TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 227

C 227

It happened at House Yonaan before Raon returned to Zieghart.

“Are you telling me to smile?”

Raon scowled while looking at Federick and listening to his silly snickering. His advice was strange, since he’d told Raon to smile brightly in front of Glenn if he wanted to see his true face.

“Yes. Show him a bright smile, just like showed me two days ago.”

“What difference does smiling make?”

Raon tilted his head.

‘I don’t think it’s going to change anything.’

Glenn was simply going to reward him with an expressionless face once again. Raon thought that he would never be able to take off his iron mask.

“Just try it. I guarantee that something’s going to change.”

Federick nodded confidently, then added that Raon should smile from the bottom of his heart.

“But the head of house isn’t like Lady Encia…”

He had somewhat realized how special his appearance was, but he couldn’t imagine that it would work against Glenn.

“What are you talking about? It’ll be even more effective on that iron mask than Encia.”


“Because you are his grandson, and he is your grandfather.”

Federick was now blatantly telling him it was Glenn.

“Let alone grandchildren, the head of house doesn’t show any emotion to his children.”

Glenn didn’t really seem interested in Sylvia, nor his other sons. He couldn’t understand why he would react to his smile.

“Grandfathers usually love whatever their grandchildren do, but you are an excellent grandson who became a Master at eighteen years of age and became famous throughout the continent as an honorable man. Since he must be extremely happy about your actions, I’m sure he won’t be able to suppress his smile if you surprise him with yours.”


“Moreover, you and Sylvia… nevermind.”

Federick interrupted himself, licking his lips.

“Anyway, you should just try it. You won’t regret it.”

He left after strongly advising him to try smiling at Glenn.


* * *


Raon examined Glenn’s face while maintaining his smile.

‘What is this expression?’

Glenn’s expression was as wrinkled as an old tree bark, and as crumpled as a paper under stress. In short, he looked extremely awkward.

‘He’s not smiling at all, though?’

However, it couldn’t be described as a smile at all, despite what Federick had guaranteed.

But there was a change, at least.

‘That’s true.’

Raon narrowed his eyes. The corners of Glenn’s mouth were twitching even harder than his wrinkles, and his deep and serious eyes were wavering like a lake a rock had just fallen into.


Rimmer’s laughter from below shattered the strange atmosphere.

Raon furtively looked behind him. Since Glenn and Roenn were the only people who saw his smile, the other division leaders were confused and didn’t know what was going on.

“You, I mean, Raon Zieghart…”

After Glenn’s throat fluctuated noticeably, his expression returned to his usual cold expression—or, rather, even worse than that.

“Don’t try anything strange.”

His voice was cold enough to send a chill down Raon’s spine before he signaled to Roenn with his hand.


Roenn woke up from his bewilderment and brought a red board with the golden tablet placed on top.

“The Light Wind’s vice-squad leader will be bestowed with the golden tablet and one-time access to the Treasure Repository for having splendidly completed the mission.”

Unlike before, Glenn was calling him by his position as he gave him the golden tablet.

“Thank you.”

Raon accepted the golden tablet with two hands and bowed.

‘He didn’t smile, but his expression did change.’

Even though he couldn’t see Glenn’s smile, his smile did seem to have an effect on him.

‘I’m not sure what it means.’

Since both his previous and current lives were far from being normal, he couldn’t exactly tell what Glenn’s reaction meant. He at least felt like Glenn didn’t exactly hate him, just like Federick said.


“Good job, Raon! As expected of our vice-squad leader!”

The Light Wind and the Heavenly Blade burst into cheers, and Rimmer violently shook his hand. Sheryl was also sending him a round of applause with a smile on her face.

Raon turned around and smiled faintly.

‘I’m more used to those.’

Unlike Glenn’s emotion, which left him completely in the dark, he could immediately tell what emotions in the countless gazes directed at him were. Admiration, praise, challenge, jealousy, and even malice. Raon came down from the platform while accepting the gazes that held various emotions.

“Burren Zieghart, step forward.”

Burren stood up and climbed the stairs upon hearing Glenn’s rather silent call.

“Even though the squad leader and the vice-squad leader were absent, you managed to protect the people and contributed to the mission’s completion by properly distributing people and making decisions. You will be rewarded with a bronze tablet for that accomplishment.”

“Thank you!”

Burren shouted loudly and bowed.



The Light Wind and the Heavenly Blade cheered once again. However, Karoon was just clapping his hands like other people instead of ignoring him or getting irritated, which were the reactions that Raon had expected.

‘Is he plotting something?’

Raon lowered his brows while examining Karoon Zieghart. There was no way a heartless guy like him, someone who’d already abandoned his son, would simply applaud him. He must’ve been plotting something.


Burren’s eyes were also wide open in surprise as he came down the stairs.

“Next up is Martha Zieghart.”

After Burren, Glenn awarded a bronze tablet to everyone who accompanied him on the mission, which were Martha, Runaan, Dorian, and even Krein.

Raon congratulated everyone as they were awarded and examined the golden tablet in the meantime. He clenched his fist while looking at the burning sword emblem engraved at the center of the tablet.

‘I wonder how many of these I will need to restore my mother’s position to the direct line…’

Since so many people were already against his access to the Treasure Repository, it was bound to be difficult.

However, it was totally possible if he could bring a few more results that were surprising enough to shut everyone’s mouth, just like he had earlier.

Raon grinned, facing the direct lines’ bloody gazes.

‘Just you wait. I’ll be in the same position as you—no, I’ll look down on you from a higher position.’


* * *


Robert’s Domain

An Old Pub

Even though the sun was still shining brilliantly, the pub was completely full of people and the powerful melody of violin was resounding from the stage at the center of the pub.

The man dressed like an adventurer was telling someone’s heroic tales alongside the clear sound of violin.

“He was looking for an opportunity while dodging the Blood Raving Demon’s huge fist. The moment the Blood Raving Demon went for a big move, he thrust his sword with lightning speed to pierce his heart! He’d slain a Master as an Expert, which had never happened before on the continent. However, his bravery didn’t end there!”

The man continued the tension, as he extended his long hand towards the other side of the pub.

“He entered the pitch-dark forest without any hesitation to sever the Red Wolf Demon and the Black Winged Demon’s astral energy, and managed to save the Saint and the boy, who were prepared to die! The intense battle continued after that…”

He raised his voice to match the intensifying sound of violin, and even stamped his feet to vividly describe the battle between Raon and the two demons.

“…And what happened in the end was the best part of this battle. The Evil Goat Demon and Raon Zieghart decided to battle it out with a single-strike match and clashed against each other all out! Obviously, Raon was pushed back because he’d already exhausted his strength and was already injured from the previous battle, but he kept enduring it until the end without collapsing. Why? Because he had people he needed to protect behind him! Even though he was slammed into a tree from the Evil Goat Demon’s power, he stood back up to raise his sword. Even the Evil Goat Demon was impressed by his spirit and called it a draw before leaving!”

The man’s clapping sound resounded throughout the pub.

“His tale almost feels like a myth. The people who heard this story gave the nickname Frostfire Sword of Valor to Raon Zieghart, who risked his life to repay the favor he’d received in his childhood! The Frostfire Sword of Valor’s heroic tale is currently spreading throughout the continent!”

He shouted to announce that the news about the genius swordsman, who became a Master at eighteen years of age, that was currently resounding throughout the continent.


“Such a brave person also existed in the north!”

“Zieghart! The dominator of the North is still alive!”

“It’s a shame that a swordsman with such an unshakable conviction that knows to repay a favor hasn’t been born in House Robert!”

“It would’ve been even better if he was from here!”

“An eighteen-year-old Master, I wonder how many years he has shortened the age for the youngest Master.”

“What a hero. I’m sure he will get along with our head of house, Derus.”

Everyone in the pub cheered and shouted Raon’s name. Some of them were calling it a lie or an exaggerated rumor, but most people didn’t pay attention to them because they were too immersed in the man’s performance.

“Hey! Tell us more about him!”

“What happened after that?”

“Did he really become a Master at eighteen years of age?”

“That’s much faster than our young master, who became one of the Twelve Stars of the Continent!”

People shouted at the man and the violin player to urge them to continue the story, all while throwing money at them and ordering food and drink for them.

“Of course! I have more stories about him. This is about the healing abilities of the swordsman Raon…”

As the minstrel was about to start another story, a young man wearing shabby clothes stood up from the corner of the pub.

He placed a gold coin on his table with a trembling hand before leaving the pub. He soon started jogging towards the great mansion of House Robert.

Even though he was wearing worse clothes than a traveler, no one dared stop him. Instead, everyone politely bowed and greeted him. While accepting people’s greetings, he entered the lord’s manor located at the center of House Robert.

“Father! Father!”

He ran inside the lord’s manor, knocking on Robert’s office door, which was located at the deepest part.

“You may enter.”

Upon hearing the gentle voice coming from inside, the young man nodded and opened the door.

“Lephon, what could’ve happened to make you so impatient?”

Derus Robert smiled gently while sweeping the silver hair flowing on his shoulders back.

“Did you hear the rumors about Raon Zieghart, by any chance?”

The youngest son of Derus, Lephon clenched his fist with a trembling chin.

“Raon Zieghart?”

Derus repeated the name with composed eyes.

“Yes! The undefeated swordsman who has slain three demons of Eden and became a Master at eighteen years of age! The Frostfire Sword of Valor, Raon Zieghart! The rumor has already spread out throughout the domain!”

Lephon’s eyes were sparkling as he steamed from his nose in excitement.

“He’s only three years older than me, yet he became a Master after overcoming such a desperate battle! He’s worthy of admiration!”

“Ah, I heard about him as well. He’s an amazing boy. No, I should call him a swordsman instead.”

“Most of all, I’m so excited about the single-strike match he had against the Evil Goat Demon. His unyielding fighting spirit! It’s my dream to become a hero like him!”

“Yes, that was your dream.”

Derus nodded while smiling faintly.

“However, you shouldn’t be wasting time like this if you are to become such a hero, don’t you think?”


“Going to the pub while skipping training shouldn’t happen, either.”

“Ugh! I-I’m going to train right now!”

Lephon briefly shuddered and stepped back. Before leaving the room, he furtively looked back.

“Can I become like Sir Raon if I keep training hard?”

“It might take some time, but I’m sure you will be able to.”

Derus smiled gently and nodded.


Lephon clenched his fist and left the room.


Once Derus was alone in his office, he was smiling the same as when Lephon was there, but the atmosphere inside the room became extremely cold. It was cold enough to even freeze the sunlight entering through the window.


A black shadow fell from the ceiling to heed his call. The shadow splashed like a puddle under the wind, then transformed into a man wearing black outerwear for night actions, his face hidden by a mask.


“They said Sheryl is the one who shattered Temas’ traps and slew him. Traces of Sheryl’s energy could be found in the corpses as well. Raon Zieghart was also in action, but they said he was only assisting her, and didn’t do anything special.”

The masked man called Martio continued with the exact same intonation, as if he were a machine.

“The rumors mentioned that the one who made House Yonaan refuse Temas’ treatment and revealed the maid’s identity was also Sheryl, but some earlier rumors said that Raon was the one who did it.”

“How about the information about Raon Zieghart becoming a Master?”

“It’s true. The black market confirmed that Raon Zieghart is currently at Master level.”

“An eighteen-year-old Master…”

Derus smiled. He lightly tapped the desk as he smiled that cold smile.


The office’s atmosphere changed one more time. Neither the desk nor the bookshelves were trembling in the slightest, but the mana covering the entire space became so heavy that it was difficult to breathe.


Martio groaned, unable to endure that pressure.

“Isn’t it interesting?”

Derus’s smile deepened as he tilted his chin.

“That an eighteen-year-old Master has been born from Zieghart because of that idiot Temas?”

If only Temas properly took care of the matter, Raon would’ve never become a Master, nor would they have failed their plan to dominate House Yonaan.

It was amazing how a single insect managed to mess things up so badly.

Moreover, the title of youngest Master used to belong to Robert before Raon became a Master. He barely managed to suppress the boiling urge to destroy everything in sight after all of his plans were shattered.

“You said Sheryl was the one who did all that, right?”


Martio answered with black blood flowing down from his mouth.

“I don’t think so.”


“It’s different from what she usually does. I’m certain that Raon Zieghart interfered at some point.”

Derus reduced his pressure, which seemed capable of crushing the whole world.


Martio’s body faltered as if he would collapse at any moment.

“Investigate Raon. About his mother and father, people close to him, his objective, and even the martial arts he has learned. His weakness, as well.”

“We are already doing our best to investigate them…”

“Best? I don’t need your best. What I want are the results.”


“You can leave everything else. Just focus on gathering information about him.”

Although Derus’s voice wasn’t loud, Martio’s eyes were trembling as if he’d heard a monster’s roar.

“Becoming a Master at eighteen years old means that he has the ability to change the continent’s spectrum in the future. That means that Zieghart might prevail once again, just like before Glenn stopped himself.”

An intense murderous intent flew out from Derus’s icy cold eyes.

“He needs to die before that happens, no matter what.”

After Glenn finished awarding the Heavenly Blade division’s swordsmen, he looked at Yulius at the very back.

“Come forward.”

“Ah, yes!”

Yulius slowly took a deep breath and politely walked up to the platform.

“What’s your name?”

Glenn looked down at Yulius with a gaze that wasn’t as cold as before.

“M-My name is Yulius Porzan!”

“There was a good reason behind his recommendation. Do your best in order to not waste your talent.”

‘The Saint must’ve informed him already.’

Raon gave a small nod while looking at Yulius. Judging from what Glenn said, the Saint must’ve sent the information about Yulius already.

“Yes! Thank you!”

Yulius knelt and bowed at him. He looked perfectly used to noble etiquette.


“Is he talented enough for him to say that?”

“What did he bring this time?”

The division leaders finally noticed Yulius and controlled their aura perception in order to examine the talent that Glenn had acknowledged.

“How can mana circuits be so broad…?”

“His energy center is also twice as big as an average child of his age.”

“He is a bit small, but his insides have even more potential than a member of the direct line.”

The division leaders’ gazes were filled with greed upon confirming Yulius’s talent. They looked like they would forcefully bring him with them once they got out.

“Raon Zieghart, you shall take responsibility for the boy since you are the one who brought him here.”

Glenn decided on his affiliation as if he already knew what they were thinking.

“At your command.”

Raon bowed. Since he was already planning to bring him to the annex building, he obviously accepted his order.

“It’s over for today. You may leave.”

Glenn shook his hand as if he were telling them to get away already because they were annoying.

The division and squad leaders silently bowed and left the audience chamber. It looked like they were used to his behavior.

However, the direct lines and their follower collaterals kept glaring at Raon until the end, not even hiding their malice.


Raon snorted and brought Yulius to the audience chamber’s door. He looked back at Glenn before leaving, and his expression was as void and bored as in the beginning. Raon bowed at him, then left before closing the door.

Go faster! I miss the annex building’s food so much!

Wrath was dancing with his shoulders on the bracelet, saying that he was looking forward to Yua’s cooking.



Raon chuckled. As he was about to leave the lord’s manor, Rimmer and Sheryl’s voices could be heard at the same time.


Rimmer gave him a thumbs up and grinned.

“I expected him to give you a golden tablet, but I didn’t think he would even grant you access to the Treasure Repository.”

“That idiot’s right. Getting access to the Treasure Repository is a special occasion. It will be a great opportunity for you.”

Sheryl pushed Rimmer away and nodded.

“When shall I use it?”

“Not now. That’s the least I can tell you.”

“She’s right. You should wait.”

Rimmer came up right next to Sheryl and shook his hand.

“There are various items inside the repository, including weapons, artifacts, skill books, and elixirs. Since even the head of house doesn’t rashly use those treasures, you should enter when you feel like you need something.”

“How come a gambling addict is actually giving proper advice?”

“However, in my experience, money is the best! There’s a jewel in there called a Span Long Sun, and you can sell it to make enough money for the rest of your li… Kuh!”

Sheryl kicked Rimmer in his ribs and frowned.

“Don’t listen to him. Lots of things in the world are more valuable than money. You should use it as an opportunity to fill what you are lacking.”

She smiled faintly while advising him to leave it for later.

“Thank you.”

Raon smiled and bowed to the two people who gave him serious advice in their own way.

“I’ll get going… ah!”

He was about to leave, but he suddenly remembered something and went to Rimmer, who was trying to stand up while grasping his side.

“The Three Promises you mentioned earlier, you meant the Three Promises from the Gambling Monster, right?”

“Huh? How do you know that?”

Rimmer’s eyes widened in surprise.

‘I knew it.’

If the Gambling Monster was involved, it was understandable that Rimmer lost all of his money.

“Which means you really lost everything.”


Rimmer averted his eyes, unable to respond.


Sheryl clicked her tongue at his pathetic demeanor.

Raon frowned after examining Rimmer’s miserable appearance. He acknowledged the Gambling Monster’s gambling skills, but he couldn’t overlook him for having continuously taken away his money.

‘I need to take back the money the Gambling Monster took.’

…What about your money, though?


* * *


Once the audience chamber became completely empty, Roenn came up on the platform and smiled faintly.

“It was a dangerous moment.”


Glenn covered his eyes with his hand and sighed.

“I couldn’t keep my composure because of his sudden actions.”

The way everyone shut their mouths from hearing Raon’s great deeds was already satisfying enough, and the way he suddenly smiled so brightly made his head go blank for an instant.

‘What a destructive power.’

Because his grandson didn’t usually show his emotions, his smile looked as brilliant as a hundred radiating stones that had all turned on at the same time, and his head went completely blank.

The shock was powerful enough to make his heart skip a beat, which hadn’t happened in decades, but he managed to maintain his expression by controlling aura in that instant. If he was just a little late at doing that, he would’ve shown his happy expression to everyone.

“But I don’t understand why he suddenly smiled.”

Glenn furrowed his brows. Raon’s smile almost hurt his heart, as it was a pure smile that wasn’t from the happiness of getting rewards.

“I don’t understand either. However, it was also powerful enough for me.”

Roenn nodded in agreement. Because he’d been watching Raon ever since his childhood and had been sad for him, Raon’s smile was more dangerous than a blade for him as well.

“I need to be careful in the future…”

Glenn shook his head.

“I think it can’t be helped.”

“It can’t be helped?”

“He became the youngest Master in the continent, unprecedented in history at eighteen years of age, and even gained a nickname ‘Sword of Valor’ because of his righteousness. Since even his appearance is excellent, there’s no way you wouldn’t cherish him.”

Roenn smiled gently at Glenn, who looked enervated.

“If young master Raon were my grandson, I would’ve gone everywhere to brag about him.”


Glenn closed his eyes. He imagined himself doing that, and it was really unsightly.

‘However… Why do I want to do that?’

He knew that it was unsightly and ugly, but he was getting a strange urge to do it. He wouldn’t stop after going everywhere, but he would increase the scale to let the entire continent know about Raon’s existence.


Glenn sighed slowly.

‘I must be crazy.’

He decided that he was having strange thoughts because the tension had left and shook his head.


As he was about to tell him that he would never do anything stupid like that, someone opened the audience chamber’s door without even knocking.

“Puhahahaha! My lord! You were surprised when you saw Raon’s smile, right? I’ve never seen such a stupid face from you befo…Kuah!”

Glenn stretched his arm out before Rimmer finished blabbering.


Crimson lightning emerged from the ground in an instant and surrounded Rimmer’s body.


Rimmer’s body was burned completely black and rolled on the ground because the lightning was powerful enough to even melt a lump of steel.

Sheryl clicked her tongue again while looking at the pathetic sight.


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