TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 256

N/T: Translation made by our friend 'Irving'. A big round of applause for him :)

C 256

Raon saw a clash between powerful hot and cold currents. The upper left half of the Fourth Apostle's body was torn and ravaged, resembling how a beast might have devoured it.


Grayish blood gushed out from the wound that seemed as if his chest and shoulder were sliced with a saw, sending shivers down the spine.


Forth Apostle collapsed without even being able to scream. His breathing gradually slowed down.


Raon exhaled the breath he had been holding. Though the time he stopped breathing was short, his body felt sluggish because he exerted his strength all at once.

"It's been a while, but I guess I still feel a bit tense."

In his past life, assassination was as natural as eating, but now that she was doing it again, it felt a little awkward.

However, she didn't dislike it. It meant that he was getting closer to being a swordsman rather than just an assassin.

Looking down at the Requiem Sword (dagger) stained with gray blood, Raon smirked.

"Come to think of it, this is a first."

It seemed like the first time he assassinated someone of his own volition rather than following a command from Derus Robert. Although there was the incident with nokjeong-gwi, it was considered an exception since it ended in failure.


Wrath glared at Raon from his bracelet.

"When did you learn assassination techniques?"

The time when he clumsily tried to behead the green demon guy wearing a helmet, only managing to sever his shoulder, didn't even warrant a laugh. However, the assassination he jjust demonstrated was different. He pierced the enemy's heart and crouched before they could react, exploding with power. It was an assassination method perfect for taking down a master with exceptional defense.

"It wasn't a method for beginners, that's for sure."

Unable to reveal anything about his past life to Wrath, Raon simply mumbled.

"Every day, I feel it, but you are truly insane."

'Is that a compliment?'

"Of course, it's an insult! And..."


"Hmph. Never mind."

Wrath formed a cold smile and lowered his hand. Though he wore a subtle smile, as if he knew something, Raon could sense that he was thinking deeply about something.

"You...," he said, hesitatingly.

Raon turned his head at the bewildering voice coming from right in front of him. Morell was holding his bleeding neck, his lips trembling as he spoke.

"When... when did you, how did you...?"

His questions seemed strange in his confusion.

"I saw you in great danger, so I intervened. It wasn't just meddling for no reason, right?"

"Haah, of course not."

Morell let out a tired sigh mixed with a hint of blood.

"Thanks to you, I'm alive. Thank you."

He bowed his head without a hint of hesitation. It wasn't just gratitude for saving himself; it felt like a gesture of thanks for saving everyone in Valkar.

"Thank you?"

Raon twisted her lips.


"Is 'thank you' appropriate?"

"T-Thank you... No! Politeness ended in Porvan City, right?" (the bet they did back in Porvan City) 

"Oh, right."

Raon chuckled and nodded.

"Even after all this time, you really…"

"Apply this."

Raon smirked as he tossed him a wound-healing potion. Morell was the kind of person who acknowledged and accepted things as they were, not having a bad image of an arrogant princess.


As soon as Morell received the wound-healing potion, the storm caused by the clash of hot and cold energy subsided, revealing the fallen figure of the Forth Apostle lying on the floor to everyone.



"What is this!"

"This can't be true!"

As the Fourth Apostle collapsed on the floor, motionless, the members of the White Blood Cult screamed in terror.

"Raon, Zieghart!"

"Why is he here..."

"What? Wait, did he just defeat that Apostle?"

On the other hand, the mages and knights of the Kingdom of Balkar were left with 

their mouths agape when they saw Raon standing before the Apostle.


Especially Princess Jaina, her eyes widened even more than when she faced the archbishop. Everyone had expressions of confusion, unable to comprehend the situation.

"Raon? Raon Zieghart?"

"That's the one who defeated the 7th Apostle..."

"When did he arrive here?"

The members of the White Blood Cultbrecognized Raon's identity and sparks of rage ignited in their eyes. They were furious at him for defeating the 7th Apostle and now the 4th Apostle..

"Did he... take care of them?"

Dorian, who arrived late on the scene, exclaimed as he saw the fallen Fourth Apostle. 

'Anyway, that guy...'

"You stupid fool!"

[Haha. This is quite amusing...]

Raon, Wrath, and Lohengreen simultaneously glared at Dorian as he blurted out the words that one should never say after defeating an enemy.

"You got rid of them! You truly are our constant master!"

Dorian cheered again, uttering words he shouldn't have.

"Kill them all! Kill them all without mercy! Never let them escape!"

The archbishop shouted, raising a spear of life energy, and the members of the White Blood Cult surged forward like a tidal wave.

"It's meaningless, though."

Raon sent a faint glance towards the fallen Fourth Apostle, gripping his Sword tightly.

"All of you are just..."

As Dorian's curse dictated, the Fourth Apostle didn't die but was lying there, barely breathing.

"I almost died."

If his judgment had been just a bit slower, he would have truly died. Thanks to redirecting his life energy to his heart the moment the crimson blade pierced his skin, he managed to survive.

His left shoulder and upper body were gone, and he suffered a fatal wound, but he was fine. As long as he kills that guy, everything will be resolved.


The Fourth Apostle gritted his teeth, enduring the pain. He manipulated his life energy ever so slowly, making it impossible for anyone to notice, just like how the last remaining strength scattered from the dead body.

"Kill him!"

The archbishop shouted for revenge and commanded an attack, projecting his life energy. The White Blood Cult disciples rushed towards Raon, seeking to avenge their fallen comrades.


Raon's footsteps were heard. He turned around, seemingly moving towards the archbishop.

"Now's the time!"

The Fourth Apostle gathered his life energy, preparing to strike Raon's heart from behind, just as he was ambushed.


Why is he looking at me?

Instead of facing the archbishop, Raon Zieghart, whom the Fourth Apostle had to target, was looking at him.

"Is playing dead over already?"

His chilling remark and the twitching of his lips sent shivers down his spine.

'Th-this guy knew all along... Cough!'

Before he could swing the dagger he had prepared, Raon's short sword that he had been holding flew past his throat. A cold sensation accompanied it, and he felt his strength leaving his body.

"Haha. This is quite amusing..."

Lohengreen, Wrath, and Laon glared at Dorian as he laughed, considering him the top offender for saying something he shouldn't have after defeating their enemies.

"You really did it! As expected of our relentless leader!"

Dorian blurted out once again, saying something he shouldn't have.

"Kill them! Kill them all without mercy! Don't let a single one escape!"

The archbishop shouted, wielding his staff and releasing waves of life energy. The White Blood Cult disciples surged like a tidal wave, flooding the area.

"It's pointless."


The Fourth Apostle, unleashed the unused aura to activate the regenerative ability. Even though he was using all his power for regeneration, the torn flesh and neck wounds didn't heal. The cuts remained, leaving a gap between the blood and the flesh.

"Why... why isn't the regeneration working?"

"That, that dagger... what is it?"

"You can't stop it with just aura."

"Just, hold on... urgh!"

Raon reversed his grip on the Jin-hon sword. With the power of rage, he verified the position of the Fourth Apostle's heart, then brought the sword down.


The gathered aura of the Jin-hon sword ignited in the Fourth Apostle's heart, causing greyish blood and aura to spew out like a fountain.


The life in the Apostle's pupils began to fade. The Blood Aura he had gathered in his heart was sucked out entirely, and even the Grand Bishop, even if he came, couldn't save him.

"Wow, he was still alive..."

Dorian scratched his head with an amazed expression.

"Don't say something like 'did you take care of him?' It's a curse, after all."

Raon smirked at Dorian.

"Fourth Apostle!"

"Save the Fourth Apostle!"

"Block him!"


The White Blood Cult followers, realizing that the Fourth Apostle was truly dying, unleashed all their aura and threw themselves at Raon.


Raon sheathed the Jin-Hon sword. He purified the disturbed Yogi and Glacia's energy back into the Ring of Fire and drew the Jin-Hon, again.


The melodious sound of blood aura surged over the crimson blade, enveloping the congregation.




The White Blood Cult followers coughed up blood and collapsed to the ground. The only one left standing was the Grand Bishop.

However, the others inside the congregation remained unaffected. The blood aura was indeed a deadly sword technique exclusively targeted at the White Blood Cult followers.

"That, that sword..."

Trembling, the Grand Bishop opened his blood-soaked mouth. His thin lips were smeared with blood.

"A martial art meant only for you."

Raon approached the Grand Bishop, twirling the Jin-hon sword.

"Don't, don't come closer!"

The Grand Bishop staggered backward, raising his staff. Countless sharp blades of gasping blood aura shot out from the staff.

'Falling without targets.'

The blood aura's blades didn't target a specific individual but instead covered the entire space like rain. Avoiding or deflecting them was easy.


After reading the direction of Raon, the blood aura, the Grand Bishop struck the ground.

"You fool!"

The Grand Bishop twisted his lips and changed the direction of his blood aura. The blades that were spreading out like a fan converged sharply, aiming for Raon's vital points.

'He can change the direction.'

It seemed stronger than the Grand Bishop Raon had encountered in Forvan City, considering that he could alter the trajectory of the blood aura storm covering the space.


'And so what?'

Raon coldly chuckled and created a manhwagong (sphere). The blade of the Jin-hon sword erupted like a flaming sun, and a cluster of fiery flowers soared.

The petals imbued with the power of the Inferno blossomed and collided with the blood aura.


The pieces of the manhwagong, infused with the strength of the fiery Inferno, melted the Grand Bishop's blood aura without leaving a single trace.


The only thing remaining in the congregation was the fragments of the radiant and luminous Hwayeong.

"Is it all over now?"

Raon walked through the dissipating Flame Aura fragments and stood in front of the Archbishop.


The Archbishop trembled, taking a step back.

"Now, it's the end..."


Instead of retreating, the Archbishop leaped forward. He poured all the remaining blood into his staff and thrust it into his heart.

"As expected."

Raon nodded with a cool gaze.

"This is what it means to be a member of the White Blood Cult."

The White Blood Cult doesn't confess their sins, plead for mercy, or seek forgiveness. They are typical lunatics who believe they are the only ones righteous and just. So, they will suck human blood and tear flesh apart.

Raon activated the Ghastly Energy. He plunged into the Archbishop's embrace and stabbed his heart with the Jin-Hon Sword. Though not as impactful as with the Apostles, a burst of pale blood spattered on the ground.


The Archbishop didn't roll his eyes with resentment; instead, his pupils showed frustration before collapsing.

[The Jin-Hon Sword absorbed a massive amount of blood].

[The Jin-Hon  Sword purifies the blood qi].

A powerful tremor erupted from the True Soul Sword.

A tremendous tremor emanated from the Jin-Hon Sword.

"It's the first time it absorbed this much blood."

Having absorbed the blood of both the Apostle and the Archbishop, it was impossible to predict how much his power would increase this time.

"I wonder how much it will increase, don't you?"

-Enough! All of that belongs to the Monarch. Ugh...

Wrath  seemed already worried, as he was biting his lips.

Laon wiped the blood off the Jin-Hon Sword and raised his head. Gongdong was locked in deep silence.

"This... this is insane..."

"To kill both the Apostle and the Archbishop so easily..."

"Raon Zighart, the genius known as the 'Seolhwa Sword Master'?"

"That's not genius level; he's a monster."

"I heard he's not even 20 yet..."

The people of Balkar Kingdom, the minor faction members, and the shadows all stared in astonishment.

Having single-handedly taken down the strongest member of the White Blood Cult, it was only natural for them to be shocked.

"Raon, sir!"

Jatis approached with a wide smile.

"Thank you for saving us!"

He bowed his head without hesitation, still only expressing gratitude for the situation, not considering factions and allegiances.

"Every time we receive help, there's really nothing we can say in return."

Jatis scratched the back of his head, looking a bit bashful.

"No, that's not true."

Raon shook his head. Jatis had grown even more since he'd seen him in Porvan. If he can keep that upstanding personality, he'll surely rise to great heights.

"Well, then...."

With a resounding step forward, Balkar, the Minor Powers, and the Shadows all flinched and stepped back.

"Let me be clear: Zieghart has no intention of relinquishing Lohengreen's heritage. If you have any complaints, let's end this here."



Unsurprisingly, no one spoke. Who would defy a creature that had just cut down a White Blood Cult Apostle in one fell swoop? Even Morell, the only one who could stand a chance here, was clad in the silver of salvation, so everyone was silent.

"You mean to tell me that Zieghart is going to keep all of it?"

After a short silence, a gray-haired middle-aged man from a small faction stepped forward. An expert superlative. This seemed to be the representative of the small and medium faction.


Raon nodded without the slightest hesitation.

"That's a bit much, don't you think, Valcardo...."


Morell interrupted the middle-aged man with a sigh.

"Salaman has been given the silver of life by Raon Siegfried. Let's get out of here."

He stepped forward and handed back the salve.

"You don't intend to make a scene with that one, do you?"

"What do you think I am, I don't live as filthy as your leader."

"I'm inclined to believe you when you say that."

Raon nodded, and Morell frowned, then looked away.

"I'm going back."

"Now, wait!"

Princess Jayna jumped to her feet in protest.

"You can't just come all the way here and go to...."

"Princess. For now...."

"Ah, Princess Jayna."

Raon interrupted Morell, and walked over to Princess Jayna. He smirked and mouthed the word 'contract'.


Princess Jayna's face paled as she remembered signing the special contract.

"It's been a long time."

"It's been a long time...."

"Long time?"

"Oh, it's been a while."

Jayna pursed her lips and nodded.

"So what's wrong with my proposal?"


She snorted without even lifting her head. She felt a wave of embarrassment and exasperation wash over her at the same time.

"Well, that's the second time I've saved your ass. Maybe I should get a prize for that."


"Isn't that right? I've saved a princess, the Forbidden Jade Leaf of Balkar, twice, so I should give her a gift or an inscription...."

"Balkar is not a place of shame. A life for a life, a blood for a blood, so don't worry."

A shiver ran down on the princess spine at Morel's words and gaze. She reached into her bosom and pulled out a golden card. The name Jaina was written on it.


Jaina held out her hand, trembling like a patient with the grippe.

"So you're cool after all."

Raon didn't take no for an answer and took her hand immediately.

"It's a good thing you had a weakness." 

This isn't for a princess, it's for King Balkar.

King Balkar's fondness for Jayna is well known. A smile spreads across Raon's face as he realize he have a pretty good treasure.

"Take this, too."

As Raon nodded in satisfaction, a red card flew from Morell. It was a hexagon with a snake in the center.

"This is...."

"It's mine. Use it if you need it."

"Thank you."

"No refusals?"

"Why would you say no to a treasure?"

"I see."

Morell smirked and turned away.

"I shall return. To assist the princess."


At his shout, the knights rushed to Jaina's aid. As he left the common, he stopped and turned around.

"Raon Zieghart. This favor shall be repaid."

He thanked her one more time, then headed back upstairs. Jatis smiled faintly and shook his head. Jaina could only hear the grinding of his teeth, and Inield pretended not to notice.

"Ooh, we're coming too!"

"Thanks for saving us!"

"Thank you so much! I will repay this favor in any way I can."

The warriors of the smaller factions pursed their lips and shook their heads as soon as the trusted Balkar left.

"Thank you?"

"Of course!"

"You're returning the favor, aren't you?"

"Of course!"

"Oh, I'd be grateful if you did, Dorian!"


Dorian, who had been standing in the doorway watching Balkar  leave, jerked his head around.

"They're leaving. Write down their names and affiliations."

"Oh, yes!"

Dorian nodded and set the desk he was carrying down in front of the entrance, pulling out a pad of paper and pen. (Classic Dorian) 

"Uh, why is the name...."

"You said earlier that you were returning the favor, so we might as well make sure."

Raon laughed softly at the small group of unattended men. There was a thin, cold edge to the laugh.


The small and medium faction warriors swallowed dryly at Raon's smile.

'This, this can't be....

'Yes. He wants you to bring him money, or a gift, like Valkar did earlier....'

'Me, crazy....'

"I thought you said it was an alabaster sword association! I thought it was an association!

"Well, they'll kill you if you don't bring it back.

"So why didn't you just take it? All you had to do was say thank you!

The warriors broke out in a cold sweat as they realized Raon's intentions.

"Let's go."



Raon gestured for him to move on, and the Small Faction warrior gritted his teeth and walked over to Dorian.

"Yes, first one, names!"

Dorian quickly pulled out a chair made of white wood and sat down in front of the white wood desk. It was a strange sight, a gleaming white desk and chair in a hollow filled with corpses.

"I'm Rikkil of the Vulture Guild, and...."

"Yes. Rikil. I'm from the Violet Hawk Guild and...."

He quickly wrote down the name and affiliation as if it were familiar.

Raon turned his head and saw the last remaining force. The Shadow of Derus Robert. He locked eyes with the assassins, who looked like his former self.

'Am I supposed to miss this?

The look in their eyes brought back memories. The days in hell when I became a hound, forsaking my humanity for the success of my mission.

When I think of those days, I don't want to kill them. They had all been kidnapped, sold, and brainwashed just like their former selves.

"Let's send them back.

The Shadow's modus operandi is simple. If there's even a 0.1% chance of success, they're in, no matter the cost to their lives, and if there's zero chance, they're out. They use their senses, embedded in their bodies and heads, to judge whether a mission is worth pursuing.

"What about you guys?"

Raon resonated a ring of fire and raised a kaleidoscope. The powerful ki waves of the Master burned endlessly. Stone debris fell from the ceiling, and the floor began to crumble.



"Turn it off...."

The shadows all shuddered under the force of it. Their sunken eyes fluttered as if they might pop out.


The Shadows, realizing they had no chance of defeating Raon, fell back. They leaped over the small group of unmanned men lined up in front of Dorian and slipped into the passageway.


"You're letting them get away with this?"

"They're assassins!"

The martial artists of the small and medium factions gaped, not knowing if they would let the assassins go.

"I'm not a killer, I can't kill people who don't even try."

Raon smiled thinly and waved a hand.

"Then you should at least write their names down like we do!"

"Assassins don't give names, you're lucky they don't kill themselves."


"But don't use a fake name or affiliation. I have a good memory."

As he mumbled something about remembering faces, the people who'd dropped their pens a moment ago rushed back to Dorian.

"I, I made a mistake!"

"Me too! My real name is...." (lololol) 

Raon smirked and turned away.

-Wicked, indeed, wicked, are you a demon from another dimension or something!

Wrath's mouth hung open, not knowing whether to be impressed or horrified.

[Hehehe, you're a priest after all, you didn't need my preparation].

Lohengreen chuckled in admiration.

"It's no big deal, I was just...hmm?"

Raon stopped talking and looked at the True Soul Sword (Jin-Hon) in his hand. A strong tremor rose from the hilt, which had been silent as it absorbed blood.


The True Soul Sword let out a cry and let itself be led. Following his lead, the corpses of the four apostles were visible.

"You've absorbed all their blood."


Qin Wushuang denied it and pointed to the Fourth Apostle's hand.


In that direction was the longsword wielded by the Fourth Apostle.


Raon swallowed dryly as he looked at the longsword.

"Are you saying that the power of that longsword can also be yours?"


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