RDM (Novel) Chapter 391

C 391

"Oh dear! My back is killing me."

Lee Myung-hak patted his back and looked at the horizon.

He was on a small fishing boat.

His subordinates, disguised as fishermen, were busy on the boat.

They were not just pretending to be fishermen.

Their actions of pulling in the nets and rowing were indistinguishable from those of real fishermen.

Lee Myung-hak's subordinates were all skilled in boat work. In fact, they had learned it before being sent to Lake Poyang.

Knowing that a half-hearted attempt would easily expose them, Lee Myung-hak made his subordinates learn real boat work.

The easiest way to escape from Poyang Lake was to use such a fishing boat.

Since Poyang Lake was so vast, it was not easy to find a boat once it was on the water.
It was even more impossible to find it when it was so perfectly disguised as a fishing boat.

Lee Myung-hak's men looked like real fishermen. That's why the other fishing boats didn't suspect them.

Lee Myung-hak looked around and said,

"I think we can go full power now. Let's spread the sails and race".


The subordinates moved with a strong reaction.

They gathered all the nets lying on the floor and spread the sails wide. With the sails full of wind, the boat moved forward at a terrifying speed.

"Phew! We're going to make it."

Lee Myung-hak muttered, wiping the sweat from his brow.

The smiles on the faces of his subordinates also grew.

"Thanks to you, boss, we'll be able to return home safely this time as well."

"Don't let your guard down yet. Stay alert."

"Haha, what are you worried about in the middle of Poyang Lake? No pursuers will be able to follow us here."

The subordinates laughed as if they didn't care.

Lee Myung-hak also laughed.

He was thinking the same thing as his subordinates.
It was difficult to escape from the workshop and board the fishing boat, but once they were in the middle of Lake Poyang, there were no factors that could threaten them.

"By the way, I'm not sure if Hong Ye-seol managed to escape safely. She must have, right? She knows how to secure an escape route."

While he was a retired assassin, Hong Ye-seol was an active frontline soldier. Her senses were much sharper than his, and her ability to respond to crisis was superior.

She might even have escaped the shores of Lake Poyang before him.

"Let's go to Nanchang at full speed."


Nanchang was a large city to the southwest of Lake Poyang.

Lee Myung-hak had prepared a safe house there.

He planned to rest there for about three months with his subordinates. By then Kangho would be quiet again.

It was then.

"Uh, boss!"

Suddenly, one of his subordinates called out to him.


"Please take a look at the boat."


Lee Myung-hak looked in the direction the subordinate was pointing.

A large boat was approaching theirs at high speed.

Lee Myung-hak's face hardened.

The shape of the boat was unusual.

With its streamlined hull and masts that seemed to be three or four times larger than a normal boat, it was clearly a ship built for extreme speed.

It was far from an ordinary boat at first sight.

It was heading straight for the boat with Lee Myung-hak and his men.

"Damn it! Increase the speed."


The subordinates increased the speed of the fishing boat. Then the speed of the approaching boat increased as well.

It became clear.

Their fishing boat was the target of that boat.

Lee Myung-hak concentrated his gaze. Then he could see the people on the streamlined boat.

They all had weapons.

They were clearly warriors.

"Who are they? The trackers who were after Ye-seol?"

A deep furrow appeared on Lee Myung-hak's forehead.

Although he had retired from the front lines and led a support team for several years, this was the first time he had been pursued like this.

It was an escape route he considered perfect.

Even if they knew about the escape to Poyang Lake, they could never follow it without knowing the boat's route in advance.

'How can a ship just follow us in this vast lake without knowing where it's going? There must be someone who knows our escape route.'

The problem was that he didn't know where the information had been leaked.

He might be able to guess if he thought carefully, but now was not the time for leisurely thinking.

Even now, the streamlined vessel was rapidly closing in on the fishing boat.

It was impossible for the fishing boat they were on to outrun a ship specialised in tracking.

Lee Myung-hak shouted.

"Everyone, prepare for battle."

"Damn it!"

"Looks like this is going to be our graveyard."

The subordinates picked up weapons like harpoons and straight swords and grumbled.

They could sense that the atmosphere was not normal.
The frightening boat rammed into the fishing boat with Lee Myung-hak and others on board.


The side of the fishing boat was blown off with a loud explosion.



Lee Myung-hak and his men, never expecting to be rammed like that, groaned in pain.

Meanwhile, the warriors on the ramming boat jumped onto the fishing boat.

"Kill them all."


They attacked Lee Myung-hak's men without hesitation.

Lee Myung-hak bit his lip in frustration.

He hadn't expected the enemy to attack without talking.

Do they not need to negotiate?

If so, the enemy's intention was clear.

It was to kill them.

At that moment, a warrior who appeared to be the leader of the enemy approached Lee Myung-hak.

At first glance, he appeared to be an exceptional warrior.

His eyes were red and he had a sharp aura, like a well-forged sword.

He asked Lee Myung-hak ,

"Are you Lee Myung-hak, the supporter of the Hundred Wraith Union?"

"How do you know that?"

Lee Myung-hak's eyes trembled.

It was understandable that the enemy had tracked him and his men. If there were really skilled trackers, that could happen.

But knowing their true identity was another matter entirely. It meant that information was being leaked from within the Hundred Wraith Union.

Keeping secrets was vital to the Hundred Wraith Union.
The mission could fail, or it could succeed. But at no time had the identities of the assassins and their supporters been leaked.

The fact that the enemy knew their identities meant that there was a traitor within the Hundred Wraith Union or that they had a thorough understanding of the internal situation.

Either way, it was disastrous for the Hundred Wraith Union.

Lee Myung-hak asked with a swallow,

"Who are you?"

"My name is Noh Shin-pil."

"Noh Shin-pil?"

"You've probably never heard of me. I haven't done much outside. But at Rain Mountain Manor, they call me Blood-eyed Demon Sword."

"The Rain Mountain Manor?"

Lee Myung-hak's eyes widened.

An unexpected name had been mentioned.

The name Rain Mountain Manor was enough to put him in a difficult position.

He knew that Jang Ho-yeon of Rain Mountain Manor had invited the seven sage scholar. So it wasn't surprising that Rain Mountain Manor wanted to take revenge for the seven sage scholar.

However, one fact bothered him.

This is too fast.

Even if Rain Mountain Manor was seeking revenge, the speed with which they found them was too fast.

It was as if they had known and waited.

For a moment, Lee Myung-hak felt as if his head had been hit with an iron hammer.

Did they know in advance?

Numerous thoughts raced through his head like a merry-go-round.

As his thoughts cleared his mind, his expression hardened like stone.

Lee Myung-hak cautiously voiced his thoughts.

"Did Rain Mountain Manor order the assassination of the seven sage scholar?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

Noh Shin-pil shrugged his shoulders. But he couldn't completely hide the faint smile on his lips.

Lee Myung-hak was sure that his speculation was correct.

This request was made by those bastards from Rain Mountain Manor.
It was clear that Rain Mountain Manor had invited the Seven Sage Scholar and requested the assassination. And now they wanted to commit a massacre.

"Everyone was playing into the hands of Rain Mountain Manor.

Although Lee Myung-hak spoke, Noh Shin-pil did not reply, but only smiled deeply. It was almost an admission of Lee Myung-hak's words.



At that moment, Lee Myung-hak's subordinates died one by one.

Although his subordinates were skilled in martial arts, they were no match for the elites of Rain Mountain Manor.

Lee Myung-hak realising that the odds were stacked against him. He flung himself into the lake.

He decided to flee.

"Where are you going?"


At that moment, Noh Shin-pil blocked his path and sent a sword qi flying at him.


Lee Myung-hak collided with the sword qi and was thrown back. At the last moment, he swung his sword to minimise the damage.

Lee Myung-hak wiped the blood from his mouth and muttered,

"It seems that this place will be my grave today. I never thought I'd become fish food..."

Noh Shin-pil approached him.

Despair filled Lee Myung-hak's face.

He was once a great assassin who had made it into the top ten, but his body was no longer the same after a long retirement.

Besides, this was an environment where he couldn't use stealth.

In such an environment, the chances of surviving against a true martial artist who had reached a higher level than him seemed almost non-existent.

Ye-seol! It seems this is as far as I can go.

Praying that Hong Ye-seol had escaped safely, he charged towards Noh Shin-pil.

Hong Ye-seol blinked her eyes.

It seemed like someone had called her name.

She shook her head.

"I must have become weak. Hearing hallucinations."

Hong Ye-seol scolded herself and sank back in her seat.

She was riding in a carriage.

A flag with the words "Iron Wire 
Courier Service".

Iron Wire Courier Service was a courier company based in Poyang Lake.

Hong Ye-seol had signed a carriage contract with them before the assassination.

The cargo was herself.

The destination was Songyang, a city hundreds of miles from Poyang Lake.

The pretext was to visit her maternal grandfather in Songyang.

It wasn't unusual for a woman travelling alone to hire an escort.

The Iron Wire Courier Service was happy to oblige.

As a result, Hong Ye-seol was escorted by the guards and travelled comfortably in the carriage.


Hong Ye-seol breathed a sigh of relief.

It had not gone smoothly, but she had successfully completed the assassination. Her duties here were now over.

"I guess I'll have to hide and rest for a while."

Hong Ye-seol knew.

What she had done had shaken Lake Poyang and the entire world. She couldn't even imagine the repercussions.

Everyone was searching for her with fire in their eyes. The most frightening of all was the martial artist who had attacked her in Poyang Lake.

Just the thought of him made her shudder.

He had instilled fear in her, an assassin.

For now, she had to live in hiding.

"It's a pity I won't see him again, but I have no choice if I want to live."

Her life was more important than Lake Poyang.

That's when it happened.

Suddenly the carriage slowed down and she felt it come to a stop.

"What's going on?"

Hong Ye-seol asked the coachman. But there was no answer.

She instantly realized that something had happened.

She carefully opened the carriage window. There she saw the face of someone who shouldn't have been there.

"Hello, how are you?"

The man smiling at her was none other than Lee Geom-han.

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