TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 241


C 241

Raon went to the river on his own. The flowing river water looked like it had already forgotten about the battle that had happened a moment ago.

“The color is still dark.”

The Gazel River was wavering with its turquoise color, as if green tea leaves were scattered in it. The cloudiness made it difficult to believe that it was the same place as the clear river he’d seen in his previous life.

‘They said that this was unrelated to the Blue Lughs’ change.’

He had asked the crew just in case, but they said that the aggression from the Blue Lughs had started a long time after the river turned darker.

‘It’s still strange, though.’

The Blue Lughs knew more about water than any other race. It was simply impossible that their onslaught was unrelated to the change in the water.

‘I would’ve been nice if they could talk.’

It was really a shame that the Blue Lughs were unable to talk, unlike the other demi-humans.

Raon shook his head after staring into the water for a while.

‘Let’s think about the water later.’

There were too many unknown factors concerning the change of the Blue Lugh tribe and the river’s color. It was necessary to find the clues step by step during his stay.

‘I need to prepare for battle now.’

The biggest reason the Doran Villagers and the crew at the Gazel River were so fond of Tyler was because of his water walking footwork.

‘Because the sailors are afraid of water.’

People living near rivers and oceans were, ironically, afraid of the river and the ocean. The reason they periodically performed rites and prayed for safety was because they were afraid of the water.

‘And that’s the reason Tyler is admired so much.’

Tyler trampled on the river that everyone was afraid of to chase away the Blue Lughs and save people. Since his appearance was as dignified as the god of water, it wasn’t strange that the villagers were shouting his name as they cheered for him.

Raon smiled faintly while thinking about Tyler’s footwork that allowed him to move around the rough water as if he were on the ground.

“There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to do that.”

‘Since I’ve already finished extracting all of the principles.’

Raon slowly closed his eyes, resonating the Ring of Fire to the extreme. He focused his mind on the majestic flow created by the clash between the rings.

Emission was the base.

Tyler’s footwork consisted in emitting aura from the mana circuit at the center of his feet, just like spreading aura from a sword, to float on the water.

Since it wasn’t too difficult to achieve as long as he knew the principles, he practiced multiple times on the ground before going to the river.


Raon inhaled deeply. He controlled Glacier just like Tyler had done, then stepped on the river water.


His body floated on the water, while the aura spreading from his feet created concentric waves. He could feel the sticky and soft sensations at the same time, as if he were stepping in shallow mud.


Raon frowned while floundering his limbs.

“This is more difficult than I thought…”

It was extremely difficult to keep his balance, unlike when he practiced on the ground. His body was faltering left and right because of the difference between the auras in his feet.

“Oh no!”

Raon flailed his arms like reeds fluttering into the wind, eventually falling into the water.


He sighed while wading to the riverbank. He figured that he needed to achieve balance in his body and perfect harmony with the mana in his feet in order to stand on the surface of water.

“I’ll try again.”

He slightly increased Glacier’s intensity and stepped on the water. He tried walking this time, instead of standing still.


Glacier created a thin layer of ice on the surface, enabling him to walk slowly. It was easier to keep his balance while walking instead of standing still.

Raon slowly walked step by step like a toddler learning to walk, engraving the sensation that allowed him to stand on the water into his body and brain.

After he walked on the river for about two hours, he started to get a grasp on it. He stopped his steps, standing at the center of the Gazel River.


Raon smirked while looking at the calm surface of water around his feet. Thanks to forcing the sensation of walking on the water into his body, his stance on the water was as stable as standing on the ground.

You’ve copied the footwork of that guy earlier with the cringy face.

Wrath secretly came up on the bracelet and frowned.

That’s really a shitty ability.

He shook his head while watching Raon’s feet slowly freeze the surface of water.

“I’m only getting started.”


“It’s only completed once I can use footwork on the water, rather than just walking.”

He wasn’t satisfied with that much. It was necessary to show footwork surpassing Tyler’s in order to awaken the interest of the people who were so fond of the South-North Union.

‘It’s surprising when I think about it.’

Raon laughed bitterly. He originally had no attachment to the Zieghart name. He thought he was unrelated to it, whether it was praised or looked down upon. He thought the people in the annex building and the Light Wind squad were the only important ones to him.

‘That wasn’t the case.’

When the Doran villagers kept shouting Tyler’s name instead of Zieghart, it hurt his feelings. He wanted to show them what kind of place Zieghart was.

House Zieghart was apparently more important to him than he thought.

But you don’t know any footwork that allows water walking.

‘I have River Footwork.’

Raon grinned and extended his foot forward.

River? Wasn’t that the shitty footwork that you learned when you were new?

‘The River Footwork takes after the flow of a river. It’s perfect to use here.’

The River Footwork incorporated the prevalent flow of river water. Since he’d spent the longest time practicing it while it was also similar to the movement of a river, he figured it would be the best one to use.

Raon modified the River Footwork to be used on the water, and used the first step, Fluidity.


His footsteps flowed along the stream like a flower petal floating on the water. Since he wasn’t going against the current, his advance was fast and stable.


The second step, Discharge, could go against the stream. Even though he was walking in the opposite direction of the flow, he could advance even faster rather than slowing down.

His lower body and aura allowed that feat. His legs were keeping balance, while Glacier’s energy silently spread around its flow to cut through the stream and create a nimble movement.

Raon used the modified steps of the River Footwork one after the other to freely move around the Gazel River. Since he was using footwork that he’d already learned before, it quickly became as natural as if he’d been using it for his entire life.

It looked like his footwork would reach the same level as Tyler’s with a little more practice.


Raon gave a powerful stomp to the surface.


A tremendous amount of coldness exploded from the point of impact with his shoes, and dozens of frost shards made of ice blades sprouted on the water in an instant.

It had an elegant appearance, resembling a bundle of ice flowers and the king of frost’s crown at the same time.

“It’s pretty good.”

It wasn’t the River Footwork, but a new footwork created from the principles of emission that he had extracted from Tyler. Since it was capable of suppressing and attacking the opponent, it was going to be useful on the water.

“I’ll name it…”


As Raon was thinking about a name for his new footwork, Wrath licked his lips.

It’s rather graceful. It looks similar to the ice flower crown that the King of Essence created.

He nodded in satisfaction while looking at the ice shards sprouting on the water in the shape of a crown.


It’s a pretty good shape considering it was made by a savage. The King of Essence will make an exception and name it for you.

‘Why all of a sudden?’

Wrath had been rather cooperative recently, probably because Raon kept feeding him delicious food and desserts for a while.

Watery Blossom should be a good name.

‘A flower blossoming from water.’

It didn’t sound bad, as the technique looked like an ice flower blooming from the river.

‘You still like flowers.’

Respect my personal taste. Forget about it if you don’t like it!

Wrath turned his head away, telling him to do whatever he wanted.

‘No, I like it.’

Raon chuckled and patted Wrath’s shoulder.

‘I’ve gained a lot today once again.’

What else do you have now?

‘I think I can increase the sword draw speed thanks to emission.’

He figured his new swordsmanship could be brought closer to completion by using the principle of emission he learned from watching Tyler. Glenn’s advice about how life itself being a lesson for martial arts wasn’t wrong.

Hmph. Even then, it’s nothing compared to the King of Essence’s skills…

As Wrath was snorting, messages appeared in front of his eyes.


[You’ve created a new footwork for the first time.]


[Watery Blossom’s abilities are enhanced with Young Founder’s effect.]


[You were recognized by Wrath.]


[All stats have increased by 1.]


They were rewarding him for creating Watery Blossom.


Wrath burst out in rage and started screaming, despite having been as calm as the river.

Why would you even give him all those rewards for creating poor footwork like that? That shouldn’t be allowed!

‘But you recognized it.’


‘You said it had a pretty good shape, and even named it for me.’

That was just out of courtesy! The King of Essence said it without really meaning it because you kept offering good food!

Wrath shouted ‘hello?’ in different languages.

‘The system apparently disagrees.’

Raon smiled from the exhilaration of having his stats raised. Wrath really was a honey jar with infinite refills, considering he was giving away benefits even in that situation.

“I’ll be looking forward to the next time.”

Raon waved at Wrath and turned around.

Th-The King of Essence is definitely going to destroy that system the moment he reclaims his body.

Once Raon left the Gazel River, the demon king’s scream resounded from the center to be unheard by anyone.

At all costs!


* * *


When he returned to Doran Village, the Light Wind squad was training in front of their temporary lodging.

“How was it?”

Raon came up next to Burren, who was wiping away his sweat, and leaned his back against the wall.

“It feels like I’m a stranger here. The young people welcomed us, but the older ones only liked the South-North Union. We completely lost the initiative.”

Burren frowned and sat on the ground.

“They are extremely favorable to the South-North Union, and Tyler specifically. They kept praising him, saying that he can walk on water and control the water.”

Krein sighed.

“I’d rather fight them with my fists. It’s really irritating to see their reluctant smiles whenever I meet their eyes!”

Martha wrinkled her nose with her arms crossed.

“And there’s no ice cream shop.”

Runaan’s shoulders drooped. She apparently finished eating all the ice cream she’d brought with her.


Wrath dropped his jaw from the shock. Her disappointment was apparently contagious.

“Where is the squad leader and Dorian?”

Raon tilted his head upon noticing that those two were the only ones missing.

“They are getting along with people because of how friendly they are. The squad leader is drinking with the village chief, and Dorian is playing around in different places.”

“Is that so?”

Since they were both known for easily associating with people, Raon simply chuckled.

“So, what’s your plan now? Are we going to keep staying here?”

“We need to gather more information, but the Blue Lugh’s onslaught doesn’t seem to be the only problem in this incident.”

Even without the information provided by Belga and Morin, the South-North Union wasn’t as good as what villagers believed. Raon thought that they were bound to clash against them.

“Keep going with your training, since we are going to use our strength soon enough.”

Raon smiled while holding Heavenly Drive’s pommel.

“So that they won’t call the South-North Union’s name in front of us ever again.”


* * *


The next evening, an old yet large fishing ship was flowing through the Gazel River. It was cutting through the tide in the dark river without any problem thanks to the bright moonlight and lamps lighting the ship from different locations.

“It’s been a while since the last time we were fully loaded like this!”

The brown-haired young man guarding the deck turned around with a smile. He went next to Belga, who was standing in front of the rudder and sat on the ground.

“What’s wrong with your face, when our ship is completely full of fish?”

“It’s too worrying when you think about the village.”

Belga sighed deeply while holding the rudder.

“Because of the South-North Union?”


“They looked okay, though. They were full of energy.”

The brown haired man clenched his fist.

“I’m telling you that they were just acting.”

Belga shook his head.

“But it’s true that the South-North Union is protecting us. They aren’t asking for money, either.”

The brown haired man tilted his head since he couldn’t understand him.

“Our village is right next to Zieghart’s domain. They haven’t been attacking us because they wanted to avoid clashing with Zieghart. But what do you think will happen if we submit ourselves to the South-North Union?”

Belga pointed at the dark river passing next to them.

“They will extort money whenever we cross the Gazel River and extort even more money whenever we catch fish. They are going to start plundering us in broad daylight, and our future will be as dark as that river, where we can’t see anything below the surface.”

“N-No way. They wouldn’t do that…”

“Once they start doing that, we won’t even get a handful of fish among what’s filling the ship right now.”

He wasn’t lying. All of the villages affiliated to the South-North Union looked okay on the outside but were rotten to the core inside. They were literally a tyrannical kingdom where everyone chased money and couldn’t complain at all about the South-North Union.

“You and the village elders are all being deceived by them.”

Since he’d obtained that information by paying a friend that he’d met during the journey, it was bound to be true.

The village elders weren't aware of that fact because they’d spent a long time in that small world, but the South-North Union were definitely not good people. There was no reason for Tyler to be any different.

“Uuh, I’m a bit scared now after hearing that.”

The blue-haired young man’s chin was trembling as he stood on the ship’s rear.

“By the way, I wonder what happened to the Blue Lughs.”

“I think that’s also related to the South-North Union.”

Belga narrowed his eyes while looking at the dark water.

“That’s also related?”

“Because the South-North Union appeared exactly when I was about to ask for help from Zieghart, becoming the heroes of the day. Moreover, it doesn’t make too much sense that someone like Tyler would keep visiting us in order to protect us… Huh?”

He interrupted himself and looked ahead. The wave rising from the calm river was dyed a pitch-black color, with ten pairs of red eyes glowing from below.



People who had been relaxing on the ground swallowed nervously as they stood up.


Belga bit his lips while tightening his grip to the rudder to a point that it could break.

“Damn it…”


* * *


On the second day of stay in Doran Village, Raon returned to the village after training with the Light Wind squad. He wasn’t worried too much and only returned in the evening because Rimmer stayed in the village, but there was a big hustle there as if a fire broke out.

“S-Sir Raon!”

Morin came running to him while limping on his leg. He was the one who came to see him alongside Belga the day before.

“We are in big trouble!”

“Big trouble?”

“Th-The Blue Lughs have returned to attack Belga’s fishing ship. The ship is about to be destroyed right now! Please…”

He fell on his knees, begging him to save his friend.

“What about our squad leader…?”

“We’ve looked for him, but we couldn’t find him anywhere!”


Seriously, that guy…

Raon sighed deeply and gathered his aura.

“Where is the location?”

“It’s a bit downstream compared to where the Blue Lughs appeared yesterday. You can go in that direction…”

“Ah, I know that place!”

He couldn’t exactly tell the position, but Dorian raised his hand, telling him that he went there the day before. He was going around everywhere to make friends, and he ended up being helpful.

“The third team will stand by, and the first and the second team will go with me.”


“Dorian, let’s go.”


Raon ran after Dorian, who started sprinting at full speed. Since it wasn’t too far from the village, he could see the lights coming from the villagers’ torches soon enough.



The large fishing ship was half destroyed at the center of Gazel river, and the Blue Lughs were raising clouds of sprays around it to shatter the ship.


“P-Please save me!”

The crew was holding onto the handrails of the sinking ship, and it was a relief that the ship was large enough because they would’ve already died if it were smaller.

“I-It’s dangerous!”

As he was about to run onto the water, the village chief, who was there before them, stood in his way.

“The deeper the water, the more powerful the Blue Lughs are! It’s pretty much a suicide to swim all the way there right now.”

“Just leave this matter to the South-North Union. They are going to be here soon, since we’ve called them.”

“He’s right. It’s impossible to fight the Blue Lughs underwater unless you have a warship like the South-North Union.”

“It’s pretty much suicide to jump into the water unless you can walk on the water like Sir Tyler!”

It wasn’t just the village chief. Every single villager was shaking their heads, saying that they needed the South-North Union.


A haze of blue coldness started to rage from the wet sand under the water Raon was setting foot on.


“Wh-What is this…?”

People unconsciously stepped aside to create a path upon feeling that chilly yet majestic energy wave.

“South-North Union. South-North Union.”

Raon looked around the villagers while repeating that name.

“Mere South-North Union can’t be an equal to Zieghart.”


“That’s not what we meant!”

“I’ll show you personally.”

Raon confidently jumped on the river.


Even though he stomped on the water with two feet, his body wasn’t sinking at all. He was floating on the water as naturally as a leaf.


“H-He’s floating on the water!”

“Does that mean that Sir Raon is just like Sir Tyler…?”

“No! He’s different! Sir Raon feels like he’s riding the water!”

The villagers’ eyes widened as they saw Raon floating on the water.

“You should wait and see from there.”

Raon smiled coldly while looking down on the people from the river.

“What kind of place Zieghart is.”

He used the River Footwork after saying that. His footsteps had become even smoother than the day before as he quickly advanced while freezing the surface of water. Raon was polishing his footwork and increasing the level of his martial art even at that very moment.

He advanced through the tide like a dolphin riding the wave to reach the center of the river in no time.


He kicked the water and jumped into the air. He dragged Glacier’s coldness from his energy center to his right thigh, then his ankle, and emanated a huge amount of concentrated power from his feet.


A huge crown soared from the center of the river, with Watery Blossom exploding through the surface.



The Watery Blossom’s crown tied up the limbs of the Blue Lughs who were about to attack the ship and the people, leaving them no choice but to scream.



The crew, who were holding onto the handrail, breathed out a sigh of relief while supporting themselves on the round ice shard created at the center.


Raon frowned. There were only three people standing on the ice. He couldn’t find Belga, who he’d met the day before.

When he spread his aura perception, he could feel a human’s weak breath and a Blue Lugh’s urgent breath from his right.

He turned his head, and he saw Belga was swimming through the river with two Blue Lughs chasing after him.


Raon used the footwork once again. He charged at the Blue Lughs by using River Footwork that became even more complete and burst out with the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s flame.


The majestic heat melted the Blue Lughs’ skin, and they ran away underwater.

“Sir Belga! It’s oka… Huh?”

He was about to extend his hand towards Belga, but he looked like he was unconscious, his eyes closed. Raon could see a small Blue Lugh underneath him, hiding underwater.


Raon unsheathed Heavenly Drive. As he was about to strike, the Blue Lugh released Belga and violently shook his hand.

“No! I’m different!”

His speech was awkward, but he was clearly speaking human language. Strength left Raon’s hand upon hearing it.

“He’s talking?”

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