RDM (Novel) Chapter 334

C 334

A customer came to the Taeho First Pavillion.

It was an old man with tattered clothes and disheveled hair.

A faint scent of blood was emanating from the old man's body. This caused the people nearby to hold their noses and step back.

"Ew! What's that smell?"

"Is it the smell of blood?"

The faces of those looking at the old man showed expressions as if they were looking at dirty filth. 

However, the old man looked around the guest room with a nonchalant expression, as if used to such reactions.

The old man had childlike eyes.

This was because he had found the person he was looking for.

It was none other than Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol was sitting by the window where Taeho could be seen brightly. 

The picturesque scenery of Taeho and Pyo Wol's handsome face looked like a painting when combined.

"How unfair the world is."

He thought he had lost all feelings of jealousy as he grew older, but seeing Pyo Wol reminded him that such feelings still existed within him.


The old man sighed and approached Pyo Wol.

He took the initiative to embrace him and pretended to know him.

"Master Pyo!"

"You came in person."

Pyo Wol turned his head to look at the old man.

The old man was none other than the branch manager of Hao Clan’s Taeho branch.

"I was worried that I might make a mistake when sending my subordinates to meet you just by looking at your appearance. And I also wanted to see Taeho's scenery while I'm at it. The scenery here is truly magnificent."

"Sit down!"

"Thank you!"

The old man sat down across from Pyo Wol, who poured tea for him.

"I'm honored. To be served tea by the Reaper. Hehe

“Did you come here to say such useless things?”

“Of course not. I just wanted to relieve the tension, but I see it didn't go over well.”

“I don't like unnecessary words.”

“Is that so? Then read this. Everything we've learned is summarized here.”

The old man pulled a small booklet from his arms and handed it to Pyo Wol.

Inside the booklet, everything about the Cheolsan workshop and the Iron Mountain Manor was written.

It was filled with details about why the grandfather of Tang Cheolsan left Sichuan and settled in this distant place, how he built the workshop, how great his ambition was, and what he did to create the current workshop.

Pyo Wol read every single word of it.


With nothing left to read, Pyo Wol closed the booklet.

It was certain that Tang Cheolsan was the one who commissioned the death of Tang Sochu from the assassins of the hundred Wraith Union.

The booklet even contained evidence that Tang Cheolsan had made contact with the hundred Wraith Union.

If Tang Cheolsan had not commissioned the hundred Wraith Union, Pyo Wol's departure to Kangho might have been delayed.

“Where is Tang Cheolsan's residence?”

"As written, he usually stays in the Iron Mountain Manor's Hall of Beauty, which is guarded by his hired martial artists."

“What is the structure of Iron Mountain Manor?”

“I knew you would ask, so I brought the architectural plan from when it was built.”

The old man pulled out a neatly folded piece of paper from his arms and handed it to Pyo Wol
As Pyo Wol unfolded the paper, the blueprint of Iron Mountain Manor was revealed.

“It's thorough.”

“It's the request of master Pyo himself, so of course we have to pay attention.”

The old man spoke honestly.

When he first heard the news, he was dumbfounded. It had only taken half a day for the Sword Flower Pavilion to fall into disrepair.

The Sword Flower Pavillion was not a faction that would crumble so easily.

Although it was a disadvantage that it consisted only of women, their unity was so strong that it was difficult for the Namgyeong Clan or the long river fortress to easily confront them.

Their power, centered around Go Yeon-soo and Eum Yujeong, was tremendous.

In particular, thanks to Eum Yujeong’s ability to walk a tightrope between men, there was no other sect or martial artist in Taeho who dared to stand up to them.

Even the old master had no idea that the Sword Flower Pavillion, who had enjoyed such great influence, would collapse in an instant.

"It's not just his martial arts, but his mindset as well. In such a short time, he's managed to create a rift within the Sword Flower Pavilion, causing a self-inflicted crisis.

People thought that Eum Yujeong had safely escaped from Taeho, but the old master knew it was not true.

After abolishing Eum Yujeong's martial arts, Go Yeon-soo secretly hired a slave trader.

She could not forgive her disciple for abandoning her and attempting to escape.

It was certain that Eum Yujeong would be reduced to a miserable existence in some backwoods brothel somewhere.

It was Pyo Wol who was responsible for all of this.

Trying to solve everything with just strength was an impossible task for the martial artists.

 Pyo Wol had let Eum Yujeong go not out of generosity, but because of his personal reasons.

The old man knew how miserable those who had become Pyo Wol's enemies had fallen.

There was no such martial artist in Kangho at present.

Many people simply thought of him as an Assassin, but Pyo Wol was a being that could not be defined by just that word.

"What did Kangho do to create such a monster?

The old master thought that he could never understand the will of the heavens.

 Pyo Wol's voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Is there still no news of Hong Yushin?"

"No, there isn't."

"I see."

"Phew! I'm doing my best, but I can't guarantee that we can find Lord Hong at this point."

"So, are you giving up on finding him?"

"How could that be? It's just a complaint. I'm just saying it's tough."

The old master got up from his seat.

He felt that if he continued talking to Pyo Wol, his old heart would not be able to handle it.

The old master surrounded Pyo Wol.

"I'll be going now."

He opened the door of the guest room and went out.

 Pyo Wol was left alone and gazed at the map of the Iron Mountain Manor.

As with most manors, the map of the Iron Mountain Manor was very complex. 

It seemed impossible to completely memorize the structure just by looking at the picture.

However, Pyo Wol was able to memorize the structure without any difficulty.

Pyo Wol used the Fire Qi, and the paper and booklet in his hand turned to ash in an instant…


The expression on Tang Cheolsan's face was very serious.

"Did the Sword Flower Pavillion really collapse like that?"

Normally, he would have watched the collapse of the Sword Flower Pavillion with pleasure. 

There is nothing more enjoyable than the collapse of a powerful competitor. But the emotion he was feeling now was closer to fear than joy.

The collapse of the Sword Flower Pavillion meant that Iron Mountain Manor and the workshop could easily collapse as well.

Tang Cheolsan looked at the paper in front of him with a gloomy gaze.

The paper contained rough information about Pyo Wol. 

Obtaining detailed information was difficult, but it was not difficult to understand how Pyo Wol came here and where it came from.

What caught Tang Cheolsan's attention was the place where Pyo Wol first appeared.

"Chengdu in Sichuan. Could it have anything to do with that guy?"

He didn't think it would, but an ominous feeling crept into his heart.

Tang Cheolsan was not just a person with good means. He also had well-developed intuition and an exceptional ability to sense danger.

His intuition was telling him that there might be some connection between Pyo Wol and the assassin he had hired to kill Tang Sochu.

He believed that Pyo Wol's arrival here was not a coincidence.

"Shit! What the hell is the Hundred Wraith Union’s assassin’s doing?"

Sweat broke out on his palms in his restlessness.

There had been no contact from the assassin he had hired. 

Even if he was slacking off, good news should have come by now. 

But the fact that there was no contact meant that there was a high probability that things had gone wrong.

That's when it happened.


The window silently opened, and someone crept into his room. Despite this, Tang Cheolsan did not notice and mumbled.

"Was it a mistake to trust the Hundred Wraith Union?"


At that moment, a voice came from behind, and Tang Cheolsan shivered all over.

When he turned around, he saw a man wearing a black robe and a strange mask. 

The mask had a ghostly tongue sticking out of it, and Tang Cheolsan was stunned again.

"Who are you?"

"The one from the place where you placed your request."

"So, you're an assassin from the Hundred Wraith Union?"

"Right! I am the Blood-eyed Ghost, ranked 15th among Hundred Wraith Union's assassins."

"I, I called the intermediary... When I made the request before..."

Tang Cheolsan stuttered.

Even when he made the request before, he had not personally met Hundred Wraith Union. 

There was a kind of intermediary who connected them and through whom he had placed the request

That was why he had never met the Hundred Wraith Union's assassins directly.

Meeting one of Hundred Wraith Union's assassins was already a daunting task, let alone someone ranked 15th.

Tang Cheolsan swallowed dryly and asked.

"Why did Blood-eyed Ghost come in person?"

"Oh! To apologize."

"What? For what..."

"The request you made before. I found out that Baekrok was assigned to it."


"Yes! He's one of the main assassins. The problem is that he was too greedy and tried to bundle and perform requests that came from both Yunnan and Sichuan.His plan was to travel up the mountain to Yunnan and Sichuan to carry out the killings, but he ran into trouble."

"What problem?"

"He died in the middle."

"If he died, what about the request?"

"Of course, it failed. The problem was that the place where he died, Sichuan, was too far away, and he acted independently, so Hundred Wraith Union was too late to investigate the truth. If you hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known until the end. We don't care much about each other unless we're close colleagues."

Tang Cheolsan cleared his throat.

He had thought something had gone wrong with the job, but he never imagined that the hired assassin would be dead.

"So you're saying none of the tasks I requested were completed."

"That's right! That's why I'm here instead of the intermediary."

At the response, Tang Cheolsan saw a glimmer of hope.

"Are you saying you'll take on my request instead, the Blood-eyed Ghost?"

"If the price is right."

"I've already paid the price."

"Hmph! There's a huge difference in rank between Baekrok and me. Naturally, there would be a big difference in the cost of the request."

"If I pay more, will you perform the request yourself?"

"There's nothing I can't do."

"Even if it's the Reaper?"

"Hmph! The rumors in Kangho often get blown out of proportion like a snowball."

The Blood-eyed Ghost laughed behind his mask.

Originally, Blood-eyed Ghost was not someone who would act on Tang Cheolsan's requests. He only moved for much larger requests that paid more.

Nevertheless, he came here because of his personal greed.

"Because of that man, Pyo Wol, there is a vacancy in the ten blood killers. If I kill Pyo Wol, I can get into the ten blood killers."

That's why he skipped everything and even skipped the intermediary to come here himself when Tang Cheolsan made the re-request.

To join the ten blood killers, someone needed undeniable merit.

Especially for someone like him who was ranked fifteenth, he needed to leave a strong impression.

Pyo Wol was a new martial artist who emerged in Kangho.

Because of Pyo Wol's powerful moves, some saw him as a more fearful presence than the hundred wraith union.

For Blood-eyed Ghost, it was a blow to his pride.

He had lived his whole life as an assassin. He not only had great pride in himself but also had a big ambition to become the lord of the hundred wraith union someday.

This request was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him.

Tang Cheolsan cautiously said, "Okay, I'll request it from you."
"It's a good choice. You won't regret it."

"How much is it?"

"100,000 nyang of gold."


At the mention of such an enormous amount, Tang Cheolsan let out a sigh of disappointment. But the Blood-eyed Ghost spoke confidently.

"I have to admit, he's a giant. He's the one who killed Baekrok, who was performing your request. Do you think he'll just leave you alone? 100,000 nyang may be a large sum of money, but if you think of it as the value of your life, it's a small price to pay. What will you do? Will you cancel your request?"

"Well, that's..."

"It's better to make a quick decision. I won't be staying here for long."

"If I make the request, will you definitely kill him?"

"I'm the Blood-eyed Ghost. No one who has been my target has ever survived."

"Okay. If you kill him, I will give you the 100,000 nyang."

"Good. I hate people who change their minds."

"O-of course."

"Then come with good news before the sun rises tomorrow."

As the Blood-eyed Ghost confidently spoke and stood up, Tang Cheolsan suddenly looked pensive.

"Uh, um..."

"What is it?"

"Behind you..."

Tang Cheolsan pointed his finger behind the Blood-eyed Ghost. 

The Blood-eyed Ghost quickly turned around, feeling a shiver down his spine. 

There stood Pyo Wol.

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