RDM (Novel) Chapter 392

C 392


Jang Ho-yeon exhaled deeply with his shirt off.

His chest and ribs were bruised and discoloured. It was a result of being hit by Yong Ha-sang's fist.

If Yong Ha-sang's energy had been a little stronger or Jang Ho-yeon's reaction a little slower, he would have been dead by now.

In fact, his injuries were quite serious. The internal damage was even worse than what was visible on the outside.

Yong Ha-sang's fist had shaken his internal organs to the core, and he would need to recuperate for at least a month.

But it wasn't just Jang Ho-yeon who was injured. He had also caused considerable damage to Yong Ha-sang's body.

Strictly speaking, it was a mutual defeat. However, Jang Ho-yeon was the one who gained the most in the end.

He had won the hearts of the people and gained moral vindication.

He was the one who had invited the seven sage scholar and asked the Hundred Wraith Union to assassinate him.

It would have been heavily criticised if the people of Kangho had known, but Jang Ho-yeon didn't care.

He had been extremely careful to keep it a secret.

He had contacted hundred Wraith Union directly. The less people knew the secret, the better. There would be no evidence of his involvement even after he died and woke up.


A grin spread over his face.

He was happy that the risk he had taken with his fate had paid off. However, he couldn't relax yet, especially since his physical condition was at its worst.

No matter how much he had won the hearts of the people and gained moral vindication, he couldn't do anything in his current state. 

But Jang Ho-yeon wasn't too worried.

He had the Elixir of Life pill, the secret formula of Rain Mountain Manor.

The elixir, called the Nine Yang Life Extension Pill (九陽續命丹) could heal even the most severe internal injuries as long as one had breath.

However, the ingredients were extremely difficult to obtain, so only two were successfully made at Rain Mountain Manor. One was kept by the owner of the manor, Jang Pyeong-san, and the other by Jang Ho-yeon.

Jang Ho-yeon took the Nine Yang Life Extension Pill and began practising his internal energy.

Soon, thick steam began to erupt from his entire body.

The heat of processing heals the wounds in the body, releasing impurities and fluids as steam.

In this state, Jang Ho-yeon continued to practice his internal energy until the next morning.


When he finally finished, all of his internal and external injuries had been thoroughly healed. Furthermore, his internal energy had increased by at least three times.

This was truly a blessing in disguise.


Jang Ho-yeon expressed his satisfaction with the state of his body.

In this physical condition, he felt he could subdue Yong Ha-sang in a hundred seconds if they were to fight again.

Jang Ho-yeon cleaned his body and changed into new clothes.

The crisp texture of the new clothes made him feel even more satisfied.

When he came out, the sun had already risen high in the sky.

"Are you outside?"

A middle-aged martial artist smiled at him.

The middle aged man with a faint red tinge in his eyes was none other than the Blood-eyed Demon Sword, Noh Shin-pil.

Noh Shin-pil was an elder of the Rain Mountain Manor.

Jang Ho-yeon bowed deeply to Noh Shin-pil.

"Thank you for coming, Elder!"

"Since it's a request from you, how could I not come?"

When Jang Ho-yeon was a young boy, he was the one who trained him in martial arts.

Aside from his father Jang Pyeong-san, Noh Shin-pil was the strongest martial artist in Rain Mountain Manor and and he was like a master to Jang Ho-yeon.

Naturally, the bond between the two was strong.

"How did it go?"

Instead of answering Jang Ho-yeon's question, Noh Shin-pil looked at his subordinate standing next to him. The subordinate was holding a small wooden box in his arms.

Following Noh Shin-pil's gaze, the subordinate carefully handed the box to Jang Ho-yeon.

When the lid of the box was opened, a human head was revealed.

It was a severed head placed inside the box.

"It's Lee Myung-hak of the Hundred Wraith Union. He was in charge of supporting the assassins."

"Is that so? Were there any who escaped?"

"I have killed all those I had been entrusted with."

"As expected of you, elder."

Jang Ho-yeon smiled with satisfaction.

Noh Shin-pil's work was so perfect that Jang Ho-yeon didn't need to worry. That was why he called Noh Shin-pil from so far away.

"It would have been nice if we had taken care of the assassin who killed the seven sage scholar.

"It can't be helped, can it? It's Lee Geom-han, not anyone else, who's involved, and we'll only arouse suspicion if we interfere."

"Lee-Geom han seems to be a delicate matter."

"Even Jang Mugak, the strongest man in the world, makes a face like he's chewing sand when he talks about him."

"Jang Mugak?"

"Yes! That's why we have to be careful. It's not that we should be afraid, but there's no point in causing problems with him now."


"You don't think he's going to find out about our connection to the assassin?"

"There is no possibility of that. The assassins themselves don't know who hired them, so how could anyone else find out? The reason we killed all those who supported the assassins was to be thorough, not because there was a risk of information leaking out."

"I see. If you say so, then it must be so."

Noh Shin-pil nodded his head.

Since he had taught Jang Ho-yeon martial arts since he was young, he knew better than anyone else how meticulous Jang Ho-yeon was.

"What are you going to do next?"

"First, I have to deal with the troublesome guest."


"You mean the unwelcome visitor?"

"Are you talking about Pyo... Wol?"


"Dealing with him will cause considerable damage to our side as well."

"There's no need to get our hands dirty, there are plenty of people who find him an eyesore even if we don't."

Jang Ho-yeon smiled.

A stone that sticks out too much will be struck.

Jealousy was one of the basic desires of humans.

Many people couldn't bear to see others succeed, and that was why.

The atmosphere was already set.

If someone throws a spark, a huge flame will rise.

There were a lot of people to throw sparks at.

The world was full of fools.


"Chi, Chil Hyeon...."

An old man with a bushy beard shed tears as he looked at the courpse of Seven Sage Scholar. 

The old man's name was Gwan Mu-su.

His nickname was Hot Blooded Hunter. Interestingly, he was a martial artist with a hunter background.

On his back he carried a greatbow larger than a child, and at his waist he had an axe, curved sword, and other hunting weapons.

Gwan Mu-su's friendship with the Seven Sage Scholar was as close as that of blood brothers. Their friendship, which began in their youth, has lasted until now, more than sixty years later.

Although they did not see each other often due to their different places of residence, they still met at least once a year.

Gwan Mu-su's area of activity was Baekunsan (White Cloud Mountain). Baekunsan was a huge mountain several hundred miles south of Lake Poyang.

Gwan Mu-su spent his twilight years hunting wild beasts on this mountain.


Before coming to Lake Poyang, the Seven Sage Scholar first sent a letter to Gwan Mu-su. He mentioned that he had business at Poyang Lake and suggested that they meet after a long time.

Upon receiving the invitation from his close friend, Gwan Mu-su dropped everything and hurried to the place. However, it was not the warm smile of his friend that greeted him, but rather a cold, lifeless body.

"Hey, buddy! Why are you like this? You said we'd drink for three days and nights, so why are you lying like this? Ugh!"

He buried his face in the seven sage scholar's embrace and sobbed loudly.

Gwan Mu-su's grief made the disciples of seven sage scholar gloomy.

Unable to bear it any longer, The Seven Sage Scholar's eldest disciple, Gong Ji-pyo, stepped forward.

"Please calm down. If you go on like this, our teacher won't be able to rest in peace."

"Who killed Chilhyeon?"

"That is..."

"Is it true that he killed him? Pyo Wol!"

"We can't be sure."

"So you're saying he didn't?"


Gong Ji-pyo made a troubled face.

It all happened in the blink of an eye.

In the thick smoke, they couldn't even tell if it was a man or a woman, let alone a face.

So they couldn't answer Gwan Mu-su's questions.

"Very well, I'll find out for sure when I ask him myself."

Gwan Mu-su stood up.

"Do you want to confront him directly?"

"Yes! The fastest way to confirm something is to hear it directly from the person."

"But he's the Reaper."

"So what if he is the Reaper? He may have the title, but that doesn't mean he's the real Reaper."

Gwan Mu-su's eyes were bloodshot.

"Please calm down. Even if it's true that he killed our master, we can't attack him recklessly."

"What is not allowed? Are you telling me to be a coward?"

"That's not what I mean..."

"I've never been indecisive in my life. That's why I could be friends with your teacher."

Like the Seven Sage Scholar, Gwan Mu-su was a person who gritted his teeth in the face of evil, so they became lifelong friends and would give their lives for each other.

Gwan Mu-su looked at the body of the Seven Sage Scholar and said, "I'll be back soon.

He didn't look back as he walked out.

The disciples asked Gong Ji-pyo with worried expressions.

"Senior, what should we do?"

"There's no guarantee that the reaper really killed our master."

"Let's follow and watch for now. Let the youngest guard our master's body, and the rest of us will go with him. "


They hurriedly followed Gwan Mu-su.

Thump! Thump!

As he walked with heavy footsteps, the eyes of the people focused on him.

With a huge bow on his back and various weapons hanging from his waist, people couldn't take their eyes from Gwan Mu-su.

He looked like someone who was going to fight.

Some of them recognised Gwan Mu-su.

"Isn't that Gwan Mu-su, the hot-blooded hunter?"

"Ah, that's right. The only person in the world who carries so many weapons on his body, Gwan Mu-su."

"Why is he so agitated?"

Thump! Thump!

Heavy footsteps echoed, and the eyes of the people were drawn to the man walking. He carried a massive bow on his back, and his waist was adorned with various weapons. People couldn't take their eyes off Gwan Mu-su.

Everyone could see that he was a man who was going to fight.

"Didn't you know? The Seven Sage Scholar and Gwan Mu-su are sworn brothers.

The people watched Gwan Mu-su with curious eyes.

Some of them, unable to contain their curiosity, followed Gwan Mu-su. And more people joined them.

By the time Gwan Mu-su arrived at the Southern Heaven Pavilion, about a hundred people were following him. A considerable number of them were skilled martial artists.


Gwan Mu-su kicked open the door and entered the Southern Heaven Pavilion.

The guests inside the inn were startled and stared at Gwan Mu-su, but no one dared to protest.

They were intimidated by his aura.

Gwan Mu-su looked around the inn for a moment and shouted.

"Pyo Wol! Come out."


With his roar, the Southern Heaven Pavilion seemed to shake as if it would collapse.

"Ugh!" "Argh!"

The guests inside the inn covered their ears in pain.

Some guests even bled from their eardrums.

Still, Gwan Mu-su did not care and let out another roar.

"Pyo Wol! I have something to say. Come out."

More victims emerged from his repeated roars.

"Ugh!" "Hup!"

People screamed in pain and rolled on the ground. Among them were skilled martial artists, but but they could not withstand Gwan Mu-su's roar.

His internal energy was truly formidable.

But even after his repeated roars, Pyo Wol did not appear.

Anger filled Gwan Mu-su's face.

"Is this how you want to come out?"

Gwan Mu-su muttered as he gathered his energy. His face turned red.

He wanted to unleash his roar with full power.

"Ugh!" "Run, run!"

The guests felt the dangerous atmosphere. They panicked and tried to flee the inn. However, their legs were weak from the previous roar and they couldn't move.


The faces of those with the weakened legs turned pale.

"No, this can't be!"

"Please, save us!"

But their pleas did not reach Gwan Mu-su's ears.

"Pyo Wol..."

It was the moment Gwan Mu-su was about to unleash his roar once more.


A flying dagger came towards him.

The dagger, the size of a child's palm, was aimed at Gwan Mu-su's stomach.

Gwan Mu-su quickly stopped his roar, pulled out an axe and struck the dagger away.


With a metallic sound, the dagger bounced away. But there was no time to relax. The dagger, as if it were a living creature, flew towards Gwan Mu-su again.


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