TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 226

C 226

Raon frowned as he looked at Rimmer.

‘What could’ve even happened?’

Rimmer was wearing a completely worn out uniform and cracked leather boots, with disheveled hair that looked like the stem of seaweed.

‘I’m sure he was the definition of a nouveau riche before we left…’

He’d earned a tremendous amount of money by betting on the Light Wind winning every single match against the Golden Crest, since he was the only one who had bet on that one. He even used to wear rings on his fingers and toes in order to show off his money, so Raon couldn’t understand how he became so poor while they were gone.

‘That should’ve been too much money to waste on gambling.’

There was an upper limit to the amount of money wagered on bets. He couldn’t believe that he would’ve wasted all of that money gambling. However, that was the only explanation, considering the fact that he couldn’t even keep his clothes.

“Raon! You really became a Master!”

A natural smile appeared on Rimmer’s face as he felt that Raon’s pressure had become even more natural, like flowing water.

“I believed in you! I knew you would make it!”

“Thank you, squad leader.”

Raon bowed at Rimmer. Even though he looked like a beggar, Raon was thankful that Rimmer was so happy about it.

“One of my students became the youngest Master in the continent! And at eighteen years old, at that! I’m so overjoyed right now!”

Rimmer smiled in satisfaction and turned around.

“You guys also did great. I heard you saved many lives, and I was so proud of you even though I was far away.”

He examined the conditions of everyone in Light Wind before sticking next to Raon once again, grabbing his shoulder.

“The fact that you defeated three demons of Eden was pretty much the only thing I heard. Let’s have a drink together so you can explain to me in more detail…”

“Fuck off!”

Sheryl kicked Rimmer’s waist, as he was about to take Raon away with him.


Rimmer’s chin was trembling as he grasped his waist.


“Why would you be drinking when we haven’t even reported the mission yet? Stop bothering us when you’ve been doing nothing but gambling here.”

Sheryl shook her hand, shooing him away. She was also certain that Rimmer had lost all his money from gambling.

“Squad leader, did you really gamble again?”

“You are seriously pathetic.”

Burren sighed while looking down on Rimmer, and Martha narrowed her eyes coldly.

Runaan was just staring blankly at Rimmer, either because she didn’t realize the difference or simply didn’t care.

“N-No! I swear, I was almost there this time! I was so close to completing the ‘Promise of Three’, but I ended up losing everything with a tiny difference! If you give me one more chance, I…”

‘Promise of Three?’

Raon tilted his head. He had heard about it before, but he couldn’t remember exactly what it was.

“Snap out of it already, you idiot!”

Sheryl kicked Rimmer one more time before bobbing her hand in front of her. She was gesturing for them to stop minding the idiot and to follow her.

“Let’s go.”


Once Raon followed Sheryl, the Heavenly Blade members obviously followed her and even the Light Wind swordsmen ignored Rimmer and entered through the main gate.


No one turned to look at Rimmer even though he desperately reached out his hand.

“Hey! You bastards! How could you do this after everything I’ve done for you? I didn’t even ask to lend me money yet!”

Everyone shook their heads, because he was babbling and saying what they were expecting him to say.

“That’s how a gambling addict ends up.”

Dorian was looking at Yulius to teach him that he should never become like him.

“He’s really strong, but I don’t want to acknowledge him for some reason.”

Yulius reluctantly shook his head.

He’s always so pathetic. He’s actually amazing in a way.

Wrath also clicked his tongue, calling him pathetic.

‘I know, right?’

Raon nodded, following Sheryl through the main avenue. Every swordsman around them stopped in their tracks to watch them, as if they were the heroes returning from a victorious battle.

“He’s a Master…”

“It wasn’t nonsense. His pressure is on a different level from before.”

“He really became a master at eighteen years of age. Did God bless him or something?”

“He was cursed by God, not blessed. He’s standing there right now because he overcame that.”

“That’s true. Even the Saint was unable to treat his condition.”

The swordsmen whispered to each other, not even hiding the surprise in their eyes as they watched Raon.

“I heard he slew the Blood Raving Demon before becoming a Master and killed the Red Wolf Demon and the Black Winged Demon after becoming one.”

“From what I heard, they were all exhausted after fighting against the Saint.”

“That’s what I heard, too. They couldn’t even use astral energy from exhaustion.”

“So, do you guys have the courage to enter a forest full of Masters without hesitation as an Expert? Saying that when he returned safely after killing three Masters only shows how disgusting you are.”

“They said the Red Wolf Demon and the Black Winged Demon attacked him together. If they cooperated with each other, exhaustion meant nothing.”

“Since he even achieved a draw against the Evil Goat Demon at the end, he’s pretty much proved his skills.”

Raon narrowed his eyes. Unlike the other times, he could hear people defending him against those who were trying to discredit him in jealousy. Some of the swordsmen were even arguing against each other.

‘It looks like things have changed a little.’

In the past, no one tried correcting people who were trying to deride his achievements, or even those who resented or insulted him. People in the house were apparently seeing him in a slightly different light now that he had become a Master and made a great achievement.

“Vice-squad leader Raon.”

“Congratulations on becoming a Master.”

“I heard you held out to the last in an extremely fierce battle. I was deeply impressed.”

“I’m Jekal from the Blue Battle Squad. Would you mind if I requested a duel later?”

On top of those watching from afar, some people even came to speak with him. Their excited eyes revealed the favorable impression they had for Raon.

“Thank you.”

Raon awkwardly nodded. Since he felt a bit awkward, he went right next to Sheryl, who no one dared approach.

“You must be embarrassed over the fact that they are approaching you so casually.”

“It’s not like that…”

“It’s because you’ve gained power.”

Sheryl tapped her scabbard and smiled cheerfully.

“Power turns disinterest into interest and turns interest into favor. And…”

She snickered while looking at the swordsmen looking at him with cold eyes.

“Power also turns jealousy and envy into malice. It will be a lot more annoying in the future.”

“I’m ready to face them.”

Raon nodded. He was honestly more used to the dirty side of human beings than people being kind to him. That much malice was completely fine with him.

“One more thing.”

Sheryl turned around, examining the people who sneered at him with cold eyes.




They freaked out and fell on their backs from just meeting her eyes.

“If you have absolute power, you can even crush other people’s malice. You should strive to advance further and higher, rather than being satisfied with your current position.”

She tapped his shoulder and smiled kindly at him.

Clumsy hands is right.

‘Clumsy hands?’

She is so freaking bad at cooking.

Wrath frowned heavily.

‘Ah, you are right about that.’

Anyway, just like Clumsy hands said, no one is going to defy you as long as you are powerful enough. Back in Devildom, countless demons combined their forces to attack the King of Essence, but he simply froze them all with a single wave of coldness, and no one has dared to attack him since. Ah, the wave of coldness is one of the King of Essence’s skills, which…

Wrath started bragging about Devildom, which he hadn’t done for a while. While Raon was halfheartedly listening to him, he briskly turned his head.

…That’s why you should give your body to the King of Essence. I’ll turn you into the supreme being that no one would be able to defy.

‘So, that’s the conclusion, like always.’

Raon snickered and easily pushed Wrath away as he tried to jump at him. While he was listening to his long chatter, they had already arrived in front of the main building.


Raon calmly exhaled while looking at the lord’s manor at the center of the main building.

‘Everywhere is a war.’

He needed to get the rewards he deserved, but he also needed to use that opportunity to determine Glenn’s true intentions.

Raon looked around to the sides while kneeling at the center of the audience chamber. Every single squad leader and division leader in the house were gathered in the room. Glenn must’ve summoned them.

“That’s crazy…”

“I-It was true.”

“An eighteen-year-old Master…”

“I thought it was obviously bullshit.”

The division leaders’ eyes were trembling violently, like reeds under the wind, as they noticed Raon’s prowess.



Karoon and Balder bit their lips in order to pretend composure, but they couldn’t hide their trembling lips.

However, one person was different from the rest.

Glenn was sitting on the golden throne on the platform with a void and cold-hearted expression on his face—like he was bored.

Raon frowned while looking up to meet Glenn’s gaze.

‘Did he really give me the elixirs?’

He started doubting what Federick had told him because of how emotionless Glenn’s eyes were.

“Raon Zieghart.”


Glenn called his name, and Raon lowered his head while sitting on his knees.

“I heard you were the center of this mission this time. Tell me what happened with your own mouth.”


Raon closed his eyes before opening them again as he stood up.

“Once we arrived at House Yonaan and finished the preparations to move to Retran, Temas came to visit…”

Since many people were listening to his story, adding exaggeration could come back to bite at him. He told him exactly what happened during the mission without including anything extra.

“…That’s how we finished treating Lady Encia and returned to the house.”

“Everything he said is true.”

Sheryl nodded in agreement, and the division leaders and the squad leaders had their eyes even wider than their mouths.

“Huh, three Masters from Eden? I’m honestly not confident I could have defeated them myself…”

“I’m astonished that he managed to win against the Black Winged Demon and the Red Wolf Demon when they were cooperating with each other.”

“A real monster has been born from our house.”

“I can feel that he’s already past the beginner’s level. He’s pretty much already at the novice level. How did he erase the stagnation period?”

“His spirit is astonishing, and his aura blade is powerful enough to make shivers run down the spine. It won’t take long until his name echoed throughout the continent.”

Challenging and admiring gazes were directed at him from the division leaders, who were surprised by his prowess.

“He managed to discover Temas’s weakness and prepared for the surprise attack. His mind is also extraordinary.”

“He’s different from the muscleheads who only follow their instincts. He has the composure to perfectly grasp a situation before making his move.”

“Not just prowess, but his mind is also surprising for an eighteen-year-old. I should’ve brought him to my side.”

While some swordsmen were admiring his ability to discern, plan, and prepare…

“Damn it.”

“Why is there someone like him now…”


“The collaterals are going to rampage around in happiness now.”

Others were silently swearing, glaring fiercely at him.

“Good job, everyone.”

Glenn examined all the swordsmen who’d returned from the mission one after the other, before nodding.

Although he said, ‘good job’, his expression was still extremely cold. Except for the fact that the corners of his mouth were unnoticeably twitching, he almost looked like he was at a funeral.

“I acknowledge your accomplishment of completing the mission despite multiple unexpected disturbances during the mission, and I shall reward you accordingly.”

The direct lines glared fiercely at him as Glenn declared he would reward him while somewhat complimenting him. However, no one tried to confront him.

‘Those gazes can be called cute.’

Raon easily took on their gazes and smiled. Such gazes had no effect on him anymore.

“In that case.”

Sheryl glanced back and stepped aside.

“Heavenly Blade division leader?”

“This mission has been my job all along. I can’t accept a reward for having done my job.”

She pointed ahead while murmuring, ‘it’s your turn’.

“Me, either.”

Ekan followed Sheryl to the left.

“Raon Zieghart, come up.”


Raon followed Glenn’s dignified voice and went onto the platform. Glenn looked bigger each time he went up a stair. He used to be as big as a boulder, but he eventually looked like a great mountain at the end of the sky.

‘I still can’t see it….’

Even though he’d become a Master, he was still incapable of even estimating Glenn’s prowess. His power must’ve been literally beyond the sky.

“Your judgment allowed you to predict the enemy’s movement before making your move, and your courage allowed you to confront a powerful opponent without running away. The mixture of those two aspects resulted in this overwhelming accomplishment, and you even brought fame to the house by becoming a Master at eighteen years of age. Everything was excellent.”

Once Glenn voiced the word ‘excellent’ to compliment him, the gazes coming from the direct lines became as fierce as ferocious beasts in front of an enemy.

“I’ll reward the Light Wind’s vice-squad leader, Raon Zieghart, with a golden tablet and the right to enter the Treasure Repository.”

‘Treasure Repository?’

The Treasure Repository was the head of house’s treasure warehouse, where Zieghart’s riches were saved. The library Glenn opened for him sometimes was also from the Treasure Repository. Raon unconsciously clenched his fist, realizing that he would be able to enter that place.

“My lord.”

Balder Zieghart raised his hand, standing right under the platform.

“I agree that the Light Wind’s vice-squad leader brought excellent results, but I believe the Treasure Repository is too much of a reward. Since no one has been rewarded with a golden tablet in the past ten years, the tablet alone should be enough.”

“Hmm, I also think that the access to the Treasure Depository is an excessive reward compared to his accomplishment.”

“I think you should pick one of those two…”

The direct line and collateral division leaders agreed with Balder, trying to form a public opinion.

“His accomplishment completely deserves the access to the Treasure Depository in addition to the tablet.”

“I know, right? He has slain three demons of Eden!”

“He even made Zieghart’s name echo throughout the continent by becoming the continent’s youngest Master.”

Some division and squad leaders tried to defend him, but their voices weren’t loud enough because they were fewer in number.


Considering the fact that Karoon’s mouth was curving into a smile, the direct line must’ve been trying to create a messy situation where different opinions collided.


Glenn wasn’t moving, resting his chin on his hands. Raon couldn’t tell whether he was thinking or simply didn’t care about the situation, but he felt like Glenn’s eyes were telling him to convince them on his own.

‘I knew it.’

He briefly clicked his tongue. He obviously knew that the direct lines would react in such a way, since stopping him from getting the rewards was worth risking Glenn’s punishment for them.

That was why he didn’t mention one of his biggest accomplishments on purpose.

“Ah, there’s one thing I forgot to mention.”

Raon turned around and raised a finger.

“What would have you gotten from House Yonaan? An artifact?”

“One artifact wouldn’t be a big deal…”

“Pre-exclusive contract.”

Once the division leaders heard the words ‘pre-exclusive contract’, their eyes started wavering like a sailboat in a storming ocean.

“I’ve acquired the pre-exclusive rights to buy the unique rank artifacts produced in House Yonaan before anyone else.”



“That’s crazy, a pre-exclusive right?”


The leaders who were defending him, and even the direct lines who were against him, turned pale with shock.

“Yes. The envoy from House Yonaan will soon arrive for trade. You should be able to confirm when that happens.”

Raon raised his chin and looked down on the direct lines. His clear red eyes were crushing their jealous gazes.

“Does anyone still believe that those rewards are excessive?”



“Damn it…”

Naturally, no one raised their hand or stepped up.

“Puhahaha! Serves you right!”

Rimmer’s laughter pierced through the heavy atmosphere from the end of the line and reached the ceiling.

“I see.”

Raon turned around and examined Glenn. His expression remained the same, probably because he already knew about the contract. The increased amount of twitching around his mouth was the only change that existed.

‘It’s a bit irritating.’

Raon wanted to destroy that iron mask he was wearing at all costs.

‘I have no choice.’

It was a bit embarrassing, but he decided to use the secret weapon Federick had taught him.

“Raon Zieghart, step forward.”


He nodded, then went in front of the throne.

“Since you’ve brilliantly accomplished the mission, I’ll reward you with the golden tablet and one-time access to the Treasure Repository… ugh!”

The moment Glenn stepped up in order to give him the golden tablet, Raon smiled brightly, just like he did when Federick asked him to show him his smile.

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