TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 260

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)



As he looked at the artificial mana core, two types of potions, and a bracelet artifact in front of him, Rimmer swallowed nervously.

"These potions can restore the mana core and mana circuit… Does this mean I can go back to how things used to be?"

The thought of fixing the broken mana core and healing the painful wounds from operating it, as Raon described, made his heart ache.


However, he didn't act impulsively. He wondered if he should take the artificial mana core and potions for himself, considering they were meant for him, as the Lord provided them.

"The tears of the Sheti that Burren brought from the Headquarters must be the prepared potions by Glenn. Those should be fine to take.


Rimmer looked at the artificial mana core (previously as artificial dantian) and the potion called "Ethereal Flow."(Lingering Aura Balm) These two items were the ones Raon risked his life to obtain in the dungeon. Since there was one more person in Zieghart who could use them, he couldn't just take them without considering the consequences.

"Is he testing me?"

A hollow laugh escaped Rimmer's crimson eyes that showed no sign of wavering, like a moon floating in the night sky.

"Even if I restore my powers, I won't be able to protect them once we start a new."

Regaining his former powers using the artificial mana core is undoubtedly a joyful prospect. His heart was pounding even now with anticipation.

But to regain his former strength, he needed a lot of time. No matter how high his level was, starting from scratch to rebuild the aura was a different story.

Rimmer slowly closed his eyes. He couldn't help but recall the members of the Light Wind Squad, who he could understand just by looking at their expressions and eyes.

"I can't betray those who trusted and followed me."

It was regrettable, but it couldn't be helped. He still didn't want to leave those kids in someone else's care.

"Just a little longer."

He wanted to be by their side just a little while longer.

He wanted to see Runaan smile brightly, Burren gaining recognition from Karoon, Martha completing her revenge and finding stability.

And finally, he wanted to meet Raon, whose calm eyes still shone brightly.

"I want to see how this guy becomes the King of Zieghart."

Though it may be impossible.

Looking into Raon's eyes, Rimmer composed himself. If there were people who could use these items, then compromise was necessary for the sake of everyone.

"Hey! When are you going to rebuild the aura? I'm too lazy to deal with it! I'll just take the potions (Elixirs)."

Frowning, Rimmer shook his head disapprovingly.

"Instead, put this artificial mana core and the other potion up for auction and split the money between us..."

RImmer chuckled and reached for the potions, but Raon grabbed his wrist.

"Ra... Raon?"

"Is that truly your choice?"


"I asked if your decision is genuinely coming from your heart."


No words came out as he looked into his piercing red eyes.

Holding onto Rimmer's wrist, Raon narrowed his eyes.

"As expected, you're giving the predictable answer."

On their way back to the Doran Village, Raon had thought about how Rimmer would react.

Though he appeared light-hearted, he was someone burdened by more weight than anyone else, so it was evident how he would react.

"He wants to use the potions to restore the mana circuit for the sake of protecting us."

Rimmer must have thought that after using the artificial mana core, it would take a considerable amount of time to regain his former power. During that time, the current Light Wind Squad wouldn't be able to fight effectively, so he planned to take the potions and recover only the mana circuit.

"He must have also thought about mother."

Sylvia's mana circuit was also damaged. Rimmer must have wished for her to use the artificial mana core and potions.

But Rimmer was mistaken about both.

"Ra... Raon, I'm exhausted..."

Rimmer pointed to his reddened wrist, looking vexed.

"Are you really going to choose the potions?"

"No, I'm not that young. When will I rebuild the aura? It's too bothersome."

"That's not it."

Raon kept hold of Limer's wrist and lifted his head.

"There are two things, you see?"


Rimmer opened his eyes wide at his words.

"First of all, I must tell you that Mother cannot be fixed with these two items."

"What do you mean...?"

"While the broken mana core can be replaced with the artificial one, the mana circuit cannot be restored with the Ethereal Flow potion."

If Rinmer's mana circuit was merely withered and torn, Sylvia's mana circuit was completely cut in places, so it couldn't even hold mana flow.

It couldn't be restored with the Ethereal Flow potion.

"It's not possible right now."

To reconnect her mana circuit, they needed to tell the Saint about the method to produce the Ethereal Flow potion and improve its effectiveness.

"And secondly."

Releasing Rimmer's wrist, Raon pointed to the Light Wind Squad behind him.

"We are strong. No, we will become strong enough that no one can oppose us. We'll be waiting here, so follow your heart, Squad Leader."

Rimmer remained silent. He was a high-ranked Warrior, who couldn't have reached such a level if he didn't enjoy wielding his sword. Undoubtedly, he must have wanted to restore the aura.

He merely restrained his desire to recover it for the sake of the Light Wind Squad and for Sylvia's recovery.

"Right. We can hold on!"

"Always giving in won't do any good. It's like losing in a gamble!"


Burren, Martha, and Runaan nodded in agreement with Rimmer's thoughts.

"You brought us together, Squad Leader. You have to believe in us!"

The members of the Light Wind Squad shook their fists, expressing their trust in him.

"Your swordsmanship transcends the human realm."

While scratching the floor with his hand, Raon locked eyes with Rimmer.

"The artificial mana core was created not to burden the wielder but to fight against the strong. That's what you said, right?"

"Yes, I did."

"Maintaining that swordsmanship requires your life force. It consumes your life force."

"How can we..."

Rimmer's lips trembled.

"We don't want to see you making such sacrifices."

Raon bit her lower lip, looking at his shaking eyes.

"Please live properly."

"Squad Leader" 

The Light Wind Squad behind Raon also lowered their heads with the same sentiment.


Rimmer covered his eyes with his hand and let out a bitter laugh. After a moment of hesitation, he spoke slowly.

"Can you truly hold on without me?"

"Of course."

Raon nodded firmly.

"I won't let anyone die."

Absolutely not.

The Light Wind Squad was their second family, right after the Zieghart. They would sacrifice everything to keep everyone alive.

"That's right. If the master doesn't trust his disciples, who will?"

Rimmer brought up the term "disciples" after a long time and lowered his hand, showing his clear green eyes that resembled leaves.

As he was about to reach for the items, Raon first grabbed the artificial mana core.


Rimmer's mouth hung open as if he was holding air.

"W-why all of a sudden..."

"I'll give it to you, but first, let's confirm if we can replicate this artificial mana core."

Following Lohengreen's advice might be difficult, but Raon wanted to check it just in case.

"Encia will come to Zieghart soon, so I'll ask her about it and give it to you afterward. For now, put on the bracelet and use Sheti's tears to restore your mana circuit."

After saying that, Raon put the artificial mana core back in his embrace.

"If, if you were going to give it to me later, you should have just done it now! I was all ready for it, and you're snatching it away!"

"I thought about it. It's safer to go back to the mansion and confirm the artificial mana core and use it."

"Geez! I was all hyped up, and now you're ruining it!"

Rimmer threw himself on the ground like a child throwing a tantrum.


Sitting on his shoulder, Wrath let out a sigh, as if in admiration.

-That's a mockery befitting the Demon King! You truly fit in the demon realm...

"No, it's not like that."

After helping Rimmer restore his mana circuit with Sheti's tears, Raon climbed up to the top of the central tower in the village.

Looking down from the not-so-high tower, Doran Village was tranquil and peaceful. Smiles adorned people's faces, and their conversations were filled with positivity and hope.

He felt relieved knowing that they had protected this peace and warmth.

"I was lucky this time."

It was dangerous again.

He could recognize Tyler's true form thanks to meeting Flumen, survive thanks to Rimmer's help against Roman, and acquire the artificial mana core and Ethereal Flow potions thanks to Lohengreen's being Wrath' retainer.

He didn't do much by himself.

"I shouldn't fight like this in the future."

When he first met Roman, fear had surged from his heart.

Fear that others might die, not himself.

He was raised as a hunting dog, trained only to complete the mission even if his subordinates died or she died herself, so he didn't have such fears.

But now it was different. Having seen the lives of the Light Wind Squad members from up close and knowing what kind of person Rimmer was, he didn't want to kill anyone.

"The way to save everyone is simple."

Getting stronger.

Faster and with higher quality training and battles than now, they had to become stronger.

"If everyone gets stronger..."

As he tightly held Heavenly Drive sword, the Blade of Requiem, he thought.

Not just himself, but everyone in the Light Wind Squad had to grow.

They had to be strong enough to handle any opponent or situation.

"If we were all stronger this time, Squad Leader would have been fine."

The reason Rimmer acted recklessly this time was that the Light Wind Squad was weaker than the Northern and Southern Union.

If he had defeated Raptor and the Light Brigade Wind Squad had been able to crush the forces of bad luck, Rimmer wouldn't have acted rashly and could have driven off Roman. Everything that happened was because the Light Wind Squad was weak.

Raon glanced back at the lodging of the Light Wind Squad and smiled faintly.

"I should rest well here."

Returning to the mansion wouldn't let him get a good rest.

Three years ago, Raon made up his mind to undergo rigorous training, pushing his limits in preparation for the life-and-death battle with the Derus Robert. He also decided to push the Light Wind Squad beyond their limits with intense training.

"As iron is forged, it becomes stronger."

He could already hear the sound of the Light Wind Squad's swords in his mind, and a natural smile formed on his face.

"And that guy, too, seems so... "


While Raon was smiling, Wrath popped out of the Ice Flower Bracelet and snickered.

"Merely thinking about it won't make you stronger. What's important is not the effort but what you do with it. According to the King, the limits of you and your subordinates are clear."

He pulled his cheeks and stretched his mouth wide, laughing heartily.

"Indeed. The King has already seen your pathetic state, not even receiving the protection of your guardian, and asking for help. It won't be long before your flesh is in the King's hands…"

Wrath danced a little shoulder shimmy as if he could add more anger.

"The day your body falls into the hands of the boss isn't far away..."


When Wrath's laughter became more intense, a strong vibration occurred in the Blade of Requiem. 


As Raon grabbed the Blade of Requiem hilt, a message appeared in front of his eyes.

[The Blade of Requiem has purified a substantial amount of life force.]

[The purified life force is being offered.]

From his left hand, holding the Blade of Requiem, a pure and potent energy surged like waves.


The amount of life force he had acquired until now was the largest. It was a tremendous amount of sincere energy, comparable to the mana of nature.

"This is insane."

The amount and quality of purified life force depended on the amount absorbed. Since it had devoured the life force of Apostles and Archbishops, it was natural that the amount and quality of purified life force far surpassed anything before.


The highly purified energy sent by the Blade of Requiem flowed through the Mana Circuit along the guidance of Manhwa's Ku-kyol (Rings of fire?) and Glacier before settling in mana core.

After becoming a Master and growing, Raon's Mana Circuit underwent a slight change, allowing him to accept all the energy.

[All attributes increase by 10 points.]

[The <Yo-gi Adaptation> characteristic advances to 4-star level.]

[The <Dark Assault> characteristic advances to 4-star level.]

-Wh-why is this coming out now! Why now of all times!

Wrath was dumbfounded and his eyes widened in astonishment as he saw the messages popping up. His trembling pupils reflected shock.

-Impossible! Surely, you must be listening to the King's words and timing this on purpose!

He yelled, unable to believe what was happening, but the surprise wasn't over yet.

There was one more message remaining.

[A new ability has been created in the Blade of Requiem.]



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