send Lutkin to investigate Raon Zieghart's true power and personality. After that, you know what to do, right?"

"He is the grandson of Glenn Zigheart."

"I know that."

"Still, do you want me to bring him here?"

"Are you afraid of that old man when you see me?"


The Tenth Apostle couldn't answer and slightly furrowed his brow.

"Talents should be used in the right place."

The White Blood sect Lord leaned back and curled the corners of her mouth.

"I'm thinking of making that child an Apostle."


Raon and the Light Wind squad arrived at the Zieghart main gate even faster than when they left the Gazelle River.

"I'm... gonna die...."

"That crazy guy... he really made us run... h-heave ho...."


Burren, Martha, and Runaan all bent over, trying to catch their breath. Their uniforms and hair were drenched in sweat.

"Ugh... ugh!"

"I-I think I'm gonna throw up."

"I want to die...."

Light Wind members couldn't even stand properly and were rolling on the ground. Their faces turned pale, and water dripped from their eyes, noses, and mouths.

"I-I want to go home! I can't live like this!"

Dorian shouted, saying he would take out a luxury sled and go home.

"Ugh, you weaklings. Do you think you can become stronger by collapsing like this?"

With an air of disdain, Rimmer calmly observed the Light Wind members and tsked.



The Light Wind members groaned and cursed as they watched Rimmer, who was comfortable and relaxed, walking towards the main gate.

"That human...!"

"I hate it, I hate it. How can he be so detestable...?"

"I wasn't trying to comfort him or anything..."

As Raon trained and ran together with his team, hearing Rimmer continuously talk like that made his teeth grind.

"We're at the main gate of the family. Line up, everyone."

Raon checked the condition of the Light Wind Squad and approached the front of the gate, raising his head.

"We have completed the mission of the Light Wind and returned."

As soon as he finished speaking, the massive gate that wasn't even fully visible split open with a grand sound.

"Light Wind."

Coming out of the open gate, Commander Illiun smiled warmly.

"Welcome back."

"The aura of the Divine Power has grown stronger. Isn't it nice just guarding your home?"

Rimmer remarked, turning his head slightly.

Illuin looked at Raon and the Light Wind, savoring their reactions.

"How did such kids come out from under you?"

"Life is about luck. Jealous?"

"It seems so."

Illiun chuckled with a knowing smile.

"The Lord is waiting."

As other leaders were also present, Illiun instructed them to head straight to the Lord's assembly.

"I thought so."

Raon nodded and turned around.

"Prepare yourselves. We're going to the Lord's assembly."


Raon and the Light Wind Squad quickly tidied their hair and clothes and followed Rimmer to the Lord's assembly.

"Raon Zigheart."

When Raon was following from behind, Commander Illiun gestured to him.

"You are the first one to defeat both disciples of the North-South Alliance and the White Blood Apostle in a single mission."

He patted Raon's shoulder with a pleased smile.

"You have proven that the name of Zieghart still lives on. Thank you."

"It's not like that."

Raon bowed to Illiun and followed the rest of the Light Wind  Squad.

'They're all the same.'

Although they appeared composed and indifferent, Illiun was also one of Ziegheart's member. He sincerely enjoyed having embarrassed both the North-South Alliance and the White Blood Cult.

"So today..."

"Hey, there..."


The warriors who were casually chatting stopped and turned their heads. Their gazes fixed on Raon and didn't know where to look.

"Your aura has completely changed."

"They said he defeated Tyler from the North-South Alliance."

"It's not just that, he even revealed Tyler's atrocities. The guy went from being a hero to a demon overnight."

"Rumor has it that he made a deal with Grandmaster Roman and saved everyone. He said he'll come back to fight in three years... What kind of guts does a 19-year-old kid have to do such a thing..."

"You're still in your prime, aren't you? How does your power keep increasing?"

The warriors felt Raon's ice-cold and sharp aura, and they swallowed their dry saliva.

"Wow, you! How dare you ambush an Apostle? That's a bit low for a Zieghart warrior."

"If you really fought fair square against him, you wouldn't have been able to come back."

"Well, he did say he ambushed Morrell, right?"

"Hmm, a Zigheart warrior ambushing someone, that's interesting."

"So do you guys have the capability to ambush an Apostle? It's not a duel, and they're enemies anyway. What does it matter if it's an ambush?"

"True, it's impolite to say such things. He's already a completed warrior, so age doesn't matter."

"Instead of merely capturing him, he even exposed Tyler's crimes. He's quite something."

While some warriors tried to belittle Raon's achievements, other warriors stepped forward and silenced them.

Raon felt his emotions through their gazes – the fondness, dislike, and disdain – and responded with a faint smile.

'Sheryl  said that if I have absolute power, I can even quell those who scheme against me.'

He recalled Sheryl's advice from before. If he had absolute power, he could even subdue the malice of others.

'It's not like I can crush them all right now, but...'

Raon turned around. He raised his aura that felt as natural as breathing and faced the warriors who had spoken ill of him.




In the chilling and sharp aura that flowed out like ice, the warriors stumbled and trembled, clutching their stomachs and writhing in pain as their arms and legs shook uncontrollably.

"You should rest if you're not feeling well."

Raon smiled with a touch of mockery, watching the warriors who looked horrified.


Wrath climbed up the ice flower bracelet and nodded his head.

"You're doing something enjoyable after a long time. Those who babble and those who sneer should have their limbs frozen."

'Is that so.'

"Use your anger. It's the most effective. Those guys who were blabbering and mocking you would have wet their pants if you had used anger."


"That's right. Your anger is like a deadly poison to those guys."

'How do I use it?'

"Good! I shall give you a little lecture..."

Raon listened eagerly to Wrath's advice, just as he always did. Today, he was once again generous with his guidance. (LMAO) 

In the Lord's assembly room, the key members of the Zieghart family were lined up on both sides.

Raon and the Light Wind Squad kneeled down in the center of the assembly room after following Rimmer.

"We greet the Lord!"

The White Light Squad resonant voices shook the assembly room, befitting their achievements.

"Light Wind. You have completed the mission and returned."

When Rimmer kneeled last and bowed his head, he rose without any emotion in his voice.


Raon and the Light Wind stood up, and Rimmer followed after.

"Raon Ziegheart."


Raon took a step forward, standing alongside Rimmer and bowed his head.

"I heard that you were at the center of the events both at the Gazelle River and the Lohengreen Dungeon. Explain it yourself."

"I understand."

He had organized his thoughts before coming here. Taking a deep breath, he began to speak slowly.

"Upon arriving at the Gazelle River, I encountered Tyler who came riding on a White Spear Ship. And... um?"

Raon involuntarily glanced at Glenn before continuing to speak, but he found himself swallowing hard.

"Why does Lord Glenn's expression look like that?"


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