RDM (Novel) Chapter 393

C 393

"What is this?"

Gwan Mu-su was startled and struck the dagger again with his axe. But the dagger changed its trajectory and attacked like a living creature.

Gwan Mu-su's anger rose to the top of his head, thinking his opponent was mocking him.

"How dare you! Haah!"

He shouted and injected a huge amount of energy into his axe. Then a large amount of axe energy appeared around the small axe.

Gwan Mu-su swung his axe with the intention of splitting the dagger in one blow.


The small dagger collided with the axe energy and a metallic sound erupted.

Everyone expected the dagger to shatter, but reality was different.

The dagger simply bounced away from Gwan Mu-su's axe blow, still intact.

The rebounding dagger drew a curve in the air.

Gwan Mu-su shouted angrily.

"How long are you going to play this ghost game? For an assassin, you're really shameless."


In response, another dagger flew towards him.


Gwan Mu-su struck at the dagger with all his might.

The dagger flew away with a metallic sound.

The problem was that it wasn't just one flying dagger.


Another dagger flew towards him from somewhere.

Gwan Mu-su swatted the dagger again with all his might.


With a loud noise, the dagger bounced away. But Gwan Mu-su couldn't laugh.



The daggers kept flying towards him.

Feeling that his axe alone was not enough, Gwan Mu-su drew his sword and swung it around.


The axe and sword whirled at a terrifying speed, forming a thin barrier in front of Gwan Mu-su.

Above him, the daggers kept exploding.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud explosions erupted as the daggers collided with the barrier. Gwan Mu-su managed to managed to block all the daggers.

"Heh, heh!"

Gwan Mu-su panted heavily.

He had used all his strength and felt temporarily exhausted.

He had only managed to block the daggers, but it felt like he had fought a fierce battle.

As Gwan Mu-su regained his composure, his eyes flickered as he lifted his head.

The surrounding scenery had changed.

When he first struck the dagger away, he had undoubtedly been inside the guesthouse. Now he was outside the entrance.

He had been pushed back as he defended against the daggers.


Gwan Mu-su looked at his axe and sword in disbelief.

The edges of both axe and sword were damaged.

"Unbelievable. The edges are damaged just by the flying daggers of an assassin."


At that moment, a pale-faced man silently appeared in front of Gwan Mu-su.

Gwan Mu-su's expression hardened as he saw the man's face shining even brighter under the blazing sunlight.

"Are you Pyo Wol?"

"Who are you?"

"My name is Gwan Mu-su."

"Gwan Mu-su?"

"The Seven Sage Scholar, my close friend, was murdered by assassin an at Lake Poyang."


"Where were you yesterday afternoon? What were you doing when my friend was was murdered?"

"You seem to think that I killed the seven sage scholar."

"If not, tell me honestly what you were doing then."

"If I tell you, will you believe me?"

"If there is solid evidence."

"And if there is no evidence?"

"Then you will die at my hands."

Gwan Mu-su's kiling intent flared.


The air around him stirred wildly due to his intense aura.

He wasn't called Blazing Fury for nothing.

His temper was as fierce as a blazing fire, which was why Kangho called him that.

Gwan Mu-su looked at Pyo Wol with eyes filled with killing intent.

He looked at Pyo Wol with suspicious eyes.

He seemed convinced that Pyo Wol was the culprit.

Pyo Wol spoke.

"I am not the one who killed the seven sage scholar."

"Then prove what you were doing at that time."

"Why should I prove it?"

"If you're innocent, you should be able to prove it. What's the problem?"

"You are the problem."


"No matter what I say, you won't believe me. You're already convinced in your heart that I'm the guilty one, aren't you? 

At Pyo Wol's words, Gwan Mu-su's jaw muscles twitched.

He didn't deny it outright.

For it was exactly as Pyo Wol had suspected.

Gwan Mu-su was already convinced that Pyo Wol was the one who had killed the seven sage scholar.

The palms of his hands tingled as he gripped the axe and straight sword.

It was the lingering effect of blocking the ghost blade Pyo Wol had unleashed. It was a destructive power that was hard to believe came from a mere assassin. Only an assassin with such martial arts could kill the Seven Sage Scholar so easily.

It didn't seem like any other assassin could kill the Seven Sage Scholar

Gwan Mu-su shouted loudly.

"Then prove it. If you prove it, there won't be any problems."


Gwan Mu-su's roar echoed through the streets.

There were those who answered him.

They were the warriors following Gwan Mu-su.

"That's right! Prove it."

"Why don't you prove that you didn't kill the Seven Sage Scholar?"

The warriors were caught up in Gwan Mu-su's intense emotions and shouted in unison.

The psychology of the crowd was so simple.

They were easily swayed by those they perceived as weak, and were more influenced by emotion than reason.

They thought that Gwan Mu-su was the weak one, and that the strong Pyo Wol should naturally prove his whereabouts.

A few rational people realised that the current situation was very dangerous. However, the crowd was radiating madness, and they couldn't bring themselves to argue.

"Prove it."

"How can an assassin walk around so boldly?"


People's criticism exploded.

Pyo Wol was an object of awe for many.

This was because he had achieved incredible results as a former assassin.

The success story of a person from the bottom was enough to touch many. With his dazzling appearance, it was natural for him to attract people's attention. However, for the same reason, there were those who envied and resented Pyo Wol.

No matter how great Pyo Wol's achievements were, they wouldn't accept him because of his background as an assassin.

Normally, they wouldn't even think about the assassin hiding in plain sight, but now his fame made him an eyesore.

They had held back because there had been no opportunity, but now that Gwan Mu-su had opened the gates, they rushed in.

Then it happened.

"You filthy assassin! Get out of here."


Someone cursed and threw a stone at Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol quickly waved his hand to deflect the stone and looked in the direction it had come from.

A man quickly hid in the crowd.

If it had been the usual Pyo Wol, he would have retaliated immediately and punished the man. 

But now he couldn't.

For others had joined in, throwing whatever they could at Pyo Wol.

People, driven by madness, denounced Pyo Wol, and their voices even influenced Gwan Mu-su.

Gwan Mu-su roared.

"Say something in your defence, you filthy murderer!"


But Pyo Wol did not answer his roar.

At that moment, the thread of reason that held Gwan Mu-su together snapped.

With eyes filled with rage, Gwan Mu-su aimed the large bow he carried on his back at Pyo Wol.

A steel arrow as long as a child's torso was already tied to the bow.


Gwan Mu-su let go of the bowstring.


"Oh my goodness!"

Some warriors shouted.

Throwing objects was one thing, but shooting an arrow with the intention of killing was something else entirely. 

The former could be excused as a crowd gone mad, but the latter left no room for justification.

There was no actual evidence that Pyo Wol had killed the seven sage scholar, yet Gwan Mu-su shot an arrow with the intention of killing.


Pyo Wol narrowly avoided the arrow.

The arrow flew past him and hit the Southern Heaven Pavilion.


With a loud explosion, one side of the wall was blown away.

It was a terrifying destructive force.



Screams could be heard from inside the Southern Heaven Pavilion.

Innocent people had been hit by the attack.

Without hesitation, Gwan Mu-su drew another arrow from the bowstring.

Three arrows this time.

It was the technique of shooting three arrows with one release.


The three arrows flew towards Pyo Wol at the same time.

It was a deadly attack.

Crossing the line would be an understatement for this situation.

The worst part was that if Pyo Wol dodged or endured those arrows, people might say that he had fled in fear of Gwan Mu-su's pursuit.

Pyo Wol dodged the arrows.


The arrows hit a nearby inn.

The wall of the inn was completely destroyed by the powerful arrow attack, which was imbued with an incredible amount of amount of internal energy.


"Save me!"

The innkeeper and his guests cried out in fear, but Gwan Mu-su didn't even look at them as he went after Pyo Wol.

One of the first things a hunter learns is how to track his target. They master the techniques to ensure that they never lose sight of their prey under any circumstances.

Gwan Mu-su accurately located Pyo Wol in the crowd and shot his arrows without hesitation. The steel bow he used was equipped with a special mechanism that maximised the destructive power of the arrows.

If a person was hit, it wasn't just a simple injury, his body would explode.

For this reason, Gwan Mu-su had always refrained from shooting arrows at humans. However, blinded by rage, he fired indiscriminately.

The problem was that he couldn't hit Pyo Wol, and innocent people were hit by his arrows instead. instead.


One person in Pyo Wol's path was hit by Gwan Mu-su's arrow and his body exploded on the spot. 

Pyo Wol moved swiftly through the crowd. To be precise, he dove into the crowd of warriors who had attacked him so furiously only moments before.



Those who had been indiscriminately attacking Pyo Wol were taken aback when he suddenly appeared among them.

Some of them thought that Pyo Wol was attacking them and swung their weapons.




Their attacks were fierce, but they couldn't touch a single thread of Pyo Wol's clothing.

Pyo Wol slipped through the gaps between them like a snake.

The warriors who had attacked him wore expressions of disbelief.


A terrible shock hit them.

It was Gwan Mu-su's arrow, aimed at Pyo Wol, that hit them instead.

The warriors couldn't even scream as their bodies exploded.

Fragments of flesh and bone flew in all directions.


"Get out of the way!"

The warriors, now covered in blood and flesh, panicked and fled in all directions.

The streets became chaotic.

Moments ago, they had viciously attacked and condemned Pyo Wol, but now they were fleeing for their lives.

"Move! Get out of the way!"

Gwan Mu-su's vision was blocked by the chaos and he became furious.

Then he caught a glimpse of Pyo Wol among the people.

Pyo Wol used the scattering soldiers as a shield to approach Gwan Mu-su.

With his life in danger, Gwan Mu-su mercilessly let go of his bowstring.


With a deafening noise, more warriors exploded. But Pyo Wol was nowhere to be seen.

He had already hidden behind other warriors.

Pyo Wol came closer and closer.

Gwan Mu-su's fear grew.

Losing his mind, Gwan Mu-su fired arrow after arrow, causing many people to explode. The streets became a living hell.

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