RDM (Novel) Chapter 336

 C 336

Do Yeonsan gently stroked the cheek of Tang Ik-gi.

Tang Ik-gi, felt a chill run down his body. But he was paralyzed and couldn't resist Do Yeonsan's touch.

"This crazy bastard..."

Tang Ik-gi realized that Do Yeonsan's gaze was not normal. There was an unprecedented madness in his eyes.

Do Yeonsan hugged Tang Ik-gi, and laid him down in a small boat. Then he began to row towards his hideout, the island.

Creak! Creak!

Every time he rowed, the sound of the wood rubbing against each other made a chilling noise that made Tang Ik-gi,'s body twitch.

Do Yeonsan murmured as he rowed.

"It's too easy. It's so easy..."

Do Yeonsan was the one who put the mineral that emits toxic gas into the well and for this, he made a lot of preparations.

But it wasn't difficult to enter the Iron Mountain Manor. They even let him in without checking, even though he brought a cart that was full of manure.

He thought that the Iron Mountain Manor and the workshop, where he used to belong, was a great fortress, but it turned out to be a colorful castle made of paper.

Once he entered Iron Mountain Manor, there was nothing rough about it. 

They didn't even approach his body, which smelled of manure. Not even the guards in charge of security.

Do Yeonsan wandered around Iron Mountain Manor like a ghost. And he found out where Tang Ik-gi,'s dwelling was.

After that, it was the same as everyone knows.

He put the mineral that emits toxic gas into the well to create confusion. Then, taking advantage of the confusion, he subdued Tang Ik-gi.

It was the needle that was stuck in Tang Ik-gi,'s neck.

Creating a complex device like the old Tang Clan’s secret weapon was beyond his skill. However, making a simple secret weapon wasn't that difficult.

He put a steel needle in a small cylinder and made it shoot out by pressing the trigger. And he dipped the needle in diluted poison made from the minerals.

The poison that was made when the mineral touched the water was so deadly that even a sip would suffocate someone. 

Diluting such an extremely toxic substance was not an easy task.

To find the right dosage, Do Yeonsan conducted numerous experiments and finally found the right amount.

Do Yeonsan had a natural talent for poison.

Touching the unknown mineral that emitted poison, he realized how to maximize its effect and control it as he pleased. 

It wasn't something that anyone taught him. It was the deaths of his parents and younger sibling that brought out his latent talent.


Finally, the boat arrived at the small island. 

Do Yeonsan pulled up the anchor, tied the boat to a nearby large rock.

By this time, Tang ik-Gi's body had slowly begun to revitalize. The poison had somewhat dissipated. But by then, he had already been thoroughly restrained..

The tied-up Tang ik-Gi yelled, "What are you doing?! Are you crazy?! Let me go. I'll forgive everything."

"Who is forgiving whom?"


"Who will forgive whom? Are you forgiving me?"

"You crazy bastard! Are you out of your mind?"

"You're the one who made me go crazy."

"Because of burning the house? That couldn't be helped. I'll compensate you."

"Couldn't be helped? I couldn't even retrieve my dad and mom's bodies. Ha-ha! That's funny!"

Do Yeonsan chuckled, grinding his teeth.

In contrast, Do Yeonsan's madness made the tied-up man's face turn pale.

Do Yeonsan took something out of his embrace. It was a bundle of thin needles called the cow hair needles.

 The cow hair needles were the best thing Do Yeonsan could make. 

He displayed his best ability when making delicate items like  cow hair needles.

Do Yeonsan shook one cow hair needle in front of the tied-up man.

"Do you know what this is?"

"Acupuncture Needles?"

"That's right. But it's not the ordinary acupuncture needles."


"I refined the mineral that came into the workshop. Oh, you don't know, Master Tang. What kind of mineral is it? It was brought in from somewhere overseas to be used for making weapons. But when it touches water, it emits poisonous gas. Hard to believe, right? That such a mineral exists in the world. But it really does exist. Can you believe it?. That mineral was also used to bring you here, Master."


"You crazy bastard!"


"That's right! I'm crazy. Oh, and that's why I named the poison that the mineral releases when it dissolves in water as 'mineral blood poison' It suits it, doesn't it?"

"What nonsense are you talking about? Just untie me already."

"What are you talking about? This is just the beginning."

"The beginning of what?"


Do Yeonsan stabbed a needle into Tang Ik-gi's bloodstream.

The needle dissolved instantly when it touched his blood.


Tang Ik-gi screamed in agony.

The needle itself was like mineral blood poison. It flowed through his veins, causing excruciating pain.

He screamed and thrashed around, but the ropes binding his body only tightened around him more.

Watching Tang Ik-gi writhing in pain, Do Yeonsan muttered.

"Our mother and father must have gone through this too. They must have suffered like you. How terrible it must have been for them to leave their children behind and die so tragically. Maybe their children were the cause of their deaths. But they couldn't even have a proper burial because of you..."

"Ahh! I was wrong. Please, spare me!"

Tang Ik-gi begged for forgiveness, but Do Yeonsan shook his head.

"It's too late. I don't have anything left now. Nothing at all..."



Do Yeonsan stuck another needle into Tang Ik-gi's body. This time, the needle dissolved in his blood as well.


Tang Ik-gi screamed in agony.

All the veins in his body bulged out, and black blood flowed through them, visible to the naked eye.

The pain was too much to bear, and all he wanted was to die. But the mineral blood poison had already stiffened his entire body, making even that impossible.

"Do Yeonsan crouched down in front of Tang Ik-gi, who was in pain.

"Does it hurt? Is it hard? I've been there too. Every time I was hit for no reason, it hurt so much that I wanted to die."

"Rather kill me. Rather..."

"You don't have to beg for it. I'll kill you anyway. If you answer my question, tell me everything you know about Jo Ik-gwang. His sexual preferences, secret places, everything you know..."

"Why... Jo Ik-gwang?"

"I guess you have nothing else to do."

Do Yeonsan picked up another cow hair needle. Then Tang Ik-gi, in a state of despair, spilled everything he knew.

"I've never seen such a two-faced bastard in my life. He acts clean and noble on the surface, but we all know he's dirty."

Do Yeonsan listened carefully to what Tang Ik-gi had to say.

Tang Ik-gi, revealed everything he knew in the hope of being freed from his suffering.

"Now kill me! Please..."

"I'll do it."

Do Yeonsan laughed and picked up the remaining cow hair needles.

"No, don't!"

Tang Ik-gi,'s face suddenly showed a look of terror.

He wanted to die without pain. But Do Yeonsan didn't hesitate and pushed all the remaining needles into Tang Ik-gi,'s body.


Tang Ik-gi's desperate screams echoed through the desolate island.

As he felt extreme pain, Tang Ik-gi died.

Finally, as his breath ceased, his body rapidly began to decompose.

Only then did Do Yeonsan stand up.

"Huhuhu! Huhuk!"

Suddenly he laughed like crazy, then cried.



Iron Mountain Manor turned into the land of death overnight. 

This was because the poison slowly seeped out, even though Pyo Wol had collapsed the well to prevent its spread. 

The people inside Iron Mountain Manor had to roughly retrieve their colleagues' bodies and come out.

If the incident had just stopped at this point, they could have handled it adequately. 

The problem was that Tang Cheolsan, the owner of Iron Mountain Manor, lost his life, and the whereabouts of the young master, Tang Ik-gi, were unknown. 

At the same time as the mysterious poison was spreading from the well, Tang Cheolsan was killed, and Tang Ik-gi was kidnapped by someone.

Because there was no one to handle it, Iron Mountain Manor fell into chaos. 

After the Sword Flower Pavillion collapsed, people's attention turned to Pyo Wol. They wondered if Pyo Wol was involved in the fall of Iron Mountain Manor. 

However, as no evidence was found that he killed Tang Cheolsan, they could not investigate.


The people of Iron Mountain Manor searched for Tang Ik-gi.

They thought that since the owner, Tang Cheolsan, had died, the young master, Tang Ik-gi, should lead Iron Mountain Manor out. However, Tang Ik-gi was not found anywhere.

It was obvious. Do Yeonsan did not leave Tang Ik-gi's body behind. It was because he had melted away in the deadly poison.

Turned into a puddle of poisonous liquid, Tang Ik-gi disappeared without a trace.

"Huh! Huh!"

Do Yeonsan let out a bizarre breath.

He had done something like revenge, but he did not feel any better. It was because the true culprit behind all this was still there.

"Jo Ik-gwang"

Do Yeonsan grinded his teeth

In just one night, his appearance had changed dramatically.

Perhaps because he was exposed to poison, his hair was completely white, and his eyes were sunken. His skin was gradually peeling, but Do Yeonsan didn't care.

Kang! Kang!

He struck the hammer as if he was insane.

He realized it for sure when he kidnapped Tang Ik-gi.

His technique was powerful.

He needed a more sophisticated trigger mechanism to launch the cow hair needles more efficiently.

In Do Yeonsan's mind, inspiration was sprouting like crazy.

It was as if an invisible being was injecting knowledge directly into his mind.

Sounds of hammering echoed as if playing an instrument.

Madness and inspiration spread deep resonance.

Every time Do Yeonsan hammered, waves spread over Taeho lake.

That's when it happened.

The spreading waves hit someone's feet and disappeared.

Someone was standing on the calm surface of the water.

The sight of a man standing on the water, denying the obvious fact that humans cannot walk on water, was eerie.

The face under the disheveled hair was wearing a half-broken mask, and the terrifying ears were visible through the mask's eyes.

The clothes were scattered like a beggar, and there was no sign of life in the thin hands.

The monster wasn't even wearing shoes, but its nails were as sharp as a bird's claws.

The monster stood still on the water and looked around Taeho.

Kang! Kkang!

He heard a faint sound of hammering in his ear.

The monster moved toward the sound of hammering.

As if possessed by something.

Finally, the place where the monster arrived was the small island where Do Yeonsan was hiding.

Do Yeonsan was completely absorbed in hammering and didn't even notice the monster's appearance.

As Do Yeonsan continued to hammer, the eerie energy in his body grew stronger..

In an instant, a bloody glow flickered in the eyes of the monster.

The monster caught a scent from Do Yeonsan that was identical to his own.

It was the kind of scent that only those who had fallen into the abyss could possess.

As Do Yeonsan continued to hammer away, the scent of blood became even stronger. It drew the monster's heart.

That was why the monster had come here.

A being of his own kind had drawn him in.

Suddenly, the monster looked up at the sky.

Something was teasing his senses.

The bloody glow in the monster's eyes became even stronger


In an instant, an intangible energy spread out from under his feet.

The energy spread out over the entire island, covering it in a hemispherical dome.

The island was completely cut off from the outside world.

Do Yeonsan's sound of hammering and his scent of blood were completely blocked.

But Do Yeonsan, who was completely focused on his hammering, did not realize this fact.

The monster sat down on a rock and stared at Do Yeonsan's back for a long time.


Rain began to fall on the hemispherical dome.

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