TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 261

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)



-Damn it!

Raon let out an exclamation of awe, while Wrath screamed, staring at the Blade of Requiem that triggered the magic awakening.

[A new skill <Magic Absorption (1st grade)> has been created for the Blade of Requiem.]

With that message, a black line appeared on the blade of the Blade of Requiem. 

The black line drawn on the red blade was eerie yet fascinating.

-Wrath, what is this? Could it really be...?

Wrath bit his lip, refusing to believe it.

"Let's see for ourselves."

Raon used the status window to confirm the skill <Magic Absorption> engraved on the Blade of Requiem. 

<Magic Absorption (1st grade)> Infuses yoki (I believe  yoki or yogi means blood essence right? Because blade of requiem has been absorb it from the blood cult members/apostle before) into the flow of mana that generates magic to suppress its activation.

Reading the one-line description, Raon could grasp the effect of Magic Blood Drain.

Magic disruption.

It was a crazy characteristic that injected yoki into the magic activated by magicians, blocking the magic itself.

And this is…

'It's a superior version of the ability Black Wave that the Fourth Apostle had.'

The Black Wave held by the Four Apostle already interferes with activated magic, but Magic Absorption in the Blade of Requiem completely blocks the activation of magic.


He thought it would be great to just copy the ability of the Black Wave, but he never imagined it would come as an upgrade. It was so unbelievable that he burst into a bitter laugh.

'It's a complete cheat.'

Unlike swordsmen who rely on instincts and reactions, mages fight with precise calculations and predictions.

By erasing magic with Magic Absorption just once, he could create a significant gap even against high-level mages.

With many Mage Emperors among the Six Kings, he would encounter them frequently in the future. Having gained an ability that would be a great help in battles against mages, a natural smile formed on his face.

'And it's a growth type.'

Seeing the <1st Tier> written after the name Magic Absorption made it seem like it could grow like other abilities.

'This ability grows with "Yogi"?'


The blade of requiem seemed to affirm that idea with a clear sword cry.


A sword (dagger) that absorbs "Yogi" (yep blood essence?) and gradually becomes stronger; from the perspective of the White Blood Sect (cult), it was like a nightmare, of course, it was because of the atrocities committed by the White Blood Sect, so they had no right to complain.


Wrath frowned angrily and glared at the Blade of Requiem as he sharpened his energy.

"How dare you mock the king, you insignificant worm! This is unforgivable!"

He unleashed his cold energy towards the Blade of Requiem, but it was met with the sword's (dagger) growing barrier, created by absorbing "Yogi."

Ignoring the ongoing battle between Wrath and the Blade of Requiem, Raon checked the message that appeared before the Magic Absorption.

"All attributes increased by 10 all at once... Even with significant growth, the Apostle's blood seems to be on a different level compared to other White Blood Sect members." 

"Magic Absorption" probably rose due to the absorbed "Yogi" from the growing Blade of Requiem, and "Assassination" likely increased because it had rendered the Four Sages incapacitated.

"It's indeed efficient."

The system granted increases in ability and characteristic levels based on the achievements and accomplishments of its owner. Raon couldn't help but acknowledge the system.

After confirming the message, Raon turned around. Wrtah and Blade of Requiem were still competing.

"You two, stop it."

Using the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation and Glacier, Raon separated Wrath and the Blade of Requiem.

"Don't interfere! Didn't this insignificant worm mock the king first?"

"You were the one who mocked me first."

"When did the king do that?"

"You said it has clear limits, but with your help, it could become stronger. You even said you would control it's (Blade of Requiem)."


Now, Wrath finally remembered what he said and his mouth gaped open.

"If this were the Demon Realm, an insignificant worm like you wouldn't even dare to look at the king! How dare you..."


Since they couldn't fight physically, they started quarreling verbally. It's too childish to watch. (lol) 


Raon sighed and brought up the status window, which he hadn't seen in a while.

<Status Window>

Name: Raon Zigheart

Title: <Youngest Swordmaster> 

Status: None

Trait: <Wrath>, <Laziness>, Ring of Fire (6th Tier), Water Resistance (5th Tier), Perception of the Snow Flower (4th Tier), Manhwa Gong (this one should be Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation) (4th Tier), Glacier (4th Tier), Fire Resistance (4th Tier), Blinding Curse (1st Tier), Assassination (4th Tier), Indomitable Will (3rd Tier), Yogi Adaptation (4th Tier), Concentration (4th Tier), Poison Resistance (1st Tier), Mana of Fury (1st Tier), Spiral Power (1st Tier), Water Affinity (1st Tier)

Strength: 225

Agility: 220

Stamina: 223

Mana/Energy : 225

Perception: 246

Wrath: 45

As soon as he saw the stats, Raon burst into laughter. He couldn't see all the traits at once, but all the ability scores were over 200. The reason why he could perfectly grasp Tyler's offensive and easily defeat the Fourth Apostle even with surprise attacks lay in these ability scores and traits.

-"Just you wait! Before long, your owner (Raon) will be licking my feet and begging for forgiveness!"


-"Can't you even cook? Hmph! Your king doesn't care about cooking! Oh well, if you don't eat, that's fine... You pathetic scum!"

Raon still smiled while watching Wrath engaging in a verbal battle with the Blade of Requiem. 

'Is there a limit to becoming stronger?'

Thanks to you, I don't think that will be the case.

Looking at the status window, I feel confident. He give generously. with Wrath here, my limits are different from others. I can keep growing endlessly.

"I want to go back and train with everyone soon."

Raon muttered, pretending to be overwhelmed by what he heard from the Light Wind Squad.


The door of the innermost room opened roughly, revealing Rimmer's appearance after a week. His green eyes, previously tired and filled with pain, were now colored with laziness again.

"Oh, I almost died."

Rimmer rubbed his shoulders and slumped his head.

"Are you okay?"

Dorian, who was organizing items from the bag in front of the room, hurried over.

"Do I look okay to you? I almost died for real."

Rimmer gestured to Dorian as he spoke.

"Do you have any beer? One that's nice and cold... Ah, if not, forget it... Hey, you irritating brat!"

Raon, still watching Wrath's argument with the Blade of Requiem, let out a slight chuckle.

"You want some beer now? After coming out after a week."

"No, I'm just parched..."

"Do you want water, then? Dorian."


Dorian extended his hand, taking out a silver flask from the bag and handing it to Rimmer.

"Darn you..."

Raon intervened, stopping Dorian, and shook his head. 

"We're about to have a meal. Wait inside, I'll be back in a moment."

"Huh? Where are you going?"

"To see a friend."

"Friend? Ah, I see."

Rimmer nodded as if he figured out who that friend was.

"Take care, and I have a craving for greasy food. Grilled meat..."

"Okay. Soup."


Raon entered the dining area without paying any attention to Rimmer's complaints. After just telling him to serve soup, he headed to the Gazelle River.

When he saw the clear river with visible pebbles, he felt the realization that he had survived this place once again. Unconsciously, a smile appeared on his face.

As he observed the small fish swimming in the riverbed, a gentle wave of green water approached from afar. Foam bubbled from the right, and Flumen's face popped out of the water.

"Ra... Raon."

Flumen surfaced with a round-eyed expression full of joy.

"How have you been?"

Raon gestured with a smile.


Garam nodded and sat down on a nearby rock.

"I found a suitable place for the tribe."

"Is there also a place to escape to?"

"Yes, all four directions are open, so we can escape anywhere."

"Well done."

He had given advice on the terrain of their residence, in case someone like Tyler appeared again. It seemed they had found a proper place.

"Oh, should I tell you something?"

"About the residence?"


"The leader said it's okay to tell you."


The image of the Blue Lugh Tribe leader, who had been memorizing strange spells with a body three times larger than Flumen's, came to mind.

"Yes, I should repay the debt. I think so too."

"That's fine."

Raon nodded, understanding


"Because you're my friend."


Flumen blushed and glanced away, feeling embarrassed.

"That's how it is."

Raon chuckled.

"I guess it's good to know. We might need to contact each other in the future."

"Yeah. The, the leader said it's okay to let you know."


Raon felt that Flumen had three times the size but three times the odd knowledge, and smiled at that thought.

"Just remember it. Friends don't worry about such things."

Honestly, Raon didn't really know either.

In his past life, he didn't have any friends, and the Light Wind Squad were more like comrades and family, so he didn't really know what real friendship was.

He had heard before that friends don't expect or ask for anything from each other, and seeing Flumen thinking that way made him feel like they had truly become friends.

"Hmph, you scum who suck the blood and money of others like mosquitoes and fleas!"

Wrath emerged from the Ice Flower Bracelet, wearing an annoyed expression.

'When did I do that?'

"You're sucking up all the king's abilities and characteristics!"

'Ah, that's true.'

Raon chuckled. Though others might not know, Wrath had the right to say such things.

"I did?"

"I'm your king, and you're sucking up all my abilities and tratits!"

'Well, if you put it that way.'

Raon smirked.

"You said it."

"Okay, got it."

Flumen smiled brightly, nodding his head.

"In return, if you ever need help, I'll be there for you, Raon."


The two of them smiled as they watched the flowing river.

"Are you leaving?"

Flumen was the first to speak, watching a single leaf float in the water.


"Then, we won't see each other anymore?"

Flumen's shoulders slumped, as if dampened like a wet towel.


Raon shook his head.

"I told you before. I'll protect this river in my name. Even if I have to come here to protect the village and the river. And to meet my friend too."

"I-Is that so..."

Flumen clasped his hands together and lowered his head.

"Is there anything you want to do, Raon?"

"Things I want to do..."

Raon exhaled softly, gazing at the river.

"There are a few, but they're quite challenging. I don't know if I can do them."

His top priority was to restore Sylvia's position, and the second was to expose the true identity of Derus Robert and put an end to him. The first one was difficult, but the second was nearly impossible, so he wasn't sure what would happen.

"I want to become stronger and become the tribe's leader."

"The leader?"

At the sudden mention of becoming the leader, Flumen looked at Raon. In his azure eyes that slowly lifted, there was a determination different from before.

"To apologize to my clan for the wrongdoings and to help you, I want to become the leader."

"You want to help me?"

"To face difficult tasks, heh, I'll grow stronger to be of help."

Flumen raised both fists, as if asking Raon to believe him.

"I'll be waiting for you."


Flumen replied with an enthusiastic answer, smiling brighter than ever.


Wrath looked at Flumen and sniffed

-He's admirable, that young one...

He bit his lips as if impressed. It was quite fascinating to see the Demon King with such sensitivity.

-Take good care of him. He's a good lad.

'I know.'

-Grgh, if you had just given him food, he would have become your servant...

Did you need to give food to make him a servant?

Now that he thought about it, from Dorian to Runaan, Marta, and Yua, each of them had given him cookies, ice cream, beef, and pineapple, respectively.


He was so dumbfounded that he couldn't even speak. Wrath was the Demon King of gluttony. No, he was the gluttony demon.



If I called him the gluttony demon, he might have another seizure, so I waved my hand.

"Flumen, I went to the magician's dungeon this time. There, I..."

Raon told Flumen about his experience in Lohengreen's dungeon. Flumen, always full of curiosity, listened with eyes shining bright.

As they continued to talk about the dungeon and various other stories, the sun began to set. It wasn't an especially exciting story, but simply having such conversations made them feel at ease. At first, Raon held Flumen's hand with a certain amount of sympathy, but now it seemed like they had truly become friends.

As they were gazing at the darkening river, bubbles rose from the center of the stream.


Flumen stood up as he saw the bubbles.

"I have to go now. I haven't finished organizing everything yet."

He looked back every step he took towards the river, seemingly reluctant to leave.

"See you again."


When Raon raised his hand, Flumen nodded his head vigorously enough that his chin touched his waist.

"See you again!"

He waved his hand like a windmill and disappeared into the moonlit river.

-It's impressive how bright he remains after going through such suffering. He'll make an excellent servant for the King.

Wrath expressed his regret as if savoring the taste of something.


Next time, Wrath thought, he should ask Flumen to catch at least one fish. Since he was such an easy target, he would undoubtedly be of help.

-Are you going back now?

Wrath asked while looking at the moon reflected in the river.

"Yes. The Squad Leader has also awakened."

With Rimmer recovering to some extent and the transfer of power to the people of Blue Lugh completed, it was time to leave.

Raon turned around with a smirk. He looked at the distant Doran Village and curled the corners of his mouth.

"I wonder if everyone is ready to leave?"


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