RDM (Novel) Chapter 330

C 330

The moment the clerk felt a chill down his spine. He felt goosebumps rise from the nape of his neck to his throat.

He cautiously turned around and saw Pyo Wol standing right in front of him.

"When...when did you get here?"

The clerk was so surprised that he ended up sitting on the ground. But Pyo Wol didn't even give him a second glance and instead looked through a small window.

He saw Do Yeonsan crouched on the other side.

Do Yeonsan had a blank expression as if he had lost his mind. He didn't even notice Pyo Wol looking at him and just stared blankly into space.

That kind of expression can only be made by someone who has experienced great loss.

"Do Yeonsan!"

Pyo Wol called out to Do Yeonsan, but he didn't even flinch.

Right now, Do Yeonsan was trapped in a large egg. No one could get him out unless he broke out of the shell himself.

Pyo Wol threw a necklace through the window.

The necklace landed directly on Do Yeonsan's foot.

Pyo Wol said, "This is the necklace that was found on the body of the girl who was discovered in the river near Taeho. 

The body showed signs of being violated and tortured. I compared the pattern on the necklace with the one drawn on the cow hair needle that I bought, and they were the same.


The body has been taken care of by the authorities."

Do Yeonsan still didn't respond.

He continued to stare into space as if he didn't hear Pyo Wol .

Pyo Wol looked at his face for a moment and then turned away.

He had done all he could.

The rest was up to Do Yeonsan.

It was entirely his responsibility to either regain his senses and take care of the situation or to remain trapped in his own world.


The clerk, who was sitting on the floor, grinned as he saw Pyo Wol's back. 

He did not dare to catch Pyo Wol  because he knew too well what would happen if he touched someone like him.

He hesitated to report what had happened inside the workshop to the boss since Pyo Wol  just left and nothing extraordinary had happened. 

He knew that there was a high chance of getting into trouble with the boss if he reported unnecessary things.

"Is there anything wrong?"

The clerk finally decided to leave today's events unmentioned.

He closed the small window in the warehouse and returned to his original position. When the window was shut, the light that came into the warehouse was completely blocked out.

At that moment, tears rolled down Do Yeonsan's eyes, which had lost focus.


Suddenly, he began to sob.

Do Yeonsan carefully held the necklace that was on his instep.

He could tell without looking that he had made the necklace himself. The pattern he felt on his fingertips proved this fact.

"Sob! Oh no!"

Do Yeonsan crouched down like an animal and cried out.

He didn't know how much time had passed.

Do Yeonsan no longer cried. Instead, he started to think.

When people face extreme situations, they usually want to avoid them. Do Yeonsan was also avoiding reality and living in his own world after his parents' death.

However, the news of his sister's death brought him back to reality.

He had even run out of tears now.

"I will avenge her."

Do Yeonsan stood up from his seat.

Despite being beaten up by the boss and sitting crouched for a long time, his whole body screamed in pain with even the simplest movement. 

Nevertheless, Do Yeonsan endured the pain and moved forward.

He did not know why his life had suddenly turned out this way, but he knew what he had to do right now.

Do Yeonsan hung his sister's necklace around his neck and approached the corner of the warehouse wall.

This was a warehouse where the materials for the products made in the Cheolsan workshop were stored. 

Until now, it was Do Yeonsan's job to organize this place since the other craftsmen had all delegated the work to him.

Thanks to this, Do Yeonsan knew well what materials were there and was familiar with the structure of the warehouse, just like a craftsman knows the back of his hand.

Do Yeonsan searched the warehouse and found the things he wanted. Then he quietly left the warehouse.

The people at Cheolsan Workshop realized that Do Yeonsan was missing the next morning.

"What? Where did that bastard go?"


Pyo Wol woke up early in the morning and had breakfast.

Now, the head chef and the innkeeper brought the food themselves, so Pyo Wol didn't have to worry about choosing what to eat.

Pyo Wol enjoyed his meal while admiring the morning scenery with the rising sun.

No matter how delicious the food was, Pyo Wol never ate in a hurry. Eating slowly and steadily was his habit.

Pyo Wol's calm chopstick movements were even elegant. Although it was slow, the food on his plate was gradually disappearing.

While eating, Pyo Wol looked at Taeho sleeping under the broken sunlight. It was already the umpteenth time he had seen this view, but he never got tired of it.

Pyo Wol thought he was quite well off.

The present leisure, where he could have an ordinary meal and appreciate the surrounding scenery, was just a blessing.

After finishing his meal, the innkeeper brought him a teacup.

It wasn't a famous tea, but the fragrant aroma of the tea showed that it was a pretty good quality tea.


Pyo Wol brought the tea to his mouth and drank it.

He enjoyed the aroma for a moment while the tea was still in his mouth. His mouth felt refreshed and his mood improved.

Pyo Wol was quite satisfied with this moment.

Living in the turbulent Kangho where he didn't know what would happen in an hour, but the leisure of moments like this made him forget all his worries. 

However, Pyo Wol's peace didn't last long.


The rough opening of the inn's door sounded as if the door was broken by someone's footstep.

People from the Sword Flower Pavillion entered through the opened guest room's door.

"Oh my!"

"They're Sword Flower Pavillion's warriors."

The guests recognized the identities of the intruders who entered the inn first.

Strangely, all the people who entered the inn were female warriors. 

They all had a sword with the same pattern engraved on their waist, a symbol of the Sword Flower Pavillion, which had a rose pattern carved into it.

Leading the female warriors as if to prove this fact, was a woman named Eum Yujeong.


Standing next to Eum Yujeong was a graceful middle-aged woman who stood tall, looking at the sword with her. 

Though she was old, the middle-aged woman boasted an inexplicable atmosphere and mature beauty, and was none other than Go Yeon-soo, the owner of the Sword Flower Pavillion and one of the top masters in Taeho province.

In her prime, there were battles fought by young male warriors to claim her as their own, but Go Yeon-soo chose to live alone without any man. 

She trained only in martial arts at the Sword Flower Pavillion and achieved her current level of skill.

Go Yeon-soo's momentum was bursting out like lightning from her whole body, making it impossible for the guests in the inn to even catch their breath. 

Some of them were left with pale faces, staring blankly like fish.

When Go Yeon-soo's gaze fell on Pyo Wol , she asked sharply, "Are you Pyo Wol ?"

Pyo Wol finally put down her teacup and looked at Go Yeon-soo. 

The expression on Go Yeon-soo's face made it clear that she was disgusted to the point of death, as if she were looking at the dirtiest thing in the world.

Pyo Wol was a person who was skilled at reading people's emotions. He quickly understood how Go Yeon-soo felt about him just by looking at her eyes.

Pyo Wol concealed his own emotions and spoke calmly, "I had no idea the owner of Sword Flower Pavillion was such an impolite person."

"How did you know I'm the owner of Sword Flower Pavillion?"

"It would be strange if I didn't know. Are there any other groups in Taeho that would gather so many female warriors like the Sword Flower Pavillion?"

"You're smart. I guess that's why you tried to rape and assault the woman."


"There's no point in denying it. There's a witness."

Pyo Wol crossed his arms and looked at the female warriors of the Sword Flower Pavillion.

It was to understand how the situation was unfolding.

Eum Yujeong was seen bowing her head behind Go Yeon-soo.

Although Eum Yujeong hid her expression by bowing her head, her mouth was clearly seen to be turned up at the corners of her lips by Pyo Wol's eyes.

Pyo Wol scanned the other female warriors with his eyes.

Some of them looked at Pyo Wol as if they were looking at insects. 

There was a deep sense of disgust in their eyes. However, some of the female warriors avoided Pyo Wol's gaze or looked at him with pity in their eyes.

Just that alone, Pyo Wol could sense their mood.

Pyo Wol looked back at Go Yeon-soo.

"So, you're saying that I raped her?"

"That's right."

"What's your evidence?"

"I brought the victim here. Let's see if you can be so brazen in front of the victim."

Go Yeon-soo gestured, and then the female disciples who were waiting outside came in with a woman in her late twenties.

The woman who came in was very beautiful. 

However, she had deep bruises on her eyes, as if she had been beaten the night before, and there were traces of the assault on parts of her body exposed outside her clothes.

The woman trembled with fear just by looking at Pyo Wol.

"This is the woman who was raped by you last night. She was terrorized by you, who sneaked in while she was sleeping in her own home."

"What's the evidence that it was me?"

"Her testimony is the evidence."

Go Yeon-soo answered confidently.

Her lips were drawn in a line like Eum Yujeong.

Go Yeon-soo knew very well how forced it was, but she also knew that it was a surprisingly effective tactic.

Not only Pyo Wol, but also others were having a meal here. They were watching the situation with their eyes shining like wolves who had found prey.

Through their mouths, what had happened here would spread throughout the entire Taeho.


It may be limited to Taeho for now, but soon it will spread throughout the whole Kangho.

Truth was not important.

People only hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see.

Just the rumor that he forced a woman into submission would be a fatal blow to Pyo Wol 's reputation.

While it was difficult to gain a good reputation, it only took a moment to fall into disgrace.

Go Yeon-soo knew that well and was gaining expertise in how to maximize its effect.

"No matter how strong your martial arts skills are, your experience in Kangho is not that great."

Go Yeon-soo licked his lips with her red tongue.

Pyo Wol was a tasty prey.

It was not just because he was young and handsome.

If the information secretly circulating in Kangho was really true, there was no weapon as useful as Pyo Wol .

Depending on how it was used, it could become a tremendous weapon.

Compared to Namgyeong Clan or Long River Fortress, the Sword Flower Pavillon was at a disadvantage in terms of power.

Having a female disciple was never an advantage, as no one wanted to get involved in dirty business.

If Sword Flower Pavillon wanted to truly become the representative faction of Taeho, it needed a problem solver who would take care of the dirty work.

That was why Go Yeon-soo had been visiting Pyo Wol since the morning.

There are various ways to subdue a novice from Kangho.

Among them, the most effective one was the beauty trap. 

However, since the beauty trap had already been attempted by Eum Yujeong and failed, it could not be used again. That's why he chose the ridicule.

If a stigma of forcing a raping a woman was attached to a promising young warrior, they would not be able to show their face in Kangho.

The truth was not important.

Even if the truth was revealed later, it would be of no use.

Once such a perception was ingrained, it could never be erased no matter how long time passed.

Go Yeon-soo thought that Pyo Wol would be trembling and flustered, but he did not show any signs of it.

He just looked at Go Yeon-soo with a deep, sinking gaze.

Go Yeon-soo felt a sinister emotion that he could not express in words.

It felt like someone was stabbing her chest with a sharp knife.

The smile on Go Yeon-soo's face disappeared in an instant.

At that moment, Pyo Wol asked the woman who claimed to have been raped.

"So, I extorted you?"

"Y-Yes, you broke into my room last night and raped me. I remember your face and breathing clearly."

"So, it's true that I raped you?"

"I can guarantee it with my honor."

"It's funny that a prostitute talks about honor."

"What did you say?"

The woman's voice became sharp.

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