TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 257

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C 257

Raon looked down at the Blade of Requiem as if it had been dipped in a furnace, its endlessly ringing blackness screaming for more.

"You mean you can have the power of this longsword?

The blade trembled violently as if in agreement.


Wrath snorted, glancing down at the blade of requiem from his shoulder.

"Does a wretched creature like you even have such abilities?"

"Is it that difficult for you?"

"Your puny dagger was born to kill those pests, so it's natural for it to absorb their energies. But…"

Wrath looked down at the longsword lying on the ground with a scornful gaze.

"Absorbing the power within that longsword is different. Maybe the King of Essence could do it, but how could a creature like you ever accomplish such a thing?"

He waved his hand, dismissing the idea as absurd.

"Don't waste your time."


Raon turned back. Dorian was still writing down the names of the nobles and magicians, so there was plenty of time.

"Well, there's nothing to lose."

While I may not know exactly what the longsword is or what name it holds, I do know about its abilities.

An anti-magic field.

Most magicians use mana circles placed in their hearts to utilize magic. The longsword, however, emits peculiar vibrations from its blade, causing slight interference with the flow of magic generated by these circles.

If the Blade of Requiem (Dagger) could possess such abilities, it would have a significant advantage in battles against magicians.


Raon raised the dark longsword. Just by gripping it, the energy embedded in the blade penetrated into his body. Of course, he  quickly overwhelmed it and forced it to retreat by the rings of fire. 

"How do I deal with this?"

The Blade of Requiem responded with an excited resonance, as if suggesting to break the longseord with it self. (the Blade of Requiem) 

"What, break it?"

He blurted out in surprise. The Blade of Requiem was urging him to shatter the black longsword with it self. 


The Melody Sword hummed again, as if it was certain of its suggestion.

"To obtain its power by breaking the sword?"

Wrath muttered, finding the idea foolish, and turned his head.

"It's meaningless."

"Be quiet for a moment."

Raon ignored Wrath's words and raised the Blade of Requiem.

"It's not that difficult."

Breaking the longsword that the Fourth Master was holding might be uncertain, but shattering the still longsword was as easy as eating soup. (weird translation) 


Through adaptation, Raon maximized the Blade of Requiem aura and swung it down.


The long and faint longsword shattered like glass under the powerful aura unleashed by the Blade of Requiem.


Vigor rose from the fragmented longsword. The black energy had no chance to resist and was sucked into the red blade of the Blade of Requiem.


The blade of requiem resonated with a strong hum, not missing a trace of the energy flowing from the longsword. It absorbed all the emanating energies from the shattered sword.

Having taken in all the energy from the longsword, the Blade of Requiem color became even deeper than before.

[The Blade of Requiem has assimilated the blood essence's energy.]

[After absorption is complete, a new ability will be generated within the Blade of Requiem.]

As it was their possession, the system was also functioning with the Blade of Requiem. 

Wrath opened his eyes wide as he looked at the blade of requiem.

"T-This can't be possible? A mere creature like you!"

"At first, it might have been as weak as you said, but it has grown stronger over time."

Indeed, when they first encountered the Blade of Requiem, it didn't possess such abilities. It must have grown by absorbing the energies of many members of the White Blood Cult and, this time, by consuming the blood of the Apostle and the Archbishop.

"Grrr, growth…"

Wrath frowned in annoyance. He seemed slightly irritated by the abilities of the Blade of Requiem, which he had referred to as a mere creature.

"It seems quite impressive."

Considering Wrath's reaction, it was safe to expect something extraordinary from the Blade of Requiem newfound abilities.

"Heh, heh! It's all over now."

Dorian approached them after finishing the signing process. He still had the desk floating above his head.

"How long are you going to carry that around?"

"Until the spirit (ghost) leaves."

He turned his head left and right but failed to notice Lohengreen floating above him.

"But you seem to be in a good mood."

"Do I?"

"Yes. You look extremely excited, just like when you're making progress with your training."

"I can't help it."

Raon chuckled while looking at the trembling Blade of Requiem.

After all, something amazing had just happened.

Following Lohengreen guidance, Raon reached the final floor of the dungeon where his research lab was supposed to be. However, there was no room; instead, there was a massive wall.

"There's nothing here?"

Dorian tapped on the wall and even kicked it, but there was no response.

Raon nodded in agreement. He spread his Glacier and even utilized the Wrath Energy, but behind the wall, there was only solid rock.

"Call the spirit quickly."

Dorian said, then placed the white wooden desk on top of his head.


The spirit's voice echoed through the room.

Lohengreen gently chuckled upon seeing Dorian's reaction.

[To think you couldn't find me until now.]

"Well, you were indeed well-hidden."

Lohengreen was a powerful magician known as a hero. It wasn't surprising that Dorian couldn't uncover his presence. 

"How do we enter?"

"It's simple. Place your hand on the center of the wall and utilize Glacier."

"I can't feel the aura of Glacier though..."

"It was deliberately concealed. Try it."

Raon nodded, placed his hand on the wall, and activated Glacier.


The blue coldness permeated through the gaps in the stone, causing the wall to split, revealing a white room behind it.

"Huh, what's this...?"

Raon hadn't expected the wall to open so easily since he couldn't feel Glacier aura.

"I used the coldness like the Earth Element."

Lohengreen pointed to the wall with a sly smile.

"Like the Earth Element?"

"Yes. Just as the God of Wrath uses coldness as if it were flames, I altered the coldness to be like rock."

It seemed that he didn't merely change the form of the coldness but the very flow of it. As a former magician, it was a plausible method.

"Come inside."

Raon narrowed his eyes as he

observed Lohengreen research lab.

"It's a bit different from what I expected."

Contrary to his expectations, the lab wasn't very large, and it was impeccably organized without a speck of dust. It seemed like some purification magic had been used.

With this condition, any elixirs or artifacts stored here would remain well-preserved. It was a relief.

The left wall was filled with books, while the right side displayed various artifacts and materials of unknown use. And in the center...


Dorian screamed in horror at the sight of the skull lying on the desk. The skull wore a blue robe adorned with embroidered ice flowers, and round glasses hung loosely on its frame.

"Hehe, it's quite embarrassing..."

Lohengreen, the owner of the skull, smiled sheepishly as he brushed away his beard.

"It seems I've shown you quite an embarrassing sight."

"It's not like that."

As Raon had expected this, he shook his head.

"G-Greetings, sir spirit. No, I guess you reside here. Well, nice to meet you. Thank you for showing us the way! Oh, and I apologize for our audacious companion!"

Dorian repeatedly bowed his head while still holding the desk over the skull.

[You seem to be a good person.]

"But also a fool," Raon lightly chuckled and turned his head.

"Now, tell us your lingering regrets. We can't figure it out just by looking around the laboratory. We need to hear it from you."

[Since the story will be lengthy, let's finish the request of the god of wrath first.]

Lohengreen requested that they retrieve a golden spherical artificial dantian and a neckpiece from the center of the display shelf.

[This is an artificial dantian.]

"Artificial dantian?"

"Yes. It's an artifact for those whose dantian have been destroyed or for those who don't have one. Once connected to a mana circuit, it can be used just like a real dantian."


Raon nodded in approval.

"This could be useful."

Rimmer's dantian was already in a deteriorated state. With this artificial dantian, they could create a new one for him.

"The downside is that you have to start anew. Since the entire dantian is replaced, you'll have to gather the aura from scratch. It may not be difficult for beginners, but for experts, even a short period can be challenging."


Filling a dantian with aura was no easy task. Even at Rimmer's level of proficiency, it would still be quite challenging to gather the aura in a short time.

"What about this?"

Raon pointed to the neckpiece.

"That is a Lingering Aura Balm. It can repair damaged mana circuits."

"A mana circuit…"

"Yes. It can restore torn and distorted mana circuits."

"I see."

Now, he finally felt relieved. With these two artifacts, they could restore Rimmer. However, he still had one more request.

"Do you happen to know how to make these two?"

As he also wanted to restore Sylvia, Raon asked with a desperate hope.

"Well, there's a recipe for the Lingering Aura Balm, but I didn't make the artificial dantian; I obtained it by chance, so I'm not sure about its manufacturing process. I apologize."

"That's okay. It's enough."

Raon shook his head. For now, this was sufficient. Now that he knew such artifacts existed, he believed that someday he would be able to restore Sylvia as well.

"Now, please tell us about your lingering regrets, Lohengreen."


Scratching his chin, Lohengreen hesitated for a moment.

"It seems that I'll have to go back a bit into the past to tell you that story."

He smiled faintly while gazing at his own skull.

"I am…"


The city once known as Lemia was destroyed overnight by the monsters summoned by the witch Merlin. My mother, who always smiled and caressed my head, my fearsome but caring father, and all my friends who used to run around the mountains and fields, all became prey to the monsters right before my eyes.

The knights who protected the city turned to ashes by Merlin's flames, and even the kingdom's wizards who hurriedly arrived were wiped out by the torrent of the witch's magic.

And why did I survive?

It was all because of Merlin's vanity.

"Ah, how annoying. I can't reveal my accomplishments if everyone is dead."

That madwoman said she would announce to the continent that she was the one who brought Lemia to ruins and then left.

I was furious.

Angry at being left alone, angry that I couldn't die together with them, I cursed the witch inwardly.

I shouted that I would even sell my soul to the devil if it meant I could have the power to get revenge.

Then, the being appeared before me.

I couldn't tell whether it was a man or a woman, or even if it was a demon or a god. A colossal existence, far beyond the witch who destroyed the city, descended from the true heavens.

He asked me what was wrong.

My mouth opened on its own, without my intention, and the words flowed out naturally.

He listened to every bit of my story and his expression turned serious.

As if about to leave, he turned away, but then he said my final words pleased him, and he granted me the power of the Frost, the power to get revenge on the witch Merlin.

"You can't do much with just this. If your rage is genuine, then strive for more. To kill that Merlin or whatever she is, with your own hands."

It was the witch Merlin.

"Anyway, if you unleash the anger within you, your abilities will also grow stronger."

I asked what he wanted from me, even offering my soul, but he declined.

"Soul? Nonsense. I have no need for it."

I grabbed him and asked again, telling him to tell me what else he wanted. He scolded me, saying that the power given to me by the king was more than enough, so stop bothering him.

And then he disappeared, and I left the city in ruins.

His power was mysterious. I obtained it without effort and naturally knew how to use it, as if breathing.

Roaming the continent, I engaged in battles during the day and researched magic and frost during the night. After countless days and nights, I started gaining some fame, but then I fell into despair again.

The immense gap between the witch Merlin and me, one of the strongest on the continent but also known as the worst witch, made me howl in frustration.

That's when he appeared once more.

"Why are you talking such nonsense? If you're weak, become stronger. If you devote all your time to becoming stronger, you will be able to kill her."

The reply may have been simple, but to me, it was like a divine revelation.

"Why do you bother seeking something from a pitiful person like that?"

It was the witch Merlin.

"Anyway, with the king's power alone, stop worrying about the weakling you can kill. If you become stronger, that will be enough."

He scoffed at me and disappeared.

I became stronger. I trained and researched, fought and fought again.

I had grown to the point where I could hold my own against Merlin, but there was a problem.

Many powerful beings and monsters were following her. I couldn't defeat her on my own.

I gathered people to siege the witch's castle. Some, like me, sought revenge, but most shook their heads, saying it was impossible.

Everyone told me I couldn't do it and advised me to give up on revenge.

Even my close friends began to doubt, and I lost my will. I spent the night drowning my sorrows in alcohol. The gathering for revenge was also starting to fall apart when he appeared again.

and then he appeared again

"I really can't stand watching this. If there are so many cowards scared of that nauseating being, then why don't you become stronger and make them all kneel before you?"

"Those who say it's impossible are losers. Pathetic beings who have already kneeled before the world. Go forward with those who believe they can do it. You have the potential."

He said he couldn't bother me anymore and waved his hand before disappearing.

The witch Merlin, who had spread fear across the entire continent, became nothing more than a faint memory thanks to that person, whose name I couldn't even remember, who claimed it was nothing special.

I didn't listen to what others said. As he had told me, I thought it was nothing special and continued to grow stronger. I gathered companions who believed they could do it.

With confidence, I moved forward, and even those who said it couldn't be done joined me. Those who had left returned.

I believed in myself and the potential he had seen in me.

And on the day that marked exactly 40 years since the burning of the city of Lemia by Merlin, my comrades and I shattered the witch's castle and ended Merlin's life.

The whole world cheered, and we became heroes.

However, such things were not important to me.

I was satisfied just to succeed in seeking revenge, comforting the souls of the deceased.

One year had passed since everything was settled when he visited again.

"It's finally over, you're quite slow."

There was no word of appreciation, but his presence alone made me smile.

I told him I would offer my soul in return. I screamed that I wanted revenge, even if I had to give up my life in both worlds.

"You're still spouting nonsense."

He chuckled and waved his hand.

"A pitiful soul like yours is not needed. Your anger is just a snack for the king, that should be enough."

I was dumbfounded. After becoming stronger, I had realized that the being before me was neither human nor god. Naturally, I thought he would take my soul, but he didn't want anything

He simply said it had been fun.

"Since you've killed that pest Merlin, now live your life. You pathetic little kid."

Without even mentioning Merlin's name properly, he disappeared. I couldn't even thank him, and he left without taking my soul or granting me the power. It was only then that I realized that this person was my true god.

For one year, I enjoyed the world and created dungeons.


It was simple. It was the request I had made, the research on Glacia that I had been so desperate for him to teach me.

Although I had forced him to tell me, I still wanted to show him something in return.

I worked harder on my research and practiced controlling Glacier cold.

But just like the power given by a god, it was already perfect. If I made any amateur adjustments, it would undoubtedly become much worse than the original, so giving up seemed like the better option.

Of course, I didn't give up.

I dedicated all the remaining time to creating a method to make Glacier cold even stronger, as a way to return the favor for the power he had given me, even without asking for anything in return.

It was just one way of controlling cold, but it was my limit.

Now, all that was left was to return the cold to him and thank him. 

However, I couldn't get in touch with him.

It wasn't deliberately disconnected; the connection simply wouldn't happen.

I waited.

One year, ten years, and even twenty years passed, but there was no contact, and my lifespan was coming to an end.

Dying like this didn't feel regrettable. Even if my research vanished, I didn't care.

I just wished I could express my gratitude to him before fading away.

Would that lingering feeling turn into a spark?

I was born again in the gap between life and death.

I waited again.

Waiting for him to come back.


Raon lowered his head and bit his lips firmly.

"So, what is your lingering regret then...?"

[I want to convey my gratitude to him and share the modified method of controlling Glacier that I have developed.]

Lohengreen smiled, saying that was all.

"You foolish guy!"

Wrath exclaimed with a contorted expression, and he lunged at Lohengreen.

"If you dedicated your life to revenge, then live your life!"

Whether he was angry or sad, Wrath's fist trembled with emotion.

[It's not for anyone else, but for you, Raon. I'm grateful that you came.]

Without seeing Wrath right in front of him, Lohengreen held Raon's hand.

"The method of controlling Glacier is there. The cold I possess will return to him once I disappear."

"You stupid little speck! I told you to live your life instead of dedicating it to revenge!"

Whether it was out of anger or sadness, Wrath scolded him. Tears glimmered in his round eyes.

"I'm glad that it was you who came, Raon."

Lohengreen unable to see Wrath standing right in front of him as his body slowly began to fade away.

"Hey! Roenyellow!"


Raon held onto Wrath and pouted.

"Let me go!"

"Are you going to send me off like this? This might be the last time we meet, and you're just going to be angry?"


"Your concern is the only lingering regret I have."

The faint body of Roengreen slowly disappeared.

"Hey! Lohengreen!"

Raon tightened his grip on Wrath and made a determined expression.

"I'll lend you my body."

Taking a deep breath, he continued, "If you promise to return it when it's time, I'll lend you my body so you can have a conversation."

"No, you can't."


"As soon as I enter your body, I might go on a rampage regardless of the king's will."

Wrath words made Raon hesitate.


Raon bit his lips. Wrath had mentioned before that his soul and body had been separated for too long, and it might go on a rampage.

Lohengreen felt warmth enveloping him. It felt as if his heart was beating and blood was flowing through his veins just like when he had a physical body.

"Now, it's time for me to leave."

Perhaps because he had sorted out his lingering regrets, he felt at ease. Not being able to see Wrath was regrettable, but there was nothing he could do about it. He was satisfied that he had conveyed his gratitude to the divine being.

He felt tired. It was the first time since he had gained this body that he felt weary. When he closed his eyes, it felt like he might never open them again.

As he was about to close his eyes for what he thought would be the last time, something happened. A blue blaze of fury engulfed Raon's shoulders—or rather, his whole body. He was suddenly burning with the same level of anger he felt when he first saw the divine being.

"You foolish guy!"

[You... You are...]

It was certain. This aura and that noble yet scornful tone could only belong to the divine being.


"It's as what the king said. Live your life. Who told you to do something so foolish and frustrating?"


Raon burst into laughter. He knew that the divine being would say something like that.

"What's so funny! You speck of dust!"

[But you wouldn't have wanted it any other way. This is just how I live my life. Divine being.]

"Ever since I saw you before, I couldn't help but find you pitiful. You're such a silly guy!"

Though he scolded him, Roengreen couldn't help but smile. He looked content, as if this moment was a happy one.

[Even so, I was happy to meet you. Divine being.]


Wrath didn't answer for a moment. He lightly smiled and lifted his head. Amidst the anger in his eyes, a small warmth emerged.

"I truly was happy."

[Thank you for making me happy. Divine being.]


For a moment, Wrath remained silent. Then, he let out a light chuckle and combed his fingers through his hair.

"Roen yellow, you've done well. I'll see you again."


Lohengreen immediately nodded, a smile of pure happiness on his face. Like a faint starlight, he slowly dissipated with his blue frost swirling around him.

Once Raon's frost had completely melted in his palm, Wrath's anger, which he had received from Raon, also subsided.


-Thank you.

Wrath said thank you, which was a rare occurrence. With his pupils, he followed the vanished space where Lohengreen had disappeared. He truly was an extraordinary individual, not fitting the image of a demon lord.

"Well, then let's take care of the remaining items..."

When he was about to tell Dorian to gather the remaining belongings, a message appeared in front of him.

[Lohengreen's memories and abilities are absorbed.]

[Special trait <Water Affinity> is created.]

[Lohengreen's knowledge of Glacier is engraved.]

[All stats increase by 6 points.]



Both Raon and Wrath tilted their heads in confusion.

-Wha-why did you...?

'I don't know either.'

Surprisingly, Lohengreen's abilities, which he thought would naturally return to Wrath's main body, entered his own body. The Glacier's power, which had accumulated in the dungeon, felt even stronger.

-No, no way! Does this make any sense? It should've been handed over to the king and returned to the king! Why did it go to you?. 

'You can tell that to...'

-Hey, you brat! If not you, then who should I tell?

Wrath couldn't hold back any longer and unleashed his anger.

-Why the hell did it go into your thick skull?

'we had a good time, with your touching performance....'

-Shut up!

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