RDM (Novel) Chapter 338

C 338

With the red flesh falling to the ground, the world before Ji Gun Seong turned dark as if a volcano had erupted in his mouth, leaving him unable to scream and writhing on the ground in pain.

Fresh blood flowed from his mouth, staining his chin and chest red.

"Stop it!"

It didn't take long to realize that the red flesh on the ground was his own tongue.

He had not even seen how Pyo Wol had used his hands.

If Pyo Wol wanted to, he could have taken his life.

However, Pyo Wol had chosen a more brutal revenge by cutting off his tongue to prevent him from spreading his eloquent lies again.

"Master Ju!"

"Hurry, stop the bleeding!"

The surviving martial artists rushed over to help, but they could not reattach the severed tongue.

Overwhelmed by the pain and shock, Ji Gun Seong rolled his eyes and fainted.

One of the martial artists from the shadowless pavilion shouted with a bitter expression, "Did it have to be this way? Couldn't you have just refused with words? You, a master who has reached such a high level, should know how to handle commoners. That's the dignity of a master. I am really disappointed."


"Yes. High-level masters usually show mercy to commoners. That's the dignity of a master. But you have none of that. I am really disappointed."

"You're one of his disciples."


"You're just a living mouthpiece. You would have made people think that I hurt Ji Gun Seong for no reason. You whispered sweet words to manipulate me as you pleased. You're a parasite. You're not the only one. You all tried to use me like parasites."

The martial artist bit his lip.

He wanted to refute it, but he couldn't find the right words.

Pyo Wol's words were like a sharp sword piercing his heart.

'To take advantage of someone like this? Damn it! It was impossible in the first place.'

The man in front of him was not just a simple martial artist with strong martial arts skills. He was also brilliant and had exceptional intellect.

He was not a man who could be easily swayed by a few words.

It was perhaps inevitable that this would be the result of trying to manipulate someone like him through flattery and deceit.

The martial artist looked around the inn anxiously.

He wanted to see the customers' reactions. But the moment he saw their faces and eyes, he could only despair.

They all looked at him with contemptuous eyes. Some even laughed at him.

There was not a single person who supported the Shadowless pavilion.

There wasn't a single person taking the side of the Shadowless pavilion. 

Although they didn't say anything, it seemed like they considered it karma that Ji Gun Seong's tongue was cut off and the Shadowless pavilion’s warriors were wounded.

"Let's go back."

In the end, the martial artists from the Shadowless pavilion left the inn, supporting the wounded Ji Gun Seong and his colleagues. The innkeeper and the shopkeeper quickly cleared away the broken furniture.

Pyo Wol spoke to the innkeeper, "I'm sorry, some more things broke because of me."

"Oh, no, it's okay. Thanks to you, Taeho First Pavillion's reputation has increased significantly. People say that this inn where Master Pyo stays is a sacred place. Thanks to you, Taeho First Pavilion has become a famous inn."

The innkeeper smiled brightly as he replied.

Just having a large and flashy inn is not enough to attract people's attention.
There were famous inns in historic sites that captured people's attention with interesting stories.

Such stories were lacking at the Taeho First Pavillion, but as long as Pyo Wol stayed there, a story was unfolding.

Despite frequent incidents and accidents, the owner welcomed Pyo Wol's long stay, and the guest house's reputation grew along with it.

In an instant, the owner and servants replaced the broken objects with new ones, and peace was restored to the guest house.

It was still raining outside.

Raindrops hitting the surface of the water created countless ripples, and Pyo Wol silently watched it.

And then, it happened.

Suddenly, Gwia, who had been wrapped around Pyo Wol's arm, began to move.

Gwia wasn't known for being active in crowded places, so Pyo Wol couldn't help but pay attention.

Gwia climbed up Pyo Wol's clothes.

When it reached Pyo Wol's neck, Gwia poked its head out between the collar.

Gwia's small, bright red tongue flicked in and out repeatedly. It was a completely different movement than before.

Gwia was quick and alert, as if it were sensing something.

Pyo Wol followed Gwia's gaze, which was fixed on the center of the Taeho lake.

Beyond the pouring rain, the surface of the water was rippling.

The waves were surging as if they were hitting the shore.

It was happening towards this direction.

If it were the ocean, it would make sense, but this was a lake. It was as big as a mistaken ocean, but it didn't change the fact that it was a lake.

It was impossible for such huge waves to occur in a lake without some artificial intervention.

Pyo Wol stood up and looked at the waves. In the center of the waves, he saw someone standing upright.

It was an old man who was impossible to guess his age.

The old man's blood-red robes and lanky hair were untouched by the rain. His eyes, sunken into his hawkish nose, made him look sullen.

The old man's gaze, traveling on the waves, suddenly met Pyo Wol's.

Instantly, the old man's eyes lit up.

The old man tapped the bottom, and the tidal wave stopped, and the water surface rose.

Huge red eyes glinted through the rushing water.

Something huge was beneath the surface, and the old man had stepped on its head and crossed the lake.

Shh! Shh!

Gwia let out a soft whistling sound as he looked at the giant thing the old man was stepping on.

The huge thing was also looking at Gwia. The moment Pyo Wol saw the vertically split pair of giant irises, he realized its true identity.


A giant snake that had failed to become a dragon.

It was a creature that would be mentioned only in legends.

It was also the first time Pyo Wol had actually seen it.

It barely showed only two eyes and the head above the water surface, yet it was bigger than the combined height of many people.

The old man riding the Imoogi muttered as he looked at Pyo Wol, "You saw me? You're an interesting one."

His voice thundered in Pyo Wol's ears, but the people in the room were talking to each other as if they didn't hear it.

Even though there was such a giant Imoogi outside the window, no one seemed to see it.

"Is he using a trick to hinder our perception?” Pyo Wol's expression became solemn.

With a swish, the Imoogi, carrying the old man slowly approached the Taeho First Pavillion.

Then, the huge wave that he had seen before rose again.

The Imoogi raised its head and lifted the old man. Then, the old man and Pyo Wol were facing each other at an equal eye level.

"Penetration of the Invisibility Technique. You're not an ordinary person. What's your name?"

"Pyo Wol!"

"Pyo Wol? The guy who has been called the Reaper lately."

The old man looked interested.

"Who is the old man?"

"My name is Gyeongmusaeng."


"You don't seem to know. Well, that's understandable. It's been over ten years since I was last active in Kango."

The corner of the martial artist's mouth twisted.

It was a dry smile that gave the viewer a creepy feeling.

The martial artist spoke.

"When I was active in the martial arts world, the gossipy people used to lump me together with the Eight Constellations."

"Eight Constellations?"

"Yes! They called me the Master of Life and Death. Funny, isn't it? They judged me and lumped me together with those insignificant people."

The martial artist laughed at the people.

It seemed as if he was not only mocking the gossipy people but also the entire Kangho.

A man who could tame and ride the Imoogi like this surely had the qualifications to laugh at the world.

"You have the qualifications to stand eye-to-eye with me. Just by understanding my Silver Art Technique, you have enough qualifications. And that little snake, too."

The martial artist's gaze turned to the little Gwia nestled in the nape of Pyo Wol's neck.

Gwia was staring at the Imoogi.

Although the small snake was barely the size of a speck of dust in the giant Imoogi’s eyes, it was still determined to fight.

The Imoogi was a snake that couldn't become a dragon.

It was also a creature that could be called the King of Snakes.

Naturally, all other snakes instinctively obeyed the Imoogi's authority, but only the little Gwia was fussing over it.

The martial artist found this sight to be interesting.

Pyo Wol asked the martial artist, "What's going on here?"

"I'm looking for someone."


"Yes! I've been looking for him for a long time. And recently, I found out that he came to Taeho."

"Who are you looking for that you're moving so loudly?"

"Hahaha! You're amusing. You're the first person to say that to me. Moving loudly like this."

"Because you're riding on such a huge snake."

"Hehe! No one else can see this little guy except for you. I made it that way. So there's no need to move loudly."

"Is that the Silver Art Technique?"

"That's right. There are only a few people in the world who can see through the Silver Art Technique. Only one or two people among the eight constellations can do it. So you can be proud of yourself."

The martial artist's words were very arrogant.

It sounded like he was looking down on Pyo Wol.

But Pyo Wol didn't pay much attention and asked, "Who are you looking for?"

"The Ghost King!"

"The man who is known as the mysterious man in Kangho?"

"Oh! You seem to know who the Ghost King is."

"I've heard of him."

In Sichuan Province, there was a child that the seven star sect was desperately pursuing.

The boy's name was Nam Shin-woo, and he had an extraordinary healing power that could instantly heal even the most serious wounds.

Hong Yushin said that such a boy was similar to the Ghost King. That's why he became the target of the powerful figures in Kangho.

It was because they believed that if they exposed the boy's secret, they would become immortal like the Ghost King.

In the end, the Wind Saint took Nam Shin-woo away and the situation was resolved.

No news had been heard of what happened to Nam Shin-woo since then.

The martial artist asked, "Have you seen the Ghost King?"


"I guess not. It wouldn't be the Ghost King if he were that easy to spot."

"Then why are you looking for him?"

"Hmph! If I tell you why, you will have to die, but will you mind?"

"You can kill me?"

"You're quite fearless. But then again, if you've reached that level at such a young age, it's okay to be fearless. But listen, kid! The world is much broader than what you know. Although you're outstanding among the young generation, there are many monsters out there who are no less formidable than you. And this guy, he's eaten a lot of those monsters."

The martial artist kicked the head of the Imoogi. As a result, the python's eyes turned ferocious.

It is said that the eyes of a snake have the power to paralyze the soul of its prey.

It's not clear if this is actually true, but it is a fact that the eyes of a snake have the power to control the mind of its prey.

If an ordinary person were to meet the Imoogi's gaze, their mind would likely become hazy.

Unfortunately, the Imoogi’s gaze had no effect on Pyo Wol.

He had survived the snake pit.

It wasn't just because of his immunity to snake venom. Pyo Wol deeply understood the thinking and physiology of snakes, and was able to empathize with them.

Pyo Wol reached out his hand toward Imoogi's snout. The martial artist laughed at him.

"Hehe! You dare to touch the Imoogi. You're just asking to be bitten."

He stopped talking and looked at the Imoogi..

Contrary to his expectations, the Imoogi was enjoying Pyo Wol's touch with its eyes closed.

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