TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 258

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :) (typo corrected)


Chapter 258

Raon had spent hours trying to calm Wrath's rampage in Lohengreen's laboratory and Dorian hid under his desk, wondering if the ghost had gone berserk.

"Are you calm now?"

Shut up.

Wrath frowned but refrained from cursing. It seemed like he understood that he had gone too far, considering Raon's offer later to let him eat both shrimp pizza and pineapple pizza.

Raon chuckled and brought up the message he hadn't properly checked before.

"Elemental affinity seems to be a different concept from resistance."

The affinity he gained this time appeared to be a specialized ability for offense, unlike the resistance he already possessed.

As the name suggests.

Wrath still didn't seem pleased and scrunched his brows.

If elemental resistance protects you from external cold attacks, elemental affinity strengthens the cold within you.


Yes. The power, speed of manipulation, range, and intensity of cold will all become stronger than before. Ah…

He spoke and then shuddered, trembling his hands.

"What's wrong? Are you in pain?"

When I think about it, it makes me angry! I can't stand it!

Wrath second rampage began, but fortunately, this one subsided faster than the first.

Huff! Huff!


Raon observed Wrath, who was breathing heavily as if he had been running.

"I guess I won't be talking about this for a while."

I felt like he was going to have a seizure every time I showed him the message, so I turned away and looked at it myself.

'It is the knowledge of Lohengeen....'

The second message, Glacier, was the knowledge theory that Lohengreen used to operate and study glacier cold.

'I don't remember all of it.

I remembered the basics, but the detailed theories were fuzzy, like a fog in my head. It seemed to be because I had suddenly inherited someone else's knowledge.

"But this should be enough for now."

Although other theories would come to mind as time passed, he felt that the knowledge and theories he just acquired would be sufficient to enhance Glacier's strength and power.

He felt confident that both Artificial Dantian and Lingering Aura Balm (Spirit Core) could develop further.

"My abilities have also improved."

He then checked the last message, which informed him that his abilities had increased. Lohengreen had left all his remaining energy behind, resulting in all status increased by 6. Raon was truly grateful for that.


The biggest gain was undoubtedly the artificial core and the spirit core (lingering aura balm) .

Whether Rimmer would break his current dantian and use the artificial dantian or recover the mana circuit with the spirit core, at the very least, he would be able to return to his previous state. He finally felt a sense of relief.

"I came here looking for Elixir, but I ended up gain things so much better."

Laughing, Raon tapped the Blade of Requiem. Since it had purified his energy, the amount of abilities he needed to receive from Lohengreen was less than what he would receive from the Blade of Requiem


It seemed that Wrath also sensed that and frowned.

"Why can't you remember her name properly?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You kept asking about Merlin when you saw her, right?"

"Hmph. Why should the Supreme King bother to remember the name of some trifling creature?"

"It's true that she is not the real Merlin, but we encountered a witch disguised as Merlin when you were with me and also when I saved the saint."

He had encountered the Eden's Merlin twice, once in the Habun Castle and once when saving the saint doctor

"The King hasn't actually seen the real one, so how would you know?"

"Didn't you see it during Lohengreen fight?"

"I don't have any interest in facing such a lowly creature. I only enjoy watching his anger erupt."


Raon narrowed his eyes.

"That's not like him."

He had become sure when he saw Lohengreen leave. Once Wrath decided that someone was his, he would protect and observe them to the end. It was hard to believe that Wrath would simply ignore the a battle.

"Ah! Could it be...?"

Is he getting anxious like an overprotective parent?

During his training days, there were parents who couldn't bear to watch their children during exams and either closed their eyes or left, praying outside. It wasn't because they disliked their children, but because they loved them so much and wished for their success that they couldn't watch properly.

Wrath might be similar in this regard.



"Maybe you haven't seen Lohengreen fight because you were afraid that you'd get too nervous and die? So, you couldn't remember his name either..."

"W-what nonsense are you talking about!"

Wrath's head trembled visibly.

"Why would I be concerned about such a thing? I just wasn't interested!"


Seeing his overreaction confirmed it. This guy was definitely trembling in his heart and couldn't watch his subordinates fight.

"No way!"

"Sure, sure."

"Yeah, no way! Seriously, no way!"

Raon smirked and waved his hand. It seemed like Wrath and Lohengreen were both envious of each other in a strange way.

"Now, the spirit has left, right?"

When Wrath yelled, Dorian approached.

"How did you know?"

"Should I call it the air? This place has become warm yet cold at the same time."

"Warm yet cold?"

"It's hard to explain, but the temperature itself has risen, yet it feels lonely."

Perhaps due to the brief time they spent together, Dorian could feel Lohengreen's absence.

"Yes, he's gone to a better place."

"Um, thank you for everything."

Dorian finally put the last book on the wooden desk into his bag and bowed toward Lohengreen's remains.

"What should we do? Should we gather his bones or something..."

"It's fine."

Wrath waved his hand.

"He was originally a homebody who disliked moving around. He'd probably feel more comfortable staying here."

"Looks like you've been watching him closely."

"M-Madness, what on earth are you talking about!"

"Okay, I got it."


Raon lightly chuckled and started tidying up Lohengreen's clothes.

"Now let's tidy up the rest."

Raon clapped his hands and turned to Dorian.

"Dorian, gather all the books and belongings here!"

"All of them?"


"Got it!"

Dorian jumped up and emptied the shelves, pouring all the books into his backpack. He looked the happiest he had in recent times. His personality suited that of a quartermaster.

Raon closed his hands together and closed his eyes. After a while, he opened his eyes and nodded.

"Hmm, I understand."

"What, what did you do just now?"

Wrath's eyes trembled with unease.

"I sorted it out with the person involved."

"Sorted? With the person involved?"

"Yes. Lohengreen told me to take him away."

"What sort of crazy talk is this..."

"I just prayed and asked."

Raon pointed to the sky with a smirk.

"this little brat!"



A dimly lit space opened up, and a figure entered, with the lower body resembling a mountain goat and the upper body donning a knight's armor, topped with a goat-headed helmet.

From the large sword carried on their back, drops of someone's blood dripped onto the ground.

As the figure, known as the goat-eared imp, attempted to walk deeper into the dark passage, a space on the left opened up, and a snowy white hand emerged.

"Long time no see."

The hand revealed a slender, bearded nose, and beneath it was the appearance of Merlin, wearing a wrinkled and somewhat grotesque mask.

"Ah, indeed. It's the first time since that forest, right? What was your name again..."

The goat-eared imp (Evil Goat Demon) chuckled, crossing his arms.

"I've been calling for you all this time, why did you come only now?"

Merlin's voice was gentle, yet a chilling coldness seeped through his tone.

"Well, I've been quite busy, you see. I haven't fully transcended my inheritance yet. I had to come and go. Please understand."

The Evil Goat Demon gathered his hands and smiled beneath the helmet.

"Sure, I suppose that's possible. But..."

Merlin's wrinkled mask suddenly lifted towards the Evil Goat Demon

"Why did you let Raon go?"

"Let him go? Why would I do such a thing?"

The Evil Goat Demon shook his head vehemently.

"I appreciate that you think highly of me, but there was a saint there too. If they both joined and clashed with me, it would be dangerous. I had no choice but to make a wager."

"A wager? You?"

Merlin let out a cold snicker.

"Even if Raon becomes a Master and the saint injured, you could have withstand them. With your swordsmanship, you could have defeated or captured him, so why did you let him go?"

"I told you, that's not it. Besides, my mission was to block the path at all costs. Risking my life to obstruct the way, it's disheartening to be treated like this."

The Evil Goat Demon turned his head to the side. Though still smiling, a heavy aura began to emanate from him.

"You also seem to have seen something in that child."

Merlin lifted the lower part of his mask and grinned wryly.

"Indeed. He's quite a special child."


The Evil goat Drmon didn't respond and gazed at Merlin intently.

"Thanks to you, I've also decided to prepare properly."

"Prepare, you say?"


Merlin took out a hexagonal box from within her robe. It resembled a helmet that contained elixirs, but the exterior was adorned with peculiar horn patterns, and black smoke emanated from it.


The Evil Goat Demon, who had maintained his laughter until now, let out a sigh.

"That's a disposable artifact, isn't it?"

"That's right."

"Are you seriously planning to use that on Raon?"

"Of course."

Merlin nodded as if it was obvious.

"Why would you even consider using the Spirit Jade on Laon, based on what you saw in him?"

"It seems what you saw and what I saw are different."

"How so?"

"Initially, I also thought he would be a great asset to our cause. I wanted to have him as he had the potential to cause harm to me."

She slowly wiped her face within the mask.

"But I was mistaken as well. Raon is genuine. There's no one here who can replace him."

Merlin spread her hand, gesturing to

encompass the entire Eden headquarters.

"To that extent..."

"You wouldn't understand. You have no idea about the power he possesses."

She firmly grasped her own throat, stifling her breath while displaying a radiant smile.

"No one but me…" (creepy ewwwgghh)


Chad rushed through the corridors of the Head of House Castle with urgent steps.

It was something he would never do under normal circumstances, but the situation was critical, leaving him no room for hesitation.

Thud, thud.

He knocked on the door of the audience chamber with his fist, as if demanding it to open quickly.

Before the sound could reverberate through the floor, Roen opened the door for him.

"Head (or Leader??) of Vian Assembly?" (or Violet Assembly or Viole Assembly)

"It's an urgent matter. Is the Lord inside...?"

"He is. Please come in."

Roen nodded and opened the door for him.

"Thank you."

Chad expressed his gratitude and quickly entered the room.

Seated on the dais, Glenn Zieghart gazed at him with an indifferent look, as if he was not only observing him, but the entire world.

"I greet you, Lord!"

Chad knelt, his lips trembling. The Head of House formidable presence always made his heart tremble whenever he stood before this man he had been serving for some time now.

"What's the matter?"

As if he had overheard his conversation with Roen, Glenn got straight to the point.

"There has been a clash between the Light Wind Squad and the North-South Alliance at the Gazelle River."

"A clash?"

"Reports from the branch indicate that there was a confrontation with Tyler, the disciple of the North-South Alliance leader."

Chad took out a document from his robe.

"The Blue Lugh tribe that was present there... Well, according to Burren's report and my own investigation, I can tell you what happened in Doran Village and at the Gazelle River."

"How severe are Rimmer's injuries?"

"While the battle injuries are minor, the reckless exertion of power caused significant damage to his body and mana channels. He won't die immediately, but his lifespan has been shortened, and he may find it difficult to use aura again."

Chad bit his lip, feeling as though he was the one who committed the crime.

"Rimmer... that foolish boy..."

Glenn frowned.

The Head of Zieghart House, leaning against a pillar, clicked his tongue.


Chad's eyes widened.

'What's, what's going on?'

Even though Rimmer, his closest aide, had been seriously injured, Glenn, Sheryl, and Roen showed no concern, rather their tone seemed mocking.

"Is Burren in the Headquarters?"

"Yes. He's waiting. And..."

"He requested medicine to save the Light Wind Squad Leader. If it's difficult to provide, he even asked for an elixir to restore his spiritual power."

He took out a golden token from his bosom.

"With this golden token, he asked for a potion that could recover his spiritual power or mana, even if he has to use it."

"is that golden token?"

"It belongs to the Vice Squad, Raon Zieghart"

Glenn sent it through transmission.

Clutching the golden token tightly, chad swallowed a dry saliva.

"No matter how desperate he is to get the potion, the decision to hand over the golden token immediately... Raon Zieghart must have been truly desperate."

When the transmission sent by the gold plaque, I honestly thought I had gone crazy.


Sheryl and Roen were looking at Glenn with pleased smiles.

'What's going on?'

Is Glenn really laughing?

Having lived in Zieghart for a lifetime, I have never seen Glenn Zieghart laugh. It was hard to believe that he would laugh at something like this.

"The golden token is approved."

As Glenn snapped his fingers, space split into a cross shape. A rectangular breastplate emerged from the dimension filled with golden flames.

"It's the Tear of Sheti. It has an excellent effect on stabilizing damaged spiritual power. Send that along with the golden token again."

With his gesture, the breastplate slowly floated and landed in the hands of Chad.

"Ah, besides the injuries to the Leader of Light Wind Squad, there's one more serious matter."

"A serious matter?"


Chad nodded. He deliberately didn't mention one matter because he was worried the focus might be divided if he spoke of both important issues at once.

"The Grandmaster Roman of Misfortune and Raon are planning to determine their life and death duel three years from now."

"I think it's best to investigate the location of the North-South Alliance and arrange a meeting... Uh!"

Chad swallowed dry saliva and stopped speaking. No, he couldn't speak. A fearsome and dreadful aura, capable of destroying the world, was bursting forth from the table.

"Head of Vian Assembly."

"Yes... yes."

With great effort, he managed to open his mouth.

"Have you located the North-South Alliance?"

"We, we've roughly identified their location. With a little more time..."

"Continue the investigation until you find out for sure."

Glenn narrowed his eyes and turned his head.

"Sheryl, Can you attack the North-South Alliance?"

"Of course."

Sheryl bowed her head without any hesitation. The mocking look in her eyes from a moment ago was now replaced by fiery rage.

"I'll tear apart those despicable thieves without mercy."

"I'll handle the North-South Alliance. I should cut off their hands for failing in their duties."

"Then I'll behead the head of the intruders. They dared to target something they shouldn't have."

Glenn and Sheryl faced each other, raising a fierce spirit as if they were about to storm into the North-South Alliance right away.


Powerful waves surged from the two, causing the ceiling and floor of the Alhyunsil to vibrate.

"Why, why is they behaving like this!"

Chad clenched his teeth.

"This is war! War!"

It's not a game!

And it's not just any war; it's a conflict with the most powerful force in the mountains and rivers, the North-South Alliance. The influential figures of Zieghart suddenly wanted to incite a war from the headquarters of the North-South Alliance.

"Is, is he crazy?"

On one hand, there's the North-South Alliance, ridiculed for not being able to capture the Gazelle River, and on the other hand, there's the mighty Zieghart attempting to start a war. The contrast was striking, especially with Rimmer lying unconscious.

"Just, just hold on for a moment and think..."

"You two are getting too excited. Please calm down first."

When Chad tried to intervene, Roen stepped forward.

"Y-yes. You need to stay composed."

Chad nodded approvingly.

"This is a chance."

It was the only cool-headed opinion from Roen, and Chad decided to support it to restrain the others.

"I've heard that Lord Raon has overcome numerous crises and become stronger each time. Within three-year period, he will undoubtedly achieve significant growth this time as well."


Chad turned his head to Roen and widened his eyes.

"This, this person too?"

Roen wasn't trying to stop the war; he was thinking about Raon's growth and suggested giving him a chance for now.

"But Roman is a Grandmaster. The current crisis is entirely different. It's impossible for Raon to reach Grandmaster level within three years, isn't it?"

Sheryl slowly shook her head.

"I agree with you, I believe he can make great progress in three years. And if not...."

Chad stared at Roen with a clenched fist. He had hoped to hear that war was not an option, but his words surpassed imagination.

"I will take the lead. After all, it's just the king. I'll be done in a night."

He gestured to his own neck as he spoke.

"What? You want to kill the king."

"Hehe, assassination is faster and easier. Sheryl you can take care of what comes after, right?"

"Well, killing the king and defeating the North-South alliance would definitely reduce losses. Then I'll take the vanguard position."

Sheryl nodded in approval, adjusting her appetite.

"Not bad."

Glenn nodded satisfactorily.



Chad trembled, watching Glenn, Sheryl, and Roen exchanging cool laughter.

"Why... why are these people like this!"



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