RDM (Novel) Chapter 332

C 332

"Trying not to be dragged, Eum Yujeong scratched the floor with her fingernails.

"No, please!"

But despite Eum Yujeong's efforts, her body was relentlessly pulled towards Pyo Wol.


Fear lit up Eum Yujeong's face.

She could not believe what was happening to her right now.

The master she believed in, was rolling on the floor, turned into a bloodied mess, while the other disciples were trembling with fear and horror.

The guests in the inn, whom she thought would sympathize with them, had long since withdrawn their feet and watched the situation coldly.

Finally, Eum Yujeong was dragged to Pyo Wol's feet.

"Please, spare me!"

Eum Yujeong begged with a face full of terror.

She had always shown a dignified demeanor like a crane, but now she looked pitiful, trembling like a dog with its tail between its legs.

No one could have imagined Eum Yujeong looking so wretched.

Eum Yujeong was the flower representing Taeho and Kangho.

Everyone admired her and wanted to talk to her.

Her arrogance pierced the sky, and she didn't even bother talking to anyone who wasn't her equal. So her worth went up even more.

Seeing Eum Yujeong begging for her life from Pyo Wol like a wet dog was so pathetic that it furrowed everyone's brows.

Above all, the act of fleeing and leaving the master and fellow disciples in the moment of crisis was an unforgivable sin.

Abandoning his master and fellow disciples in a moment of crisis was a grave offense that could never be forgiven.

Even though they were related, the betrayal on Go Yeon-soo’s was a testament to that fact.

'It's over.'

'How could Eum Yujeong... ' "


The guests inside the inn sensed that Eum Yujeong's end had come.

It was impossible to maintain her former reputation after displaying such a disgraceful scene.


Pyo Wol stomped on Eum Yujeong's hand as she clutched at her clothes.


Eum Yujeong screamed in pain as if her bones were crunching.

Pyo Wol didn't rush at all, slowly applying pressure with his foot.

Under tremendous pressure, Eum Yujeong’s wrist bones twisted and her skin and muscles contorted. The hand holding the sword was also getting destroyed.

If the bones were completely shattered, it would be the end of her life as a swordsman.

"P-please...." Eum Yujeong pleaded with tears and snot, but even her tears couldn't shake Pyo Wol.



Eum Yujeong’s wrist bones completely shattered, and white bones protruded from her hand.

Only then did Pyo Wol lift his foot.

Eum Yujeong grabbed her shattered hand and curled up like a shrimp, unable to even scream from the excruciating pain.

Pyo Wol's gaze turned to the prostitute.

In an instant, the prostitute fell to his knees and spoke loudly.

"I-I just did what I was told to by the Sword Flower Pavillion. Please forgive me. I haven't been raped by master, and I've never seen your face before today."


"The guests at the inn were stunned by her confession.

"Was she really a prostitute?"

"What! Did the entire Sword Flower Pavilion plot such a despicable act just to mock him? It's the end of the Sword Flower Pavilion."

The people shook their heads in dismay.

Although the Sword Flower Pavilion had orchestrated such a despicable act to tarnish Pyo Wol's reputation, it was themselves who had fallen into disgrace.

Today's events would soon spread throughout Kangho like a disease, with rumors sometimes spreading at an unbelievable speed.

Pyo Wol had just destroyed the Sword Flower Pavilion today, but it seemed like he had no intention of stopping there.

Pyo Wol approached the prostitute.

The prostitute trembled in fear.

Pyo Wol crouched down and met her gaze.

"Please forgive me..."

"How much did they pay you?"

"They offered me a hundred nyangs in gold..."

"Just a hundred nyangs? Is that all my worth to you people?"


The prostitute desperately tried to come up with an excuse, but her mind was blank and she couldn't think of anything to say.

"To ruin someone's life for just a hundred nyangs."

"I didn't mean to do it with bad intentions. I just..."

"You knew what the outcome would be with your false testimony. You did it knowingly. That's malicious."

"Everyone does it like that..."

"Don't make excuses. I won't forgive you even if you do."


Pyo Wol reached out and grabbed the woman's throat.

Overcome by intense fear, the prostitute could only shed tears. Although her pitiful appearance could have weakened anyone's heart, Pyo Wol's gaze remained cold.

Pyo Wol placed her hand over the young woman's heart.



Suddenly, a thin, sharp thread shot out of Pyo Wol's hand and pierced through the young woman's heart.


The prostitute let out a moan as if her chest had been pricked with a needle. 

But she didn't feel any further pain.

Perplexed, she was told by Pyo Wol, "You must never do anything that strains your heart. You can't run or do anything too strenuous because even a little strain on your heart could burst your blood vessels and kill you."


"Well...," she replied.


"Live your life with caution. As if you don't exist. That way, you can live for quite a long time."


Pyo Wol had given the prostitute a big shock regarding her heart.


Although it appeared fine on the surface, it was as fragile as a broken vessel. But the maid didn't believe Pyo Wol's words.


She didn't feel any pain, not even in her chest, let alone her heart. She thought Pyo Wol was just threatening her without any real intention of harming her.


"I can't be killed, especially not a beautiful woman like myself," she thought.


She had a strong sense of pride in her beauty. She believed that her beauty had saved her life once again.


"Go ahead! And never run," Pyo Wol said.


"Thank you, I won't forget your kindness."


The prostitute quickly got up and thanked Pyo Wol before leaving.


Pyo Wol said once again, "It's better to walk than to run."


"Yes!" she replied.


Although she agreed, the prostitute never intended to walk. She felt like Pyo Wol would come after her if she walked, so she began to run instead.


The advice from Pyo Wol was already out of her mind.

All she could think about was getting as far away as possible from this place, as quickly as possible.

She ignored Pyo Wol's words and ran.

In an instant, she felt a strong pain in her heart, but the prostitute did not stop walking.

She thought it was just the pain of being out of breath.

Until now, she still had a chance to live. If she stopped here, she might have survived. But she ignored the warning signs from her body and ran faster.

The price she paid was terrifying.


Suddenly, she felt a severe pain in her heart.

The pain of her heart being torn apart made the prostitute collapse.

Only then did Pyo Wol's warning come to mind.

"No! I want to live..."

She couldn't finish her sentence and died.

The place where the prostitute fell was just thirty yards away from the inn. As a result, everyone inside the inn could see her collapse and die through the open door.


"This can't be happening!"

The mute warriors of Sword Flower Pavillion trembled with fear, and the guests looked at Pyo Wol with terrified eyes.

It was the woman’s choice, but Pyo Wol seemed to have pushed her towards death.

Despite the prostitute’s death, Pyo Wol's expression remained unchanged.

Pyo Wol's gaze turned to Eum Yujeong.

"Please, save me. I was wrong. Please save me."

Eum Yujeong begged with tears in her eyes, but Go Yeon-soo closed her eyes as if she had given up.

Go Yeon-soo thought everything was over.

Today, she had lost everything.

Her honor was on the ground, and her disciples had lost their loyalty and motivation.

Above all, she couldn't forget Eum Yujeong's act of abandoning her.

'Why did she make that choice...?'

If she could go back to the day before, she would never have made that choice. But she couldn't turn back time, and it was impossible to cover up what had already happened as if it had never existed."

"That was it."

"Go back!"

Unexpected words came out of Pyo Wol's mouth.

Go Yeon-soo thought she had misheard, so she opened her eyes and looked at Pyo Wol.

At that moment, Pyo Wol said it again.

"Go back."

"You are letting me go?"



"Otherwise, should I kill everyone here?"

Go Yeon-soo felt a chill run through her body at that moment.

It was because she knew that Pyo Wol was capable of doing just that.

Pyo Wol was different from any other men Go Yeon-soo had faced so far.

He was not a person who cared about his reputation.

If he could crush his opponent, he was a person who could endure any stigma.

Such a person would not be swayed by weak-mindedness.

Go Yeon-soo felt that fact in her bones.

She stood up while staggering.

Pyo Wol swung his hand and retrieved the ghost blade’s that had pierced her shoulders.

Instantly, more blood flowed.

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The disciples rushed over to stop her bleeding, but Go Yeon-soo pushed away their hands and said, "No."




"Now that I'm done, bring me the person who committed the crime of betraying us."

Go Yeon-soo pointed to Eum Yujeong.

Eum Yujeong's face turned even whiter.

"Ma, Master! It wasn't intentional..."

"Don't make excuses. I clearly saw the look in your eyes when you pushed me away when I asked for help. I put in a lot of effort to raise you, but you betrayed this master at a crucial moment."

"You misunderstand."

"Shut up. No matter how much you talk, I will never forgive you. I will break your dantian first and then consider your punishment."

"No, please!"

Eum Yujeong pleaded, but Go Yeon-soo could not be swayed.

She had to punish Eum Yujeong to maintain the authority of the Sword Flower Pavillion, even for a while.

Eum Yujeong turned her head and looked at Pyo Wol.

"Please, spare me. No, kill me. Not this way."

"How long do I have to listen to this kind of talk?"

Pyo Wol's words were addressed not to Eum Yujeong, but to Go Yeon-soo.

Go Yeon-soo was taken aback and ordered her disciples.

"What are you waiting for? Don't just stand there, silence her."


The disciples rushed forward and subdued Eum Yujeong, muffling her mouth.


Eum Yujeong struggled, but it was futile.

The disciples of Sword Flower Pavillion dragged her outside.

As Go Yeon-soo left last, she said to Pyo Wol, "Thank you for sparing my life."

Pyo Wol didn't say anything in response.

Go Yeon-soo followed the disciples outside, and finally peace returned to the inn.

Pyo Wol held the teacup on the table and muttered to himself, "She probably doesn't really think I spared her life."

Pyo Wol was a person who would prioritize his own life over abstract concepts like honor.

His belief was that no matter what kind of filth he had to flip over, he had to survive and make it through this world.

He had lived that way up until now, and he would continue to do so in the future.

But Go Yeon-soo was different.

She was someone who understood the weight of honor. That was why she was able to scheme and carry out such a despicable plot against Pyo Wol.

Today, her honor had fallen to the ground.

Many people had witnessed it, and she had suffered a great wound herself.

No matter how much she vented her anger on Eum Yujeong, she could not regain her lost honor.

In fact, as time passed, her honor would only continue to plummet.

Her sect's discipline would crumble, her disciples would be scattered like grains of sand, and her honor would be stained with mud.

Even after losing everything, Go Yeon-soo did not seem strong enough to bite down and live through it.

In reality, she took her own life three months later.

This incident only served to further spread Pyo Wol's infamy throughout the region.

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