TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 263

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)


"Though the North-South Alliance pretended to rescue the people of Doran Village from the fierce Blue Lugh tribe, they were actually manipulating the Blue Lugh tribe from behind and causing the incident..."

As Raon continued his explanation, he carefully observed Glenn's expression, his eyes scanning him.

"What should I call that look?"

His shoulders and neck tensed slightly, his eyebrows furrowed, and his lips trembled as if he were shivering.

It wasn't a smile, nor was it a tearful expression. The atmosphere and demeanor were as cold as usual, but this particular expression was completely unreadable.

"Why is he acting like that? I don't understand."

Even though he had defeated Tyler, a disciple of the North-South Alliance, and Apostle of the White Blood Sect, and even recovered the item to restore Rimmer, he didn't seem pleased at all.

"That expression is like... he's holding back something."

While Raon pondered, Wrath's round head popped up from the ice flower bracelet.

"That's the expression he makes when he tenses his gluteal muscle."

Apart from that, he couldn't make such an expression, so he giggled.


Raon swallowed his groan. Although he might not be holding back the urge to use the restroom, he definitely seemed to be enduring something.

"If he can't even control bodily functions properly, he's definitely not a match for the King. With ten hits, I could easily subdue him."

Wrath shrugged, saying he could get results even without fighting.

"Didn't you say it was tens of thousands of hits before?"

When he first met Glenn, he was undoubtedly tens of thousands of hits, but now he suddenly became just ten hits.

Casually "just" ten hits. It was truly an eerie statement born from his nature of being unable to lie and his tendency to boast as the Lord of the Demon Realm.

"To save the Light Wind Squad, I promised the Grandmaster Roman a death and life battle in three years and left the place. Afterward, to save our Leader, we went to the dungeon in Lohengreen…"

As the story of the Roengreen Dungeon began, Glenn's facial expression and the trembling of his lips became more pronounced. It looked as if someone was holding his skin and shaking it.

The only fortunate thing was that everyone's gaze was focused in this direction, and only Raon could see Glenn's expression. Frankly speaking, she wanted to signal him to manage his expression a bit better.


Hearing Rimmer's laughter, it seemed he had noticed as well.

"He looks very rushed. Finish quickly."

"Yeah, I should do that."

Raon nodded slightly and spoke quickly. As the speed increased, Glenn's suppressed expression seemed to relax a bit.

"...So, we managed to obtain the artificial altar and elixirs from the Roengreen Dungeon."

As soon as he finished speaking, Glenn's face returned to its usual cold expression. The trembling at the corners of his mouth and the flaring of his nostrils were concealed.

"To kill the disciples of the North-South Alliance and the White Blood Sect Apostle... that's impressive."

"They are stronger than the Light Wind Vice Leader. How is that possible?"

"Even if it was a surprise attack, it's still remarkable."

"To defeat opponents stronger than oneself every time and come back... it seems he received the luck of the Martial God."

The Grandmasters and Elders exchanged amazed glances.

"To kill two top-level disciples and accomplish the North-South Alliance's evil deeds, he deserves more than just a gold badge."

"Isn't this his consecutive gold badge?"

"Great achievements are great achievements. Nothing strange about it."

"Becoming a master at the age of 18 and having two gold badges... his future is scary."

"I envy the Light Wind Leader's favor. Just when he said Rimmer was hurt, he rushed to the dungeon. It's a thought that only someone with family can have."

"Sigh, we should have somehow brought him over here."

The direct line family, Karoon and Balder, who were the first to pick a fight, were absent, so their subordinates couldn't refute anything. 

They just murmured words of ridicule, thinking that he wouldn't last long anyway.

"Raon Zieghart."

Glenn's cold voice silenced all the chatter that had filled the hall. 

He gestured with his chin, as usual, with his usual icy gaze.

"I'll ask you just one thing."


"Are you confident about the life and death batlle with the Grandmaster Roman? Are you willing to bet on the name of Zieghart?"

"Of course. I won't do anything to disgrace the name of Zieghart."

Raon responded firmly without any hesitation.

"Hmm, is that so?"

Glenn smiled faintly and nodded his head. He seemed somewhat disinterested, yet he also appeared to believe him.

"Come up."


Raon stepped onto the majestic stairs where Glenn's presence seemed to radiate and approached the platform.

"For completing the mission excellently and bravely attacking the dungeon to save the Light Wind Leader, I will bestow upon you a golden badge and a magic stone necklace."

As Glenn gestured, Raon stepped forward and received the golden badge and the magic stone necklace on a white plate.

"Thank you."

Raon took a step forward and knelt down.

"Good job... Ahem! You did well."

Glenn looked at Raon's face and trembled as he held the golden badge and the necklace. 

He granted him the items with that strange expression he had shown a while ago.

"He's acting weird..."

It wouldn't be long before the day came when he would close their mouths, just like he had dealt with them who had tried to put up a fight against him.

The day to silence them one by one was not far off. 

He tightly gripped the badge, memorizing the faces of the everyone one by one.

"Why aren't you guys leaving?"

Glenn slightly turned his head as he looked at Raon and the Light Wind members. Raon remained still, and so did the Light Wind members.

"I have something to say."

"Go ahead."

"The Light Wind Leader intends to completely destroy the damaged mana core and use the artificial mana core. It will take quite some time to gather enough Aura to reach a level where he can fight, so until then, I want to temporarily take on the position of the Squad Leader."

"Why all of a sudden?"

Perhaps taken aback, Rimmer crawled over and knelt down beside him.

"Just the act of taking on the position of the Squad Leader would take away time and be burdensome, wouldn't it? Squad Leader, please focus on recovering your health for the time being."


He seemed moved and let out a sigh as if he had just finished a beer.

"...That sounds reasonable. Permission granted."

Glenn narrowed his eyes and nodded his head. He gave his permission, but his expression showed that he wasn't entirely pleased with something.

"I have one more thing."

Raon raised his head, still kneeling, and looked up at Glenn.

"Since I was young, I suffered from a curse called the Frozen Mana Circulation, where all my mana pathways froze. Now I have overcome it. As the symptoms are similar to the Squad Leader's, I would like to be in charge of his rehabilitation training."


Glenn scratched his chin. He seemed even less satisfied than before and furrowed his brow, but in the end, he nodded his head.

"Alright. Do as you wish."

"Thank you."

Raon bowed his head in gratitude.

"Raon! You're the only one who cares about me!"

Rimmer was moved and hugged him, but it was too early to be happy. Helping him would be quite challenging, if not torturous.

"Keep smiling now."

-...Are you a loan shark?


Even after all the Light Wind members had left, Rimmer remained in the Assembly (Chamber).

"I can't believe you are seeking help instead of providing it. Pathetic."

Glenn glanced at Rimmer and snorted.

"From now on, don't use the alias 'Zieghrat' s Sword of Light' anywhere."

"Ugh! As you wish, Lord."

Rimmer shrugged off Glenn's mockery and let out a deep sigh.

"Fine, fine."

He suddenly stood up and brought his hands to his mouth and eyes.

"My Lord, did you know that your eyes and lips trembled like butterfly wings when you couldn't help but smile while listening to Raon's story?"


"That's exactly how it was."

Rimmer imitated Glenn's peculiar expression and giggled.

"I never made such a shameful face!"

"You actually did! I thought you were going to burst!"

He made a face similar to Glenn's and grimaced.

"Why did you make such a face? Because you reached your limit of holding back."


"The love for your grandson swelled up to your head, but you forcibly suppressed it. That's why you had that strange expression. I bet Raon was really scared. To be honest, when you were about to give him the golden badge, you wanted to hug him and say, 'Oh, my grandson! Come sit on this old man's knees!' right?"


Glenn opened his eyes wide and trembled his lips as if he had been stung.

"I told you before. Holding back will make you sick. Now you can say it out loud. 'Oh, my beloved grandson has come! My puppy! Come sit on this old man's knees!' It's okay even if you say it like that."

Rimmer chuckled and scratched the back of his head as he witnessed sparks flying from Glenn's grip.

"Wait! Where... Aaaah!"

With a burst of red sparks, Rimmer screamed as he clutched his chest in distress.


Raon lined up the members of the Light Wind. He calmly opened his mouth, meeting the expectant gazes of the members.

"As you heard, from today onward, I will be acting as the Squad Leader. From now on, I will be in charge of both your rest and training."

At his words, the Light Wind members gulped nervously.

"As you can see, the sun is setting, so in reality, it's not even a full day! If this continues, we will really die!"

"I, I can't believe it's just one day!"

"Hey, are you trying to kill us!"


With trembling hands, Burren clutched his chest, Martha grabbed his neck, and Runaan stared into space with widened pupils.

"It's too harsh for just one day!"

"Even Rimmer  wasn't this strict!"

"This is insane!"

The Light Wind members trembled, their lips quivering with despair.

"O-okay, it's too much for just one day!"

"Please, just one more day!"

"Alright. I'll use some consideration."

Raon nodded as she heard Burren asking for one more day.

"Since you all want it so much, I'll give you one more day."


"We get to rest one more day!"

"Our opinions were heard!"

The Light Wind members celebrated with joy even though they were only given one more day of rest.

"Then, I'll see you all in the training grounds until the day after tomorrow. Dismissed."

Raon turned his back, listening to their cheers.

'It worked just as I thought.'

I wanted to give them two days from the beginning.

A proper rest is necessary after long and exhausting training. I initially suggested two days, but I expected that they would want more.

-The wretched one.


Raon smiled as she walked through the gardens of the main residence. Passing through this place brought an astonishing sense of comfort, and it felt like all the accumulated fatigue was melting away.

"I am not used to say I'd be happy just to go back home."

In his previous life, he couldn't understand such sentiments, but now he knew. When you have a truly precious home, just returning to it naturally brings a smile to your face.


Even Wrath started singing a tune and dancing with his shoulders, seeming to enjoy the moment.

"What's making you so happy?"

Hehehe, isn't it obvious? It's because we're back home. When I catch the scent that spreads all the way here, I know Pineapple Girl has prepared delicious food, for sure!

Home, huh...'

Is this really my home?

The fact that the Demon King referred to the Annex Buildibg as "home" made Raon burst out in laughter.

'He's becoming more human-like.'

Raon shook his head and opened the door to the lobby, but he froze in his tracks.


Standing there in maid attire was someone who shouldn't be here.


"Why are you here...?"


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