TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 259

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)


Chad, the head of the Vian Assembly, rushed to the top floor of the Vian Assembly building as soon as he came out of the Head of House Chamber.

In the elegant office overlooking the main building of the Zieghart mansion, a middle-aged woman with long white hair tied neatly behind her and round glasses was reading a small book, not taking her eyes off it.

"Madam Head!"

Chad pushed his face towards the white-haired woman.

"Are you that curious about my face? Back off a bit."

The middle-aged woman pushed Chad's face away without taking her eyes off the book.

"And I'm no longer the Head of the Vian Assembly, it's you now. Until when do you want me to be called the Head?"

"W-Well, I was taken aback, so I didn't realize."

Chad blushed and bowed his head.

"Then, Madam Alisa."


Alisa, the middle-aged woman, finally turned her gaze back to Chad.

"Something big happened!"

"I see. If you're flustered, it must be unusual. However..."

Alisa sighed and closed the book.

"As I mentioned earlier, you are now the leader of the Vian Assembly, and you have to make decisions and judgments. You can't just listen to my opinions and follow my thoughts to grow."

She patted Chad's shoulder like a grandmother comforting her grandchild.

"I-I know that..."

"If you know, that's enough. This place is where the former heads of the Vian Assembly play around, so go out."

She waved her hand, muttering not to bother the retired person.


Chad cursed.

"The Head of House wants to start a war!"


That was unexpected, Alisa dropped the book.

"Starting a war? Now?"

"N-Not now, in three years."

"Hmm, explain."

Alisa took off her glasses and turned her body. Just that alone changed her atmosphere. Her kind middle-aged demeanor shifted to the gaze of a young girl who once ran the continent with the Vian Assembly in her hands.

"This time, the Light Wind Squad..."

Chad explained everything that happened

at the Gazel River and in the Head of House Chamber.

"It seems those three individuals hold a special affection for Raon Zigheart. Not just because of his exceptional talent, but as if he's a special existence..."


Alisa smiled gently at Chad.

"Uh, this is no time to laugh! It's true!"

"You're still young."


"You're misjudging those people."

She shook her hand and leaned back in her chair.

"The Head of House is colder than what you see. If it's for his goal, he won't even care about his own children. His pride is hurt because they ignored Ziegharth name."

"A-At first, I thought the same way, but when it comes to Raon..."

"Tsk! Do you know who I am?"


"Say it."

"The Information Queen, Alisa of the White Falcon!" 

Chad declared loudly, assuming a dignified posture.

"That's right. I'm Alisa. Can't you trust me?" 

Even Alisa's tone of kindness suddenly turned back to her younger days.

"Both The Head of House and the Heavenly Sword Masters (Sheryl), Roenn, are angry because the vassals of the North-South Alliance trespassed into our territory without realizing the value of Zieghart. It's about their pride."

"I-I thought that too, but when it comes to Raon ..."


"The Information Queen, Alisa of the White Falcon!"

"That's right. I'm Alisa. Whose words are correct?"

"Normally, Madam Alisa would be right, but this is really..."


"The Information Queen, Alisa of the White Falcon!" 

Chad closed his eyes tightly and bowed his head.

"It's true, isn't it?"

'But it's not true.' Glenn, Sheryl, and Roenn weren't just angry because their territory was violated; it was more like the atmosphere when a precious child gets hurt by someone else.

They had the momentum to crush the North-South Alliance, but Alisa couldn't understand it.


"What now."

"They really didn't care much about Rimmer, but as soon as Raon's story came up, everyone became furious..."

"Haah, Chad. Chad."

Alisa sighed with a regretful look.

"It's not just the Head, even the Heavenly Sword Leader would be saddened in a cold way if it were his second-in-command/righ hand man. No matter how much they've been on missions together and built a friendship, they wouldn't step forward just for that reason."


"Roenn would be even more so. He gave up assassinations for decades. But now he would go back to it because of Raon? Does that make sense?"

"But even before, Raon's information always went straight to the Head of House Chmaber..."

"It's natural to be interested in Raon. After all, he is an exceptional talent as the youngest master. But it doesn't make sense to start a war just because of that child. Think logically!"

She waved her hand, saying it was absolutely not true.


Chad swallowed a groan.


Yeah. It doesn't make sense rationally.

Starting a war just because they provoked Raon. However, the situation seemed to be heading that way.

"Do you understand now?"

"But really..."

"This brat..."

"No, it's not true! The words of the Information Queen, Alisa of the White Falcon, are correct!"

Chad nodded obediently under Alisa's sharp gaze.

"A war won't happen that easily. Especially with Zieghart, it's not easy to make a move."

"Because of the Arbitrators, right?"

"That's one of the reasons."

Alisa nodded.

"Anyway, there won't be a war. The North-South Alliance will know better and back down on their own."

"If they back down..."

"In a way, it's true that Tyler is dead, and they're putting pressure from that side, but they are remaining quiet because they fear us."

"I know that."

Chad nodded. Zieghart could easily wipe out the North-South Alliance if they wanted to. But then, they would also suffer great losses.

"Losses? It will certainly be quite substantial. However, not as much as you think."

"Yes? But..."

"I didn't properly explain the power of the higher-ups to you."

Alisa chuckled lightly, as if saying they should let some things slide considering how the situation has turned out.

Roenn said he could assassinate Roman in one night, right?"


"That's an exaggeration."

"I know..."

"But in about four days, it's 100% possible. Sheryl might have exaggerated a bit as well. But the Head of House is different."

She pointed with a cool smile toward the ceiling. No, beyond that, to the sky.

"If the Head personally steps forward, the North-South Alliance will be obliterated." 


After buying the necessary items for Rimmer in a nearby city, Raon returned to Doran Village. Fortunately, nothing happened, and the 2nd Unit and the villagers greeted him with smiles.


Runaan leaped down from the lookout tower and ran over. Her eyes were more spirited than usual. 

"You found it?"

"Yeah. Thanks for guarding here."


When Raon thanked her for the hard work, Runaan smiled lightly. However, as she nodded, Runaan suddenly collapsed.


Raon caught Lunan) Runaan and quickly checked her condition. There were no signs of injuries. It seemed like she had exhausted herself by using her stamina and aura excessively.


"You didn't get enough sleep."

Deputy Leader Ebi approached and sighed.

"After the Vice Leader left the village, she have been guarding here without even taking a breath."

"Is that so?"

Raon smiled while watching Runaan breathe heavily. 

"She didn't have to push herself that much."

He had asked Runaan to guard this place, but he didn't know she would stay awake without sleeping at all. Gratitude and remorse welled up inside him, and he lightly patted her back.

"What about the Squad Leader?"

"He hasn't woken up yet. His condition is still the same. Neither improving nor worsening."

"Hmm, I'll take care of Runaan for you."

After laying Runaan on her bed, Raon checked on Rimmer. As Ebi had said, his condition remained the same as when he collapsed.

"This is not good."

The dantian was on the verge of breaking, and the mana circuit was still severely constricted, depleting Rimmer's life force.

For now, the only thing Raon could do was use aura to infuse vitality into his body until Rimmer woke up and they could start the treatment.

After using manipulation techniques on Rimmer's body, Raon stepped outside. Martha and 1st Unit had returned.

"Of course, you're here."

Martha approached with a frown.

"How did it go?"

"I couldn't find it. Even after searching two cities thoroughly, there was no such potion."

She sighed in frustration, saying it was a rare item.

"However, I found an artifact that can alleviate the stimulation of the dantian and mana circuit. It might not be much, but it should help him too."

Martha took out a golden bracelet. The energy emanating from it was considerable, indicating that it was no ordinary artifact. It seemed to be at least of unique grade.

Raon nodded as he received the bracelet.

"Thank you for your hard work" 

Items like this were extremely rare. Even though she said it lightly, she must have gone through a lot to find it.

"Don't mention hard work."

Martha retorted, tilting her head slightly.

"What about you?"

"I found it."




Martha sighed deeply and sat down on the floor.

"That's a relief."

She put her hand on her chest, as if to ease some tension. Her voice sounded strange, as if her tongue had loosened or the tension had been released.



"Did you just say 'that's a relief'?"

"When did I ever-"

"Everyone heard it, right?"

"It's too loud!"

Martha swung her head, wagging her finger towards the inside of the village, and ran off.( too many tsundere in this novel, lol) 

"Are you going to the lodge?"

"Shut up!"

With a flushed face, she raised her fist and dashed towards the lodging.

"Our Captain being this cute is a first, right?"

"Calling it a relief..."

"Sometimes she does use that tone."

1st Unit members laughed as they watched Martha. They all seemed relieved now that they knew they could save Rimmer.

-You've got a talent for teasing others.

Wrath commented.

-Would you like to try dominating the Demon Realm? They'll be scared shitless of you.

He was saying that he wanted to show the other demons a real demon king.

That evening.

Burren arrived in the village, holding the potion provided by his family.

"I took it, but I'm not sure if this will work."

He sighed while holding the potion and the gold medal.

"It'll be fine. I also found one."

Raon said as he handed over the potion.

"Okay, I'll trust you."

"You, you got it?"

Burren's mouth hung open in disbelief.

"You really went to the dungeon and got it?"

"It's no joke, I swear!"

Instead of Raon, Dorian stepped forward and extended his hand.

"Even the Ghost King, Lohengreen, and fighting against Apostles!"


"The Apostles of the White Blood Cult?"

Upon hearing that Raon casually obtained the potion, everyone gasped in astonishment.

"Now that we're all here, I can tell you."

"I'll do it!"

Dorian seemed eager to share everything that happened in the dungeon, just like a dog wagging its tail in front of food.


Nodding, Raon smiled as Dorian stood before the Light Wind squad.

"Let's start with finding the dungeon. We..."

Dorian proceeded to describe in detail everything that happened in the dungeon, not leaving anything out.


"Fourth Apostle, that's Master Intermediate level."

"Is it possible to kill Apostles just by combining abilities?"

"What kind of Master is he!"

"This is insane. Completely insane."

The members of the Light Wind squad were stunned when they heard that they managed to defeat an Apostle.

"...and with that, thanks to Lohengreen's consideration, we were able to secure his legacy as well. He, he was a little scary, but a good person."

Dorian sniffled, expressing his longing. It was amusing to see him, who never let go of his wooden desk, saying such things. (lol) 

"I'm more impressed by the fact that you brought back all of Lohengreen's legacy."

"Exactly. How did you even manage to help ghosts?"

"Those who can do it will find a way."

The Light Wind squad was amazed at the fact that he had secured all of Lohengreen's legacy.

"Does that mean we can use the potion you found there to save the Chief?"

After recovering from the shock of defeating an Apostle, Burren, who had been breathless, regained his composure and asked.

"Yeah. At the very least, he should be able to return to his previous state."

"Phew, now I feel relieved."

Bureen let out a sigh of relief and smiled a small smile.

"Of course, if he chooses to..."

Just as Raon was about to explain about the Artificial Dantian, Martha shouted.

"He is awake!"

Everyone rushed to the lodge without saying anything.


As they entered the lodge, Limer was staggering to get up. His complexion was pale, and his breathing was rough. He looked very different from his usual self.

"Why do you all have such serious expressions? Did I wake up a bit late?"

Though he smiled lightly as if trying to laugh it off, his eyebrows couldn't hide the tremor due to the pain.

"We know everything."

Raon sat in front of Rimmer and shook his head.

"You don't have to hide anymore."

"What's there to hide? It's not that serious. I'll feel better after going back to sleep..."

"We know everything."

Raon firmly grasped Rimmer's trembling shoulders.


Rimmer sighed and fell back onto the bed.

"Damn it! I wanted to show you all only the perfect and handsome side of the Leader! But now I look like this!"

He struggled like a child throwing a tantrum, not wanting to show such an ugly side of himself.

"We've always seen the miserable side of you."

"Indeed. We've only learned that living like that is bad for your health."


Burren , Martha , and Runaan looked at Rimmer with puzzled expressions.

"That's like killing me again with words. It hurts even more than my body. Ugh!"

Rimmer grabbed his chest and got up.

"Anyway, I'm fine! I'll recover if I go back and get a good night's sleep."

As he was trying to brush it off, Raon placed the gold bracelet brought by Marta, the tear of Seti received by Burren, and the Elixir of Vitality obtained from the dungeon in front of him.

"What's this?"

"These are the items we brought back."

Raon briefly explained everything that had happened so far to Rimmer.

"Traveling non-stop, going to the capital, searching two cities, staying awake to protect me? And..."

Rimmer's gaze moved past Burren , Martha , and Runaan, finally landing on Raon.

"I-It's all thanks to Lohengreen's legacy. T-To be honest, I was a bit scared, but he was kind."

Dorian sniffled, looking sentimental. It was amusing to see someone who never let go of a wooden desk saying such things.

"I learned more from that than capturing Apostles."

"That's right. When you live like that, nothing works."


"To defeat the Apostle and bring back Lohengreen's legacy..."

He clenched his lips tightly as if suppressing his emotions, bowing his head.

"I feel so embarrassed. It's the first time in my life feeling like this. It's good, but it's embarrassing, and my heart is burning, but I can't lift my head."

Rimmer's voice trembled. It seemed like he couldn't control his emotions.

"It's only natural to have days like this, considering all the help we have received from the Leader."

Raon looked at the embarrassed Rimmer. 

"You've given me countless help."

Indeed, Rinmer had offered advice and assistance in various martial arts, aura energy manipulation, swordsmanship, and magic.

He had saved his life not just once or twice, and he had even taught him about human emotions, so it didn't feel like he could repay such kindness.

"Rimmer. It's time for you to make a choice now."

"A choice?"

"If you take Shety's Tears and the Aura Pill, your constricted mana circuit will recover, and you'll return to your previous state Of course, if you use as much power as you did when fighting Roman, a similar situation may occur."

"That makes sense."


Raon took out the artificial dantian from his pocket and placed it in front of Rimmer.

"Using this artificial dantian, you can awaken your Dantian and, while it will require gathering aura from the beginning and extensive training, you can return to the time when you were called the Zieghart's Sword of Light."

"The artificial dantian…"

"Now, it's up to you to decide."

Raon handed the potion and the artificial dantian to Rimmer.

With trembling eyes, Rimmer looked at the artificial dantian and the potion in turn, then clenched his fists.



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