RDM (Novel) Chapter 335

C 335


The Blood-eyed Ghost narrowed his eyes.

He was an owner of a sensitive sense that was recognized even in the Hundred Wraith Union.

With a sense that was significantly more developed than others, he sensed the movements of the assassination target and predicted their actions to successfully carry out the assassination.

He boasted that he could sense all the movements within the hall, but he had no idea that Pyo Wol was standing behind him until Tang Cheolsan  mentioned it.

He shivered all over his body.

If the other person had intended to kill him, he would have already lost his life. 

He had never even imagined that someone else would occupy his back like this. That's why it felt even more shocking.

Pyo Wol silently looked at him.

That appearance of his pressed down on him heavily.

"Who are you?"

"You've been talking about killing me so far."

"Then, are you Pyo Wol?"


"How did you get here? Did you wait for me to come?"

The sound of his sword being unsheathed echoed through the room as he shouted.

It was a misunderstanding on his part, but Pyo Wol didn't feel the need to correct him.

He came here to meet Tang Cheolsan, not to kill the Blood-eyed Ghost

He wasn't a god, so there was no way he could have known he was here. It was just a coincidence.

Tang Cheolsan was lost in thought and shouted.

"Kill that guy. I'll give you 100,000 nyang, so hurry up...."

Tang Cheolsan 's fear had reached its peak.

From the fact that Pyo Wol came here, he could tell that he was the one who killed Baekrok.

 Pyo Wol's arrival here meant that he was related to the Tang Socho.

"Tang Sochu must have sent him to kill me."

Tang Cheolsan had made a wrong assumption.

He couldn't make rational judgments right now.


Although he had threatened others many times, he had never been in direct danger himself.

The Blood-eyed Ghost shouted.

"It's just as well, for I've saved myself the trouble of finding you."

In an instant, he disappeared from sight, leaping towards the ceiling and using his expertise in concealment techniques to hide his body.

One of his specialties was the art of concealment. 

He hid himself somewhere in the corner of the room and waited for Pyo Wol to reveal a weakness.

The technique he had mastered was the Tanshi Blood Sword.

The Tanshi Blood Sword was a sword technique, but it contained the finesse of archery. 

It was a deadly blow that condensed internal energy and strength to shoot like an arrow.

The muscles of the hidden Blood-eyed Ghost swelled greatly.

It was a phenomenon that occurred when he operated the Tanshi Blood Sword.

"A single blow can cut off his breath."

After the Blood-eyed Ghost stopped breathing, he observed Pyo Wol respectfully.

Although a considerable amount of time had passed, Pyo Wol's posture remained the same as when he first appeared. 

Normally, when someone disappears in front of your eyes, it is instinctual to look around and follow their movements, but Pyo Wol stood still like a statue without any movement.

The Blood-eyed Ghost was reminded of a solid wall standing steadfastly in Pyo Wol's unmoving figure.

There was no gap in that wall.

But walls without gaps do not exist. There must have been a gap that had not yet been discovered.

The Blood-eyed Ghost expert believed that.

"He who strikes first will win in a single blow."

Even so, the red eyes of the Blood-eyed Ghost shone even brighter.

At that time.


Suddenly, Pyo Wol's pupil moved without a sound.

At that moment, the Blood-eyed Ghost felt a chill running all over his body. Pyo Wol's pupils were pointing exactly where he was hiding.

"He knows where I'm hiding? That's impossible!"

The Blood-eyed Ghost tried to deny his own thoughts. But Pyo Wol's gaze still pointed toward where he was hiding.

"Damn it!"

The Blood-eyed Ghost had to admit it.

He didn't know how Pyo Wol figured it out, but he knew that Pyo Wol had accurately pinpointed his hiding place.

He had no choice but to attack Pyo Wol.


At that moment, he felt a fiery pain in his leg.

"What's going on?"

Before Blood-eyed Ghost could figure out what had happened, his body was pulled abruptly as Pyo Wol pierced his calf with a thread.


As soon as the Blood-eyed Ghost landed on the ground, he unfolded his Tanshi blood sword.


His sword flew faster than an arrow towards Pyo Wol.

The Blood-eyed Ghost's sword penetrated Pyo Wol's head in an instant. However, he could not smile.

Pyo Wol's figure, who should have shed blood after being pierced by his sword, was slowly disappearing.

"A trace? Could it be an after image?"

The Blood-eyed Ghost couldn't continue his thoughts.


A dagger pierced his throat and emerged from the other side.



His eyes widened in fear.

Even without confirming with his eyes, he knew someone had stabbed a blade into his neck.

It was Pyo Wol.

Suddenly, Pyo Wol's snowy white face was revealed behind him.


He trembled in fear as the ghost blade penetrated his neck.

Until his last breath, what filled his mind was what technique Pyo Wol had unleashed in the end.

It was not an after image, but the Demonic Shadow Exchange.

However, the chance to solve the mystery for the Blood-eyed Ghost would never be given.

Pyo Wol took out the ghost blade. And the Blood-eyed Ghost collapsed weakly.


Seeing his appearance, Tang Cheolsan groaned as if in agony.

His face and eyes were filled with deep terror.

At the fifteenth level of the Hundred Wraith Union, he was capable of assassinating any warrior  in the Kangho, except for absolute invincibles like the Eight Constellations.

He really didn't expect such an assassin to lose his life in such a futile manner.

Moreover, Pyo Wol did not even use the assassin's specialty, hiding. Instead, he found and killed the Blood-eyed Ghost in an instant.

For Tang Cheolsan, it was an incredible feat that he could not even imagine.

"Wait, wait!"

Tang Cheolsan raised his hands to stop Pyo Wol. Of course, there was no reason for Pyo Wol to stop.

"L-Let's resolve this through dialogue. Through dialogue..."


“... If this is because of the Tang Sochu, I will cancel the request. I won't bother you anymore, so please let's resolve this with a good conversation."


"How much do you want? Ten million nyangs? No, I will give you half of my assets. So please spare my life."


Finally, Pyo Wol approached the vicinity of Tang Cheolsan.

Tang Cheolsan pleaded with a weak voice while kneeling.

"If I die, the families of the graveyard and the workshop will be kicked out onto the streets. Please have mercy for their sake."

"Why should I have mercy?"

"Pe-People can make mistakes, right? I made a mistake blinded by greed, so please forgive me just this once."

"Mistake, huh..."

"I won't make this mistake again. If I have to become a dog, I will become a dog. If I have to become a pig, I will become a pig. So please spare my life."

Tang Cheolsan consistently showed a shameless attitude that was far from a powerful figure in Taeho.

It seemed like he had no pride as the owner of the Iron Mountain Manor.

Pyo Wol had met many people, but he had never seen anyone change their face as quickly as Tang Cheolsan did.

However, Pyo Wol had no intention of forgiving Tang Cheolsan. 

He knew that if he left someone who changed their face as easily as Tang Cheolsan alive, there would be no end to the consequences.

Pyo Wol was not the kind of person to leave such consequences behind.

Once he had his sword aimed at someone, he would pursue them to the end and either kill them or ruin them so they couldn't recover, like in the case of Eum Yujeong.

It was then that Pyo Wol felt a chill.



"It's poison."

Suddenly, screams of people could be heard from outside.


Pyo Wol opened the window and looked outside.

People were screaming and going crazy.

Some of them were already bleeding to death on the pavement.

"What's this? What is it?"

Tang Cheolsan suddenly stood up and looked out the window.

He couldn't hide his dismay at seeing the crops in Iron Mountain Manor dying.

"How could this happen?"

It was clearly a symptom of poisoning.

Tang Cheolsan forgot his fear and shouted at Pyo Wol.

"This is your doing. You're trying to destroy Iron Mountain Manor with poison. You wicked man! You'll be cursed! Even in death, you won't rest in peace."


At that moment, a ghost blade struck his forehead.

Tang Cheolsan was silenced, unable to even scream.

That was the end of Tang Cheolsan .

Pyo Wol came out and left Tang Cheolsan 's body.

Their master was dead, but the servants of the Iron Mountain Manor didn't even realize it. Their priority was to save their own lives.

Pyo Wol looked around for a moment, then headed towards a well near Tang Cheolsan's residence.

The poison that had poisoned the people was emanating from the well.

The poison was truly deadly.

Even Pyo Wol, who was not affected by most poisons, felt pain in his lungs.

Pyo Wol looked into the well.

Something was bubbling and spewing poison inside.

It was clear that someone had put something that was producing poison into the well.


Pyo Wol swung a ghost blade and destroyed the well.

The toxic leak stopped only after the well collapsed completely. But by then, many people had already suffered.

Dozens of people were poisoned and suffered before dying.

Their faces were contorted in the most excruciating pain that humans can endure, even in death.

That's when it happened.

"The young master has been kidnapped."

A desperate voice was heard.

Pyo Wol went towards the direction of the voice.

It was the residence of Tang Ik-gi.

The warriors of Iron Mountain Manor were yelling with their mouths covered with towels.

"It's him.The craftsman in the workshop kidnapped the young master."

"That crazy bastard...."

"Quick, let's track him down!"

The subordinates, unaware that their master Tang Cheolsan had been killed, began to track down the person who had kidnapped Tang Ik-gi.

"The craftsman?"

The image of a boy came to Pyo Wol's mind.





Tang Ik-Gi struggled, but couldn't move a muscle in his legs.

It felt like he had been hit all over his body with a sledgehammer. But what was even more terrifying was the fact that he couldn't even scream.

He had returned late last night to the Iron Mountain Manor.

He had expended all his energy and passed out, only to wake up to a chaotic and noisy situation outside.

Just as he was about to look outside to see what was going on, something had hit him and pinned him down.

Clunk! Clunk!

The cart he was on was bouncing up and down.

It was a cart used to transport manure from the Iron Mountain Manor. He was being transported on a dirty cart that he would never have gone near on a regular day.

Tang Ik-Gi struggled to lift his head and looked at the person driving the cart.

It was a small boy wielding a whip and whipping the horse pulling the cart.

"Who are you?" Tang Ik-Gi yelled, but his voice didn't come out.

His vocal cords were paralyzed.

He was being rolled around on the cart like a piece of luggage. But even then, he couldn't move.

The cart that was speeding along suddenly came to a stop near Taeho's reed field. The person driving the cart stopped whipping the horse and turned around.

It was then that Tang Ik-Gi could finally see the face of his kidnapper.

"Who are you?" Tang Ik-Gi asked, as the person with the whip lowered his head to look at him.

It was the blacksmith's apprentice, Do Yeonsan.

"Get me out of here, you bastard!" Tang Ik-Gi shouted, finally opening his eyes.

As usual, his eyes blurred first due to habit.

Upon seeing his reaction, Do Yeonsan burst into a big smile.

"You're still okay. That's a relief."

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