RDM (Novel) Chapter 331

C 331

"A prostitute does not grow her nails like that and sprinkle pearl dust on them for nothing, and the same goes for her hair. A woman who's been raped in the middle of the night doesn't come out with three or four of those ornate things in her hair. What about your clothes? They look plain, but they're made of fine silk. And your body smells like a brothel. Perhaps you didn't wash properly, and your body is stuck with a stale smell."

"What, what do you mean?"

"If rumors spread that an ordinary woman was assaulted, it would tarnish her reputation, so I couldn't make a proposal. But a prostitute is different. Since she's already in the pleasure district, rumors like that wouldn't matter much. She probably received a sudden proposal last night. That's why she's here today, with the scent still on her body."

The woman visibly shook.

It was as if Pyo Wol had witnessed the situation himself.

Her whole body shivered.

She was, just as Pyo Wol had said, a prostitute. Last night, while she was working, she received an unexpected visit from a guest of Sword Flower Pavilion.

The proposal from Sword Flower Pavilion’s was simple, they wanted her to testify that she had been raped.

If she had been an ordinary woman, she would have rejected the offer right away, but to her, it wasn't that big of a deal.

Besides, she had no reason to refuse when they offered her a fortune that would make any woman blush.

That was why she was here.

The problem was Pyo Wol.

If he were an ordinary man, he would have been bewildered and flustered, but he actually revealed that she was a prostitute.

It was she who was bewildered, and Pyo Wol dug into her flaw without missing a beat.

"You can find out which prostitute she belongs to easily. With that kind of beauty, she must have many regulars and be popular. How long do you think you can keep it hidden? If the fact that you framed a young warrior in Kangho is revealed, do you think you and your brothel will be safe?"

The prostitute's face turned blue for a moment.

Unconsciously, she alternated her gaze between Pyo Wol and Go Yeon-soo. It was a sign that she was contemplating between the two.

Go Yeon-soo shouted, "Wake up. Are you going to fall for a mere man's threat?"

"But still..."

"What are you afraid of? The Sword Flower Pavilion will protect you. Didn't you come to me in the early morning crying, asking me to help you relieve your fear?"

"Yes, you're right."

"Then just maintain your initial testimony. Don't be fooled by that man's tricks."


The prostitute barely replied.

Watching her like that, Go Yeon-soo clicked her tongue.

"She's such a useless woman."

She hadn't even asked her to play a big role. She had just asked her to act like a victim.    mymtlnovel translations

It wasn't a difficult role for the worn-out prostitute. However, she couldn't even respond to Pyo Wol's words.

As soon as this matter was over, Go Yeon-soo thought she should deal with the prostitute.

She couldn't keep a weak woman like her alive, as she didn't know when she would change her mind and start to talk.

If rumors spread that Go Yeon-soo had manipulated this incident, the ones who would suffer the consequences would be her and the Sword Flower Pavilion.

"Looking at Pyo Wol, Go Yeon-soo said, 'A criminal speaking useless words. Do you think your foolish attempt will succeed?'

'Did you come to raise your sword like that? Taunting and coercing?'

'You dare to insult me.'

'Insult is what you did to me. Falsely claiming to be a victim and spreading false rumors in the Kangho. That's the true insult.'

'Noisy. You dare to ignore the tears of a woman who has suffered from you like this. If this continues to the end, I will publicly denounce you in Kangho.'

'publicly denounce ...'

'If you are publicly denounced in Kangho, there will be no land for you to step on in the Kangho. All the factions in the world will pursue you. So kneel down and ask for forgiveness now. Hoho! Do you know? Then we might consider giving you a normal punishment.'

Go Yeon-soo shouted at the top of her lungs.

The sound of her laughter echoed along with her.

There was nothing more frightening to a civilian than the term "public denouncement."

It meant that the person had committed a heinous crime, and once nominated for public denouncement, they would be subject to constraints and pursuit in all their activities.

However, to be nominated for the public denouncement, there were many things to be verified.

The major factions wouldn't just listen to rumors from small and medium-sized factions like the Sword Flower Pavilion and directly nominate someone for the Public denouncement.

Go Yeon-soo and Eum Yujeong knew this fact. Nevertheless, what she said about the public denouncement was to psychologically pressure Pyo Wol.

'What will you do? Will you face the public denouncement? Or will you follow me and receive a just punishment? The decision is yours.'

'Who determines what is just punishment?'

'Of course, I do. Who else has the right to make a decision besides me?'

Go Yeon-soo said as if it were obvious.

A smile of victory was on her lips.

Time and environment were on her side.

Regardless of the truth, spending time like this alone would disadvantage Pyo Wol.

Even if he argues and fights, and eventually the truth is revealed, by then, the filth that cannot be washed away will be stuck to Pyo Wol's body.

No one would listen to the words of a young, inexperienced warrior who had been covered in filth, no matter how much he tried to defend himself.

In the end, this strong, inexperienced martial artist would succumb to himself.

The old woman's eyes shone viciously.

Once he succumbed, there were countless ways she could use his martial prowess to increase her strength.

"It wasn't for no reason that they say old ginger is spicy. mymtlnoveltranslations

It was usually impossible to navigate through Kangho's public denouncement with just one's own power.

Yesterday was the first time she heard about Pyo Wol from Eum Yujeong. Within just a day, she made and executed a plan to control Pyo Wol.

Her determination and wit were truly beyond imagination.

Pyo Wol exclaimed, "Amazing! You're much better than most men."

"Hmph! Do you think I would be pleased by your praise? Quickly make a choice. Will you face Kangho's public denouncement, or will you receive my punishment?"

"I don't like either option."


"There's no reason for me to choose between the answers you offer."

Pyo Wol slowly stood up.

Unexpectedly, the reaction from Pyo Wol caused Go Yeon-soo, Eum Yujeong, and the disciples of Sword Flower Pavilion to stiffen their expressions.

"You mentioned Kangho's public denouncement, right? Try it."

"Aren't you afraid?"

"You don't know much about me. If you did, you would have known that the term Kangho's public denouncement doesn't pressure me at all."

"What do you mean?"

"I have already faced a public denouncement in Sichuan. Quincheng, Emei, and many other factions tried to kill me."


"You know what happened in the end? All of those who tried to kill me died. Since then, no one has dared to challenge me with the term public denouncement. So it's useless to even try.”

Pyo Wol waved his hand.


Suddenly, all the doors of the inn closed.

"What, what is this?"

"The doors..."

When all the doors closed, the warriors of Sword Flower Pavilion visibly trembled.

Go Yeon-soo shouted, "Don't be scared of his bluff. Everyone, snap out of it!"

"Yes, master!"

The warriors of Sword Flower Pavilion replied in unison. However, the young sense of uneasiness on their faces had not disappeared.

The one who was most shaken was the prostitute.”

"She said it was a simple task and he would be intimidated if I testified......"

Where is the face that looks intimidated? It was the martial artists who entered the inn who were intimidated, not him.

The prostitute regretted her decision only now, but she couldn't take it back.

Go Yeon-soo raised her voice.

"If you think you can intimidate the Sword Flower Pavilion. with force, you're mistaken. The prestigious Sword Flower Pavilion. will never bow to such external pressure."


Her voice, infused with inner energy, made the objects in the inn vibrate. It was proof of her powerful energy. But it didn't impress Pyo Wol.

Among those Pyo Wol had fought so far, no one had as much inner energy as Go Yeon-soo.

Pyo Wol wasn't afraid of those who displayed their power to intimidate others.

The truly scary ones were those who had absolute confidence in their own strength and could use their full power.

They didn't pressure their opponents like Go Yeon-soo did.

What Go Yeon-soo was doing now was no different from a frightened dog baring its teeth and barking.

"How dare you oppose the Sword Flower Pavilion.."

It was another moment when Go Yeon-soo shouted.

A ghost blade released silently.



Go Yeon-soo screamed as the ghost blade penetrated deep into her shoulder.

A fearful expression crossed Go Yeon-soo's face, contorted with pain.

She didn't detect any signs until the ghost blade penetrated her.

Pyo Wol walked toward Go Yeon-soo.

He was right in front of her, but she didn't feel any signs. It was like seeing a ghost.

"Attack everyone. Subdue him!"

Finally, Go Yeon-soo ordered an attack.



The Sword Flower Pavilion’s warriors rushed toward Pyo Wol.

Countless swords aimed for Pyo Wol and attacked him.

It was beautiful, like watching dozens of butterflies flutter. But the situation that unfolded shortly after was anything but beautiful.

Shu Ryuryu!!!

Dozens of Soul Reaping Thread burst out of Pyo Wol's hands.


It was an incredibly covert assassination, almost impossible to discern with the naked eye.

The Soul Reaping Threads pierced through the bodies of the warriors without mercy.



The warriors screamed and writhed on the ground in pain.

The marks left on the bodies of the women were clear evidence of the Soul Reaping Threads.

It was just a small hole made by a thread, but the pain felt from such a tiny hole was beyond imagination.

It felt like an excruciating pain burning through their bodies.



The warriors collapsed to the ground, wailing and shedding tears.

As the warriors at the front fell with wounds, the ones at the back hesitated and looked at each other.


"What are you waiting for? Attack now!" Go Yeon-soo yelled, but the frightened soldiers couldn't move easily.

Meanwhile, Pyo Wol approached closer.

Go Yeon-soo's face was filled with a deepening fear.


She swung her sword frantically.

It was Flower Shadow 13th Formation, a martial art that mimics the shadow of flowers fluttering in the wind.

It was a top-notch martial art with graceful sword moves. But the shadow of flowers did not flutter in the wind.


Go Yeon-soo collapsed and screamed as a ghost blade pierced her hand that held the sword.

"My goodness!"

Eum Yujeong, who was behind her, covered her mouth with her hand.

Eum Yujeong's pupils shook violently as if an earthquake had just occurred.

She could not understand the situation that was unfolding in the inn.

She thought that with Lady Go Yeon-soo and the disciples of the Sword Flower Pavilion, they could not necessarily subdue Pyo Wol, but they could easily pressure him.

No matter how strong a martial artist a lone man may be, there are limits, and it is not the way of the martial artists to intimidate women. But such norms did not apply to Pyo Wol.

Go Yeon-soo lifted her head and glared at Pyo Wol with a sudden seizure.

"Do you think you can get away with this? Me... cough!"


At that moment, a thread-like object pierced Go Yeon-soo's thigh.

Blood flowed out of the tiny hole and stained her clothes.

Go Yeon-soo's body trembled uncontrollably.

Finally, she realized it.

Pyo Wol was different from any other savage she had ever known.

The principles and beliefs commonly referred to in Kangho did not apply to Pyo Wol.

Go Yeon-soo turned to her disciple.

"Yu, Yujeong! Help me."


Yujeong refused to help her master.

She tried to turn and flee, but she couldn't take even two steps before feeling a fiery pain in her calf

It was the thread that had pierced her.


She stumbled forward in pain.

As Pyo Wol pulled the thread, Eum Yujeong's body was dragged along with it.


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