RDM (Novel) Chapter 337


C 337


It has been pouring rain since the morning, cool and refreshing.

The rain created numerous ripples on the water's surface.

Normally, the boats would have come out early in the morning to catch fish, but not a single one was visible today.

It was better to take a rest today, as fishing on a day like this could cause the boats to capsize.

Thanks to that, the inn’s and bars along the Taeho shore were filled with people killing time by drinking and chatting, instead of working.

Although Taeho First Pavillion’s Restaurant, where Pyo Wol was staying, was quite expensive, the shabby bars were filled with people shouting happily.

Pyo Wol looked out the window with his arms crossed.

Because of the heavy rain, even the islands that were usually visible were hidden from sight.

Pyo Wol had been standing in the same position without moving since dawn, because of the ominous feeling he had felt last night.

That strange feeling that he felt in a moment, like a shooting star falling, made his spine tingle.

Pyo Wol was not the type to get easily scared or afraid of anything. But the feeling he felt last night was alien and ominous enough to make him nervous.

He tried to find the source of that ominous feeling from last night, but the pouring rain was disrupting his senses like crazy.

Pyo Wol released his arms with a sigh.

He felt that it was unnecessary to waste his energy any further.

Pyo Wol came down to a one-story restaurant.

"You came down."

The innkeeper greeted him with a happy face.

"Bring some food."

"Yes! Please wait at your seat, and I'll bring it to you."


Pyo Wol nodded and sat in an empty seat.

As he appeared, many people stole glances at him.

It was widely known that Pyo Wol was staying at the Taeho First Pavillion. Some people came specifically to see his face.

"Is he the reaper? He looks handsome."

"Don't be deceived by his looks. They say that someone who was deceived by his face became a guest of the underworld."

"He's really handsome. Look at the women. They're completely lost in his looks."

There were many women in the inn, and they were stealing glances at Pyo Wol with blushed faces.

At that moment.


The door of the inn opened, and a man in his mid-forties entered.

His impression seemed strong due to his sharp, shining eyes and tightly closed lips.

Dozens of warriors followed him inside the inn, holding their breath and watching his every move.

After looking around for a moment, the man approached Pyo Wol 's seat directly.

The martial artist bowed to Pyo Wol and said,

"This young man is Ji Gun Seong, the chief of the Shadowless Pavillion from the nearby Kunshan mountains. I came to talk to master Pyo Wol. May I have permission to sit?"

Pyo Wol looked up and gazed at Ji Gun Seong.

"Shadowless Pavillion?"

"Perhaps master Pyo Wol doesn't know it well. It's not a well-known place."

"Why did you come to find me from the Shadowless Pavillion?"

"Can I sit down and explain first?"

"Sit down!"

"Thank you."

Ji Gun Seong sat across from Pyo Wol .


"He gazed at Pyo Wol 's face for a while.

"You're really handsome. When I heard the rumors, I thought they were exaggerated, but it seems like they didn't do you justice."

"If you came here to say something useless, get up and leave."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"So, what's your business?"

"Actually, I came to request and propose assistance from master Pyo."

Pyo Wol stared at Ji Gun Seong intently. Then, Ji Gun Seong quickly spoke up.

"In fact, our Shadowless Pavillion is not a normal faction. It's a faction made up of people who have been harmed by the Iron Mountain Manor, Sword Flower Pavilion, Namgyeong Clan, and the others."


"We heard the news that master Pyo destroyed the Sword Flower pavilion. It was like sweet rain after a long drought for us. Thanks to master Pyo , the grudges of those who were hurt by the Sword Flower pavilion have been resolved. Didn't you also destroy the Iron Mountain Manor?"

"Iron Mountain Manor?"

"Who else but master Pyo could have destroyed the Iron Mountain Manor so quickly? We already know everything. So, you don't have to deny it."


"We at Shadowless Pavillion truly admire master Pyo 's actions. We also send strong support."


"I believe that people like Master Pyo should lead Kangho. Master Pyo 's martial arts have already been proven, and his character is excellent, so I think he is qualified to be the lord of a region."

"So what do you want to say?"

"Please destroy Namgyeong Clan and Long River Fortress for us. If you do, we will dedicate everything to make master Pyo the lord of Kangho."


Ji Gun Seong suddenly stood up and slammed his head on the ground.

Although his forehead was torn and blood was flowing, Ji Gun Seong didn't care.

Everyone's attention was focused on Ji Gun Seong's sudden action. However, Ji Gun Seong waited for Pyo Wol 's response with his head down.

He thought Pyo Wol would accept his proposal.

There was no way a great martial artist could not have ambitions.

Especially if it's a strong martial artist like Pyo Wol .

History has proven so far.

The more powerful a martial artist is, the greater their desire to achieve great feats.

Shadowless Pavillion was a group formed by martial artists who had been harmed by existing power holders like Namgyeong Clan.

The purpose of creating Shadowless Pavillion was to protect their own rights and take revenge against the existing power holders. 

However, as time passed, their initial enthusiasm faded, and now they wanted to seize the hegemony of Kangho Province. 

However, the existing power was so firmly established that they dared not attempt it.

Then the news about Pyo Wol reached them.

The moment they heard that the Sword Flower Pavilion had fallen into Pyo Wol 's hands, Ji Gun Seong felt that the opportunity they had been waiting for had finally arrived.

'If we put him in the lead, we can take the hegemony of Kangho Province. With such a powerful martial artist, who would dare to confront us?'

After discussion, Ji Gun Seong and his confidants decided to appoint Pyo Wol as the new leader of the Shadowless Pavillion.

Ji Gun Seong thought that the position of the leader didn't really matter. 

After all, he thought he would continue to hold real power making Pyo Wol a puppet leader and secretly controlling the real power, this was his ultimate goal.

It wouldn't be difficult to take control of Kangho Province, considering the martial art skills Pyo Wol had shown so far.

"Please lead us as our leader."

"Please lead us, Pyo Wol!"

In an instant, the martial artists of Shadowless Pavillion who had come with him bowed down and shouted together.

The guests in the inn swallowed their dry saliva at their tremendous momentum.

They stared at Pyo Wol and the martial artists of Shadowless Pavillion, holding their breath.

'If Pyo Wol accepts their proposal, Shadowless Pavilion will take control of Kangho Province's hegemony.'

'Insane! Pyo Wol becoming the leader of Shadowless Pavilion?'

It was dizzying just thinking about it.

Ji Gun Seong shouted again.

"Please guide us on the right path, Pyo Wol !"

"Lead us to the right path."

"We will follow you with loyalty."

The martial artists voices echoed loudly in the inn.

People thought Pyo Wol would surely accept their proposal, as it was so tempting.

The fact that Shadowless Pavillion was originally formed by those who had been harmed by existing power holders provided enough justification.

The faces of the Shadowless Pavillion martial artists looking at Pyo Wol were filled with intense ambition. 

Their eyes were so fierce that anyone would feel pressured. However, there was no hint of wavering in Pyo Wol 's expression as he met their gazes.

He stared silently at Ji Gun Seong.

Rather, Ji Gun Seong felt a strong pressure.

The emotionless gaze seemed to pierce through his inner thoughts.

'He's not shaken by this?'

Ji Gun Seong gritted his teeth.

One of the weaknesses of young martial artists was that they were easily excited.

If they were praised a little, they could get carried away and fail to make proper judgments. 

Ji Gun Seong had hoped that Pyo Wol would be filled with arrogance.

But the moment he saw Pyo Wol 's eyes, he knew his plan had gone awry.

Pyo Wol 's eyes were not those of a young martial artist.

Even a veteran martial artist who had experienced many trials and tribulations couldn't hide their emotions so perfectly.

It was impossible to read Pyo Wol 's thoughts or emotions just by looking at him.

"So you're telling me to become a puppet."

"That's not what I mean..."


At that moment, Pyo Wol’s foot kicked Ji Gun Seong's chest, who was crawling on the floor.

Ji Gun Seong flew through the air and crashed into the wall.

"Lord Ji!"

"How dare you!"

"That bastard..."

The warriors of the Shadowless Pavillion, who saw this, rushed over with anger.

Pyo Wol 's eyes became even heavier.

Seeing his gaze, Ji Gun Seong shouted hurriedly.

"No, don't!"

But by then, his men had already reached Pyo Wol .

The sight of Ji Gun Seong being beaten to a pulp made them rush over. In their hands, they had weapons.

Pyo Wol murmured.

"You're trying to kill me with just this much? Even to the one you want to serve as your lord?"

He could tell how much they were underestimating him.

With this, their intentions were clear.

He had no intention of accepting their proposal from the beginning, but he had no intention of forgiving them for openly trying to despise him.


Pyo Wol slapped the table. The chopsticks in the container on the table sprang into the air.

A soul reaping thread wrapped the chopsticks and scattered them towards the Shadowless Pavillion's warriors.




The chopsticks turned into needles and pierced the bodies of the Shadowless Pavillion's warriors like daggers.

From the front, the formation collapsed.

The warriors who were running from behind were surprised and widened their eyes.


Their bodies were pierced by the soul reaping thread.



Seeing the warriors at the rear screaming and falling, Ji Gun Seong's face contorted.

'It's a miscalculation. I misunderstood that guy.'

Now he knew for sure.

Pyo Wol was too smart to be someone's puppet. He wasn't weak-willed enough to be swayed by others' words.

It was impossible to manipulate someone like that at will. If he had known that fact earlier, he would never have approached him so clumsily.



The warriors of the Shadowless Pavillion screamed and fell.

Without moving from his spot, Pyo Wol made his men fall helplessly like rotten straw.

Fortunately, Pyo Wol had spared their lives, but everyone was seriously injured and rolling on the floor. The inn was soon filled with their screams.

The faces of the warriors who had not been hit by Pyo Wol 's attack and were still standing were filled with fear.

They didn't dare to attack Pyo Wol and instead retreated hesitantly.

Pyo Wol didn't even look at them and approached Ji Gun Seong.

Ji Gun Seong pleaded with Pyo Wol .

"I-I was wrong. But was it necessary to be so ruthless? If, if you just said you were upset, I would have backed off."

"You have neither the will nor the courage to solve problems directly. All you think about is how to use others, and the only thing that moves properly is your tongue. How many people have you deceived with that tongue?"

"Don't insult me. No matter how strong you are, you have no right to criticize me without reason."

"From what I can see, the most useless part of your body is that very tongue."


At that moment, Ji Gun Seong felt a sharp pain in his tongue.

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