RDM (Novel) Chapter 394

C 394

Namgung Seol's eyes were deeper than ever before.
The chaotic scene of the streets was reflected in her eyes.
Gwan Mu-su was going berserk.
His iron arrows were turning the streets into hell.
"Was it that bad?"
Pyo Wol's martial arts skills far exceeded her imagination.
Gwan Mu-su's steel bow had an incredibly formidable power. However, no matter how powerful the bow was, it was useless if it couldn't hit its target.
Pyo Wol dodged all the arrows Gwan Mu-su fired with his ghostly agility. Not only that, he also led Gwan Mu-su's attacks towards the soldiers by diving into their midst.
Many people were killed or injured by the unexpected attacks.
As a result, the warriors who were directly or indirectly affected by the attacks directed their anger at Gwan Mu-su.
"How could you attack like that?"
"We tried to help you, but you repay our kindness with enmity."
They angrily attacked Gwan Mu-su.
Only then did Gwan Mu-su regain his senses and shouted.
"No, that's not what I meant..."
He hastily tried to explain himself, but his words didn't reach the ears of the enraged warriors.
In any case, they had come together based on mob psychology, without any strong bond.
There was no existence of trust or faith in each other.
And the one who fanned the flames was none other than Pyo Wol.
Screams erupted from among the soldiers.
The ones screaming were the very people who had been blindly condemning Pyo Wol in the front line.
A soul reaping thread pierced through a warrior's shoulder.
Pyo Wol swung the soul reaping thread, throwing the warrior into the crowd.
Several warriors rolled on the ground after being struck by the warrior thrown by Pyo Wol.
A nearby warrior's eyes widened in rage as he charged towards Pyo Wol.

"You son of a..."

At that moment, a ghost blade was embedded in his shoulder.

The charging warrior tumbled backward.

Pyo Wol retrieved the ghost blade that had been stuck in the warrior's shoulder using the soul reaping thread. 

The nearby warriors swung their weapons at Pyo Wol.

However, their weapons didn't even touch Pyo Wol's body.

Pyo Wol used the Black Lightning technique.

By controlling the brainpower that existed within the human body, he could think and move several times faster than usual, raising his physical reaction speed to the maximum.

Pyo Wol's eyes quickly scanned the faces of the warriors.mymtlnoveltranslations

He saw the face he was looking for.

The moment their eyes met, the man tried to run away frantically. However, Pyo Wol did not allow him to escape.


Pyo Wol threw the ghost blade.

The blade accurately embedded itself in the man's thigh.


The man screamed and fell to his knees.

Pyo Wol grabbed the man's neck and threw him forward.


The man rolled roughly on the ground, his limbs bending in unnatural directions.


The man groaned with his face buried in the ground.

It seemed as if all his limbs were broken. He couldn't move at all.mymtlnoveltranslations

Pyo Wol moved to find his next target.


At that moment, an arrow shot by Gwan Mu-su flew towards him. However, without even visually confirming it, Pyo Wol lightly maneuvered his body and dodged the arrow.



The arrow lodged itself into the chest of an innocent warrior.

The warrior collapsed with a terrible scream.

Pyo Wol took a quick glance behind him.
A terribly distorted face of Gwan Mu-su came into view.

The bearded old warrior looked desperate, as if he would burst into tears at any moment.

Several corpses already lay at his feet.

They were the warriors who had charged at him.

Since they couldn't just die obediently, they fought back, and as a result, all those who charged at him met their doom.

Gwan Mu-su's martial arts were crude and rough, so he wasn't delicate enough to capture people alive.

The current carnage was the result.

He had killed the warriors to survive, but his heart was filled with guilt.

Although he had a hasty temperament, earning him the nickname "Hot Blooded Hunter," he had never committed any injustice or captured living people in his entire life. Yet, because of Pyo Wol, he had already killed over ten innocent people.

The guilt tormented him, but he couldn't stop now either.

Whether he succeeded or failed, he had to subdue Pyo Wol. Only then could he receive even a small atonement for what he had done. mymtlnoveltranslations

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

He shot a series of arrows.

The arrows flew in a curve.

It was a bending shot.

The arrow aimed for Pyo Wol's breath through the crowd of warriors. However, Pyo Wol once again used a nearby warrior as a shield.



Fortunately, the warrior did not die from the impact, but after being hit by the arrow, he was soon in a critical state.

Gwan Mu-su slammed his bow on the ground and shouted.

"You coward! Fight me fair and square! Aren't you ashamed?"

But Pyo Wol didn't respond.

He didn't feel the need to answer.

Fairness is something the ones in a favorable position can talk about.

There was no reason for someone in a disadvantageous situation to be fair.

Even by using underhanded tactics, he had to seize victory.

That was the survival strategy Pyo Wol had learned. mymtlnoveltranslations

By chance, he gained fame and recognition in Kangho, but in essence, he was still an assassin.

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Pyo Wol's mouth.

It seemed as if he had finally woken up from his dream and returned to reality.


The ghost blade and the soul reaping threads were launched simultaneously.

Each time, someone screamed.


Gwan Mu-su drew his longsword and chased after Pyo Wol.


The huge longsword cut through the air, aiming for Pyo Wol. However, Pyo Wol skillfully dodged the sword and attacked another warrior. mymtlnoveltranslations


With a scream, the warrior fell.

He didn't die but writhed like a bug.

More than twenty people had fallen and screamed like that. Pyo Wol had subdued so many warriors without even a scratch on him.

His face was still pale, and his breathing didn't become labored. The warriors became disgusted by Pyo Wol's appearance.



They knew Pyo Wol was called the "Reaper," but they couldn't fully grasp the reality of it. That's why they were swayed by mob mentality and poured out their criticism towards Pyo Wol.
Perhaps they hoped that they might be able to bring down Pyo Wol, the great fighter, to their level.

But the martial arts skills of Pyo Wol that they witnessed firsthand exceeded their imagination.

No matter how many sheep gather, they cannot stop a tiger; no matter how much they combined their strength, they could not defeat Pyo Wol.

Now they truly realized this fact.

Pyo Wol's eyes quickly scanned the crowd. And finally, he found the person he had targeted from the beginning.

He was the man who had first thrown a stone at Pyo Wol.


The man's eyes met Pyo Wol's, and he tried to escape with a frightened face.


Only then did the man realize.

The people Pyo Wol had knocked down were all those who had incited the crowd.

Those who criticized Pyo Wol and provoked people to explode with aggression.

All of them were now injured by Pyo Wol, moaning like wounded animals.

The man had thrown the stone at Pyo Wol to trigger other people's attacks.

He knew from experience that when the atmosphere became heated, a small shock could cause an explosion. So he threw the stone at Pyo Wol, and as he expected, people's anger exploded.

Immediately after, he hid among the crowd.

He did it to watch the fight he had provoked. But before he could enjoy it, this commotion occurred.

'Is it possible? Did he remember all those people in that instant?'

He could do it because he was watching people's reactions from within the crowd, but Pyo Wol was in a situation where he was receiving criticism.

It was hard to believe that Pyo Wol had found and remembered those who were inciting the crowd in such a difficult situation.

It was an inhuman level of observation and memory. akhi buy me a coffee

But his thoughts did not continue any further.

Something sharp wrapped around his ankle.


The man screamed and fell, then was dragged backward.

'No, this can't be happening!'

The man desperately tried to resist by clawing at the ground. But despite his efforts, he was dragged helplessly to Pyo Wol's feet.


When he raised his head, he saw Pyo Wol's face looking down at him.

A beautiful smile was on Pyo Wol's face, like that of a woman. The moment the man saw that smile, he wet himself in fear.

He was terrified.

He was so scared that he could not think of anything.

Just seeing Pyo Wol's smile made him feel the fear of death.

He struggled, but it was useless.

He couldn't move an inch, as if Pyo Wol had cast some spell on him.

At that moment,

"You rat-like bastard!"

Gwan Mu-su finally caught up with Pyo Wol. akhi buy me a coffee

He swung his straight sword at Pyo Wol without any hesitation.


The powerful internal energy-filled sword slashed horizontally at Pyo Wol's waist. But in that moment, Pyo Wol disappeared as if it were a lie.

Gwan Mu-su had cut through Pyo Wol's illusion.

Pyo Wol had used an illusion technique to deceive his eyes.


He appeared silently behind Gwan Mu-su.

Realizing that what he had cut was an illusion, Gwan Mu-su gritted his teeth and spun around like a top.

It was the pivoting slash, a form of spinning sword.

His sword was adorned with stone-like beads of various lengths.


The sharp blade tore through the air.

It was so destructive that no opponent dared to approach it. However, even such a technique could not stop Pyo Wol's approach.

His reaction time after unleashing the black lightning was beyond human limits.

Even though Gwan Mu-su spun at terrifying speeds, almost invisible to the eye, Pyo Wol could see the gap between the spins. akhi buy me a coffee

He dived into the gap and struck.



Gwan Mu-su screamed as the spinning technique broke.

The sword in his hand was shattered, and the hand holding it was covered in blood.

Pyo Wol caught up to Gwan Mu-su as he bounced backwards at a terrifying speed.


Gwan Mu-su gritted his teeth and reached for the hatchet in his waistband, but before he could, Pyo Wol grabbed his wrist.

Pyo Wol relentlessly twisted his wrist.



Gwan Mu-su screamed.

His wrist was completely twisted.

Bits of broken bone protruded through his flesh.

Gwan Mu-su felt his mind go blank from the excruciating pain, but Pyo Wol's attack didn't end there.


A hollow kick slammed into Gwan Mu-su's abdomen.

Unable to scream, Gwan Mu-su was sent flying and crashed into the wall.

The wall half-collapsed, crushing him.

His wrists were twisted and he was covered in blood.

Fortunately, Gwan Mu-su was still alive at that point.

He was barely breathing.


Pyo Wol stood in front of him.

He managed to lift his head and look up.

He could see Pyo Wol looking down at him.

He didn't seem to be breathing hard.

He had a slight flush on his cheeks.

Pyo Wol glared down at Gwan Mu-su.

"Do you still think I killed your friend?"


Gwan Mu-su couldn't answer.

If he opened his mouth, he felt like he would vomit up fresh blood.

His insides were a mess of internal wounds.

Even though he had attacked with all his might, Pyo Wol had wounded him deeply in an instant.

He believed that with his martial arts skills, he would be able to injure him, if not kill him. But his faith was shattered, and the reality was devastating.

Pyo Wol laughed.

"Tell me. Why would I need to sneak up to kill your friend?"


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